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What is this feeling? I know it's a sin....But I can't help but feel guilty....I love him.

Dastiel, a bright well brought up young male, holds a secret that no one, who knows him, knows. Being brought up by a strong Catholic family, Dastiel constantly fights with his own feelings towards the same gender. Being gay wasn't the first thing he wanted to show in the open. Especially when his parents strongly opposed, forbid it entirely. Afraid of being shunned, the boy remainss quiet about his sexuality to his family, and thouse around him. Thus refraining himself from getting close to anyone.

Daemien, a very odd swedsh boy, moves into the house next door to Dastiel, and begins to attend his school.

Daemien, an odd swidish young man, is in the middle of two friends. Dastiel who's simply a nice guy, who's just knows Daemien and his other friend Daisy, who's his best friend since childhood.

Daemien had been after Daisy to find her soulmate, while in turn she had been after Daemien for years to find a partner. And even though people around them always sought them to be together, Daemien would refuse due to him being gay. And having a strong phobia of women. Yet Daisy was one of the two girls he only allowed to be around him, and called him friends.

Daisy get's a bright idea and makes a deal with Daemien. If he found her her perfect match mate of life, he would have to date her match up with him. The stubborn male agrees to it, making Dastiel, who's Daisy's friend, get dragged somewhat in the middle.

Things begin to to get a little awkward when the boy's are pushed to get to know the other more.

Let the complications begin....


Daisy Emilia Crowe Kirlander




[[Short Bio]]:
Daisy had lived her life with her twin and mother until her mother had died in an accident across the seas. She had moved with her grandmother in New York City to fulfill her dreams of being a model But she missed her family and friends dearlySo after moving back to Canada from New York, Daisy got herself her own apartment and began to work at the all boy's school as the assistant nurse since the woman had only a few years left. She had never been into drugs or alcohol. Mainly because she was sent to an all girl's school. Though she was slightly a trouble maker on purpose at times, she was a great student. Daisy is a complete girly girl and a romantic. But always seems to have bad luck with men because they all fall for her brother But even so she befriends them all. She is fun to be around after her whole clumsy flirty episodes

[[Theme Songs:]]

Call Me Maybe,

Dastiel Elijah Zimmerman




[[Short Bio]]:
Dastiel never wanted this life. He always believed he would do as his parents wished, Get an education, find a loving girl, one day marry, have children ect. But instead, he found himself leaning more towards his own gender. What made it worse was that he was forced to enroll in an all boys school A catholic boy's school. It was hard to ignore his feelings but he had no choice. He took gym showers far from everyone else, Only played outdoor sports with no physical contact like climbing and archery. To everyone he was just a guy who seemed to obeyed by the catholic church and disliked the ideas of homosexuality. But no one knew hiss secret except the school's assistant nurse.

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Hey Soul Sister,
Dr. Feel Good,

Daemien Van Dracula




[[Short Bio]]:
Socially awkward, Daemien is a very quiet, secretive, and intelligent. Unlike his parents who everyone adores at first meeting, people find Daemien to be a tall eerie, odd, and mysterious giant. Always being locked up in his room in the daytime, and staying out all night sitting upon his roof. Some people believe that he is insane, however, Daemien is simply apathetic. Never had he openened up to a person, for he found the world to be full of hypocrites and liars. No person in the world actually caught his attention for long. Those rare people to be found worthy he would surely open up to. Though Daemien believed he would never find one. but if he did, if he ever really did, he would not back down from getting close to.

[[Theme Songs:]]

Chronicles Of Life And Death,
A Lesson Never Learned,
In This Twilight.


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"Unique? Unique is your damn stubbornness." Daemien said bitterly, soon placing the contacts in his eyes. Blinking a few times before they settled into his eyes. His eyes the staring down at Dastiel. "Don't ever call me sunlight, please? It sounds stupid... Plus people will wonder why you call me that. Not like they will care... nobody pays any attention to me anyways..." He mumbled before grabbing Dastiel's hands as he was off guard, and pinning them above his head. "For being my friend, you seem to be more like my bully." He said with a smirk, soon letting him go and climbing off of him, and laying beside him.

"Do you think we will be like this forever? Friends... forever?" He said with a small smile, his eyes soon shifting over to his dirty blonde haired friend. "I mean if this keeps up, you might as well stay over each night with me. I mean, if you want." He said with a grin."Now the kissing....You seriously need to lay off the sweets... Because if you get caught, people will start to call you gay... And besides... You are cheating on your girlfriend... Or well if you have one... Noel said you have one... So... yeah..."
Daniel's girlfriend? But, the two had only been on dates, he had never asked her to be in a relationship with her. As much as she wanted if, the thought of what he had just said caused Daisy to panic a bit inside. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Her hands sweating. All at once he made her nervous, just by one little word. Girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend. She was [i his] girlfriend.

Amber brown eyes stared up at the male. Shock, surprise was clear on her face, not to mention the pink tint of embarrassment. "New girlfriend? You.. Have a girlfriend? Had one before?" Nervous the woman slightly stumbled over her words. Her eyes had diverted to the ground. Was he talking about her? No.. He couldn't have been.. But Daniel was a saint, the two had been on dates, kissed and he even... Daisy shook the thought from her mind. She was already nervous and now.. Now she was just overthinking.

Daisy lead him out of her room and over to the door. “I’ll be back later..” She called out.

“Keep her safe.” Dare called out, knowing she was heading out with Daniel.

Daisy walked beside the man. Her eyes casted towards the ground. “Mr. Leonidos is a bit like Jenny. He will sense things. Don’t be alarmed if he doesn’t hold back his words..” Daisy looked over to him, with his dark hair and contacts. “Then again.. he may not recognize you with.. the dye and contacts. But at least this way you will know.”

Dastiel sighted softly. Why was he being so aggressive? Was it the fact that he didn’t want Daemien to leave again? Or maybe it was that he was happy to see the kid again? AIt wasn’t as if Dastiel was still under the influence. That had wore off during the shower. Still… wasn’t this how Damien escaped him the first time?

Dastiel let Daemien move away. Though, when Damien had moved back, Dastiel couldn’t help but pull him back onto the spot he was just at. Dastiel shook his head at Daemien’s request. Dastiel wouldn't do anything… He just wanted Daemien to trust that he wouldn’t/ He just wanted Daemien close.

Once Daemien had stopped struggling, Dastiel stared at Daemien. A smile formed upon his lips and soon enough, a chuckle escaped. “Oh come on sunlight. Why are you so shameful of your eyes? They’re unique.” Dastiel smiled at him.
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[i “I can take you to meet him… you just have to tell me when..we can even go now… if you’d like.”]

Daniel's eyes shinned with happiness upon her words. Him.... meet his father... If it were really true.... Daniel wanted to meet him...

Feeling her lips press against his, Daniel smiled softly and pulled away. "I want to meet his now....But... after this.." He whispered before pressing his lips again against hers.


[i “Can’t is different from wanting to.."]

Daemien shook his head in denial. No, he definitely couldn't want to... Even though he did... He couldn't do this. It was wrong, he had to change. Daemien had to change... Maybe then his family wouldn't reject him so much, and Dastiel would be back to normal again... Everything would be back to normal again!

