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Strangers from the start, never knew the other existed. The secret relationship was announced, and in comes new step-parent.... W h a t?

Noel and Darse lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, shared the same park, mall and city. Yet the two boys never knew eachother existed. Not intill Darse's father moved in with Noel and his mother.

The two boys are struck shocked, angry, yet calm. Shocked, because of the sudden change, angry for not haven been warned sooner, and calm because the two knew that their parents had to get a life....Sometime.

However, things start to get a little awkward when some secrets are brought into the light.

Let the complications begin....


As Played By:

Darse Crowe



Short Bio:
Darse was always an outgoing little kid. He loves adventure and is always seen doing something. The kid never sits still. Darse goes by Dar at times, but he rather be called by his full name. The young male lived with both parents until he caught his father cheating on his mother. Never being able to hold his tongue he had told his mother. As he got older the more he realized he was interested in the same sex and once he knew he came out completely not caring what others believed because that was how he had always been. His mother unlike his father had accepted him with open arms. His father on the other hand, likes to keep shut about it because 'he still looks normal.'

Theme Song One:
Cooler Than Me...

Theme Song Two:
I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It!

Theme Song Three:
Guilty Pleasure...

As Played By:

Noel Kreiss



Short Bio:
Noel has been known as a weak, strange, talented child. Known as someone to refuse change, and meet new people. Though his outter physique shows beauty and grace, the boy's actions are reckless and stubborn. Not to mention he's a slight hot head. Being missunderstood, treated differently like some sort of alien, and feeling both frustraited and depressed, the child had created his own little world he named "Never-Land" by the age of four; closing all connections with reality. Soon after being diagnosed as Autistic, Noel was heavily medicated and soon was re-connected with reality.

After the years, though still struggling with his own issues, Noel found himself feeling alone and distant towards the others, slowly closing in back into his little world which only contained a limited amount of people, and those who he created. Seemingly schitzophrenic, the boy is unaware if reality is a fantasy or his fantasy is in fact reality. However, when a stranger named Darse, who's also a shadow like creature in "Never Land", invades both his reality and fantasy, Noel's little world soon fades as he is awoken and sapareted from the fantasy world he's lived in all his life. Darse being allowed to be the only one who can reach out to him in Never-Land when no one else can. And also the only person who's been allowed to be engraved deeply in his mind, heart and soul.

Theme Song One:
Baby I Like It!

Theme Song Two:
Here In Your Arms

Theme Song Three:

Theme Song Four:
On Melancholy Hill


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Noel smiled as he noticed the sparkle of happiness in Darse's eyes. A small happy feeling consuming his heart as well. Noel had done good for Darse! Or at least that's what he had thought. This... this is what it meant to be good friends with Darse, right? Though Noel only hoped that this... what ever they were, would grow into something more as they grew older. Possibly even...Something... more serious... If it were possible.

Noel felt as he was suddenly pulled, and his attempt to not be pulled had simply failed as Darse had forced him into his arms. Into a hug. Noel felt happy. A sense of contentment and completeness. He could hear Darse thank him, and speak about his food being better than His. Though Noel was not to sure how Darse was going to like his pancakes that had a ton of sugar... Due to him accidentally pouring half the sugar pouch into the mix. He tried to take most out, but it was hard and too late to even try....

And after the monkey had stuffed his face, he had been led to the thingy, that he had set up for Darse. Noel would not mind Darse sneaking into his...room and... Noel shook the thoughts from his head and smiled up at him. Shaking his head, Noel placed his lips against his cheek. "... Well... I kinda have something for you... But it will arrive later..." He explained before looking down. "And...I actually wanted to ask something but I am not sure how you are going to take it since you and I are just brothers and well we are step brothers not really blood brothers cause if we were it would be very weird possibly even wrong more so than now but I--" He took a deep breath realizing that he had not even paused between words. The boy chuckled before hugging Darse. "I just thought that I am silly to ask any of this and maybe it would be too weird but... I guess there is not much to loose but... Let's say... if we were older... and...maybe we weren't... step brothers... would... would you mind being with me? More than.... whatever we are now... like... possibly... together? You know... together?"
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Darse glanced at the boy curiously. It was obvious the boy was up to something. Darse just wasn't quite sure what that something was, but he went along with the kid anyways. Darse allowed for Noel to dragged him out of bed, and the house. He stopped as the boy did and stared at Noel's childish smile.

