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Sapphire had enjoyed her time studying all the fascinating flora and fauna that surrounded their new home. It was a big change from the plants and animals she was familiar with on Gallifrey. She had seen ferns, roses, daisies, found something that a book she read had called 'weeds', while Spectr had been chasing the animals around while morphing into an array of random objects and animals.

She was happy.

But now, she stood in the TARDIS, the rose that she had just shown her sister in her hand, her eyes travelling from the console, where the message from the Frolian girl, Miska, had ended, to the key that laid in Z's hand as the blue light from the tip, causing a noise which had cracked most of the lights in the TARDIS. Wow... she had thought to herself, staring at it in amazement. Her eyes flicked back to the console, which had sprung to life. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Z tearing her eyes away from the key, and landing on the console.

Saph blinked as the TARDIS whirred like it did when Z got her key, and out popped a strange pen like object. "Eh?" Saph questioned herself, as she grabbed the object, decorated with Gallifreyan markings. A screen, the same blue as the key had, popped out of the side of the object, numbers and pictures flicking across the screen, and what seemed to be a keyboard flashed on the screen once in a while. "What is it, Saph?" she heard her sister say, as Saph touched the screen, the keyboard appearing fully. "It's miniature console. It looks like it linked to the TARDIS and full of the information that the TARDIS has as well." Saph said with a look of surprise on her face. "Wow, nice!" her sister said, but before they could get the chance to fully study the object, the TARDIS whirred again, and the two teared their eyes away from what Saph was holding, and landed back onto the main console.

"Whoa" she said, as both, Z and Saph watched as the screen on the console lit up, the co-ordinates that Miska had sent them, running across the screen. Her sister leaned in slightly, to study the screen, then backing up, running around the TARDIS, pressing buttons on the console, here and there. "Saph! Pull that lever near the screen. Z said, looking around the console, to her sister. Saph stared then nodded, reaching her hand out to the lever, and pulling it towards her, which cause the TARDIS to jolt, and make a whooshing noise. Saph's eyes widened as her sister came around to the screen, and smiled. "Off to Frolia!" she exclaimed, looking over at Saph, who, unknown to Z, was worrying about Miska, and the planet Frolia, as the TARDIS flew through the vortex to the planet which was under attack from something unknown.

"What do you think these 'creatures of fire and stone' are, Z?" she asked her sister. Z shrugged and replied. "I'm not sure, we'll probably find out when we're there." Saph nodded, as her thoughts went back to the adventure that was ahead.
  ѕαρρнιяє / Star- / 6y 314d 11h 51m 57s
Z could sense her sister’s unease and slid down the wall to sit beside her, she put a comforting arm around Sapphire’s shoulders and squeezed her tight.

“I miss them too…” she said gently.

They sat this way for a moment, both reflecting on the past and all they had lost. Spectr bounded over as a frog and sat in front of the mourning sisters, he transformed into a small dog and cocked his head to the side. Z couldn’t help but smile and she scratched him behind the ears. Sapphire hugged Z around the waist and buried her face into Z’s shoulder.

“Zenaide, what are going to do now?” Sapphire said, her voice muffled by Z’s shirt. Z pulled back and Sapphire looked up at her with wet eyes, Z gave her a reassuring smile.

“I know it’s going to be hard…but we could make a new life here” she said, gesturing around the room, “It’s what our parents would’ve wanted for us”. She gave Sapphire a gentle shake, “You’ll see, it’ll work out”.

Spectr brightened and morphed into a butterfly, he fluttered up and landed on Sapphire’s forehead, and Sapphire went slightly cross-eyed trying to keep him in focus. They looked so funny together that Z’s face broke into a grin and she started to laugh. Sapphire dried her eyes and giggled too. Z nodded and they stood up, while Spectr flew up to the ceiling and began circling the lightshade.

“Wrong insect, Spectr!” Z called up to him, jokingly. Spectr did a quick loop-de-loop before transforming into a moth and bumping into the lampshade a few times.

“That’s more like it” said Sapphire and the two girls laughed again, standing with their arms around each other.

A few days passed and the sisters got more familiar with their new home on Earth. Their isolation and Z’s device kept most Earthlings away, but the local wildlife had become very interested in the new arrivals. Sapphire was thrilled at the chance to study the plentiful fauna while Z was kept busy with the discovery of several rusted-out old motor vehicles in their yard. Through research, Z learned that the humans called these devices ‘cars’ and used them to travel, their fuel however caused severe damage to the atmosphere. Z set about gathering parts from all the cars and building her own, without the need for harmful emissions.

