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Ansem Retort is a reality tv show on FOX

The characters are KH based
Read here for more detail: Here

The Characters:
Axel Rose: Psychotic Serial Killer and seemingly the main character. (Lyus)

Zexion Doreone: Doctor, self entitled jerkass, and future Governor of Pennsylvania. Zexion is Axel's partner in crime.

Larxene: Hyperactive Crack Whore. Larxene never stops, has severe ADD, and can most of the time be completely stupid.

Riku: Emo Time Lord. Riku was cut in half by Larxene and patched up by Zexion. Riku has always wondered why he never dies.

Sora: Retarded Amnesia filled moron. Sora lost has long term and short term memory, and can sometimes be a complete moron.

Namine: Seemingly the only sane person of the cast. She acts as Zexions campaign manager when he runs for Governor. Later on she develops a crush on Zexion but never shows it.

Kairi: Fan girl who speaks in L33T until Zexion fixes it. She is killed off and replaced by someone else.

Marluxia: Gay member of the cast. He seems to not have any feelings for any of the rest of the cast, and seems more straight than gay, but is gay.

Aerith Gainsborough: Kairi's replacement. Aerith seems to be sane but has split personality disorder.

Red XIII: Red was one of the cast replacement when the cast goes missing. He stays on the cast when the original cast returns.

Darth Maul: Jewish cast member. He and Axel went to college together, and he was getting a quick buck doing the whole demon army thing. He gives Zexion a lightsaber.

Ansem: FOX employee and Ansem Retorts producer.

Yuffie: Yuffie is a thief who joins the cast to steal everything they have. She permanently joins eventually.

Guardian: FOX's president whom the cast sets out to kill for the Season 1 Plot Twist

Skull Fucky: Larxene's 'pet'. It is a skull. Why did I put this here? Because fuck you.

Andrew Jackson: This is happening. Andrew Jackson is what happens whenever Axel and Zexion combine. They become Andrew Jackson's head and become invincible and godly.

Dues: Omnipotent being. He is all powerful and confronts one cast member once, Sora.

DiZ: Dues's partner. The two bicker...a lot.

Dues and DiZ will be NPCs played by me :)
The Guardian will be someone who is playing a character who doesn't die
Andrew Jackson will be played by either me (Axel) or whoever plays Zexion.
Please Read everything and read a bit of the actual webcomic before joining
This is...well I'm not sure what to rate it. There will be racism, severe crude humor, lots of cussing, lots of violence, and lots of offensive content. If you can not take it, then get out.
Romance: Well if you read the webcomic you know who between
ZexionXNamine (Eventually)
Oh yea and Jesus periodically makes an appearance. WTF jesus

and to this I say welcome.


Season 1:
Demon Army and FOX
Ansem tells the cast that the Season 1 plot twist is that the cast has to fight an army of demons.
To this we respond: WTF

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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well while you were doing that I made one so ha
  Crow / Crowsky / 8y 9d 5h 34m 11s
Hum, bahum, bahumbug

Maybe, maybe later though. I'm on le iPod and shit be slow
  Ansem Retort / Lyus / 8y 9d 8h 30m 49s
Bro, why not make our own version? Just as crazy but more personal
  Crow / Crowsky / 8y 9d 17h 52m 23s

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