"Wendy?" Darse questioned, but he soon chuckled and let it slide.. for now. Darse leaned down a bit so it was easier for Noel to blind fold him. Darse continued to follow 'Peters' lead.

Noel was insane.. A child like insanity. He was filled with such innocence. Innocent imagination. A child-like playfulness. But Darse went alone with the kid in an innocent manner.. Though, most his age would be thinking something else was bound to happen. Darse figured Noel had something planned.. In the forest for him.

And soon enough, the blindfold was taken off. In amazement, Darse stared around at Noel's Neverland spot that was now transformed into a monkey's playground. Noel had remembered..

Overwhelmed, Darse's eyes stared at the blonde. This astonishing human being who flipped Darse's world. Darse stopped and pulled onto Noel's hand. Being stronger than the kid, Darse's force won, sending the kid into his arms. Darse wrapped his arms around Noel. His chin rested against Noel's blonde hair. "Thank you.." Darse whispered softly. He pulled away from Noel and walked over to the table. "I ate already, but.. I'm gonna guess yours taste better than the ones I made." Darse chuckled as he dug in. After eating, Darse made his way over to the hammock, which Noel called a thingy. Of course, he dragged Noel with him, placing the blonde up there first, before getting in himself.

"How's about I make your Neverland my home. Kinda like it out here. I'll be Peterpan.. And you'll be Wendy. Since I can sneak into your house with no trouble." Darse chuckled as he leaned back in a sitting position, his arm around Noel.

"So what do you want to do first? Cowboys and Indians? There's a lot of space now.. Just don't throw rocks at me." Darse chuckled reminiscing of one of the first few times he babysat Noel. Who would have thought... They would have ended up like this.
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Morning began with a sunny day.... Scratch that, a gloomy raining day had begun the morning of a little boy who had already been up before dawn. Writing, and drawing, the boy had spent half of the night up trying to get everything perfect. Whilst the beast slept in it's cavern, and his mother away for the weekend, Noel rushing back and forth through out the house creating the perfect morning, despite the gloomy, rainy weather.

As the hour grew near of thy beast's awakening, Noel could only feel the excitement pump through his bones. And the bright shining happiness fill his soul. He chopped away at the fruits, and carved away at the burnt crust of the sorry looking pancakes. And even though his faulty attempts to making the perfect meal failed badly, the boy was still happy that soon he was to see the reaction of that one person who's birthday was today.

An hour passed, Noel could only wonder when he was to wake. But it did not matter, he was already ready. Placing his recently bought Cello by the table and the breakfast along side the big green box, Noel sighed happily as he eyed everything. Rushing back to the house, the boy grabbed the last item, a blind fold, but was soon surprised when he heard the front door opening. Noel quickly hid behind the counter, and peeked quietly around the corner, and staring at the beast, who he had thought to be upstairs, quickly walk in. Like a cat, the boy quietly stalked him upstairs, scurrying quietly as he soon noticed him collapsing upon his bed. Smiling slyly, the bought rushed quickly over, and pounced upon his prey. Shaking his softly, and grinning as he could not longer contain his excitement.

[i "Where have you been all day?"]

"Pish, posh! I want you to come with me!" He spoke cheerfully as he grabbed his hand and pulled him along with him. Rushing out the of the house, Noel soon stopped and smiled broadly at Darse. "Now I need you to trust me Wendy..." He spoke softly before reaching up and wrapping the blindfold around his eyes. Taking his hand gently, Noel then lead him over into his 'Neverland'.

Upon reaching his most precious spot, Noel soon took off the blind fold revealing the new and improved [http://greenweddingshoes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/forest-styled-14.jpg 'Neverland'].

"Happy birthday Darse!" The boy spoke proudly and happily. Soon pointing over to the lake. "I thought, since you're a monkey, you'd like that [http://bikemountain.info/Pics/LR005.jpg swing set] over there so I made that. Also thought you'd like that thingy [http://favim.com/orig/201106/07/forest-leaves-light-sunlight-swing-trees-Favim.com-67426.jpg over there] since you're very lazy and like to sleep. And I put up the [http://www.google.com.pr/imgres?imgurl=http://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2012/05/26/3285/25194e88505cf25a263917b1779c48e3.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.wallpaperup.com/3285/Swing_in_the_forest.html&h=1600&w=2560&tbnid=zqXIzobS6K1pFM:&zoom=1&docid=zLAlpvNZSK1T4M&ei=cC_7VJHsF4qayQSXnIH4AQ&tbm=isch&ved=0CBsQMygAMAA old swing by the tree were we]...." he bushed softly before looking away. Clearing his throat he smiled. "I made breakfast! I hope you like pancakes..." He admitted before pulling him over to the table.
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Darse smiled softly. He enjoyed moments like these. The moments where Noel would hold him, where Darse could see only an innocent being.. and not the.. naughty side. These moments were simple and sweet. Darse wrapped his arms around the young boy and kept him close. "I know Noel.." Darse kissed the boy's forehead and listened to his words with a smile on his face.

