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Soren is the head gang member of his group, The Dark Assassins. Their gang has always been rivaling ______ to be the number one gang in the city. In order to achieve that position, the head gang member of _______, figured out a way to get into the Dark Assassins. He planned on sending his girlfriend as an innocent girl to try and win the heart of Soren. What would happen? Would his girlfriend be able to win Soren's heart? Or would she just complete her mission and leave him in misery?


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Within the next few hours, Soren had slowly begun waking up to the sound of men talking downstairs. He wasnt sure what was going on at that point, but he felt so weak and his chest felt like it was on fire. How could this have happened? But then he looked around him and he could see the needles in his arms and the blood all over the floor. Did he really do all of that? Soren was confused. The last thing he remembered was that He had been coughing up blood with Elena a few hours ago, and now he was here with her beside him in different clothes.

As he looked over, he reached down and held her hand in his, lacing his fingers in between hers as he scooted closer to her. He really didnt want her to worry so much about him. He'd be fine as long as they could fix their relationship and love each other the way they used to. "Im so sorry Elena. I didnt mean to scare you. Im sorry for everything...being so self conscious about you and Gabriel. Being jealous of you and Vince....I just dont want to lose the only thing in my life that I have left" he whispered to her, knowing that she was asleep. He couldnt take it if someone took her away from him. He'd really trade the gang just to have her.

Soren just stayed beside her and then he ran his fingers down her arms. He had a small amount of energy left, but he wanted to fix things with her. He couldnt change the fact that she had been with Gabriel first and he had taken everything he wanted, but he could still love her like how she's loved him.

WHen ABigail headed down to the medical unit, she didnt see Vince following behind her at all. She wandered back towards Soren's room to see if she'd find him again. Vince quickly appeared back before her and then he smiled "Im right here Abigail. I have the bag. Let's get rid of it before something else happens?" he followed her down to the med unit as Abigail grabbed the bag and began loading them into the washers.
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Elena watched as everything finally came together; Vince had managed to bleach the entire bathroom and clean up all the blood. Abigail had managed to get fresh blood pumping through Soren’s veins. It was all going to be okay, she reassured herself. Everything was fine now. Soren just needed to remember to take his medication. And Elena vowed that this would never happen again. It had been too close of a call. She had seen how worried Abigail was. They had been close to losing him. If this happened again, perhaps they wouldn’t be so lucky as to catch it in time. She sighed heavily as she sat on the edge of the bed. She smiled at Abigail.

“You’re a saint, Abigail.” She said softly. Elena listened as Abigail instructed Vince on how to proceed. He looked a bit unstable, perhaps a bit nauseous. She watched Vince pick up the bag of laundry and sling it over his back. The two of them left together and Elena sighed once more, laying down with back to Soren. “Oh Soren…” She whispered softly. “We cant do this. You need to be more responsible.” She mumbled before falling asleep.

Vince waited til he was out of sight of Abigail. He then proceeded to the second floor. Instead of continuing to the basement like Abigail had instructed, he turned down the hall of the second floor with the bag. He walked quietly, coming to the end of the hall where Melissa was residing here at Soren and Elena’s estate. He rapped on the door softly and Melissa opened the door.

“Oh… You have something for me? Finally ready to pay your debts?” She motioned for him to come in. She peered into the hall, making sure no one was around.

Vince walked in and set the bag down. He was still feeling a bit uneasy about this, but he felt Soren was wrong keeping that magnitude of an illness from the rest of the gang, and he knew Melissa could help to take him down. After all, she had made it possible for him to be second in command of the gang. He had spent the last couple months thoroughly submersed in the gang functioning and he loved it. He actually wanted to rule the gang.

“Ready to give it up?” She asked.

Vince nodded slowly. “Soren is hiding tb from the gang.”

Melissa laughed softly for a moment. “Really?” She mused, pacing the room. She then looked back to him. “What’s in the bag?”

“Proof.” He opened the bag to reveal the bloody rags. “Soren’s blood. The TB should be detectable from his blood, and the blood proves it’s his blood type. Abigail grabbed a special blood type from the blood bank. Not many people have his blood type.”