She was copying designs from the TARDIS to better her vehicle when one day, when she was inside, an alarm sounded. Z rushed over to the console and saw the words ‘INCOMING DISTRESS CALL’ flashing red on one of the screens. She called out to Sapphire who came rushing to the TARDIS.

“What is it?!” Sapphire yelled from the door, “I was in the middle of studying these insects…” she held up a rose with its stem covered in little yellow bumps. Z raised an eyebrow as Sapphire squinted at the bumps, “I think they’re called aphids – they’re fascinating.” she began, “Did you know that they live on this plant, and they have these things called pro-“, Z could sense a long and excitable explanation coming on so she cleared her throat, Sapphire stopped talking and stared at Z angrily. Z jerked her head towards the console and the message that still flashed there, “Oh…” mumbled Sapphire and moved over to stand next to Z who pushed the button that accepted the call.

The message faded into static and then warped into the hazy image of a young Frolian girl, “Hello, is anybody there?!” she cried, “Please respond!” her eyes desperately searched the screen, her voice was hoarse and she had cuts and bruises all over her arms and face.

Z twiddled some knobs and the picture became clearer, “We’re here!” she called, “We hear you?!”

“Oh thank the Ancient Ones!” exclaimed the girl, almost crying with relief, “Please, we desperately need your help! My home – Frolia – is being attacked by creatures of fire and stone. You must come quickly, or I fear-” her head snapped up from the screen as she heard something in the distance, Z and Sapphire could hear it too – a deep, rumbling roar.

“Oh no, they’ve found me” the girl whispered, now quickly typing, “I’m sending you our co-ordinates, please, hurry!”.

The console beeped and a series of numbers came up on the TARDIS’s screen, the girl got up to leave but Sapphire called out to her, “Wait, what’s your name?!”.

The girl bent over so that her face could be seen, “Miska, my name is Miska” she whispered, looking around as the roar sounded again, “I must go…but thank you, my friends” the sisters nodded, Miska nodded back and gave a weak smile, then she was gone, they heard the distant sound of running footsteps and then silence. Z and Sapphire exchanged glances but then jumped as another roar rang out, much closer than before, there was a loud crash and debris flew past the now vacant screen as something broke through one of the walls of the Frolian dwelling. They could hear someone shouting orders nearby, but then the screen went blank as the communication device was crushed under a giant foot.

“Well…what do you think?” said Z, her voice slightly higher than normal.

“We’re probably the only ones who know, we’ve gotta help” said Sapphire, leaning against the railing of the TARDIS.

“I completely agree…but how can WE help, we’ve got no weapons and even if we did…I’m not so sure I’d be comfortable using them, even against those monsters” said Z.

Z tried to sit on the TARDIS’s console but as she did it began to whir and flash and she took a cautious step back. The noise suddenly stopped and the light faded, something sprang from the console and Z slowly walked forward to inspect it. It was shaped like a key, older-styled and similar to the one they used for the front door of the house, but unlike theirs it was quite pristine and free of rust. It glimmered slightly as Z approached and when she pulled it from the console it emitted a high-pitched noise that caused some of the lights in the TARDIS to crack.

“What’s that?!” cried Sapphire, covering her ears as shards of glass rained down on them.

“A key…” said Z as the sound began to subside. She held the key flat in her palm, its shaft had a small silver button and was about as long as her hand, the flat ironwork adorned at the top had a capital Z carved into it and was about the width of a golf ball, and the teeth of the key were three tiny interlocked gears, two bigger ones with a smaller in the centre. Z pressed the button on the shaft and the sound started again, the gears turned and a bright blue light shone from the tip of the key. The sound was not as intense as before and no more of the lights shattered, the device seemed to know that Z was just testing it out and didn’t want to cause anymore destruction.

“I think it likes me” Z said jokingly, releasing the button and twisting the shaft around, seemingly clicking it to another position or setting. She pushed the button again and the lights in the TARDIS grew brighter, “Wow, I wonder what else this thing can do”.

“I think the TARDIS heard us,” said Sapphire, looking around the expansive room as Z continued to fiddle with the device, “And it gave you that ‘key’…maybe it’s supposed to help us save Miska and her people”

“Yeah, maybe” Z mumbled absently, still focused on the key. But, as the console sprang to life once again, she managed to tear her eyes away and watch.
  Zenaide Trelawney / AngelWhiteheart / 6y 336d 8h 50m 2s
Sapphire walked over to the bookshelf and studied the books that were there. "Shakespeare....Christie....Dickens...." she muttered, reading the authors of the books as she went, dragging her finger along. "Sounds like my kind of authors" she added with a silent giggle. She wandered around the room again, as a memory, flooded back into her mind....