Darse understood it was hard for Noel to trust another, especially someone like him, yet Noel had which had given Darse hope that a future with this young man would be possible. Darse stared down as the boy shifted. His eyes stared into Noel's , though soon enough Darse was pulled down to Noel's height. A small chuckle escaped Darses lips. As his forehead was kissed.

"Monkey?" Darse thought out loud with a scoff. It was weird, Darse accepted the face that he would be called an animal from time to time, but it seemed to catch him by a bit of surprise when it came from this boy's lips. I love you. the words registered in his brain. Noel loved him? In the same wasy Darse had? Darse hugged him tighter. "I love you too and I promise to try to not loose you and if I do, I'll go out of my way just to find you and bring you back." Darse leaned in and pressed his lips against Noel's momentarily. "Now.. How about we make this bit less awkward for your mom?"

May 5th...

Two years ago...

Darse's eyes fluttered open at the sun's rays that ran across his face. His hand reached over his face, covering the light. Darse turned his head as he attempted to force his eyes to stay open. Beside him laid a young brunette. A bright warm smile welcomed him to the morning. "Happy birthday sleepy monkey boy." He heard her whisper as arms wrapped around him. "Happy birthday little miss innocent flower." Darse spoke in a hoarse tone as his arms wrapped around her. Darse placed a small kiss upon her forehead causing her to blush.

"Darse!" The male chuckled, he could always make his sister blush. "Don't worry Daisy you'll find a man who will make you do more than blush someday." He chuckled as he was instantly pushed and kicked out of bed. As he fell onto the ground, Darse glanced up and over to the door. There stood a brunette woman with honey colored eyes. Her smile, was the first smile he had ever seen when he was born and the second one he would see everyday.

"Happy birthday my two little monkeys." She spoke as she held out two plates full of banana pancakes, Darse and Daisy's favorite. One, covered in honey for Daisy and the other in syrup for Darse. "Eat and get ready" Words spilled from her lips as Darse got up from the floor and rushed over grabbing his plate before going back to the floor and sitting down to eat already stuffing his face.

"Have you both decided where you wanted to go today?" She questioned.

Amber eyes stared over at the young brunette with honey colored eyes that resembled their mothers. Truth was, neither of them were sure of where to go, yet as they spoke the two of them had said the something at the same moment. "Niagara Falls." The two spoke as they looked back at their mother who smiled cheerfully back at them.

Present day....

No call.. no friends.. no Noel.. Where was everyone? Darse was baffled, had no one remembered? Darse took a deep breath as he walked home. There was only two people who remembered and that was Daisy and himself. It was who he spend the morning with, he ahd picked her up early, before the sun had came up and brought her home, to the house they lived in with their mother. A couple of laughs and memories were shared, along with their usual birthday breakfast that Daisy recreated after Darse had burnt the first batch. It was nice to spend time with her, but unlike before, the twins weren't able to spend the entire day together because she had to return back to the nunnery before late afternoon.

Darse sighed as he entered the house, a silent house. With no need to call out to anyone, Darse walked up to his room that he had grown to like. Darse entered, kicking off his shoes in the process before jumping on his bed. Closing his eyes Darse slowly began to dose off, that was until he was jumped upon by a small slender figure. Darse's eyes opened staring up at the blonde who was highly excited for some unexplained reason. "Where have you been all day?" Darse raised an eyebrow with a smirk upon his face.
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Noel smiled upon Darse’s few words of comfort. That was all he ever wanted to hear... To know that Darse would always be there for him... No matter what would happen in the near future... He’d always have Darse to count on for comfort and security.

But his feeling of security soon vanished when Darse had suddenly walked over and leaned in closer to him, making Noel move back against the wall to distance himself. "So.. Should I stay with you in the shower then?"

This was Darse, of course. And Noel should of expected Darse to do and say such things. Though most of the time the male never honestly meant it...Or sometimes he would...unless of course something bad had happened... It was his way of breaking the ‘ice’ and tearing down Noel’s walls of security just so he could reach in and help in any way that he could... But sometimes Noel just wanted to remain trapped his little bubble world...Though many of those times it wasn’t quite healthy for him...Thus why Darse would ‘pop’ it and bring him back to reality....

