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Momiji smiled happily up at Kyou, resting his arms behind his back. He loved spending time with kyou but, more importantly, he liked making other people happy. Perhaps with this he could kill two birds with one stone. "I know you and Yuki don't always get along so well....but are you gonna get him something special for his birthday?" he asked kyou, looking up at him with innocent, amber orbs. "I'm gonna try to find him the best present ever!"

The rat's body remained tense as Haru wrapped his arms around his small frame, the amethyst eyes remaining closed. Two completely different views on such a simple subject...Yuki could understand Haru's need for extra money, just in case something were to arise. Still, he knew how hard Haru fought to get as good a grade as he did in school and re-entry later would be much more difficult for him. Would he work a mediocre job for the rest of his life? "You won't be useless, Haru. You can still go to school and get a part-time job if you want; I know some of the others were tossing around the same idea. I just...." Yuki slowly opened his eyes, turning his gaze towards the window as a heavy sigh escaped the small chest. "I don't want you to give up so easily. Education is important, especially in this country. You won't get far without it and I'm worried you'll have a tougher time getting back in. I just want what's best for you. I'm certain that if we keep a careful eye on each of our bank accounts, we'll have enough money to keep us afloat for a while."
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"Ok ok calm down Momiji."He said. He smilled happily. He knew that the rabbit would need this and make him happy, but he also knew that it brighteneed Momiji up a lot to know he could make others happy. "Maybe yeah."He siad smilling. "I mean after all, this was there idea and without them we would still be back at home."he siad. "They deserve a rest."He siad.

Haru sighed. He would figure that Yuki would be more upset, but he could see the anger in his demeanor. He sighed. "Yuki..."he said. He walked over and wrapped his arms around Yuki pulling him close. "I know it means a lot to you Yuki."he siad. "And I know in a way that it'lll be better for us if I were to continue school."He sighed adn shook his head. "But I also don't like the idea something might happen.. I mean what if he run out of money? Or one of us get sick." He siad worried and shook his head. "I worked hard, and I was stressful to get such a high grade, but I just.. I don't want to be useless to us.
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Momiji smiled, pushing himself to his feet. He was so happy to hear that they could all go shopping! It was perfect, Yuki typically hated shopping to begin with, so while they were all out the rat could find some time to relax and maybe even unpack some of his things. "Yeah! Maybe we'll find him something he'll really like, too!" he told him happily, the rabbit nearly jumping up and down in his spot. Momiji loved making others happy in any way that he possibly could.To him, that was all that mattered.

Yuki closed his eyes, the rat letting his small frame rest heavily against the wall behind him as he remained facing the window. The ox was right about one thing: Yuki didn't like that idea in the least. Education was very important to him, not just his but the ones he cared for. How far could Haru possibly get if he didn't even graduate high school? Yuki was willing to bet that it wouldn't be far. "Haru, how do you ever expect to get a decent job without even graduating high school?" he asked quietly, keeping the amethyst orbs shut. It would be better off not to look at anything, he imagined. "If we all keep a close eye on our money, we can make it for a while, probably even until the end of the next school year. We'll all have to get jobs during the summer break, but it's not a problem. I think you should finish school...It was hard for you to get such a good grade on the high school entrance exam. You only have a couple years left, Haru....I believe it would be foolish to drop out now."
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Kyou nodded smilling and kisses his forhead. He loved the sweetness that the rabbit always seemed to have, especially for the other zodiac. "Yeha, I think we'll be able to get Yuki a few small things for his birthday, and of course Haru will wnat to do something for him." He said.

Haru nods, but sighs. "I'm not sure, if after this I'll go back to school."He siad ti YUki. He knew the rat would probably despise the idea and rightfully so, but still. "I might just get a job, so that we can have a better life. Somewhere steady, and probably working with my hands."The Ox said sofftly. "because eventually without the families support, the litle 'vacation' bank accounts we all keep will run out."He said
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Aayame....Yuki had tried hard not to think about his brother since he had last seen him, he didn't want to bring up all those painful memories again. Still, he knew it would come up sooner or later, after all he did promise his brother that he could come up on occasion to see them all.

