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The Year is 2037 Number 89 Is Among the world's top assasins, He was given his Number By a company he Used to work for, "The Last Shot", He got in quite a few great kills working there. Eventually it shut down and now He works for whoever he chooses, I mean hey, why not he can afford it, But when He gets a hit on his own life He is attacked by Six different Assasins, The Reward? All his possesions, His Mansion, His Penthouse, His car, His money, Heck even his cat, But he Welcomes the challenger's, The guy who put out the hit Must really want Him dead, He's risking his own life Naturally Number 89 Is going to find him and kill him while taking on anyone who challenges him, Among the Challengers Are Ellie Sanchez, Mysteria Knight, Willow Rosenburg, Lance Thorn, Kier Shen, _______, Sounds like a good time right?


This should be fun if you act appropriately Lol ^_^


Death: YES
Violence: YES
Cybering: Why Not?


Height: (feet)
Description of weapon annd attack style:


Name: Number 89
Height: 5' 11"
Description of weapon annd attack style: He Uses a A Rifle that shoots a bullet that is bout the size of a grown mans middle finger, Coated in a full metal jacket the bullet can Rip through anything, The sniper itsefis 5'6' Long with a 4' Barrel, and It has a 300x Zoom, It is extremely Accurate, His fighting style consists of various flips and dodges when up close, From afar he gets you in his sight, Nuf' Said.
Personality: Serious, Cocky, Friendly, Sarcastic

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Mysteria sighed when she saw that some one had escaped through the window, and turned back around to exit the shop. Looking around, still playing with the knife, her jaw dropped when she spotted her target sitting on top of a car. Putting the knife up she looked around for some vehicle she could "borrow", then grinned when she found a motorbike with the keys still in it. Jumping on, she started it, then gave chase after him.
  Mysteria Knight / MystKnight / 8y 320d 22h 50m 55s
89 saw keir chasing after him, "awful persistent" he said as he aimed his sniper rifle in the direction of the girl's head and fired a few bullets, Then he ran to the front of the truck And Jumped landing on another car heading the opposite direction eventually it slowed near a small town he headed into the town to by bullets and a new knife.
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / Arrekusu / 8y 320d 23h 15m 42s
<go ahead and jump in>
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / Arrekusu / 8y 320d 23h 19m 9s
[Does that mean I can jump in...I wasn't on last night but I was the second person to join so..]
  Lance Thorn / xXx-Lance-xXx / 8y 321d 2h 12m 22s
She evaded the collapsing railing and landed on the floor. When she heard his voice and focused on him, he was already jumping out the window. "Fuck!" she cursed at herself. And then there was another voice. A female one. Keir quickly looked back and then at the window he jumped out of. Without thought she dashed to the widow and leaped out. Barely missing the parecel she landed roughly on the sidewalk. She saw him escape on a firetruck. The customers of the resturant eyes her and some left their sidewalk dining table. She looked around hoping to find some sort of vehicle but nothing was about. Nothing that would catch up to him. "Dammit!" she kicked a garbage can.
Pulling out her phone she played with the idea of calling for help. But Keir was too proud for such an act. That is when she began to run in the direction of the truck. Turning the corner the bright red truck came into view. Her chest heaving with air and pain as her lungs strained to keep up with her legs as she chased him.
  Keir / kelz / 8y 321d 14h 11m 34s
Mysteria watched a strange woman enter and wasn't sure what to make of her, but couldn't care less. She tilted her head and wore a little crazed smile as she took out one of her knives and began playing with it as she followed her into the shop. Supposedly her target was in there, so she might as well check it out. What was there to loose, other than a good fight.

"Hello is anyone in here," She asked sweetly giving toning down her smile a little. It wouldn't do any good if she scared the target, though she highly doubted she could.
  Mysteria Knight / MystKnight / 8y 321d 14h 20m 10s
<its not a pistol its a sniper >.< lol its k> "wrong move" he said as he kicked the rail as hard as he could, the rail became very loose and was going to fall shortly, "catch up to me if you survive that he said as He hit the window behind him with the butt of his gun shattering it he did a backflip out the window and landed on a parecel above a resteraunt, he rolled down that onto a firetruck leaving the scen of higuichi's murder, he laughed and staired at the window as he drove off
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / arrekusu / 8y 321d 14h 20m 35s
"Well a lady never tells." she said softly. Her blade came into view and her stance was stern, ready for any surprise lunges from her opponent. Her dark eyes focused on the dead girl that laid upon the floor. She was pretty and it was a shame to see someone so young lay lifeless.
Her expression turned into a grimance then her eyes went back up to the man.

"Lets get to it, eh?" she chuckled softly. As as her laugh died upon her lips she leaped forward landing on the railing of the stairs. Keir was very acrobatic and had amazing balance. And by the looks of how he held his pistol she would need to use her agility to survive.
  Keir / kelz / 8y 321d 14h 25m 41s
89 Grabbed his chalenger by the neck and choked her out as snapped her neck, She was dead he picked up his gun as he noticed the next girl walking in, "so who hired you" he said aloud as he wiped the dust off his suit.
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / arrekusu / 8y 321d 14h 32m 9s
She chuckled lightly at the view of the woman and her target almost in a tense dance. "Borriiinnnggg...." she said mutely looking through the window. Keir sat upon a branch watching the small show. She was about to join in when her phone silently rang.
"It better be good." she said knowing who was on the other side.
the husky voice said as she rolled her eyes. He added ad Keir chuckled.
"If you keep calling me I can't get shit done." she answered. Her tone was cool and calm. Much like Keir to take a call from her boss like it was just a regular call. Even though she was a bit over deadline.
he said then hung up.

"On with the show" she muttered to herself as she leaped onto the roof and let herself in.

It was quiet and the air was stiff. The girl's voice seemed to vanish and his breathing was the only thing she could hear now. She drew her blade from her waist belt. She slowy made her way towards the stairs and the vision of him came into view. "Not what I expected." she told him. "But I do like surprises." her smirk was soft.
  Keir / kelz / 8y 321d 14h 35m 8s
William your out no offense but you cant rp!
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / arrekusu / 8y 321d 14h 44m 49s
yes you can ^_^ btw we are only being not literate for the fight so yeah feel free to jump n whenever
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / arrekusu / 8y 321d 14h 46m 25s
Name:Keir Shen
Height: 5'7
Description of weapon annd attack style: She is skilled in any bladed weapon. She is a trained martial arts expertad enjoys hand to hand combat.
Personality: Her charm is unique and her sarcastic wit can cut anyone they are directed to. She never takes much to heart. A rebel or free bird is what most call her... she would consider herself a freelancer.

<<May I join?>>
  Keir / kelz / 8y 321d 14h 49m 15s
"finnally a challenge So who put you up to this" he said as he prepared himself to counter her next move
  Number 89 (Haru Takano) / arrekusu / 8y 321d 14h 52m 47s
Willow dodged both the knife and the bullet, smiling. "your good."
  WilliamTheBloodyLove / 8y 321d 14h 56m 30s

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