Noel quietly watched as the male began to strip down to nothing, making the boy a bit uneasy and gulp. He wasn’t ready for this.... Not this fast. Not now... he was still in pain! Yet....as Darse spoke of his true intentions, the boy calmed down quickly, letting out a soft sigh of relief.

"I'll stay right here on this end."

He didn’t have to take it so far...Noel didn’t mind if he was close to him...as long as he didn’t...try to have sex with him....

Pushing himself slightly off the wall, Noel reached over for Darse’s hand and pulled him gently towards him. Soon slipping his arms under Darse’s, and around him as he brought him into a tight embrace. The boy stared up at Darse, and smiled softly as he spoke. “I want you this close...” he whispered before burying his face into his chest. “I don’t want you too far away...I trust you...Darse....Even when I fall asleep, I trust you enough to be the hero and guardian of my dreams...”

Reaching up, the young male wrapped his arms around Darse’s Neck, pulling him down slightly as he got on to the tip of his toes and pressed his lips against Darse’s forehead with a shy smile. “Monkey or not...I love you...and I really don’t want to loose you....”
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Upon feeling Noel lean up, Darse moved his head closer to make the kiss easier in reach. He smile at Noel's words. Luckily for the kid, Darse wasn't going anywhere. Darse stared at the boy as he was soon dragged up from the bed. Join him? Darse chuckled as the boy blushed.

"No sex! Just.. just don't want to be alone in the bathroom."

Darse shook his head with a smile. He was always the one assumed to want sex. "Yes, yes, no sex." Darse retorted. Darse followed Noel into the bathroom. He found it odd that after such a thing Noel wanted to be with him. Before Noel wanted to be away from him after doing things to other guys. Either way this was his chance.. Darse stared blankly at the boys skin while he underessed. That guy... he'd pay.. most definitly he would pay.

"You promise to stay with me no matter what.. happens.. right?.. Right?

The sound of Noel's voice caused him to look to that innocent face. Darse nodded. He would stay.. "No matter what happens Noel." Darse smiled softly. Damn it.. Darse knew he couldn't continue feeling this way. He smiled cheekly and walked over to the shower leaning in towards Noel and the water. "So.. Should I stay with you in the shower then?" Darse chuckled. Teasingly, Darse pulled his own shirt off and pulled his pants and boxers off, "No sex don't worry. Just staying with you." Darse smirked as he hopped in.

"I'll stay right here on this end." Darse nodded promising nothing would happen.
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Melissa giggled softly as the child spoke up about Darse. Yes, Melissa was quite aware of Darse’s way f caring for children... After all, he had taken care of her son when he was younger... Even though he had...robbed him of his innocence... Yet... something in her mind had told her that Darse wasn’t a bad guy...He was a pedophile...but apparently he had remained with her son.

She could relate to the child’s parents. She had trusted Darse, but after knowing about what he had done with her son only made wonder if she could trust him or not. But after a while, Darse had won her respect... She just didn’t know how to explain that to others that her son was now gay...

“I’m sure Darse would act like a father... He’s good father material...” She whispered with a smile remembering the stories Noel had told her about him. Not to mention that because of Darse, Noel’s autism had faded away quite a bit..

Noel kept his head low with his eyes on the ground. Even though on Darse’s lap, the boy wasn’t going to fight about it, nor the little fact that Darse was treating him like some sort of kitten when he patted his head. The boy was simply dead. Though he was more then happy that Darse was here... He only wished he could change his mood so it wouldn’t affect Darse so much.

"I shouldn't have left..."

Darse’s confession only made Noel feel worse. Noel didn’t want him to blame himself for something that couldn’t have been avoided. What mattered most was that Darse was now with him. And he was Darse’s property. Always would be no matter what. Yes... he felt used, disgusted and like a cheap slut...But Darse was willing to love him this way.... Or so he said...

"As long as you're here, I'll be around. No matter what others say. I promise nothing like this will ever happen to you again. And if it does I will do my best to stop it."

Noel smiled weakly upon hearing his words. In someway it had brought comfort to his soul. To his heart...and mind. He knew Darse wasn’t lying. Darse never lied when it came to those typed of promises. Because Darse was the type to make them happen. No matter the cost. And for that....courage and sense of love, is what Noel had fallen for Darse.