"Yes, that would be nice," Yuki answered somewhat softly, the rat taking a small drink of tea from the cup he held in his hands. "But one thing at a time, Haru. We still need schooling and such and it should take first priority."

Momiji smiled, sitting back in the chair, bright eyes watching the cat. It was true that they wouldn't have much money anymore, but they could still enjoy a small shopping trip now and then, couldn't they? "I know, Kyou," he said softly, lifting a small hand to run it through his bangs gently. "But maybe we can go out and get Yuki something for his birthday. It's coming up soon, isn't it?"

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(yay!!! and cons are always really really fun.

Kyo laughed. "Sure, but lets wait until we get settled in Momiji I don't want to rush things, besides money might be tight for awhile." HE siad. "Because we donn't get allowance from the family like we use to anymore." Kyo reminded him. "we just have what's left. Kyo happened to have more then the others,since his mother left him a lot when he passed.

Haru had a light smile on his face. He loved how Yuki always kept him grounded, and reminded him that things needed to be done in a certain order, and a vertain way, things the ox often forgot. "hopefully we can see Ayame soon and he can help with the house."haru said. He was glad the brothers had patched it up
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The rat smiled faintly, slowly sitting down on a window seat with the cup in his hands, letting the porcelain warm his skin. Haru was so confident in everything that he did, Yuki couldn't help but find it amazing...certainly much unlike the rat. Well, there were things that Yuki knew he was good at and prided himself on them, but when it came to things like this....well, he preferred to watch from the sidelines.

"I'm sure that's what you think is best, however I don't think there should be any "ass kicking" yet," he responded softly, his faint smile remaining. "Let's just get ourselves comfortable first, then there may be some time for that. Slow and steady wins the race, Haru."

Momiji couldn't help but smile more, the young rabbit finishing the rest of his ice cream. This news made him so happy he just wanted to smile all day! He loved shopping, especially with those he loved the most. "Then we should go as soon as possible! Shopping trip for everyone!"

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Haru nods. "I'd agree. It's much much to early for all of this nonsence really. It's much to bad. WE'll be fine and well kick ass and be amazing."He said smirking. He could tell Yuki's confindence was fading and he couldn't have that.

"It would."He said smilling. "I think everyone could really use a nice long break. I know Haru especially would like to."He knew that Haru out of all of them must be the most stressed out\\

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Yuki remained quiet at Haru's last comment, the rat moving away from his spot and plugging in the electric tea kettle. He didn't feel he won that position with his social skills, he felt he won it because of his face. Not to mention he was the only one there at almost all hours of the day. It was a nice escape from home and the main house, that was his driving point. But now, since he didn't have to back...would he keep that title?

Once the water was hot enough, the rat poured himself a small cup of tea. He wasn't sure what to say next, but he could start to feel an uneasiness in the pit of his stomach. "Perhaps we should move on to another subject...." Yuki murmured very quietly, the bright amethyst orbs staring at the teacup. "We shouldn't be discussing these things so early in the game."

Momiji smiled as Kyou set down the bowl, the smile growing as Kyou suggested a shopping trip. He loved to shop, it was one of his favorite past times. A lot of the things stores had for sale were just so cute! He couldn't resist! Taking a bite of ice cream, the rabbit looked up at Kyou once more. "Maybe we call can go!" he suggested. "It'll give everyone a chance to get out of the house."
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"It needs to, if Akito finds us out. Yuki you would have to keep going, have to keep fighting."He siad "Becuase if I left, If I had to leave us, you would have to be strong. YOu would have to be strong for Hiro, and Kisa, and Momiji and Rin and Kyo." He holds him close, laying his head on Yuki's shoulder. "You were class preseident, so you do have social skills, you just choose ot not use them."