Two girls, giggling and carrying on, running around the town, while two adults, smiled and watched them play. The male adult chuckled "Come one, girls. Time to go-" he started, but was cut off as a bright beam, hit him in the chest. He yelled out in pain and dropped to the ground. The female, his wife, screamed and ran over. The two girls gasped and ran over to their father. "Daddy...?" said one of the girls, tears starting to fill her eyes, as she looked to see what had done this. A creature, a metal exterior a murky shade of grey. An stalk with a blue light for an eye, and a mechanical voice saying "Exterminate". The girl felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned and saw her father, looking up at her. "Dalek..." slipped from his lips before he closed his eyes. Another beam of light, was fired and hit the adult female. She screamed and fell to the ground. The girls screamed out to the mother and father, not wanting them to be dead. Tears streamed down their cheeks as they turned and looked back at the Dalek, which was making its way slowly towards the girls. The girls turned and ran. They ran past, seeing more and more Daleks, firing and killing everyone. Fires burned the buildings and the streets as they ran to the one safe place...The TARDIS...

Sapphire snapped out of it, tears running down her cheeks as she heard her sister, calling out to her. She quickly wiped her tears away and ran out into the hall and down the stairs to the entrance hall, where she found her sister and a strange creature, changing it's shape every so often. "What is that, Z?" she asked, curiously, as Saph extended her hand to touch the creature. "A Shiftevix" her sister replied. Saph blinked when she heard this, and looked at the Shiftefix, which was now sniffing her hand. She giggled as it did this and scooped up the creature in her arms. "It's cute, what's it's name?" she asked, looking at Z while she petted the Shiftevix. "Spectr" Z replied as she leaned against the wall, watching the two. Saph giggled as she saw Spectr change into toaster, then a teddy bear and back again.

She looked over at her sister, and asked "So Earth is home now... what shall we do here?" She tilted her head to the side, as she sat down against a wall, watching the Shiftevix change into many different forms.
  ѕαρρнιяє / Starzie / 6y 336d 9h 22m 38s
Z had been attempting to find a room for herself when she heard a door open and her sisters call, she rolled her eyes and was about to reply when she heard the door close again, “Like I’ve got nothing else to do…” she muttered to herself but went down the stairs anyway, her sister did have a good point, they couldn’t just leave an object as powerful as a TARDIS in a field. The door squeaked softly as Z stepped out onto the front porch, she walked down the old, overgrown path and looked back at the house which still looked run-down and broken, to prevent arousing suspicion. Even with the very slight chance that someone would walk by; Z had ensured that the only thing they would see was the derelict exterior and nothing more.

Z began to retrace the steps that she and her sister had taken that morning, she followed the faint impressions of their feet had made in the long grass until she came upon a large oak. Confused, Z looked around and behind the tree, “Where’d it go?” she mumbled; they had not passed any trees, the field was devoid of plant life, except for the over-grown grass and small scattering of trees around the house. Seeing no other explanation; Z placed a hand on the trunk of the tree, she could feel a slight vibration, a metallic hum that rang through the knotted wood, “Well….that’s definitely not normal” she thought jokingly, “But how am I supposed to get inside?” she mumbled absently as she ran her hands over the bark, looking for a way in. She eventually found a thin rectangular seam in the side of the tree, “A door!” she thought excitedly and tried to pry it open, but it wouldn’t budge. Annoyed, Z took a step back and put her hands on her hips, studying the door, she spied a small square of bark which she flipped open to reveal a keyhole. Having no key, Z was forced to pick the lock with a sharp stick she found lying nearby, “I didn’t even know it needed a key” she thought, agitated, as she finally walked through the door and up the ramp to the controls. She fiddled mindlessly for a few minutes with the many levers and buttons before eventually landing the TARDIS near the front of the house and parking it, she sighed and stared sadly around the massive interior, thinking of her now destroyed home and her sister…the only family she had left.