"But...How's about you take a shower. I don't mind... but you seem to mind most times. We can go back to my place... if your mom allows it. If not I can stay here. Daisy can stay at the nunnery tonight."

Most times? Well...he couldn’t help it... Sex was just...very dirty.... Especially with Darse who was a monkey... Though Henry had seemed to be disgusting.....

The boy shivered at the thought and looked up at Darse. Leaning up slightly, the boy pressed his lips against Darse’s before pulling away and staring up at him. “I want to stay with you...” He began before standing up. The boy took Darse’s hand and pulled him up aswell. “And....I want you to join me?” He softly said with a slight tint of red in his cheeks. “No sex! Just....just don’t want to be alone in the bathroom....” The boy explained as he looked away shyly.

Walking out of his room and into the bathroom, the little boy turned on the shower and pulled off the shirt carefully. Upon entering the shower, Noel gasping softly as the drops hit his skin and bruises. Pain or not, it was soothing after a while. And the boy could only immerse himself more into the water as he allowed for it to heal him in a way. But his eyes soon opened and looked over at Darse, then down at the ground. “You promise to stay with me no matter what....happens...right?....Right?”
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Darse closed his eyes. The soft tender touch from the boy made him take a deep breath. He was concerned, maybe even stressed out more than he believed. Darse opened his eyes soon feeling the soft touch upon his cheeks. A light brush against his lips caused Darse to blink and swallow hard. The boy's weak smile caused Darse to do the same. He knew Noel was not ok,but there was nothing he could do, at least for the moment. Darse wrapped his arms around Noel. "I missed you too." Darse pressed his lips against the boy's forehead.

Downstairs, Dastiel shook his head. "I wish! He's fun. He lets me climb on trees and if I fall he tries to make my booboo's better, but only Daisy can because she's a girl. Darse just puts bandaids and stingy alcohol." Dastiel smiled brightly at the woman. "My parents didn't trust Darse, because he's not normal. He's a homosexual, what ever that is. They keep asking me if Darse does stuff to me… bad things. But Darse isn't like that. He's my uncle. More of a dad than my dad. I like him better." Dastiel grabbed a few pieces of candy and ate them soon scrunching his face. This lady was nice… but she had no idea what candy was!

Darse sat up pulling Noel onto his lap . Placing his hand on Noel's hand, Darse patted his head. "I shouldn't have left..." Darse whispered as he leaned over. "As long as you're here, I'll be around. No matter what others say. I promise nothing like this will ever happen to you again. And if it does I will do my best to stop it." Darse stared sincerely into Noel's eyes. There was nothing that would stop him from doing this, but Darse had to get stronger if he had to protect this precious gem of his.

"But..." Darse cheekily smiled bight at Noel. "How's about you take a shower. I don't mind... but you seem to mind most times. We can go back to my place... if your mom allows it. If not I can stay here. Daisy can stay at the nunnery tonight."

Back downstairs, Dastiel yawned. His body was filled with food and unnatural candy. Dastiel slipped away from the chair and made his way over to the living room. Mrs. Noel's mommy, I'm sleepy," He yawned once more as he hopped on to the couch and kicked his shoes off beside the couch. Within seconds, he dozed off without another peep falling over the rest of the couch.
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"Are you ok? Did he hurt you?"

Noel could hear the boy’s voice, yet his mind hadn’t exactly registered it in his mind. Sure, he knew Dastiel was there, and that Darse was around, that his mother and Darse had seen and possibly the child...But he was out of it. Noel couldn’t focus much on the whole scene he was simply in.

Soon he could hear the boy speaking again, but his eyes had stared blankly at the white and light blue ceiling. Nothing came from him, but he was still listening to the young child. Though he kept hearing the boy call him Noela, Noel wasn’t sure why he called him that instead of his real name. Yet alone why he wanted to conquer him...

"Dastiel wanted to see you.. And I wanted to.. Just.. Not like that.."

Nobody wanted to see him like this, yet alone did he even want to be in the situation...

Noel could feel Darse nearly drag him up the stairs and lay him upon the bed. His eyes quietly stared at the white ceiling of his room, which soon was covered by Darse’s worried, and hurt face.

What hurt? Everything hurt. Noel wasn’t even sure if he wasn’t bleeding or had any fatal wounds. Though he doubted it, since it was just sex. But his body had felt like a truck had simply ran over his body. And the bitter taste in his mouth wasn’t even something he wanted to think about.

And as for Darse making it better.... How could he?

