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L blinked before a small blush tinted his cheeks. He then slipped the plate into the satchel,now smiling at B's comment. Streching his arms,he hated to see B in any kind of pain possible. His heart ached somehow from this.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 15h 55m 54s
B reached forard, and wiped the frostign from his lip with his tuhmb, before he borguht it to his own mouth, and tasted it. he smile.d It was a weka and broken smile. "You ahvne't changed at all." He siad nad gave a gnetle chuckle, before cirning.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 16h 41m 32s
Again,L went silent. He began to stuff his mouth with cake,before frosting was left onto the corner of his bottem lip. Swallowing,he soon finished his cake. Sometimes,L never thought to savour the flavor of his sweets,but he hadn't minded. At the moment,L had no idea how to respond.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 16h 46m 9s
HE sighed. "well, that makes two of us.H"e snorted, as he pushe da button giving himself mroe pain medication. He maybe pusehd ht eubtton once every 3 hours, if that. He looekd at him. "I want to die.H"e siad. "I wanted to join a....She looekd so peacefull."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 17h 6m 7s
L thought for a moment,starring down at the cake. He paused for a moment,trying to figure the simple trivia out. The answer had never occured to himself why he had done so.“I ca...I haven't the slightest clue..”He answerd truthfully,without a complete answer.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 17h 11m 2s
B reached, and slwoly began to feed himself. It was a long and rather painfull process. He slowly move dto set up, sot hte Jam was on the table beside ighm. he looekd at him eating cake. HE quickly finishe dthe jam, and collapsed layign back down, his eyes half close.d"L...Why did you stop me?"
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 17h 20m 23s
L sighed slightly,setting the jar of jam,and spoon onto B's chest. Reaching down,he pulled out a wrapped peice of perfectly sliced cake along with a plastic fork and small plate. Unwrapping the cake,he set it onto the plate,digging the fork into it.Taking a bite,L brought his knees up,and sat in his usual pose.He had no idea of how to respond and he took bites out of the cake.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 17h 23m 5s
"you.."He siad. HIs vocie ragged."I was so sick of it. YOu were perfect, everyone wanted to e you." He siad, a pathetic snort comnig out of him. HE tried to laugh, but it hurt to much. He took another bit eof Jam. "i could get you to notice..ntoice everythign taht you're donig ot them..that you did to A, and they would already be dea.d" EH siad.

  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 17h 42m 22s
L shook his head at this. Murduring the ones that were destined to die another way,was not giveing peace to the deaths they would have.“Why had you decided to murder the ones that were destined to pass anyways?”L had questioned,wandering what the possible answer was.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 17h 44m 45s
He took a few more bites of his jam, his eyes closign agian. "it's not nosnesenc,e it's the truth. i kileld 3 people..even if they were going to die at that time." He siad. His shinigami eyes told him when peopel would die. "They owuld die no amtter what I did..I just amde them go peacefully." EH said. "I thoguht I deserved that much.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 18h 3m 41s
Hearing B's last comment,L gave a sigh,his eyebrows furrowing inwardly as he looked into the red eyes. He couldn't very well explain why he had stopped B, but all he knew was it would have been a shame if he hadn't.“Don't speak such nonsence,Beyond.”L spoke with seemingly more concern for the twin like male.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 18h 6m 46s
B ate several bites of it. He looked at ihm carefully. "they are idiots." he siad. "The nruses won't come in fi they think I'm awake, they wait till they know I'm asleep." EH siad, eating mroe of hte jam. He looked up into his black eyes, and his red filled iwth pain, and suffering. "i..I wished you had let me die." HE siad, takig anoteh bite
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 18h 12m 45s
L nodded his head with an understanding of B's situation. Once again,he scooped the jam with the spoon, setting it infront of B's mouth. This made L feel slightly warm inside,but he hadn't a clue why it had done so.“Yes,yes. I understand your thoughts.”He replied with a rather caring tone. Once B had took another bite,L had scooped once again,and continued the motion and action.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 18h 17m 2s
B slowly opened his mouth, adn swaleld the jam. He let otu a sigh of contentment, his body relaxin. It worked better then any pain medication. " helps the pain."He siad, and motioned for another bite. He hoepd that he would get stronger, nad not have to deal with this anymore. "They...those stupid docters wnaed to ppmp me with meds, bu..but I jus tcouldn't.H"e said.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 41d 18h 29m 56s
L gave a nod to his head. He then pulled out a spoon, soon opening the jar. The reason he brought the jam, was because L felt bad for B. He knew if he was locked up without his sweets,he would go crazy.“Just lay down. You don't have the strength to sit up.”L then had brought the chair closer to the bed,scooping a spoonful of strawberry jam.Lifting it,he brought the spoon to B's mouth,giveing a sign to open his mouth.
  [L] [R]yuuzaki / PrincelyShadows / 8y 41d 18h 31m 40s

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