Melissa patted him on the shoulder. “I knew getting rid of Blaine would be good for me.” She chuckled. “Well I don’t think Ill need them all. Plus we don’t want to tip everyone off yet. We will play this slow, bleed them out…” Melissa reached for the bag, and Vince pulled away.


“I want Elena. You use this to your advantage any way you like, but I want Elena in the end of it. I want the gang, and I want her.”

Melissa scoffed. “You’ll get whatever scraps I throw you, dog.” She snatched a towel from the bag and waved him off. “You spill, and I will personally make sure you don’t get her.”
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The sight of the room was horrific with the blood stained carpets and tiles. THe bedroom was filled with the stench of bleeding mixed with vomit and bleach. Those scents were meant to stay in the body not outside. BUt the room was the least of their problems. If they didnt want Soren dying of blood loss, they needed to work really fast to make sure that he hadnt already lost the amount of blood that was inside. By the looks of the blood smeared all around the room, Abigail could clearly tell that they were running low on time to save him. THey really needed to get moving.

By the time Vince cleaned the bathroom, she could see laundry baskets being filled with blood soaked towels that filled towards the top. They needed to contain all of this in his room so no one could find out about any of this. If they knew of Soren's weakness, he'd be replaced just like that. No gang leader that was sick was fit to run the gang at all. Only the strong and intelligent could lead a gang to victory. Sure SOren had led them to defeat Gabriel, but it had taken them years, just like how his condition had been affecting him. Maybe if their leader was fit, they'd get the job done twice as fast.

WHen the sheets were changed, Soren had stopped bleeding. Thanks to the injections, the medicine was now flowing through his blood and working to suppress his tuberculosis. His longs were slowly getting blood free as his breathing became much more clear, filling with air and not exhaling with blood.

Abigail then helped Elena dress Soren into one of those hospital dresses as she helped lift him up to make sure that the blood coming from beneath had been cleaned up as well. She grabbed another wet towel from Vince and wiped off Soren's mouth, keeping him nice and clean for now. The poor kid had already suffered through so much. He didnt deserve to die.

After applying the tubes down into Soren's veins, she had the blood flowing into him within a matter of minutes. She hoped that she had done it in enough time before his body had given up. When she saw the look on Elena's face, she patted her back and sighed, checking his pulse to still feel a beat. "He'll be alright. We managed to work fast enough to save him in time. We just need to make sure he takes his medicine on time so that this wont happen again" she then looked up at Vince and called him over, making it clear what she didnt want said at all.

"This is a secret. I dont want any of this getting out that Soren is sick. You make sure you keep your mouth shut boy" she pointed and wagged her finger, telling him bring that laundry bag down into the medical units so they could be cleaned. "If anyone asks, they were to clean up Gabriel" she told him before letting Elena rest. "You should relax Elena. You've had such an eventful day. Soren will wake up soon as good as new. You can rest with him if you want. Im going to bring up the cleaning crew to clean the carpets later" she then headed towards the door to give the two some space.
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The amount of blood that was spread and smeared over the bed was more than Elena could have ever imagined. You never truly knew how much blood the body carried until you saw it outside of the body. 6 quarts of blood was a lot. Surely 6 quarts wasn’t on the bed, but it had to have been close. There was a great deal on Elena as well. She had splotches on her face; her clothes were covered. She couldn’t count the times she had rubbed her hands on her thighs. It didn’t even matter anymore; it didn’t get rid of the blood on her hands.

Elena watched Abigail inject Soren twice more, and for the first time in a while, she was truly horrified. When Abigail left, she stole a moment to stare around the room. There seemed to be even more blood in the bathroom, which Vince had begun to clean. He used towels and held a gallon of bleach in his hand. The once white towels he was using were now crimson red and it was enough to make Elena vomit. She crouched over the bed and onto the floor beside it. She retched twice, dry heaving a few times. Tears rolled down her cheeks, mixing with the blood on her face from where she had impatiently touched her cheeks. She gasped heavily, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand a couple of times. She couldn’t even bring herself to think of the blood she was wiping around her mouth.