Noel stared blankly at the young male. The boy could tell that Darse was even more worried and hurt than he was. Because he wasn’t the one feeling it, just watching it... And that was much worse than feeling it... Seeing someone you loved in pain... And being useless to making it better... Noel knew the feeling...He didn’t want Darse to feel that... He didn’t want Darse to feel sad...

Reaching up slowly, Noel ran his fingers through the brunette’s hair, soon allowing for his shaky hand to cup his cheek. Moving up slightly, the blonde gently pressed his lips against Darse’s before pulling away slowly and laying back upon he bed.. “I’m....I’m okay.....” Managing to smile weakly, Noel soon pulled Darse into a loose hug. “I missed you...” He whispered into the male’s ear, “...I’m happy to see you.”

Meanwhile, downstairs, Melissa noticed as Dastiel had entered the kitchen. Looking over at the child, the woman smiled faintly before sitting down by the table. “So...do you live with Darse now?”
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Darse stared blankly at the scene. This was not real. His eyes stared at the kid that practically stayed there lifeless. He didn't know... How could he know? He was no longer around... Why did he leave? Darse clenched his fists tighter. He wasn't able to help the one person he was in love with. It made sense as to why he did not want to stay home now... But now was too late.

Darse stared at the kid. His lips moved, but Darse could hear no words. He was lost in his mind, in the darkness. He was filled with more then five emotions. Each clashed, fogged up his brain. What was he to do? What was he to say? Nothing. Darse just stood there.

Dastiel on the other hand took the sweets the woman have him... But they weren't really sweets... Not like candy and frosting! No, Dastiel was slightly disappointed, but it was ok. He looked up at the grieving woman and smiled brightly. "Everything will be ok. Darse will fix it. He can fix anything. He fixed my toy before. And my cut. He will fix what's wrong." Dastiel walked out of the kitchen and walked over to Noela. "Are you ok? Did he hurt you?" Dastiel didn't wait for an answer, instead he walked over to the male who was lost in his own thoughts. Dastiel took his hand and pulled him over even though Darse was unaware that he was even following the little child.

"Take care of each other. I know you like him Noela.. But I will win you over one day.." Dastiel then retreated back to the woman hoping to make her someone happy or at least distracted.

"Dastiel wanted to see you.. And I wanted to.. Just.. Not like that.." Darse looked away but soon looked back at Noel. Taking Noels hand Darse pulled him up and led him upstairs.

Once in Noel's room, Darse laid Noel down and hovered over him. "What hurts?" Darse questioned. "I'll make it better.." He whispered softly. Darse would do anything at all just for Noel to be ok. Even if it was just a tiny bit.
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A couple of weeks had finally passed, and Noel had found himself growing more attached to the thought of remaining beside Darse. Even though the thought brought a delightful feeling to the boy’s heart, concern about his own self with Darse made him only wonder if Darse would ever tire of him...Be sick of him... Yet, Darse had seemed to show him time and time again that he loved him...Or well...was very much fond of him...

But even though the child had been a bit worried about the situation, Noel had bigger problems to overcome...

“My dear Noel...do you not feel the music in your heart anymore?” Mr. Hancock questioned sternly. But the boy’s eyes remained fixed upon the metal strings upon his cello, where his fingers laid upon. His fingers simply gripping the bow tighter each time the male had walked closer to him.

Yes, he could feel the music. Noel always had the passion of music in his heart and soul... But it had only seemed to reveal itself when Darse had been around...He could hear the passionate symphony play in his head, the sweet melody that brought joy to his heart, and calmness to his mind... But once Darse had left his side, and this man appeared, it was as if the red curtains had closed, and left the boy in pure bitter darkness... Fear and pain, everything he only wished to for...get...

Feeling the dry hand upon his shoulder, the boy simply closed his eyes and moved his head back, allowing more access to the man who then began to run his hands down and up his shirt. It was an uncomfortable feeling... And the truth was that Noel did not want this... At least not with him... But what could a boy like him do? If he screamed, only the ears of the trees and ears of the birds would hear his agony. His mother was not around, nor was his step-father... Not even Darse....who he only wished was here to stop this...Or maybe it was best that he wasn’t... He didn’t want more trouble for Darse... No...Darse had enough to worry about...

Noel felt as his cello had slipped from his fingers, and his back was now pressed against the couch. The boy quietly stared up at the man who had lust burning in his eyes. A look that was entirely daunting for the boy, but nothing that he was not already used too...