Pushing Dastiel away, Daemien quickly got up and backed away from him slightly. "I'm sorry Dastiel... I... I just..." He spoke lowly, bitterly. A knot was felt in his throat. He did not want to admit to his feelings of Dastiel, though they were fairly clear. Running his fingers through his hair, Daemien took a deep breath and let it out in a heavy sigh. Rubbing his eye slightly, as he moved back to Dastiel, was soon pulled back into the same spot as before, making him feel even more uncomfortable about the situation than he already was. "Dastiel, please let me go..." He whispered, but was denied such wish. Struggling to get out of his grip, Daemien failed miserably and was left to stare shyly at Dastiel's momentarily before the corner of his eyes caught a glance at something upon the pillow next to Dastiel. It was then he had noticed Dastiel's chuckle. Daemien narrowed his eyes at him before w=quickly grabbing the colored contact lenses. "It's not funny you ass hole..." He spoke a bit pridefully before reaching up to try to put it back in.


Pulling away softly, Daniel caressed her cheek softly before moving away from her slightly. "Now we could go figure out if he is or isn't.... Plus... if he is... I can show him my new girlfriend..." He admitted a bit shyly.
Daisy smiled softy at the touch of his arms wrapping around her. Her honey eyes were hypnotized by the man before her. Daisy’s eyes fluttered shut as he moved close to her. She never had to ask… He would un-taint her body… make it pure once more, so she could willingly give it away to him… the man she wanted to spend forever beside.

The kiss was soon separated, but their foreheads pressed against one another.

“I… Daisy…about what Jenny said about…me..if…if it was true…then…that would mean my father is still alive right?”

Daisy smiled softly as she nodded. “Yes, if what she said was true… Your father is alive and well. He works at an animal shelter, hospital, thing that he’s been running for as long as I can remember… If your father is Mr. Leonidos… he is a very kind and loving man.”

“I..i would like to meet him…one day..if I can…Even if my mother is dead…at least I can meet him..”

“I can take you to meet him… you just have to tell me when..we can even go now… if you’d like.” Yes Daisy would go when ever he wanted. She wanted to make him happy and he seemed very… sad, even if he had smiled at her. Daisy wanted to brighten his day..And if visiting Issac would do the trick, then that is what she would do. Daisy leaned forward and pressed her lips upon his.


Although Daemien had said they shouldn’t Dastiel could feel Daemien’s lips upon his own once more. The kiss was longer than usual.. more intoxicating than before. Dastiel’s hands remained at his sides due to being moved by Daemien. Mesmerized, Dastiel hadn’t even noticed how Daemien’s hands got in his pants or exactly why he was panting.

Green eyes stared at Daemien’s filled with lust. He wanted what DAemien had began… very badly. “Can’t is different from wanting to.." Dastiel spoke in a low voice. Dastiel leaned back in, kissing Daemien once again. His hands reached up to Daemien’s sides holding Daemien close to himself.
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[i "You know your real name... Why else would you be freaking out on the inside like Karen does..."]

Daniel remained quiet as the young blonde spoke. Yes, it was true. Yet... he wasn't sure who Karen was... but the rest had been true. Daniel sighed softly, and nodded as the other blonde had spoken. He was happy to know that he now had some...friends to count on. Though it worried him a bit.

Daniel quietly looked over at Daisy as she spoke. He nodded at the young woman before looking back over at Jenny who continued to speak.

[i "Your real name is Daniel Matthew Leonidos and your brown eye is a contact. You have blue-green eyes. You get the green from your mothers side. Have you ever seen a picture of your mom before? If so... I can prove to you everything you just would have to meet Karen... Again. Just agree to it someday. I have to meet up with Kenneth. We'll be in contact little cousin!"]

"Cousin?" Daniel questioned puzzled as the girl had suddenly ran off. So he... might be... their... And he... was like his... mother... Daniel could feel the slight breeze caress his face as he looked up towards the sky. He... he had to find out who his family was... or else this doubt... the painful doubt would kill him slowly..


[i "What if I told you again... Tomorrow? Would you believe me then? Take me serious?"]

Daemien's eyes glanced over at Dastiel's. His face clearly showed he was hurt. But what could Daemien do? He couldn't take his words back.. and it was hard to take him seriously when... when he wasn't exactly clear about his own feelings towards Dastiel... Following the male, and sitting upon the edge, he was soon grabbed and kissed. Blushing he was, but Daemien had remained calm.

[i "I like you.. A lot more than you want to believe..."]

Yeah... he liked him... But how did Daemien really feel about Dastiel? Daemien quietly allowed for Dastiel to pull him down upon him. Daemien kissed back, as his arms reached for Dastiel's, and he pulled away slightly from the kiss. "We...shouldn't..." He whispered softly. But soon pressed his lips once more against his.


[i "I should have warned you about how... Bold they were.. Jenny never takes no for an answer... That's how she got with Kenneth... She said she'd marry him someday and now she's getting that...I'm sorry."]

Daniel chuckled softly as he shook his head. "It's alright Daisy..." He spoke as he was suddenly lead into her new room. His eyes traveled around the room that was similar to the one upstairs. Except a bit empty. Smiling softly, Daniel nodded as she thanked him, and handed him back his robe, which he folded slightly and hung from his arm. THe bitter anger had disappeared, at least for the time being. Yet he was happy that he had gotten her out of that situation...and mood. Yet... it still didn't mean he wanted to kill that as-- Watching as Daisy suddenly began to strip from her clothes, Daniel quickly turned away and stared up at the ceiling with a flushed face. Yes, he wanted to see her.....strip.. but he wasn't about to... not yet... it wasn't a good...time... or... it wasn't the moment yet...

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out in a nervous sigh, he soon felt a tap upon his shoulders which instantly made him turn around to face the young woman who was now dressed. Yet still as beautiful as before...

[i "Don't be nervous... I knew you wouldn't look.. Since your a gentleman. I-... Hm... They're tainted... I've been tainted...C... Can you m-make it go away?"]

Daniel chuckled upon her request. How could he deny such a thing? She did not need to ask. He was more than willing to do anything for her.... As long as she wanted it...

Moving a bit closer to her, Daniel wrapped his arm around her waist, and gently brought her closer to him as he lent down, and pulled her chin up towards him. "You never have to ask..." He whispered before pressing his lips against his.

Daemien, who had some how ended up with his hands in Dastiel's...boxers... Had suddenly had realized his actions and quickly pulled away nervously. "I-I...I'm sorry... I...I can't..."
Jenny smiled brightly. Yes. He was right. She was trying to figure him out, trying to pry out an answer. Especially since she was even more curious now that he had sounded like Kenneth who was Karen's cousin, but also reminded her of herself.

"Daniel Matthew"

Matthew... Couldn't have been a coincidence. Especially since his birth certificate was lost. And Dan.. Daem. Mel was a smart one or atleast she got from the stories she heard about Mel. A Sunday... In August... And a year younger than her? "You know your real name... Why else would you be freaking out on the inside like Karen does..."

Daemien glanced over to Daniel. Jenny was right.. He did have that same putter appearance Karen had. But... Daemien sighed as he patted Daniel's shoulder. "Don't worry about Jenny's statement. She likes to do that. You don't have to tell us if you do know... But we're friends now. So you can count on us too." Feeling a vibration in his pocket Daemien pulled his phone out. "Crap. I gotta go, Jenny you coming?"

