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Just an OOC for the RP.... What do you want a magical pixie thread that grants all your wishes? Actually... that would be AWESOME x3.

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Oh. My bad. >_<

I didn't read the entire conversation, I just skimmed through it and commented on what caught my eye. x]

I gotta go again quickly. D: !
I'm sorryy. D:
I'll be back soon, just going to watch a movie with my family. (:
  Kari Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 50d 20m 28s
lol we already decided on that, its going to be you xD
I'm just gonna be simply Sakura :D but i don't know how to post atm...cause like i have no idea whats going on in the rp :/
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 22m 43s
Sorry. I had to go home &such. I'm back now for a bit.

What you said earlier, about Naruto becoming a girl one day.. forever. I must disagree, entirely. Naruto would be the seme in the relationship with himself and Sasuke. Even though Sasuke seems big and bad and crazy, he's still a scared little boy underneath it all. He'd definitely be the uke. (:

Oh, and about the both of us being his wife thing.. um, that's slightly confusing. o_o I'd say just one. D:
  Kari Uchiha / serahfarron / 10y 50d 24m 56s
No just means you're different.
  Kirax / zuraga / 10y 50d 25m 40s
lol does that mean I'm annoying?
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 27m 33s
lol your something else
  Kirax / zuraga / 10y 50d 32m 24s
alright, I was just making sure :)
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 33m 1s
Jeez were back on this??? I guess i don't know.
  Kirax / zuraga / 10y 50d 35m 6s
Oh what the hell, are you serious?
Great...well I don't see why we just wait for a Sasuke to appear then ask him what he prefers maybe..then again how am i going to post...bleh, so i guess shes going to be sasuke's wife right?
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 39m 9s
she got off xD
  Kirax / zuraga / 10y 50d 42m 13s
or you can just both be it. like he has a secret relationship with one of them or I don't know

I had to copy and paste that, because I think its brilliant!
It sounds fun in my part so i just won't be boring sakura but we have to ask the other chick first >_>
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 43m 22s
why don't you rock paper scissors over it? or you can just both be it. like he has a secret relationship with one of them or I don't know. i kinda oppose the whole SakuraxSasuke thing because they don't go together at all. As much as I hate to say it NarutoxSasuke is the best in the series because they are the most compatible. So based on my opinion I would say the Hana should be Sasuke's wife. happy? -_- by the way love that pic lol
  Kirax / zuraga / 10y 50d 46m 36s
Well then how are we suppose to decide?
Alright fine, I'll be the wife to stop this entire conversation thing
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 52m 11s
No way I am NOT getting into this lol.
  Kirax / zuraga / 10y 50d 1h 6m 43s
I don't mind at all, I'm just saying his character is just..crazy in my opinion, but yeah I have to agree with the Yaoi part! :D i love the sasukeXnaruto thing haha..only if naruto would turn into a chick one day forever..

I think sasuke and naruto are going to end up dying together one day seriously, in a fight or somethin- maybe they'll fight side by side and die xD i have no idea
I have to correct that at the bottom, sakura probably would be dumb enough to stay with him in that situation but not live with it forever,

I can't decide, tell the owner to decide xD i give up, see who he sees best fit.
  Sakura Haruno / Barbie / 10y 50d 1h 8m 24s

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