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B's eyes widdened. HE instinctavl reached fo rit, but couldn't. He let out a sharp cry of pain, before he collapsed agians't the bed. L had candy, nad B had his jam. He never went anywhere iwth out in, and this stupid hospital didn't have nay. "strawberry?"He siad, his voice weak adn scratchy. His eyes were closed, and a look of pain was across his face.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 1h 29m 24s
A small smirk had appeard onto the pale male's lips. Listening to the struggle that B had, was a sign of how well,L had helped with the L.A.B.B. Reaching his hand into a small black satchel he had brought, L brought out a small jar of jam.“I see.. If you speak to me in that tone,I'd assume you didn't want this.”The smirk had turned into a smile.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 1h 30m 43s
B turned, his red eyes looking at L. "what..what do you wnat?"He asked between painful gasps. They had tried to dope him with so much medicine he couldn't see strait, but Beyond had refused. He needed his mind, it was all he had left. Hs knives, and his fighting skills vansihed. All he could do now was think, and see how he could save himself.

  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 1h 40m 38s
[Sorry,if I'm a bit out of chara]

It took the black haired male awhile,but L had finally decided to pay a visit to the secluded criminal Beyond. It was strange for the male to do such as this,but he just shook the idea off. Entering the secluded room,L directed his attention to the groaning male on the only bed.

L had then sat on the only chair,watching B's every movement.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 1h 43m 1s
B sighed, his body weak agaisn't the hospital bned. He was seclded, in a empty wing, in an empty room. They had secluded and secured him isntead of just cuffign him to the bed. No doubt soemthin L did for him. His whoel body had wound sove rit, but they swore that the scarrign would be a miminal if any at all. B groaend as he tried to get comfertable yet again.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 1h 52m 58s
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 1h 55m 10s

  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 1h 56m 36s
Alright then.

Could you start us off?
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 1h 57m 6s
Yes. He helepd stop B in the L.A.B.B trials.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 1h 57m 44s
Yesh. BTW Does L know of B?
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 2h 38s
Alright soudns good. Should we do it right after B was caught? and if you need to know more, just wikiepdia his character.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 2h 11m 45s
I'll play L and you B.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 2h 13m 6s
Yeha. So I'll paly B, and yo uL? or you paly B and me L?
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 2h 14m 10s
Oh,okay. .w.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 7y 243d 2h 14m 35s
Yeah that works out well for me ^,^. Don't worry, he wasn't even in the anime. He was only in the spin off novel. THe little back story you would know is that it was the case tha tinvolved Naomi Misora.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 7y 243d 2h 16m 26s

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