Jenny shook her head. "Nope. I'm going to stay here with my cousin." Jenny smirked brightly allowing her brother to say his goodbyes before heading off.

Daisy kept her fingers laced with Daniel's. Her eyes stared up at him kindly. "She's not going to give up... And I know she already believes she knows... And.."

"I'm always right. Like when I first saw her talk to you at Noel's party. And I knew you liked her." Jenny giggled slightly. "Your real name is Daniel Matthew Leonidos and your brown eye is a contact. You have blue-green eyes. You get the green from your mothers side. Have you ever seen a picture of your mom before? If so... I can prove to you everything you just would have to meet Karen... Again. Just agree to it someday. I have to meet up with Kenneth. We'll be in contact little cousin!" Jenny called out as she ran off.


Pushed away... Dastiel was never taken seriously, especially when he was being serious. No he wasn't.. Or at least Dastiel believed he wasn't. Dastiel turned his head bald to Daemien. His eyes staring down at Daemien still.

Sighing softly, Dastiel pulled away from Daemien. Green eyes kept away from Daemien as he pulled off his towel and put on a pair of boxers. A slight jab could be felt in the pit of his chest. Rejection... "I already finished it in school." Dastiel threw himself onto his bed. His eyes staring up at the ceiling. "What if I told you again... Tomorrow? Would you believe me then? Take me serious?" His eyes never left the ceiling. His face clearly showed he was slightly hurt. But that couldn't stop him right?


"I should have warned you about how... Bold they were.. Jenny never takes no for an answer... That's how she got with Kenneth... She said she'd marry him someday and now she's getting that..." Daisy giggled softly a bit nervous. "I'm sorry." Daisy pulled the man down the hall to her new room away from the men upstairs. "I decided to move down here... That way... They all could do what ever they do.. And well.. I wouldn't feel weird." Daisy admitted as she opened the door to her new room.

Her things were still in boxes aside from her cloths for work and the necessities she needed. "I.. Never thanked you.. For earlier..." Daisy spoke as she pulled his robe off her body. Turning around, Daisy took off her cloths and replaced them with a stripped green long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. Turning back to him, Daisy walked up to him, tapping his shoulder. "Don't be nervous... I knew you wouldn't look.. Since your a gentleman." Daisy leaned up and was about to press her lips to Daniel, but soon pulled away. "I-... Hm... They're tainted... I've been tainted..." Daisy glanced away from him, her sheds were low. "C... Can you m-make it go away?" Daisy stared up at him with her face flushed bright pink.

Back upstairs....

Dastiel grabbed Daemien's hand as soon as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Pulling Daemien down, Dastiel leaned up, pressing his lips onto Daemien's once more. "I like you.. A lot more than you want to believe..." Dastiel wrapped his arms around Daemien pulling him down onto his body as he pressed his lips against a Daemien's once more.
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"Italian. My dad's Italian. My mom was Irish. She left because of drugs and stuff before Jenny was born.” Daemien shrugged his shoulders. “My step-mom, my dad’s love, she died right after they got married. An ex boyfriend…” Daemien sighed softly.
Daniel's eyes widened as Daemien had spoken about his family lineage. Daniel, who was still stunned, looked away as they continued to speak. And then, there was a niece... Had that meant? No, no... he wasn't a part of this family... Nothing of theirs...Yet... there was just so much he could....

[i "So Daniel... What's your name? Your full name? Because... Well... You look like our dad... Our dad's are twins....But, you also have a hint of….”]

[i “Karen’s temper.”]

Daniel cocked his head slightly to the side, puzzled upon their conversation. Chuckling nervously, very nervously, the male nodded and smiled faintly trying to seem a bit calm, when he was completely freaked out. Yes, he was in a spot, and in a very tight pinch. He couldn't say his name... He had sworn on never speaking about it in fear of loosing his life... or... the possibility of ever finding out who he was...

Daniel, who was about to freak out and excuse himself, due to not wanting to freak out infront of them, was soon calmed down as he felt his hand being taken from the woman he loved. His body instantly relaxed, as he felt his confidence return. Taking a deep breath as they spoke, Daniel smiled as he found the common ground with Daemien. Yes, from the super heroes, down to the woman he now loved. But as Daemien tried to awkwardly fix things, Daniel could not help but chuckle as he shook his head. He wasn't jealous, and even then, it was always Daisy's choice, not his. And Darse's comment, well, he had simply IGNORED. Though his attention was quickly caught by the short beautiful blonde.

[i “What’s your name Daniel. I mean I know I met you a few times before because of Noel, but I never really got to know you. Besides, I’m a bit curious, if you are…who I think you could be… When were you born?"]

"Doesn't curiousity also imply that you're trying to figure me out? Not to mention, curious people usually get other to tell them the deep dark secrets that they hide." He said with a sly smile before looking over at Daemien. "My name is Daniel Matthew Sullivan. My birth certificate was stolen when child, so my real name well..." He trailed off, glancing at Daisy briefly before looking back over at Jenny. "I was born on Sunday, August 8th, 19XX. Just a few years older than Noel. I never knew my parents, but I was told many stories about them. Only thing I know if that the nurse who cared for me said that my mother was a very beautiful woman, inside and out. And that I resemble both my parents. She also mentioned that I was very much loved by them, but she never explained to me what happened to them. So...what else would you need for me to answer?"

Meanwhile upstairs…..

Daemien had not been sure how he had gotten from A to B. One moment Dastiel was talking, the next her was kissing him, and now he had been pinned to the wall of his room. Daemien could feel the beat of his heart through out his body, while his eyes staring up into his and the heat in the room intensified. He could feel Dastiel's breath upon his lips.

[i “You make me frustrated and confused, but that’s not your fault. I can’t decide what I am… but It’s clear I’m attracted to you… I want to keep being friends, but… I don't think that can happen right? Because we both..”]

Daemien blinked twice amused by his words. Was he? Was....he?

[i “Because.. I like you."]

Daemien [s pressed his lips roughly against Dastiel's] reached up and pushed him away slightly as he turned his face away blushing fiercely. "Dastiel stop..You're clearly still high... H-how about we just ch-chill here for a while? M-maybe I-I can help with ho-homework?" He questioned a bit shyly. The position he was in was very uncomfortable, simply because...he REALLY wanted Dastiel...but...

"C-can you p-please let me go?" He whispered softly as his eyes tried to avoid his in fear of falling into temptation... "I-I promise I won't run away... but....this...I.... I feel awkward right now...standing here...alone...with you...naked... like this....in the room..." He whispered shyly.
The blonde Daemien tilted his head at the man who had a similar smile to the woman he adored and her mother who he used to watch on the computer screen. It wasn’t possible that before Mel’s death the two had… no, the timing wouldn’t have been right..would it have? Daemien shook the thought from his head.

Good friends, yes. These two were good friends, an old crush and a good friend. Daisy stared at the two possible brothers. A soft smile rose on her lips. It was nice to see Daniel finally meeting his potential family, it made her slightly forget about the incident.

"Italian. My dad's Italian. My mom was Irish. She left because of drugs and stuff before Jenny was born.” Daemien shrugged his shoulders. “My step-mom, my dad’s love, she died right after they got married. An ex boyfriend…” Daemien sighed softly.

