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I wan tto do a Yuki x Haru. I can play both Yuki, or Haru ^.^

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Yuki put down his pen, and wlaked to open the door. He gave a gentle smile, seeing Haru. "hello Haru."he siad, welcoming his cousin inside. "I made tea, if you want any, or there is always soda and leftovers in the fridge."he siad, knowing his cousin didn't much have taste for the oroginal tea, like Yuki did.

"I just have a few mor epapers of English homework to do, and then we can elave."He siad, and sat down beginging to work again. He was happy to get to spend the day away from the house, and with Hatsuharu. Haru was one of the cousins that Yuki could alwyas get along well with, no amtter what the circumstance.
  Sebastian. / Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 4d 5h 23m 49s
Haru sat in the grass gazing at the ocean as he waited for it to be 10:00 am. That's when he could go to Yuki'd. Smiling, Haru couldn't help but feel excited. Leaning his head back, he averted his gaze to the sky. Just then he heard someone shouting.
"Old man! Old man?! Are you alright?! The voice called. Haru could hear its loud footsteps as it ran over to him.
Sitting up, he turned to look at the stranger. It was a young boy. Probably a middle schooler. The boy's eyes widened when he realize Haru was only a highschool student. "I am so sorry!" Bowing, the boy turned as dashed for cover.
Haru couldn't help but laugh. Pulling out his cellphone, the screen said '9:55'in metro numbers. Getting up, Haru got on his bike and pettled towards Yuki's house. Knocking on the door, he was happy to be able to spend the day with him.
  ♠Hatsuharu - Sohma♠ / StarlessGaze / 8y 4d 5h 34m 16s

Yuki sat at home, going over his English assingments. Tohru was at work, Shigure was sleeping, and Kyo was off skullking around somewhere. The whoel entire house was quiete, the perfect enviroment for the rat to finally get some of english homework done.

  Sebastian. / Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 4d 5h 44m 40s
Sorry it took so long~ Do you want to post first?
  ♠Hatsuharu - Sohma♠ / StarlessGaze / 8y 4d 20h 9m 59s
ok cool ^,^
  Sebastian. / Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 4d 20h 22m 16s
Okay, give me a second. I will get a picture.
  ஜ-Ⓡiku-ஜ / StarlessGaze / 8y 4d 20h 27m 21s
Well, I'd rahter play as Yuki. I havent' done oen fo these where I'm YUki yet, so it'll be itnerestign ^,^
  Sebastian. / Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 4d 20h 27m 58s
I love either, you can choose because I have to get a picture of which ever one I choose.
  ஜ-Ⓡiku-ஜ / StarlessGaze / 8y 4d 20h 30m 40s
Mhm! Would you join as HAru or Yuki?
  Sebastian. / Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 4d 20h 31m 50s
I would like to join. This is a Fruits Basket yoai right?
  ஜ-Ⓡiku-ஜ / StarlessGaze / 8y 4d 20h 34m 25s

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