Doctor Who: The Demon in Space

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The Doctor, Amy, and Rory visit Cardiff, Wales 2012, and the Doctor is once again joined by Captain Jack Harkness. The Doctor immediately notices something wrong. There is a crack in space, not like the cracks that the TARDIS explosion caused. This is a crack in space, just floating in the air. After scanning it with his Sonic Screwdriver, something moves passed the crack, something big. The Doctor isn't too worried since the creature can't get through the crack...or can it?

Doctor: Lyus
Amy: Angelwhiteheart
???: Lyus

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Roleplay Responses

If you'd like
  The Doctor (11) / Lyus / 7y 221d 23h 55m 59s
Does that mean that I'm Rory too?
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 222d 2h 1m 40s
We need a Cap'n Jack
  The Doctor (11) / Lyus / 7y 223d 53m 36s
How many people do you need before we start?
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 223d 5h 39m 20s
Cool with me, nice pic btw

I could be Amy and Rory, since they're always together?
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 233d 16h 20m 31s
I'll also be the Doctor, so I have more of a part
  The Doctor (11) / Lyus / 7y 233d 18h 39m 3s
Creature in the crack
It just has no name
  Demon / Lyus / 7y 234d 2h 32m 58s
Are you the creature in the crack or do you just not know you you want to be?
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 234d 4h 19m 6s
  Demon / Lyus / 7y 234d 15h 19m 19s
Lol, NOSTALGIA CITY would be awesome!

I already live there!
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 234d 15h 22m 33s
lol it is a good thing xD

Nostalgia City it would be! AND EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY
  Demon / Lyus / 7y 234d 15h 26m 1s
Sorry is it too much?

I'll stop now...
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 234d 15h 33m 31s
Holy hell
  Demon / Lyus / 7y 234d 15h 34m 33s
And the doctor could have a sonic keyblade, and kill daleks that have been tured into Heartless
  Amy Pond / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 234d 15h 35m 7s
Alternate Timeline
  Ansem Retort / Lyus / 7y 234d 15h 38m 51s

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