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It's the year 2012 and it did bring an end to the world.... Not literally. But it brought an end to the world as we know it.

A virus whose origin is unknown is spreading like wildfire throughout the planet wiping out nearly the whole of the human race. And thankfully it did not affect any other species. And that's one main reason that some of us are still alive and fighting to defend ourselves from these monsters that most of mankind has turned into. Yes this virus is the cause for the transformation of men into maniacal ever hungry braindead undead. Their brain is not actually dead but it has become devoid of every other function except instilling permanent hunger in men and turning them into decaying savages. These undead or more popularly known as zombies have taken over our world. I don't know if this will ever come in handy but damaging their brains is the only way to kill them.

The present year is 2112... It's been a hundred years since the letter was written and it is like the only thing connecting the people of our times to our ancestors who a hundred years earlier had brought about this destruction upon themselves and the only other thing they left behind is the huge walls surrounding our settlement and protecting us from the continuous onslaught of the zombies.

After the initial spreading of the virus governments managed to move small populations into protected zones to repopulate the human race. These were small settlements which were now starting to have more people than it could contain and now people feel like at last it is time for us to fight back and take back our planet sending the people of the grave back to their resting place.

Small groups of people have started leaving their settlements throughout the world taking the war back to the corpses and we are one such group. The technology is medieval and no guns, cars etc. Though they may be found all over the world none of us know what they are and even if we did they are no longer in running conditions. Though human population may have risen back we still have over a billion zombies still left. We have the advantage of speed, strength and intelligence and we are nearly equal in number as well but they can reproduce faster than us. All it takes is a scratch from them and in a few hours you are one of them. But we have found a cure for it, though it will only save us if treated within an hour of the infecting.

These walled settlements were built by goverments at the start of the zombie apocalypse. There are no cities or villages outside of these. Everyone lives inside its walls. It is just one big city. From sunrise to sunset the one huge gate leading into and out of the city will be kept open for people to hunt or tend to their fields which are outside the walls, unless there's a sudden zombie
invasion in which case it will be locked up. As people never venture too far from their respective city they don't
even know other such settlements
exist until they started getting groups of visitors who were travelling around fighting the zombies.

Will this decision of ours finally make this planet ours again? Or are we going to fall and join the ranks of the walking dead defending Corpseland.

Our group of warriors:

Leader- Aurora
Deputy Leader/Strategist- Valkyrie
Melee Warrior- Sin
Melee Warrior- Matthew
Ranged Fighter- Chei Kimira
Ranged Fighter- Lii
Blade Wielder- Akinx
Blade Wielder-
Hunter/Tracker- Andrea Randell
Healer- Iyashi Hikari

Later Members:
Hunter/Tracker- Lyus Blackrose


Weapon of Choice:


Name: Aurora
Position: Blade Wielder
Weapon of Choice: Twin Katanas
Steed: American Quarter Horse
Pet: Jaguar

Name: Valkyrie
Position: Deputy Leader/Strategist
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Steed: Black horse
Pet: Wolf

Name: Iyashi Hikari
Position: Healer
Weapon of Choice: Japanese katana
Steed: White horse
Pet: Grey owl

Name: Sin
Position: Melee Warrior
Weapon of Choice: Two War Hammers
Steed: American Paint Horse
Pet: None

Position:melee warrior
Weapon of Choice:dual bladed heavy war axe
Steed:armored mustang

Name: Chei
Position: Ranged Fighter
Weapon of Choice: Long Bow Steed: Bay Clydesdale horse
Pet: White Ferret, Bella

Name: Lii.
Position: Ranged Fighter
Weapon of Choice: Dagger
and long bow.
Steed: Flea Bitten Gray, Arabian
Pet: Cheetah.

Name: Akinx.
Position: Blade wielder.
Weapon of Choice: An Egyptian
Steed: A Black Clydesdale.
Pet: A Goat.

Name: Andrea Randell
Position: Hunter/Tracker
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows
Steed: An Elephant
Pet: 2 Ferrets

Name: Lyus Blackrose
Position: Hunter/Tracker
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrows
and Claw Gauntlet
Steed: Nightmare
Pet: Black Ferret

Special Notes:
We may come across other settlements and groups of warriors and some maybe helpful and some maybe hostile. Anyone may control these characters. The herbs may cure you from turning into a zombie but if you get injured too much it can't stop death though you'll not come back as a zombie. You may have one pet and one steed each but it can't be any mythological creature or beasts out of fantasies. Every one is a human and doesn't have any kind of extra ordinary powers except that they are more skilled in their respective positions than most other humans because of intense training and first hand experience. Keep this realistic. The only thing here out of the ordinary is the zombies and nothing else. The healer is not one of the best fighters but is one of the best doctors of our times and be respectful to the person. We will be dead in no time without them.