“ Mel, Daemien’s porn milf. He’s in love with her daughter, Karen. Uncle Issac loved Mel…it’s a sad story. I never really got to hear the entire thing, but my niece loves to make him finish the story. She was pregnant when she died.” Jenny spoke, of course, Jenny knew something Daemien didn’t. Daemien was supposed to have a little brother, but Mel died before she could even tell Issac.

"My dad and my mom were siblings so Leonidos is just Italian." Jenny quickly responded back. "So Daniel... What's your name? Your full name? Because... Well... You look like our dad... Our dad's are twins." Jenny questioned boldly. “But, you also have a hint of….”

“Karen’s temper.” Darse chuckled. His eyes were glued to Daniel, the man suddenly on the spot. Daisy who had noticed this walked over to Daniel with a soft smile and took his hand.

“They talk a lot.. when their unsure or nervous. And their very geeky. Actually, you and Daemien have something in common, you both like superman. I heard he has an awesome collection too.”

“Heard, you’ve seen it before! Every single comic to date, action figures in mint condition. You use to call me a nerd, but thought it was cute.” Daemien spoke casually, before realizing what he had even said. Daemien looked over at Daniel, his hand ruffled his blonde locks nervously. “We went on a date when we were younger. I liked her, but it never went anywhere. We never even kissed or anything just a friendly awkward hug.”

“Daemien!” Daisy blushed lightly as she glanced up at Daniel. “See he’s nervous.”

“Don’t worry Daniel, Daisy’s been saving herself for you. Sure, she was attracted to Daemien, but that was just practice for her now feelings for you and what better way for a possible brother?” Darse raised an eyebrow looking at Daniel.

“He still hasn’t answered my question.” Jenny stomped her foot grabbing her brother and Darse’s attention. “What’s your name Daniel. I mean I know I met you a few times before because of Noel, but I never really got to know you.” Jenny stared at the young man with sincere and curious eyes. She wasn’t stupid, this was a Kimmy incident all over again, but…a lot of things didn’t add up. “Besides, I’m a bit curious, if you are…who I think you could be… When were you born?"

Meanwhile upstairs…..

Dastiel shook his head. “I don’t. And I can help you change it.” Dastiel followed Daemien standing right in front of him as he turned. Yes, he knew what Daemien meant.. because Daemien distracted him as well, especially when he wasn’t around. Grasping Daemien's hands from waving, Dastiel pulled him close and leaned forward pressing his lips briefly against Daemien’s.

“I-…” It was weird. Dastiel wanted more, but he restrained himself from even attempting to do so again. Besides, Dastiel had just kissed Chloe hours ago…not intentionally, just to test it out, since she kept thinking he was gay. But, maybe he was? Dastiel stared at his long lost friend who stood in front of him.

“I-… I..” Dastiel groaned in confusion. It was always him, always Daemien, but why? None of this made sense then again, it never made sense. He cared for Daemien, enjoyed Daemien’s company. Hell he missed Daemien each day he was gone. Dastiel could recall the tears of frustration as he would pound against the wall in his room that left a hole he was forced to cover up each day he would remake the same hole.

Dastiel pulled Daemien into his room, closing the door behind him and pushing Daemien into the wall beside the door, pinning him by the shoulders. Dastiel leaned in placing his forehead on his. “You make me frustrated and confused, but that’s not your fault. I can’t decide what I am… but It’s clear I’m attracted to you… I want to keep being friends, but… i don;t think that can happen right? Because we both..” DAstiel gulp, was this really how he felt? And did Daemien really like him too or was it just all an illusion in Dastiel’s mind? “Because.. I like you."
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That was right... Darse had mentioned about Dastiel's new routine...But Daemien didn't honestly care about the fact that he had new friends, and a new hobby, he only cared about the fact that he was again doing things bad...And Daemien knew there was no way he would be able to fix that...Not even if he wanted to... and boy did he want to...


[i "You on the other hand... You should be there for Daisy. You love her, it's obvious. Don't let her out of your sight. Make sure she stays safe...But I get it... Believe me... If I could I would hurt some other guy. But I rather keep the person I love safe than to be very rash about it all."]

Daniel nodded as the blonde male spoke, his eyes remaining upon the ground, trying to calm himself down. He was right. There was nothing good coming from him beating up Pastor Paul... Especially since it was not what was right... Yet he also understood that what he had done was wrong in itself... He could of just pushed him aside....but no..he had nearly killed the old man... He....he had sinned...A lot...

[i "Daniel... I forgot to introduce you. Daemien Isreal Leonidos. And that's his sister/cousin Jenny Leonidos. Their father is Issac Matthew Leonidos."]

Daniel's eyes raised up as he heard his last name spoken. His eyes stared over at Daisy, and then over at the two blondes. A Leonidos? Had....could they have? No... He had no siblings... He had no family... He...he was an orphan... or something of the sorts...Right?

[i "Nice to meet you Daniel."]

Daniel, who was a bit stunned smiled softly as his mother had before. Reaching out as he grasped Daemien's hand firmly and shook it with confidence. If this is what it had meant to have a family, Daniel had only hoped to meet his in the future...To know if he had a father and mother alive, or siblings at all....Maybe they were married and had children, and his family was big! Or...maybe it was small, but loving.... Daniel didn't care, but he had only hoped that he could one day find them... "Nice to meet you as well. Or well both of you. It's good to know that Daisy has good friends." He spoke with a slight chuckle before looking over at Daisy. "So...Leonidos, huh? Italian or...?" He questioned before raising an eyebrow and staring back at Daemien.


Minutes after Dastiel had finally showered, and Daemien who had sat quietly upon the toilet, Daemien heard as the shower had turned off, and his eyes quickly looked away at the sound of the curtains pulling away.

[i "Better? Cold shower... So I know for a fact you are here. I'm hungry though."]

Daemien's eyes glanced over, only to notice the small distance between them. The boy's eyes grew big, and quickly shifted down with shyness. Yes, he was still angry at Dastiel, but it did not change the fact that he still... liked him...a lot...

Feeling as Dastiel forced his face upwards towards his, as he leant down, Daemien's face flushed badly. He could hear his heart racing in his ears. He wanted to kiss Dastiel... But he knew he couldn't do so... It...it wasn't right...Though the slightest touch from his sent shivers up and down his spine... He knew he couldn't.

[i "You know... I thought I'd never see you again....To see you blush..."]

Yes. Dastiel was an asshole like Darse, but Daemien could do nothing but freeze in place, and feeling a slight disappointment and relief when Dastiel had pulled away with no kiss.

[i "By the way... I'll fix that window somehow... I didn't mean to smash it.. I was just... Trying to find you..I'm still waiting for you to tell me what you want me to do to make you stay... Other than shower."]

Daemien shook his head as he looked away. "I-it's fine..." He whispered as he got up from the toilet seat. Making his way over to the bathroom door. "Just...forget about it...and go get dressed. I'm sure you have something else planned for today. And I...I should get that window changed fast before my 'parents' find out..." He explained before looking over at Dastiel. "You..." He began before shaking his head. "Nevermind. Just get dressed, you're highly distracting me." He admitted a bit shyly before walking out the bathroom door and standing under the door post, realizing his own words. Turning swiftly, Daemien, who was now blushing even more shook his hands in the air. "N-not w-what I-I m-meant!"
Dastiel smiled softly. Yes... He probably did smell, but Dastiel was used to it by now. "I did run all day. I've been practicing for the meet coming soon. Then we went into the woods.. Burned a bit." Dastiel shrugged his shoulders. Grabbing Daemien's hand Dastiel pulled him over to the bathroom.

