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Honey woke up and looked around he started to tiptoe to the sweets closet.
  Honey-Senpai / PixieHollow / 8y 118d 11h 59m 37s
Honey saw that they werent busy so he walked over to his bed that was in the middle of the room and layed down with Usa~chan and slept waiting for something to happen.
  Honey(crying) / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 10h 40m 44s
Haruhi nods approvingly before picking up a book and sitting down to read.
  Haruhi / nomey1 / 8y 119d 10h 44m 15s
Hikaru watched with his Twin. "He's gonna crack, their is no way he can last this long" He muttered to his brother.
  {~_Hikaru_~} / Horror / 8y 119d 10h 45m 11s
Honey sighs and walks dejectedly out of the room. he brushes his teeth and then comes back and sits down sighing again.
  Honey(crying) / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 10h 50m 2s
She shakes her hand. "Not if you take care of it."
  Haruhi / nomey1 / 8y 119d 10h 53m 56s
Honey looked at her feeling even worse, "b-but Haruhi that could take forever." he said to her.
  Honey(crying) / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 10h 58m 34s
Haruhi sighs heavily. "Once your cavity goes away you can have cake."
  Haruhi / nomey1 / 8y 119d 11h 1m 1s
Honey looks hopefull. "so if i go and brush my teeth i can have cake?" he asks Haruhi.
  Honey(crying) / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 11h 4m 46s
"This is why you need to brush your teeth." Haruhi simply says. The tearing up was making her uncomfortable but he had to hear it. "Take care of it and then, before you know it, you will be better."
  Haruhi / nomey1 / 8y 119d 11h 40m 16s
Honey tears up and looks at Haruhi. "No i dont my mouth doesnt hurt." he says defiantly.
  Honey(crying) / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 11h 43m 49s
Haruhi frowns in disapproval. "Sorry, Honey. I see one in the back of your mouth." She releases him. "Just listen and it will go away soon."
  Haruhi / nomey1 / 8y 119d 11h 46m 36s
Honey feels a twinge of pain but ignores it and hopes haruhi doesnt notice.
  Honey-Senpai / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 11h 55m 34s
Haruhi presses his cheeks together so that his mouth opens. She peeks inside scanning for cavities.
  Haruhi / nomey1 / 8y 119d 11h 58m 33s
Honey looks up at her sweetly "haru~chan my teeth are fine im not wearing a bandage and my teeth feel fine." he said smiling at her sweetly.
  Honey-Senpai / PixieHollow / 8y 119d 12h 1m 42s

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