Vince stared at Elena as she vomited, pausing in the cleaning of Soren’s blood from the bathroom floor and sink. He stood there, truly taking in the scene before him for the first time. It looked like Soren had been murdered violently without a thought of the aftermath.

Vince ran a clean towel under some cold water and walked over to Elena. He helped her to sit on the edge of the bed, away from the fresh vomit. The scent of the room was horrific; vomit, blood, bleach. The scents did not mix well. Vince took the towel to Elena’s forehead first, wiping the cold against her hot face. He then worked to clean up the blood as Abigail re-entered the room with bags of blood for Soren. He cleaned her face up as best he could, then wiped her hands so she wouldn’t smear it on herself anymore. It still didn’t make anything any better. She grimaced, nodding and motioned for him to return to the bathroom.

Elena turned back to Abigail and Soren. She inhaled slowly as she started to strip Soren of the clothes he was wearing. She was positive he was worse off than she was as far as the amount of blood on him. She took his shirt, leaving him in his undershirt and carefully removed his pants, leaving his underwear as well. She tossed the clothes aside, gently pulling the bloody sheet out of underneath him, but it was no use, the blood had soaked right through to the blanket.
  Elena (Matured) / interijento / 5y 330d 6h 27m 29s
The scene with Soren on his bed was a horrific one. Not only was he constantly letting out blood from his mouth, but he just looked so lifeless and dead. Abigail had taken care of Soren long enough to know the side effects of what would happen if he didnt take his medicine at the right times. She was his personal doctor ever since the gang had started and she was the one who had diagnosed him when he first came into the gang. She knew his medical conditions more than anyone else.

So when she saw the incredulous amount of blood leading from the bathroom to his bed, she knew that he didnt have much time. His tuberculosis was getting worse and it was clear that if this happened again in the near future, he probably wouldnt make it.

The look on Elena's face said it all. She's never seen Soren like this before. "I've seen this before, now just inject him!" she commanded, not wanting to waste anymore time. Once he had the injection, Abigail pulled out two more syringes. She injected one by his throat, and another on his other arm, hoping that she could stop the bleeding. "Just try and keep him from coughing up anymore blood. Vince! try and clean up around the room so that no one finds out about this" she tried to keep them working so that they could move faster.

No one else knew about Soren's condition, but now Vince knew. Abi didnt know if that was a good or bad thing. Once Soren slowly began to stop bleeding, she sighed in relieve, holding a cloth to his mouth to clear him up so he could breath. "He's going to be fine now. Im going to grab some blood from the medical unit downstairs. Just try and get him out of these wet sheets and clothes" she told Elena.

After hurrying down, she grabbed a few bags of Soren's type blood from the blood bank as she hurried back up the stairs. She hooked the bags onto a metal post and then injected it into his arm.
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Elena burst through the bathroom door to find Soren lying on the floor. The entire bathroom floor was covered in his blood. It looked like he had been brutally murdered. Blood continued to gush from his mouth. She stood there for several moments, watching the horrific scene before her. Even if she was all there, and this person laying on the bathroom floor wasn’t the man she loved, Elena wasn’t entirely sure she would know what to do.

She could see the blood gushing endlessly from his mouth. In any other situation she would have applied pressure to the wound, but the wound was internal. She paced in a tiny circle, trying not to step in any blood, but it was pointless at this point. Her foot print was in blood her feet covered in it. She knelt down beside Soren, taking his hand as she waited for Abigail.

She looked up as she heard Abigail coming from down the hall. She bounced impatiently, waiting for her to enter the bathroom. She grimaced when Abigail gasped. She began to help Abigail, and Vince joined in, carrying most of Soren’s dead weight.

“He’s been so pre-occupied with Gabriel… I should have reminded him.” Elena fretted. “You’ve seen him like this before?” She asked, a tiny flicker of hope that he wouldn’t die, though this was by far the worst situation Elena had ever seen.