"I'll shower... Since your implying me to.. But you have to sit in the bathroom and wait for me. You know... Just to make sure."


Darse stared over as he noticed Daniel and Daisy. Something was wrong, he could tell because Daisy was covered in Daniel's robe. Not only that but her face was covered in dry tears.

"What did you do to my sister?" Darse pushed Daemien aside as he stood in front of Daniel and Daisy. Darse could see the frustration in Daniel's eyes as he was lead into the house.

"She almost got raped."

Raped.... Someone... Tried to rape... His older sister? Blood boiled through his veins. How dare someone attempt to touch his sister without her consent? Without his? The only person who had consent to touch Daisy in possible way was Daniel. Clouded by anger, Darse pulled Daniel out the door to find and beat this fucker, but Darse was soon stopped by his sister.

Daisy felt a pair of arms wrap around her as she stood in front of the two most important men in her life. Daisy allowed for the blonde to take her back into the house, even though her head turned to the two trying to make sure they wouldn't leave.

A slight touch against Darse's arm made him sigh. "He'll get what's coming to him." Daemien spoke as he looked at the young brunette he had never met before. "You on the other hand... You should be there for Daisy. You love her, it's obvious. Don't let her out of your sight. Make sure she stays safe..." Daemien tilted his head slightly as he stared at the male. "But I get it... Believe me... If I could if hurt some other guy. But I rather keep the person I love safe than to be very rash about it all."

Darse moved back, glancing at the two men. How come he never noticed Daniel wore glasses... And why was it now that he was seeing a similarity in their personalities? Did Daniel always have one eye bluish-green? Darse turned his back on the two and walked over to Daisy.

"Is it me or do the two kinda look alike?" Darse questioned.

Jenny who looked over blinked twice. "He looks like dad... But with different eye color and hair." Daisy sniffled as it finally clicked in her head again.

"I forgot... Daniel... I wanted him to meet you guys... He..." No... She couldn't tell them. She promised to keep it a secret.

"He what? Daisy? Don't tell me he's adopted and is a Leonidos boy." Daisy shook her head instantly letting Darse know he was indeed right. Darse chuckled softly making his way back over to the two. "Daniel... I forgot to introduce you. Daemien Isreal Leonidos. And that's his sister/cousin Jenny Leonidos. Their father is Issac Matthew Leonidos."

Annoyed Daemien pushed his friend in the shoulder. "Tell him my entire family why don't you?" Daemien placed his hand on Darses mouth covering him from uttering another word. "Nice to meet you Daniel." Daemien held his hand out to the brunette who looked very similar to his father.


Dastiel stepped out the shower. His naked body dripped of water. His hands grabbed the towel on the sink and wrapped it around his waist. Green eyes glanced over to the figure on the toilet seat. That's right, he told Daemien to wait for him.

A smirk crept upon Dastiel's face. Moving towards Daemien he stood in front of him. His eyes staring down at him. "Better? Cold shower... So I know for a fact you are here. I'm hungry though." Dastiel leant down, his hand reaching over to Daemien's face pulling it up a bit. His thumb ran over Daemien's lips. "You know... I thought I'd never see you again." Dastiel leaned forward to Daemien's face. "To see you blush..." Dastiel sighed softly as he stood up straight. "By the way... I'll fix that window somehow... I didn't mean to smash it.. I was just... Trying to find you.." Dastiel leaned down and placed a kiss upon Daemien's head. "I'm still waiting for you to tell me what you want me to do to make you stay... Other than shower."
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[i "C-...could you...They hurt... And.. I... He..."]

Daniel could feel his heart sink as she spoke. He didn't want to know anything further, yet he knew that she needed to get it out... His eyes trailed down towards her gaze, and then noticed the ripped clothing. Daniel felt the anger in him piercing his stomach, trying to cheer him on to go back out and kill the man...Yet he knew that it was wrong... It was God's Revenge.... not his... and... Daisy... as Andy had said... she needed him...

"I understand..." He whispered as he took off his robe and slipping it on to her to cover her up. Getting up, the male walked over to the sink, washing off the blood from his hands, and face, before returning to her and grasping her hand. "Come... I'll bring you home..." He spoke kindly as he then lead her out of the room.

Back at the house...

Feeling frustrated and depressed, Daemien couldn't help but turn away from Dastiel. Wipping away roughly each tear that had formed in his eyes. There was nothing else to be said. He had snapped, and said everything he had felt... Or actually... most of it. And he knew Dastiel would possibly not care. Maybe because he didn't, or maybe it was because he was high. But Daemien was soon proven wrong...

[i "I don't blame you... I just... You were gone.. And it was all my fault. I made you cry and pass out. I even took you home, like you wanted.. I should have just left you in the house and put you on my bed. I even went back after Darse said you called... But I was too late... I'm sorry.. I-I couldn't get to you on time again...I'm not in the right mind set... It's a bit hazy... Not even sure if this is actually happening... But if it is... I'm glad your back... And I want you to stay here... And I'll see you too. I'll do anything... So you won't leave again."]

Daemien glanced up at the blonde who spoke up. He.... he had gone to look for him? But then...that meant... he had been the one to have broken his window? Did... did this mean that he?

And as much as Daemien had wanted to lean over and hug the male, and possibly even press his lips against his for comfort, the anger and pride inside of him did not allow for it to happen. Though he had allowed him to wrap his arms around him, yet Daemien remained facing away from him. "I....I'm not going anywhere...and even if I do go away, I always come back..." Daemien muttered under his sigh. Reaching up, Daemien pulled his arm off of him, and looked over at him with a smirk, taking a step back. "....And you smell like a burnt plant and nature....plus..ashes...." Daemien said as he held his nose.

Upon arriving the familiar house, Daniel soon noticed the small crowd at the door. And it did not take long before his eyes met with Darse's.

[i "What did you do to my sister?"]

Daniel shook his head, as his face had soon eased off the rather frustrated and angry look. "She... We have to talk inside." He spoke rather seriously. His eyes soon noticing the two blondes...who looked just like....

Shaking off the feeling, Daniel walked up to Darse as he still held Daisy beside him. "She almost got raped today and I almost ended up in jail. To be honest Darse, I don't think I'll mind going to jail. Because I regret not smashing his face further in...." He said a bit harshly. Yet it hadn't taken long before Darse had pulled him away. He knew exactly why.... Yet Daisy had stopped the two. But had soon been pulled away into a hug from the blonde girl.

Realizing the sad look inside the young woman's eyes, Daniel sighed softly before looking over at Darse. "Darse... you handle your sister... My friend is already handling Pastor Paul... And... either way... this won't stay here.... but right now...Let's...focus on Daisy...I didn't let him get far... But...I just... I just wish I had gotten there sooner... I could of prevented it...stopped it...and...ugh!" Daniel growled in frustration as he ruffled his head furiously. "I could of just killed him there! I could of! I should have!"
Tears rolled down her face, even as Daisy wiped her eyes. They wouldn't stop. Her eyes glanced over to her rescuer... Daniel.. She had never seen him in this way... Such anger... Rage. It was because of her. Daisy covered her face once more. Her habit was ripped revealing her chest, but that was not Daisy's worry. No... Her worry was working there, along side those type of men like pastor Paul. She couldn't continue this.