Noel simply took what was given to him, and quietly bit into the cushion that held his painful screams, and gathered his never ending tears.

“That’s it...you’re such a good boy...” Was all that he could hear being whispered into his ear with rough panting, and low grunts. Noel was only happy to know that the man was most-likely almost done. The excruciating pain was beginning to be unbearable. But Noel was determined to wait ‘till the end...Or at least until his body was able to hold off...

Meanwhile, outside, Melissa smiled politely at the two boys. Shaking her head as Darse had apologized for practically ‘kidnaping’ her son. But in all truth, the woman knew that it was most-likely her son who had complied, if not begged, Darse to take him with Him. Melissa had already begun accepting the thought that her son would never be like a normal boy who would chase after girls....and possibly give her grandchildren when older... Yes, Melissa had grown to the fact that Noel was who he was...And there was no changing it... And even though she was not to fond of it... She was simply happy that her child was happy... And Darse... well...she only hoped that he would only remain keeping her son happy... Though she hardly doubted he wouldn’t stop doing so...

“It’s quite alright, Darse.” She began as she placed the key into the door, unlocking it as she then opened it. “No need to worry. I’m sure Noel would most likely do it aga--“ Her eyes shifted over to the living room. Where her eyes simply met with her child, naked, upon the couch...With the man....

“Henry!” She screamed out in anger, and pain. Rushing over to her child, the woman began to throw punches upon the man, who in turn pushed her off, quickly getting off the boy. The woman yelled at him, cursing with anger, and agony...But Noel....Noel only remained where he was left, and simply stared up at the ceiling. The room had seemed to be silent and dark in his mind... Or at least it was how his safety mechanism worked....

The woman quickly grabbed the phone and began to dial up the police as the man quickly ran out the door with his clothes at hand. Melissa simply began to cry, and quickly rushed out after the man...But soon was out runned when she could hardly catch her breath. Returning to the house, the woman quickly looked down at the innocent young child who was hidden behind Darse, and quickly took his hand, forcing a small smile as she spoke softly. “Sweetie...how about you and me go into the kitchen and have some sweets, hmm?”

With that, the woman brought Dastiel into the kitchen. But Noel’s eyes shifted over to Darse, a glazed look was all he could manage to have without closing his eyes. The blonde then sat up gently, wincing at the pain but quietly sitting up straight. “What are you doing here? I thought you were coming later....” he quietly questioned.
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Darse caught Noel look over at him with pain in his eyes. Darse looked at the boy curiously. He had to tell his mother. If not, Noel would be stuck with the abuse until he told Melissa. Darse blinked twice once he noticed the tears from Noel's eyes. The feeling of Noel's arms around him caused Darse to sigh softly. He wrapped his own arms around the little boy.

"Don't leave me Darse.."

Don't leave him? Darse wasn't planning on leaving Noel. Well, he would have to if Melissa asked him to. But other than that Darse wouldn't leave him. Darse would not abandon Noel. He loved Noel. But.. especially as he sobbed, Darse couldn't bare to leave him. The thing was, Darse didn't want Noel as a pet or toy. He wanted Noel as his. Darse planned to keep Noel as his.

"Sh. Noel.. I won't leave you.. I'll keep you. But I'd have to leave at some time.. I have a home I live at." Darse smiled softly as he rubbed his hand against his back. "I'll stay with you though." Darse pulled slightly from the boy. Darse rubbed his palm against Noel's eyes drying his face just a bit.

A few days/weeks later..

"Monkey! Why are we going to the girl's house again?" The little boy questioned beside him.
Darse chuckled. Sure Dastiel didn't know better, but it was pretty obvious that Noel was a boy. Or maybe it was just obvious to him since everyone else saw Noel as a girl instead of a boy. "I made a promise. So, I have to keep my promise. Promises are not meant to be broken." Darse told him.

Little Dastiel gave Darse a questionable look. "Can I promise her I'll marry her? That way she knows I will and I won't break it." Dastiel looked up at Darse with hope. Darse chuckled though.

"You can have her if I don't get Noel. But in the meantime, you should find another person you can make a promise to." Darse shook the little toddlers hand and continued to walk. Upon reaching Noel's house, the two ran into Melissa who had just parked in the drive way. "Good afternoon Melissa. "This is Dastiel. My sister usually watches him, but since she's stuck at school I have to watch him." Darse turned to Dastiel who smiled brightly at the woman. "This is Noel's mother."