When Abigail told Elena to get the syringe, she didn’t take a moment to dilly dally. She shot up from the bed and ran over to the bathroom, scrambling on the floor for the syringe. It was covered in blood, and Elena was now as well; the knees of her jeans, her hands, her feet. She ran back to the bed and pulled Soren’s arm to the side, uncapping the syringe and injecting it as quickly as she could into his arm. She sat back, watching Abigail work, rubbing her bloody hands on the thigh of her jeans, rubbing her forehead and spreading blood there as well. The blanket was covered in blood now from Soren. Elena bit her lip impatiently.

“Tell me what I can do, Abigail.” Elena begged.

Vince stood on the far side of the room, completely useless. He felt bad about the last thing he had said to Soren before this happened. He had been a shitty gang member, a terrible follower of orders and he had tried to steal the leader’s girl. He felt so guilty and ashamed.
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Soren was coughing so much that he was practically choking on his own blood. He really didnt know what else to do at this point. He was dying for a fresh breath of air. As he hurried to the sink, he leaned over, running the water so he wouldnt make a mess. Everything was just happening so fast at that point. When Elena tried to ask him if he took his medications, he shook his head, unable to speak at this point. He forgot about it ever since the past few days with Gabriel staying at their place. The thought of looking like he had no weakness was essential to make Gabriel not know his weakness.

When she left, he was feeling so dizzy and lightheaded, but he couldnt find himself to stop. He hurried towards the cabinets where his medications were. They were spread throughout his room just in case for these situations. There was on in his medicine cabinet. He frantically pulled it open and then he shuffled around, grabbing hold of it. He struggled to get the wrapper off, feeling more dizzy. By the time he could get it out of its packaging, the bathroom floor was a mess with his blood all over. He fell forward collapsing onto the ground as he passed out, the syringe just right beside him.

By the time Abigail made it up to Soren's room with Vince right behind her, she gasped at the sight of Soren and rushed over "Elena! Help me get him onto his bed. He hasnt been taking his medicine. I've seen this only once before" she helped carry him onto his bed as she tried to stop the bleeding from his mouth. She then told Elena to grab the syringe and inject it into his arm as she worked on cleaning him up.
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“I know you were angry. I don’t blame you. You shouldn’t regret doing it, either. Don’t fret about it.” She told him, so happy to see him smiling. She leaned into him, getting ready to kiss him when he started coughing. She watched him turn away and cough louder. She rubbed his back slowly as he sat up and coughed into his hand. She then saw the thick, bright red blood in his hand.

“Soren!” She called as he got up and went into the bathroom. She heard the sink turn on and ran in after him. She watched him cough up blood into the sink, his body shaking violently with each cough. She touched his back, trying to comfort him. She wasn’t sure what to do. “Soren, have you taken your medication?”

Elena could tell this wasn’t going to stop; she didn’t wait for an answer. “Im going to get Abigail.” She told him, running from the room. As she ran, she felt like she was doing this a lot. She felt like she was running for Abigail a lot more lately than she had to in the beginning…

The thought brought Elena to a dead halt. She stared straight ahead, at the wall, through the wall. Soren was getting worse. He was dying, slowly. He wasn’t getting better. Elena shuddered, trembling and whimpering, covering her mouth to stop the cry that wanted to fill the air.

Vince opened his door at the sound of someone in the hall running. He saw Elena a few doors down, standing in the hallway with her hand on her mouth, her shoulders shaking. “Elena?”

Elena turned to see Vince, keeping her hand over her mouth. She chocked back her sobs. “Please go get Abigail. Tell her it’s urgent. In Soren’s room.”

Vince nodded, running off to find Abigail. Elena stood there for another moment, gathering herself to go back to Soren. She then caught herself wondering what if he died before she got back and she bolted back to his room. She burst through the bedroom door.

“Soren!” She screamed, running into the bathroom.
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It was a difficult situation to be laying here beside her at this moment. They hadnt been close in weeks and it worried him that she would just leave his side again and go off with Vince. She seemed really comfortable around him lately and with how fragile their relationship was, Vince could take her away if he really wanted.