Her body was soon pulled by a gentle pair of arms. Daisy allowed for her hands to drop and wrap around Daniel's body. Her face dug into his chest as she shook her head. She wasn't hurt.. Though her wrists were in slight pain. And her body had been tainted by his hands and her lips by his. Daisy pulled from him slightly, raising her hand she wiped her tears. Along with her lips. She could still taste the slim of his spit on her mouth. "C-...could you..." Dasiy raised her wrists to Daniel's lips. "They hurt... And.. I... He..." Daisy glanced down at her ripped habit then back up at Daniel with tears still dripping from her face. "I want to go home.."


Ignore him? Wasn't that Daemien's job? Hiding behind bookcases, avoiding him. Yup, Dastiel was really ignoring him. Not like he was really here anyways. At the touch of Daemien's hand Dastiel snapped. Words filled with anger slipped from his lips. Dastiel had urged him to stay.. And yet he had left, and left for longer than just a few days. He hadn't seen him since the handcuff incident. A day Dastiel had tried hard to forget.

Dastiel would have loved for Daemien to make it up to him. All those days and nights spent standing outside Daemien's door awaiting for his return, but always got nothing. Sure he was back... But Dastiel wasn't ok... He hadn't been ok ever since the day Daemien left. And as Dastiel watched Daemien turn his back to him again. Dastiel couldn't hold back. He was tired of being left. His family, people he believed were his friends... Daemien. He had enough.

The dirty blonde stared in shock at the brunette in front if him. His life? Daemien was worried about his life? No... It wasn't any of Daemien's fault. Dastiel's life was ruined because of his own self. And he knew what he was... He was just unsure of who he was... What he liked... Who he liked.. He was never pushed... Never lead. Dastiel followed his own path to ruin.. Which had placed him right where he began as a child, right in front of Daemien arguing about being left behind. Only this time, it was Daemien who started to cry.


A knock was heard at the door causing Darse to get up and open it. There stood two blonde siblings that he hadn't seen in a few days. "Give these to your son... He forgot them in Karen's class. She asked me to bring them since she went to her Kimmy." Daemien ran his fingers through his blonde hair as he handed Darse the papers with the other.

"Nice to see you too Daem. Still Karen's class pet I see. And when will I get to meet this little Kimmy?" Darse questioned before looking over to Jenny. "And you soon to be Nixon. Let me see that ring." Darse smiled brightly at the young bride to be who showed him the beautiful small ring.

"It's not big like most people, but I don't care. I still love it." Jenny smiled as her eyes stared down at her ring before looking back up at Darse. "But aside from me... What has been going in with Dastiel... He was fine the first month... But since then.. His scores have been lowering. Can I talk to him?"

"He's actually busy at the moment... Daemien came back... So their talking or well were yelling..." Darse sighed softly with a shrug. "He should be getting even more better... He's been like this since Daemien left. Confused about himself and all."

The blonde Daemien shook is head. "I still can't believe someone has the same name and spelling as me. He could be a long lost brother or something." Daemien joked. "But Dastiel should be fine. You know how to pull the gay out of people."

"Still haven't pulled it out of you." Darse winked. Jenny giggled softly.

"I'm not gay." Daemien sighed.


Dastiel stepped forward. His arm wrapped around Daemien's shoulder. "I don't blame you... I just... You were gone.. And it was all my fault. I made you cry and pass out. I even took you home, like you wanted.. I should have just left you in the house and put you on my bed. I even went back after Darse said you called... But I was too late... I'm sorry.. I-I couldn't get to you on time again..." Dastiel stared blankly down at Daemien's head. "I'm not in the right mind set... It's a bit hazy... Not even sure if this is actually happening... But if it is... I'm glad your back... And I want you to stay here... And I'll see you too. I'll do anything... So you won't leave again."
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"Track and Field?" Daemien questioned with a slight smile. So he had improved since he had left... Yet... Daemien couldn't understand why Darse had seem so... down about it. Daemien quietly listened to Darse as he in a way pleaded him to help.... But Daemien had helped in a way... He had thought that by leaving Dastiel would be ok... Yet... he wasn't?

[i "Dastiel has been... Well..."]

Daemien's eyes shifted over to the young male who had suddenly entered. His eyes completely explaining the whole situation, and soon being clarified by Darse's words. Hurt as Dastiel had seemingly not cared about his presence, Daemien looked up at Darse who continued to explain the situation...

So it had been all his fault...He shouldn't had left again...He should of stayed.... Maybe then he wouldn't have...

"I'll do my best..." He spoke softly with a slight knot in his throat. Daemien followed the blonde up the steps. "So you're just going to ignore me?" Daemien questioned half jokingly. Soon as the two had reached the top, Daemien reached out and grasped his hand, pulling him back slightly. "Wait...."

[i "Wait for what? Are you planning on leaving again? Should I wait for you to come back?"]

Harsh... Dastiel was harsh... But he knew he had deserved it... Daemien quietly looked away before shaking his head. "You're right...You should be mad at me.... But.... I didn't plan on leaving for such a long time! I just... I just went with my parents cause I had no other choice....And....I'm sorry..."

Truthful words that had seemed to slip through his mind like nothing. Daemien could tell the non caring face he had. Though he was not sure if it was really him, or just the substance that was acting up. Either way...it hurt just as bad...

"I...I guess I was wrong....I guess leaving was the worse decision ever.... I should of stayed....Or tried to....But...now...I can't ever make it up to you can I?" Daemien spoke softly before letting his hand go. "Go sleep...whatever you have off... I just wanted you to know that... I'm back....And...I'm just glad to see you're ok...in a way..." With those few words being said, Daemien had then turned on his heel and began to walk back down the steps. He could hear Dastiel calling out to him, but the boy simply ignored him. Nothing Daemien could say or do would help, so why stick around? Yeah... he'd stay....but... at this precise moment... He honestly did not want to see him like this... Yet... why had he stopped in his tracks?

[i "You're leaving again? You left and I told you not to. And you couldn't even say bye? You just called... You don't care abut leaving me everytime."]

He... what? Daemien turned to the dirty blonde. Shaking his head as he looked away angrily. "I didn't choose to leave! My parents wanted me to leave! And yes, it's my fault that I fucking didn't fight to stay, but I did not want to keep ruining your life! I fucked it up pretty bad didn't I? And it seems that everything I fucking do, makes your life worse! When all I want is for you to be alright!" He shouted as he clenched his fists.

"You can't decide what you are, and I won't decide it for you! I'm not going to keep running around like this, I don't want to push you into anything stupid but I guess I have already! So it's fine if you're angry with me, but not anyone is as angry as I am with myself! For being here! For being with you! For being your friend! Because I am not the right person to be your friend at all! No matter what you say, I am not! So yes, I do care when I leave! Because most of the time when I do it's because I'm afraid of fucking up things further with you, because I'm afraid of loosing you!!!" Daemien shouted at the top of his lungs, his eyes soon tearing up as he shook his head to shake them off. "....Just...blame it on me. I won't hold it against you..."