Kyo grabbed the STrawberry icecream, a bowl, and two spoons. HE served it up before bringing it back adn stting next ot momiji. "I bet after we get settled in you can go shopping."He knew the little rabbit loved clothes
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"No. That's the very last thing that will happen, Haru," Yuki answered rather quickly. Anything involving Akito was bad, but Yuki losing the only person he could fall back on out here was the worst thing for the rat. If that were to happen, Yuki doubted he would survive for long. It just wasn't his nature. "If anything happens to you, I'm out of this game. I may be smart, but my social skills are nonexistent. So...it seems that we either exist together or we don't exist at all." If something did happen to Haru and it jeopardized their freedom, forcing Haru to give in, Yuki knew he would be right behind him.

Momiji smiled as he watched Kyou pull open the freezer door, the rabbit resting his chin on his knees. He was right, there were a few different kinds to choose from, all of which made him happy. "Strawberry would be great if it's there," he answered, letting his body relax as much as it could for now. "If it's not, you can pick."
  Yuki Sohma / SolemnYuki / 6y 363d 20h 10m 26s
"i'm aware yuki..and if that happens."He sighed. "I'm giving myself to a sacrafice to Akito becuase I have to do everything to keep you safe. So I'll lay down my freedom in return for yours and the others and just hope it works." He said honesty holding him close. "If this fails, I'll be out of options but I'd take that risk to gie you and the tohers happiness yuki."

"Sure I think we have a couple kinds here."He siad. "Which would you want Momo?" he asked, using a noickname for the rabbit
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The rat nodded barely, slowly folding his slender arms over the chest that matched. No matter how many times Haru said it and no matter how much his confidence filled every statement he made, Yuki just wasn't sure. It wasn't that he doubted Haru's ability to survive away from the others, he didn't. He doubted himself more than anything. Yuki embraced change as much as a cat embraced water and found himself doubting his own abilities the more he thought about it. Haru and even Kyou were wonderful at adaptation, especially ones that involved social interaction and changes. Yuki....well, he was most comfortable on the outside. "I hope we can," he murmured quietly. "We've nowhere else to go if this fails. You realize that, don't you?"

Momiji headed into the main room, sitting himself down on the overstuffed couch and leaning back into it. It was nice here, he really enjoyed it and loved having his favorite relatives around. He missed the older ones, especially Hatori, and wished he could've come with them. He remembered Yuki telling him that it was impossible, that word would leak out as to their whereabouts and they'd be in trouble. It was sad for the little rabbit, but he had the most important ones around. Amber eyes flickered back up to the cat as he walked across the room, Momiji sitting up a little bit in his seat.

"Kyou....?" he asked softly, wrapping his small arms around his legs a little bit as he pulled them into his chest. "Will you share some ice cream with me?"
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Haru shales his head. "I don't worry."He stated honestly. "I don't ahve it in me to worry, and to doubt the ones I love. I know we can do this, because we're doing this. I would doubt myself but I won't doubt you or kyo. I can't insult you both like that. I refuse to."he siad. "we've already survived hell and escaped. We can do this."

Kyo couldn't help but smile as tehy entered the wrm house. t was comforting for kyo, to not look over his shoulder. He wouldn't be locked up now, and that's what mattered
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Haru was right. There was a lot to focus on. So much, in fact, it could be a tad overwhelming. Amethyst eyes flickered back to the ox, the rat slowly leaning against his chest. He was so fearless, Haru embraced this change more than anyone. Though....that fit his personality. Yuki didn't like change too much, especially if it was drastic. "But don't you worry about it, even just a little?" he asked Haru quietly, letting his gaze drift to a random spot nearby. "There's so much that we have to face now...how do you know we'll be successful?"

Momiji snuggled into Kyou's chest, small arms wrapped around his waist loosely. He was so happy that Kyou was going with them, the fear of losing him was just too great for the small boy to bear. He had always loved Kyou, even when the others didn't, and couldn't imagine his life without the cat in it. Amber eyes flickered up to the cat as he spoke, the rabbit nodding a few times before pushing himself to his feet. A small hand reached up and took Kyou's in it, the small teenager looking up to Kyou before heading inside with him silently.
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