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owo I'd like to try LxBeyond then. I didn't watch the complete season,but most of it. That's why I have no clue of Beyond. I just looked at pictures of him on google and he's like L's twin. So,I'd like ta try those two,if it's okay?
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 37d 22h 10m 1s
Beyond is the criminal from Death Note another note, the L.A.B.B. case fuile. EH was the secodn Wammy's kid who killed 3 people and attemtped suicide.

  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 37d 22h 16m 13s
Well who's Beyond?
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 37d 22h 17m 57s
I will do any other couple, I swear!!! I just can't do L x Light, I just cna't. I'm sorry. But I will do any other Death Ntoe ocupel.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 37d 22h 18m 58s
LXLight? :3
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 37d 22h 24m 17s

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