Back at the Catholic school...

"So there is this party going on at Joseph's house....and I was thinking if I could--"

"Do as you want. But please be back before nine... Last time.... wasn't too good. After all, I found out what they were serving out back." Daniel spoke with a smirk, making his younger brother sigh. "I know... But I didn't do any of that stuff... Or drink anything... I just hung out with this nice gir--a friend."

Stopping in his tracks, Daniel looked over at his brother surprised, noticing the slight tint of red that colored his cheeks. "A girl?" Daniel questioned with a sly smile, making his brother blush even darker. "Her...her name is Vicky....And...she's so..."

Daniel chuckled before nodding. "I get it... just... be careful alright? Nothing....over the line...Ok?"

Smiling brightly, Dexter nodded his head and quickly rushed off. Daniel sighed happily. It was nice to see his brother finally getting someone, though.... It was a bit worry some.... Then again... he had a good head on his shoulders...right?

[i "Let go of me!"]

Hearing the scream, Daniel quickly rushed off towards it. NO questions asked, yet the only thing that went through his mind was...

His eyes soon falling upon the.....man ontop of her. Anger rose inside of him, something he could not hold back... Rushing over, Daniel pulled the man off roughly, and once turned around and facing him, Daniel did not hold back but simply punched him straight in the face. And it was repeated again, and again.... and again... until he could already feel the blood upon his knuckles. But he quickly held back, fearing that he could make things...a lot worse... "How could you dare touch her!" He yelled as he shoved him out the door, watching as the male collapsed upon the floor, and stared up at him with a sly grin. Spitting out the blood from his mouth, the man then began to chuckle. "You defend a whore... How childish of you.....She wanted it... can't you see?"

Daniel marched towards him, but was soon held back by a pair of hands, his eyes soon looking over to notice Andy who was shaking his head. "It's enough my child... Violence will solve nothing...And I believe you have already done enough.." He spoke calmly before walking over to the pastor upon the floor. "I'll handle him... you go make sure Sister Daisy is alright." Taking a deep breath, Daniel nodded and walked inside. His eyes then staring upon the traumatized brunette upon the bed. Quickly walking over to her, Daniel sat beside her, pulling her up slightly as he hugged her tightly. "It's okay... I'm here.... He won't or can't do anything to you anymore..." He spoke consolingly. "I...I won't ever let that happen again... I'm so sorry I wasn't here earlier....Did.... did he hurt you?"
Golden brown eyes stared curiously at Daniel. She nodded at his questioned, listening as he continued. He wasn't allergic then? It all made sense... Noel and Dastiel were the same when it came to sugar sweets. Besides, she knew Daniel would have never done such a thing... Kissed her in such a way. Though Daisy could feel a slight bit of disappointment along with relief.

Glancing over to Daniel as a kiss was placed upon her hand, Daisy smiled softly. He was kind even his words notified her of that. Yet, his hands had soon lingered down her body, causing her to shiver. And as she realized what was about to happen, it was too late to stop it...

The feeling was intoxicating, but Daisy was nervous... Scared... And above all embarrassed. And once it was all over, when Daisy couldn't contain herself anymore, she buried her face into Daniel's chest. Daisy shook her head at Daniel's question. She wasn't fine... She didn't know how she felt aside from exhausted. She could hear his final words to her something about tidying up, but the girl was already falling asleep.


A light knock upon Dastiel's door caught his attention. The door was soon opened slowly. "Daemien called... He wanted us to tell you... He was leaving."

The young male who sat upon his bed rose to his feet. His eyes were wide, this was his fault. All this fault. Daemien couldn't leave, he just couldn't! Dastiel rushed passed Darse and out the door. Daemien couldn't be gone... He couldn't leave. Dastiel didn't want Daemien to leave his side... Not again.

Yet, as Dastiel reached the house, all the lights in the house were off. There was no car in sight. Dastiel pounded against the door. "Daemien! Daemien!" Dastiel rushed over to the back of the house. Climbing a tree Dastiel peered into Daemien's room as he reached the top. "Daemien." Dastiel broke a twig and threw it at the window. Still there was nothing. "Daemien!!" Dastiel cried out pleading for an answer, but he received none one again.

Pulling himself over to the window, Dastiel tapped upon the window lightly at first, but as he became desperate he began to hit the window harder, breaking the glass. Jumping in, Dastiel searched through out the room, the house, but still there was no sight... Nothing... Daemien was gone.

Half a year later...

Sweat dripped from the face of the young dark blonde. It may have been a brisk day out, but Dastiel was dripping sweat from his head. He had to keep running. There was nothing else he could do but run. He was good at it, which was why he chose to be apart of the track and field team at the high school. That and basket ball kept him preoccupied along with the friends he had made.

"Dude! You beat the record kid!" A male voice called out. Green eyes glanced over to a short male with black hair as his feet finally stopped running.

"You're the first person to ever do it in years!" A young purple headed female called out with a smile. Dastiel opened his arms wide as he was tackled by the young female to the ground. Dastiel chuckled as she laid on top of him. "So.. Ready to go smoke?"

Dastiel nodded. Of course he was. There was nothing else better to do. Besides, it always cleared his cluttered mind that was still filled with thoughts of Daemien. Dastiel wrapped his arm around the girl and sat up with her. He pulled her up before being pulled up by the dark haired male.

The two looked alike, acted alike, the only thing different was that one had dyed their hair... And was a girl. "Caleb you should keep your sister away from that stuff. You know how she gets."

"Na. Chloe knows her limit. Besides she only does it to you because she knows you like guys."

"I don't." Dastiel rolled his eyes at the male as he watched Chloe's hips sway from side to side in front of him.

"Well then why couldn't you kiss her?" Caleb snickered with a shoulder bump.

Dastiel shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't tell them that he was still waiting on someone else. That he wasn't sure of who he was. Though they did know he lived with two fathers and a 'mother/sister/aunt'. But still, he didn't want to seem at bit more weird than he already did. Besides they accepted him the way they knew him right now, so why make it more weird?


Darse sighed as he reached the house, though his eyes soon fell upon a boy standing outside. "Daemien?" Darse questioned. A smile formed upon his lips as the boy turned around. Finally, after all this time... Daemien had returned. Darse walked over to him and gave him a hug. Inviting him in, Darse opened the door, dropping his notepads on the table. "No ones home yet. I'm usually the first one back." Darse spoke with a soft smile.

"Well... it's ok... I just wanted to come by and see how you guy's have been doing... Oh and I also brought you guys somethings...I got you a batman watch, a antique cello figure for Noel, and... Dastiel...I got him a...bracelet... It has some leaves and stuff like that on it... thought he'd like it...Where is everyone anyways?"

Darse took the bag with a smile. "Thank you. I already like it without seeing it. And I'm sure everyone else will like it too. As for where they are Well... Noel is at school. Daisy called me, said she was staying at the school for a bit because she had to clean up her office due to some kid. And Dastiel... He had practice for Track and Field.. Should be coming back soon... Unless he's staying out again.." Darse sighed softly. "Maybe you can try to talk some sense into him... He's been a bit... Out of it lately." Darse began.

Back at the Catholic school...