Z had been brooding for a while before she heard a small noise from upstairs, “Sapphire! Is that you?” she called uncertainly, “I’ve been here the whole time” Z thought, “There’s no way anyone could have got in without me noticing…” so she went to investigate. Once on the second floor of the TARDIS, Z heard the noise again, coming from her right, she walked towards it and came across a small cupboard that was built into the wall. She flung the doors open and was immediately tackled by a small, fluffy dog that yipped excitedly as both it and Z toppled to the floor. Z sat herself up and stared at the stowaway, “How’d you get in her, little guy?” Z cooed as she picked up the tiny dog and scratched it behind the ears, the dog purred and rubbed its head against her arm, “You’re acting like a cat” Z said grinning and absently patting its short, thick fur. Z began carrying the dog back down the stairs, planning to show Sapphire too, but stopped when it suddenly went rigid and its fur began to lengthen beneath her fingers, Z stared transfixed at the thing in her arms as its eyes began to glow white and its body melted into a new form; the fur continued to grow, the ears pointed and the legs and tail stretched, eventually morphing into a ginger cat which looked up at Z smugly. Stunned, Z held the, still purring, cat in out in front of her, “You’re a Shiftevix!” Z exclaimed, the cat grinned and morphed into a toaster and then back into a cat, Z took that to mean ‘yes’ so she shrugged and carried the cat from the TARDIS and into the house, “Hey Sapphire, come and look at what I found!” she yelled from the entrance hall, grinning to herself as the cat leapt lightly from her arms and onto the floor, “I think I’ll call you Spectr”.
  Zenaide Trelawney / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 52d 17h 36m 54s
Sapphire laughed as she ran into the biggest room and closed the door. Z stopped at the door, smiled and turned around, walking down the hall, looking for a room that suited her.
Saph turned around and studied the room. A large, ornate bed, sat against the far wall, two seats were in a corner, next to a bookshelf. A small chandelier hung from the ceiling, over a small table in the middle of the room.A door, to the left of her, led to a bathroom. A computer desk, with 4 screens sat in the furthest corner. Saph opened the door and yelled out to Z "Shouldn't you go get the TARDIS?" she said, before closing the door, and walking over to sit on the chair, near the desk. She grabbed the keyboard and the mouse and started searching through human files and the information they contained. She skimmed over the information, then turned the computers off. Sapphire hopped up and wandered around the room, trying not to remember what they had escaped from...
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Z made her way to the ornate front door; she brushed ivy from the knob and turned it, the door opened into a huge entrance hall with a moth-eaten rug and a beautifully crafted but badly broken, staircase, she slowly walked in and stared around in awe, Sapphire walked in behind her and Z heard her gasp. They carefully made their way up the stairs, leaping the gaps in the rotting wood and pausing at the second floor landing, the remaining paintings on the wall were faded and the frames chipped, Z inspected one closely, “This house looks abandoned…how strange” she muttered, Sapphire however ran down the hall, “I get the biggest bedroom!” she cried, Z smiled and chased after her with a grin, “Be careful, the floor is rotted!” she called, Sapphire had always been impulsive and this usually led to trouble so Z always had to keep a close eye on her…

The hall sprouted off into many different rooms, Sapphire checked each one in turn but disliked them all, Z could see why; all the rooms were either mouldy or trashed, one even had a large hole where the ceiling had caved in and fallen through the floor. Eventually they came to another staircase, smaller and less ornate than the last, which led upwards to the attic; surprisingly the room was intact and relatively clean, “Perfect!” Z said and ran to the centre of the room and pulled a small metal box from her pocket, she placed it gently on the floor, took a step back and clapped her hands. The box jumped and began to expand, cables and chains sprung out and embedded themselves into the walls of the room, these expanded and eventually coated the walls in a thin silvery skin with the box suspended in the middle by the wires and finally a big, red button sprouted for the top, “Gotta love a big, red button” Z said with a smirk and pushed it…