"You're the girl's mother?" Dastiel questioned. Darse chuckled and nodded his head before looking back at Melissa. "I told Noel I wouldn't leave him.. so I wanted to come visit him since he stayed over my house for a few days without telling you.. Sorry about that by the way." Darse apologized following her to the door. As the door opened Darse's eyes widened at the sight. A bitter feeling grew in his stomach. Dastiel wasn't sure what was happening. But he was pulled behind Darse, who blocked his view of what was happening.
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Feeling a warm pair of warms wrap around his small body, Noel winced slightly at the pain. Yes, he was still feeling the ‘action’ from his earlier...moment with that horrible man....And now his moment with Darse.... But...he could endure it...Right? It was all worth it...

Hearing a car pull into the driveway, Noel quickly looked up at Darse with worried eyes. Would this mean that he would leave? Would he abandon him now?

"We should get dressed." Noel didn’t want to get dressed, he didn’t want to get away from Darse...he just wanted to stay right there with him...just like that...But...Darse had already gotten up and given him his own clothes...

It wasn't a good feeling, the one he was experiencing right at the moment...This cold feeling inside of him...What was it? What were they?

Noel simply pulled his shirt upon his himself, and pulled on his boxers. Soon feeling Darse sit beside him, but Noel’s eyes remained stuck upon the white tiled floor. "Was it him.. who left those on you?"

Noel’s eyes widened as he looked over at Darse with a slight hurt look in his eyes. Ofcourse he was going to see the marks...It was un avoidable...But...even then...did Darse....would Darse hate him?

Worried, the boy hadn’t even noticed that his mother had called out for him, and instead had remained staring at Darse. "You should tell her.. so you don't have to see him anymore."

Noel shook his head softly. That wasn’t the point...That wasn’t his concern! All he was worried about was....was...

Tears formed in the boy’s eyes as he swiftly leaned in and wrapped his arms around Darse’s waist and hugged him tightly. “Don’t leave me Darse...Please?” He softly pleaded into his shirt. “Don’t abandon me...Please keep me....Please....” He quietly sobbed, "I don't mind if I have to be your pet, toy, or anything...I know you don't want to use me...but at least keep me...as yours..."
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Darse reached down as his shirt was pulled off and pulled off Noel's. He could feel Noel's hands shaking. He was nervous.. but he wanted to.. was what Noel's actions told him.. but they had told him the same thing once before. Darse gently moved Noel's hands from his pants. "You don't have to.." He parted from the kiss momentarily, but Noel had continued.

The swirls of heat raced through Darse's veins. It was all how he remembered it the first time. The touch, Noel's body sent; candy, and kisses. A haze came down on Darse. A blur of sweet luscious sin. It was such a reckless thing for him to do. He was still sixteen.. Noel was just thirteen. But he couldn't help himself..

Once it was all over, Darse wrapped his arms around Noel. He planted a small kiss on Noel's head. It seemed that they had finished just in time. Darse could hear a car pull into the driveway. Now, the only question was, would Darse leave.. or stay? Darse smiled at the blonde. "We should get dressed." He whispered gently pulling Noel off. Darse grabbed the cloths from the floor and gave Noel his own. Once dressed, Darse sat down beside Noel.

"Was it him.. who left those on you?" Darse questioned in a serious tone. He could hear Melissa call out for Noel from downstairs, which directed Darse's attention to the door. "You should tell her.. so you don't have to see him anymore."
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Did Noel really want to have sex tonight? No...Not really...He was still in pain from what had happened just a few hours ago...But even then, Noel felt like he had to...Because...This was Darse...He wanted Darse....He needed Darse....So...He’d do it for Darse...

"I don't mind.. But.. If I'm forced to leave or get kicked out or something, I don't want you to think I'm one of those guys using you."

Yes...He knew Darse wasn’t going to use him...But even then he still had his own doubts...And this is what made it so hard for him to believe Darse...But he would...for the sake of keeping Darse beside him...But he’d still try for them not to get caught having...sex...

Feeling Darse’s fingers brush up his neck made shivers run up Noel’s spine. The feeling becoming more intense when he pressed his lips against his... Darse’s words hadn’t even processed into the boy’s mind, but Noel didn’t even give a flying cat what he had said...He...just...wanted...to...

Reaching down, Noel grasped Darse’s shirt and pulled it up and off of Darse. Hands shaking cold making their way down to Darse’s pants as he continued to kiss Darse. Yes, Noel was nervous...But this was Darse...He didn’t have to hide his feelings..right?

{Naughty moment... XD}
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