Soren kept his face buried into her, taking in her comforting warmth and scent. He missed being this close to her, being this warm and feeling that care. Someone did care and she wasnt going to leave him according to her words. "I guess you're right. He didnt take too much from us" he sighed remembering how he had taken Elena's virginity. It was really weird to think that she slept with him and that's what caused the huge gap in the first place, but he wanted things fixed.

Her lips comforted him as he gazed into her eyes with his tired blue ones. "I just got so angry and I wanted him to feel every bit of pain that everyone felt when he killed them. He deserved it all and I dont regret doing it at all. I wanted him dead" he then felt so reassured from her voice that he ended up smiling up at her. "We're tired. Let's just try and get some sleep. I dont want to think or leave this room tomorrow. I just want to stay with you" he knew they could fix it if they wanted to. They both still loved each other.

Soren then began coughing. He turned onto his side to face away from her as he coughed even louder. The sound of his raspy voice being covered by the thick, mucous in his lungs. He sat up and then coughed into his hands, his eyes seeing it covered in blood. Hurrying into the bathroom, he laid over the sink, washing off his hands as he continuously coughed violently.
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Elena smiled hazily as Soren came and laid beside her. She nuzzled up next to him, wrapping her arms around him and laying her head on his shoulder. She opened her eyes to find him looking at her. He looked just as tired as she did. She gazed at him while he talked. “You’re not an animal…” She said softly as he buried his face in her neck. She put her hand to the side of his head and hugged him. “You are completely justified. Like you just said… he took a lot from you. But he didn’t take everything.” She said softly.

Elena took Soren’s chin and made him look at her. She looked at his tired eyes for a long moment, smiling sweetly. “He hasn’t taken everything and our relationship isn’t broken. Its not great… but its not broken. We’re still here, aren’t we? I haven’t given up on you. You haven’t given up on me.” She said, kissing his cheek softly. “Don’t think like that. We’re finally free. We can finally let go of all the weight that has been on our shoulders…”

“We don’t have to live in fear of him anymore. He isn’t hanging over our heads.” She smiled as she said it, knowing it was utterly true. There was no silver lining. They were completely free to do whatever they wanted.

“You may have lost your control, but that is to be expected. You were angry and you finally were able to let all that anger go. Ill admit I was a bit scared to see the intensity of how angry you were… I was frightened actually. Still am a bit, still a little shaken up…” She said softly. “But I don’t want to be afraid of you and I don’t want to lose you. We can fix this, like we always go. There is always room to fix us. We may set us aside to deal with business, but there is always a way to fix it.”
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Soren was vicious at that moment. How dare anyone in the house try to steal his girlfriend away from him at this most crucial point? Vince wasnt stupid. He could see that their relationship was collapsing and decided to take charge and step in. Never did Soren feel so much betrayal from an old gang member that he allowed to take BLaine's place. He will never be Blaine and Soren already hated him deep down.

Soren stood there not making another sound. Vince had no idea what he was going through and he didnt even bother to help him out. No one did. No one was there to comfort him anymore and he was afraid he'd end up alone. What if Vince was right? He was an animal that just brutally murdered Gabriel just like he had done to everyone else. He was no different. After rubbing his eyes, he felt so embarrassed that the leader of the number one gang in the city was just a cry baby. Everything was just so hard and difficult, he didnt know what else he was going to do. Sure Gabriel was dead, but he left everything into a mess with him and Elena.

Soren turned around to face her, seeing that exhausted look in her eyes. Not only did she comfort him by saying she didnt want to be with Vince, but he also felt like their relationship was about to die off. He felt her comforting hands on his shoulders and he laid back beside her, his tired eyes facing hers as he sighed "It's over. Everything is all over. Blaine is gone, Sam is gone, my parents and your parents are gone. He's left us with nothing but a broken relationship and death" he leaned in close to her, burying his face into her neck. "Im sorry. I dont want to be an animal, or a murderer....I just lost my control..."
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Elena was so tired and strung out she didn’t even care what Vince did to her. She was so done she didn’t even hear Soren come out of the bathroom. She didn’t even realize the shower had been running. She had cried for two hours and was drained. She was certain she couldn’t make more tears even if she wanted to. She laid back and closed her eyes. Just as she felt Vince’s breathe on her forehead, she heard Soren walk over. Her eyes burst open only to see Soren yelling at Vince and shoving him. She sat up, unsure whether to step in or not.