The box began to vibrate, so did the walls, in fact the whole house shook as the cables spread their way through the walls of the mansion, “Show off…” Sapphire muttered with a smirk, Z smiled at her, “Don’t worry, you’ll get a go”. The house finally stopped moving and Z turned back to the stairs, “Let’s go check it out” she said and went back downstairs, Sapphire pouted and followed her with a sigh, Z sprinted down the to the second floor and gazed at the new house, everything had changed; the walls were painted and new wallpaper pasted up, the holes in the floor and ceiling repaired and the carpets cleaned and refreshed, the two sisters ran back down the hall and Z smiled at the newly reformed, Victorian staircase, shining walls and bright carpet of the entrance hall, “Okay…now we pick rooms” she said cheekily and ran off down the other hallway with a backwards glance at her sister, Sapphire was stunned for a moment but then grinned, “Hey, no fair!” she called and ran after Z.
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Sapphire stood there, nervous that she was on another planet. "Well?" Z asked. Saph looked at her then ran straight for the door and stepped onto the soft, green grass of a large paddock. She looked around, staring in awe, the sky was blue, there was only one sun, the trees weren't silver and the grass was green, completely different to Gallifrey. She stopped herself from crying, as she heard her sister come out of the TARDIS. She watched as Z walked around, looking at everything.
Saph's urge to run around and explore took over, and off she went, with Z, following closely behind. She touched all the plants, admiring them and watching the fauna. Everything is so......different, Sapphire thought to herself as she kept walking, and saw something beautiful, hiding amongst the trees.
She had stumbled across an old Victorian mansion, Ivy covering some of the walls, overgrown hedges, lined the path up to the front door, rose bushes sat, under the tall windows, an old For Sale sign was lying on the ground, all rusty and mouldy from years of the elements battering it. "Saph, can you wait up for me ne- Woah..." Z said, stopping as soon as she saw the mansion. Sapphire could tell that Z was admiring the mansion...
  Sapphire Trelawney / StarShadowfang / 8y 69d 20h 36m 27s
Z had steadied the TARDIS's flight and then watched over her sister until she'd woken up had now gone back to the controls, she glanced at her sister as she came over with a new dress on, “You look nice” she said with her eyebrows raised, only her little sister Sapphire would worry about the way she looked when they were in a crashing spaceship, Sapphire smirked and put her hands on her hips, “You look….different” she said but her smile was sad, Z grinned back at her in an attempt to cheer her up, “Can you handle the controls for a bit…I smell awful” she asked jokingly, Sapphire nodded and they switched places…

Z walked up the stairs to the second level, planning to take a shower or something but then shook her head, “Crashing, remember?” she muttered to herself and walked to the wardrobe room; on the way there she caught a look of herself in a mirror and she stopped so she could have a proper look, “Whoa….” she mumbled as she ran a hand over her cheek, her face was thinner and her nose was sharper, her hair was raven black and had grown in length, her eyes were a light blue and her eyebrow thin and black, she sighed and walked into the wardrobe…

From the vast selection, she picked a deep blue shirt, a pair of jeans, a long black scarf and finally, a long dark grey trench coat. She wiped the hair from her eyes and placed it behind her ear, “That’s going to take some getting used to…” she thought sombrely and made her way back down the stairs and twirled in front of Sapphire, “What do you think?” she asked, Sapphire smirked, “Very nice, sis” and she glanced at the levers she was holding, “D’you want these back now?” Z nodded and took the controls. After a few tense minutes Z landed the TARDIS smoothly on the surface of the strange planet called Earth…
  Zenaide Trelawney / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 71d 4h 28m 1s
Fire, and death, filled Sapphire's unconscious mind. Daleks and Timelords, fighting to the death, the precious buildings being burnt. The trail of destruction that her and her sister Z had gone past to get to the TARDIS, dodging the Daleks fatal beam. The homes of their kind, had burnt to the ground, their friends and family, will no longer see them grow.
Sapphie twitched, as she dreamed the memories that she hoped weren't real. She woke up screaming and crying, her sister Z, rushed over and hugged her. She looked at Z "Gallifrey..." she said. Z looked at her, and Sapphie knew...knew that their home was no more. Tears started running down her cheeks, as she held onto Z.
She wiped her tears away after a few minutes and stood up, walking to the top level of the TARDIS, to look at her new looks. She stood in front of the mirror and gasped. Her hair was longer and an un-natural shade of blue, her eyes were a deep grey, her face was thinner, her body was more curvier, compared to her previous thin figure. She twirled around, studying the new her, then raided through some clothes to replace the dirty and torn, shirt and pants she was wearing. She chose a long, light blue dress, and changed into it.
She went back down to her sister, who was looking at the monitor on the control hub. Sapphie peered over Z’s shoulder and saw what she was looking at, “Earth? You’re taking us to, Earth?”
  Sapphire Trelawney / StarShadowfang / 8y 72d 19h 14m 15s
Z was screaming at the top of her lungs; it was a mixture of pain and sadness, the pain of the transformation, the sadness of losing her world, her family, friends and her old identity. She and her sister, Sapphire, were standing inside a stolen TARDIS and orange regeneration energy floated around them, they had both been gravely injured as they fled their burning and defeated home planet of Gallifrey and were now attempting to save themselves from death…

Sapphire’s regeneration was shorter because she was so young; she fell to the floor unconscious beside Z and didn’t move, she looked completely different now which made Z wonder how much her own appearance was going to change.

The energy faded and Z gasped, she fell to the floor and felt her face, “Whew, I’m still normal…for a timelady”, she staggered to her feet and grasped the controls of the TARDIS, “Now all I have to do is land this thing!” she cried with a worried smirk and pushed every button she could see…
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