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Who wants this pic?? DX
  Kiru / InoYamanaka / 4y 85d 16m 21s
well i got my phone back, same number, which is good
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 4y 85d 17m 28s
like being on top much.?
  Leo / Draco / 4y 85d 18m 51s
*shakes head* no. *sits on u*
  Suki / surster12231 / 4y 85d 20m 15s
Ba-Bye Sakura :D
  Free Hug / Izuna / 4y 85d 20m 35s
Now I have 9 0-0
  Free Hug / Izuna / 4y 85d 21m 3s
Hey guys I have to go. Work and such. See ya later.
smiles-pokes your cheek-
  Leo / Draco / 4y 85d 21m 19s
I think this is going to be my Last and Final account i am going to stick with XD
I have to many -w-
  Ino Yamanaka / InoYamanaka / 4y 85d 21m 35s
  Free Hug / Izuna / 4y 85d 23m 37s
Lol you missed it.. there was a Deidara in here XP
  Ino Yamanaka / InoYamanaka / 4y 85d 24m 6s
hiya! *giggles, wings go inside me*
  Suki / surster12231 / 4y 85d 24m 8s
gets tackled
  Leo / Draco / 4y 85d 24m 49s
xD Yep!
  Free Hug / Izuna / 4y 85d 25m 21s

Then she ate her leg off then got caught in another one XD
  Ino Yamanaka / InoYamanaka / 4y 85d 25m 56s

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