Vince flew back, stumbled and caught himself against the wall, his eyes wide. He hadn’t expected that from Soren. He hadn’t anticipated any retaliation. He could see the relationship between Elena and Soren crumbling and was certain it was doomed and he wouldn’t even fight him.

Vince stared at Soren for several long moments, holding his ground. He backed up a bit as he growled like the animal he was. “Go ahead. Growl. Then you really are the animal we all saw today.” Vince spat as he scurried toward the door like the coward he was.

Elena watched with wide eyes as Vince called Soren an animal. She had seen some scary things and thought some intense things, but not once had she thought Soren was an animal or a savage. She then scoffed as he ran from the room. “What a coward.” She said softly. She turned to look at Soren to see him crying.

It caught her off guard. She hadn’t expected to see Soren crying as he sat on the edge of the bed. She opened her mouth to say something comforting and sweet and caring but she was stunned that he was crying. How bad was everything that he was crying? “S-Soren…?”

“I-I don’t want to be with Vince… I…” She stumbled, exhaustion taking over. The skin under her eyes was bruising from the lack of rest and relaxation and her eyes were bloodshot from all the crying. They even threatened to spring a leak again if this conversation with Soren went badly. She couldn’t handle anymore sadness. She didn’t want to be with anyone else, but right now she just couldn’t say anything comforting.

She closed her eyes as she sat on the bed. She then reached over and took Soren’s shoulders gently. She rubbed them for a moment before nudging him to come lay next to her. She knew they were both so tired. “It’s over…” She said softly against his shoulder, kissing his shoulder lightly. “We can finally breathe.”
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Soren just stood in the tub, his eyes eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling as he washed his hands and body of Gabriel's blood. He was considered a murderer, but was that a bad thing? If that man you killed was a crazy and murdered your whole family it's only natural you go after him and do the same. He just wanted it all to go away. The thought of living in this house with no one else that would really back him up made him sick to his stomach. Elena looked at him like he was a monster, no one else thought he did the right thing by the way he killed Gabriel. They just didnt understand how much pain that man had caused.

Soren cleaned himself off and just sat there dozing off, his mind wandering around. He was tired and exhausted. THe only person that he had with him was Elena, and Vince was clearly trying to take her away from him. He just wanted someone to understand his actions, someone to tell him that he did the right thing. He really missed Blaine and Sam. They had run the whole gang together and with the three of them no one ever questioned their authority. He wanted them back so badly. They were his real family.

Now that he sat in the tub and thought about it, he had lost everything. He killed Gabriel, but there was no one left. His purpose was done and it was all over. He loved Elena so much, but when she looked at him that way, he was horrified. THeir relationship was already like a thin piece of thread about to break. He was scared that they werent going to fix things and it would only get worse. He would end up alone and even die from his disease.

Soren had been debating for a long time in the shower. He honestly didnt know what to do anymore. His mind was racing and he was already giving up on his life. When he stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, he headed outside to see Vince placing Elena on her bed. This made him even more angry. That was supposed to be him comforting her, but how could he comfort her when she was terrified of him.