Water ran across the hands of the young nurse as she washed the dirt off. The smell was finally clearing from the room thanks to the powder she had covered the vomit with. A sigh escaped from Daisy's lips as she turned the nobs of the faucet. The sound of the door closing caught Daisy's attention as she turned around.

"Pastor Paul... I.. I thought I was the last one here." She spoke startled.

The pastor shook his head as his eyes stared at the young woman with burning desire. His face was flushed red. "Are you alright pastor Paul?" The man spoke no words only laid himself down on one of the nurses beds. "I.. Have pain. In my lower body." He groaned as his eyes stared at her.

Daisy gulped as she nodded. "Is it your legs?" She questioned getting a shake from his head. "Knees? Thighs? Hips? Stomach?" She questioned but continued to receive a no. Daisy made her way over to him sitting down on the side of the bed. "Pastor Paul... Have you been drinking?"

A devilish smirk formed upon his lips. Before Daisy could react or move away, she was forced onto the bed and pinned against her will. "Let go of me!" Daisy screamed, but her lips were soon covered by a slimy pair of lips. Tears began to fall as she struggled to get free, but he only gripped her hands tighter above her head while his hand wandered down her body, groping every inch he could attempting to rip her cloths off with just one hand. His mouth moved from her lips to her chest helping his hand rip the cloth open. "Please I beg you. Please lord. Someone.. Anyone.. Stop this please! Stop! Get off of me!" She cried. She didn't want this not at all.

There was nothing she could do. All she could do was hope and pray that god would send someone to help her... Anyone. Even... Even...Dan- at that moment weight was lifted off her. Daisy lowered her hands covering her face as she continued to cry.

Back at the house...

"Dastiel has been... Well..."

Just then the door opened wide. The young dirty blonde closed the door behind him. The bitter sent of smoke lingered from his clothing. "Dastiel, Daemien is here." He heard his father call to him. Dastiel turned his head slightly to the two brunette's in the living room. His eyes burnt red as he chuckled. Had the smoke been laced with something? Because Dastiel swore he heard Daemien was back and could see him right beside Darse.

"He's high again.. I've tried everything. But... He keeps at it. Ever since he started school. After I caught him in your house. He hasn't been the same... Maybe you could help him out?" Darse spoke softly to Daemien. Dastiel shook his head as he walked upstairs to his room. All he wanted now was to just lay down, maybe do some homework, but probably not.
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[i "I... I had some of the candy... The one you have me.. Is something the matter?"]

Daniel closed his eyes as a slight sigh escaped his lips. It had explained everything... His sudden boldness, his urges... his... desire... "Daisy....I...I forgot to tell you that....Well... Remember at the campsite when you offered me some honey? Well... there was a reason why I said I was 'allergic'..." He explained as he moved over and laid beside her, staring up at the ceiling. Trying to calm himself down, Daniel moved his head to the side to look over at the young beauty beside him. "...I'm not allergic to them but... I do get kind of.... 'bold' when....I have honey....Hence....my..." Clearing his throat, Daniel reached over and took her hand pressing his lips gently against the back of it. Smiling softly he spoke. "I'm sorry...but...I'll make it better..." He whispered as his hand then slid down her body and under her skirt...



A female voice called out as the boy's body sprung up. Eyes glazed, and shivering hands, Daemien could hear his foster mother's voice calling out for him. His eyes glanced over at the clock upon the table, as it read 11:09 p.m. Had he fallen asleep? Had he been dreaming?

"Daemien get down here!" The woman called out again. Getting up, Daemien shook off the tension and dizziness from his body as he made his way down stairs. "What's wrong?" He questioned. Soon receiving a gasp from his mother, and a glare from his father. "What in heaven's sake are you wearing?!" The man snarled out. Daemien's eyes soon glanced down at himself, noticing the shirt he had been wearing.... So... it hadn't been a dream? But then? How had he gotten here?

"What happened to your wrist?" The woman questioned as Daemien hid it behind his back. "I cut myself when I was in school... I'm quite alright...And the shirt is something I bought a few days ago when you guys were out... the shorts well... I had them... but I only use them indoors..." He explained before looking away.

"Well they are horrible. Make you look like a young lady! Take them off immediately. We are going to Sweden for a few days... I have a job over there and the laws here do not permit us to leave you alone....For many reasons I believe we should abide with them. So hurry, the plane leaves in two hours." The man spoke rather coldly.

"But... what about my school?" [i ...And Dastiel?]

"We've taken care of that. The school permitted us to homeschool you until the time being. Gave us the material for you to work on while we're gone. So go pack. No more questions. That's an order."

With that being said, Daemien quietly made his way back up the stairs and had done what he was told... Though his heart was heavy with sadness and guilt... He knew that it was for a good intention... after all... Dastiel didn't seem to be alright when he was around...so... it'd be good if he left... for a while... Maybe he'd get his life back together better?

Back at the apartment...

Slipping his hand out, Daniel smiled softly at Daisy. "Well... at least you'll be fine...Had fun?" He whispered. Soon hearing the door opening. Daniel quickly got up and walked over to the door of his room, peeking around the corner as he laid eyes upon his little brother who was smiling. "Had fun?" Daniel questioned as the young boy nodded. "Much! How'd it go?"

"Well... she's here..." Daniel explained rather shyly as he hid his hand behind his back. "Can you go back downstairs to the Chinese place and buy some take out?"

Nodding, Dexter did not think twice and quickly rushed out the door. leaving Daniel to turn and look over at Daisy shyly. "...I guess we should... tidy up a bit...before he gets back..."


"Daemien is leaving...." Noel spoke softly at Darse as he hung up the phone. "For a few days... he did not mention why but he told me not to tell Dastiel...I don't know what to do Darse.. should we tell him or not?"

Half a year later....

The setting of the sun upon the horizon from the east was one of the things that Daemien had missed. The way that the sunlight poured out from the hills, and the light allowed for the leaves of autumn to shimmer bright crimson, honey, orange and brown colors. The smell of sweets in the air, and nature's best scenery from the tall oak and pine trees decorating the streetwalks. Yes, it took Daemien's breath away, yet though he should have been happy that he had returned, and that he would soon see snow in the place he loved most, Daemien had felt the small spark inside of him fade...

He had missed all of this place... But nothing had compared to missing that one stranger that he had cared about for a while now...

Hearing the crunching of the leaves beneath his feet, Daemien could see his breath in the air as it was quite crisp. He could feel winter coming fast, his favorite season. And his hands hid inside of the pockets of his jacket in fear of freezing as he approached the familiar green house. Creeping up the steps, and reaching out, the boy knocked upon the white door and awaited until response. He was confused. Yes, he had wanted to see him for so long... yet... somehow he had felt as if it was better if he had not... Something wasn't right... But... something had told him to come...

[i "Daemien?"] A familiar voice called out, making him turn around, his eyes then staring at his father like figure. The boy smiled as the male approached him, and soon invited him inside... Yet his heart sunk once he had known that Dastiel wasn't... home...

"Well... it's ok... I just wanted to come by and see how you guy's have been doing... Oh and I also brought you guys somethings..." He spoke as he held out a bag to Darse. "I got you a batman watch, a antique cello figure for Noel, and... Dastiel...I got him a...bracelet... It has some leaves and stuff like that on it... thought he'd like it...Where is everyone anyways?"
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