Soren headed into his closet, he dressed into a shirt and some pajama bottoms before walking over to Vince. "DOnt you dare kiss my girlfriend's forehead. She's with me! So back off. I see the way you look at her. You wont have any chances with her so get the hell out of my room and stay away from her!" he shoved Vince back as he growled like a possessive animal defending his mate. His eyes looked down at Elena and he sighed sadly, sitting at the edge of his bed, wiping the tears from his eyes. Everything was so messed up.
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Elena was fully aware of the extensive circumstances they were under, but she was still shaken by it. She didn’t want to fear Soren, but images flashed behind her closed eyes of Soren having at Gabriel like a mad man. She shivered and opened her eyes. Elena was far from blaming Soren; she knew what Gabriel had done to him. She knew he had killed Soren’s parents and taken numerous gang members and other important people’s lives. He had tried to take Elena’s life on more than one occasion, even sacrificed her for the good of his gang and to try and conquer Soren’s. The amount of death this man had caused made her sick to her stomach.

She turned to see Vince come through the door behind her. She watched as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She didn’t shy away or refuse the consolation. Elena met Vince’s eyes just as Soren walked out. She still didn’t shy away, for she had nothing to be shameful of; two friends, one consoling the other. She then watched Soren’s faced twist for a moment, in anger she assumed. There had never been any jealousy between the two of them, for there was never any reason for one or the other to seek consolation elsewhere.

Elena watched as Soren forced himself up the stairs, one step at a time. She watched the man she loved struggle to fight the disease that made him so weak. She frowned, and Vince wrapped his arms around her, pulling Elena in for a tight embrace. He rubbed her back slowing. They stood there for a few seconds before Elena completely crumbled and started to cry. Slowly at first, but soon tears were running down her cheeks. Not half a second after one tear fell did another well up in her eyes.

Vince stood there holding her as she sobbed. Elena wasn’t entirely sure what she was crying for; the strain on her relationship with Soren, the monster they had been running from for years was finally dead, the man she hardly knew was consoling her instead of Soren, she had to tell her Sister that Gabriel was dead. Relief for it coming to an end, sadness for her and Soren, happiness for Soren, remorse and empathy for her sister. The emotions were endless.

After time Elena didn’t keep track of, Elena crumbled to the floor and Vince held her until she stopped crying. She lay with her head on his chest and he ran his fingers through her hair until she calmed down. She listened to the beat of his heart and he rested his head against the top of hers.

“It’s been almost two hours… Im sure Soren is worried about you.”

Elena nodded weakly against his chest and whimpered, unwillingly to move. Her episode had exhausted her. The stairs seemed so far away.

Vince must have read her mind because he moved out from under her and scooped her up into his arms in one fluid motion. He then carried her up the stairs to the main floor, and then up the rest of the stairs to the room she shared with Soren. He pushed the door open with his foot and brought her over to the bed. Elena rested her head against his chest as Vince laid her in bed, leaning over to kiss her forehead.
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Soren had went rampant on Gabriel's body, but could you really blame him? He did kill him, but now that he thought about it, it made him a murderer, someone would killed someone else. It wasnt that hard to find one since they were all in a gang, but it still made him seem like the bad guy. He could see the look on Elena's face when she saw his body. The sight of fear. When she looked at Soren, he could see the horror and he never wanted Elena to look at him that way.

At first he wasnt sure exactly what to do anymore. She was right here and Gabriel was on his gurney looking like a mess. Maybe he did go overboard, but he didnt feel regret. He let out his anger and finally had his revenge on this horrid man. Shouldnt he be a hero for ending his life? The guards, Abby, Vince, and Elena all looked like they had seen a killer before them. It made Soren feel so alienated. Did he really do something so bad?

When Abby confirmed his death, he knew it was over, but it didnt seem like the problems were ending. When Abby took the body and left with her medical team, he knew she'd take care of it and dispose of it. He didnt deserved to be buried with a funeral. He deserved to be dumped into the ocean, but at least Soren will make sure he was in the ground.

When he saw Elena head out, Vince walked along and met with her. He placed his hand on her shoulder as Soren headed out to see them. At first he had a look of anger on his face, but he was probably the last person she wanted to see at that moment so he let it slide. He walked towards the stairs, gripping the railings as he pulled himself up each step. It took him a while as he made it to the top, wiping the sweat off of his face. He glanced down to his hands, seeing some blood stains still on it. He headed into his room and then took a long shower, staying in the warm water for nearly two hours.
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