1. Pm me your skelly and request to post.
2. Don't care about quantity. Just give us enough to work with. But if your spelling and grammar sucks you'll be kicked out. And please do learn the use of punctuations. And also rp in third person.
3. Romance is allowed. Just take cybering out of here.
4. Godmodding and Powerplaying will get you banned without any warning.
5. Cussing is allowed. Violence, blood and gore are encouraged.
6. Wait for four or five people to post before you post again.
7. If you're online and haven't posted for more than two days without giving a reason I will pm you once and if I don't get any response I'll replace your character and we'll move on.

I'll add anything else I have left when it comes to mind and also I'm open to suggestions.

Have Fun


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With a slight frown, Aurora looked at the shadows of the sun on the ground and growled slightly. They were late. With a huff the horse nudged her side impatiently while the jaguar lay sleeping on the ground. "I know I know. Not much longer. If no one shows we'll go alone..." Her voice stayed steady as she spoke, running her fingers through the horses mane as she closed her eyes and leant back against the wall.

Come on... Don't all have chickened out on me... She thought to herself sollumly. It was true that she would head out on her own if needed but she would prefere to go with others. It would be extremely dangerous if she went alone. The hot sun was already causing sweat beads to run down her forehead, she continuously tried to wipe them away with the back of her hand before giving up completely and simply stared at the sky thinking of the future and what it would bring. She desperately hoped that she would see the city again. She would have to establish ground rules with the others that came along. At that moment rule one came to mind.

If a member is infected, kill on sight, no exeptions.

She shook her head sternly and then pet her horse, turning on her heels to look through the roads looking for the other. Spotting some of them obviously a few meters down the make shift road she growled slightly. Placing two fingers from each hand to her lips she blew air out making it come out in a high pitched loud whistle much like calling a dog. "If you're coming with stop messing around and get over here. I wont be waiting for much bloody longer!" She yelled at the top of her lungs to those she could see.
  .:Aurora:. / BlueEyedTears / 8y 127d 18h 26m 24s

Akinx sighed lightly as he awoke, he had been abandoned by his parents when he was very young. He learned how to fight with what his parents left him with,the clothes he had were Egyptian styled and thick. He could bare the heat, but the cold wore him down quickly. His pet goat laid on his bed, it was young and had nice curle horns that Akinx would wash and chip away the dead shelling, he cared for his pet very much almost as much as his war horse, Alyois, it was a stubborn horse yet being well trained it wouldn't move for any other but Akinx. He found Alyois when it was a baby also abandoned like him. He felt like they were Connected, the horse and him understood each other very well.

He shifted through his fabrics and then stood up, he began to move over and open up the small shed to his horse laying on the floor. It laid there slowly lifting its head to stare at Akinx, it shifted up and nuzzled its head against Akinx's hand. When he moved his hand away, Alyois flared his cheeks and budded Akinx with his head, Akinx laughed then guided his hands against the horses brushed mane. Soon enough Akinx was saddled up onto Alyois' back. The goat, Shaheen, followed after it practiced stampeding with it's head down at what was left of dead trees for practice, it then trotted along with the horse into the larger area of settlers.

Akinx held his Khopesh close to his side as he leaned down whispering to his horse,"hey stop stomping so hard we don't need to kill people here.." he then sat back up looking to his goat who seemed to be taking a nice petting for the children of the settlement. Akinx then jumped down from the horse, then he looked around to the people.

He heard speaking he gathered in with with his horse and goat close behind his figure. they all seemed to shift quickly as if followng the movement of something.
  The best things / Morphinebreakdown / 8y 131d 10h 48m 11s
"Just in time too," A man said as he stood on one of the larger trees. A black ferret jumped onto his shoulder, and a black horse stood beside the tree "We ran out of food just a day ago. So, let's get to know each other. I'd rather not starve," He said to the girl with the bow. He pulled his bow out as well as an arrow, just in case things didn't go as planned "My team was wiped out, and I managed to get away, what say you?" He asked. He stepped into the light, revealing himself. He had short black hair, dark red and black clothing, and amber eyes. His bow looked like demon wings, and the arrow was similar, and he had one large iron claw gauntlet on his left arm.
  Master Lyus / Lyus / 8y 133d 5h 34m 29s
I will be changing my picture later if that is okay with you - the logo on it is bothering me.

Chei awoke to the rising sun, with her pet ferret, Bella around her neck. Often times, Chei called Bella Pepe, or Pablo. She didn't know why, but Bella responded to her voice either way. She wrapped the front of her hair with a brown leather rope. She put on her battle armor, which was just a green pair of pants, which hung over fish scale armor leggings. For a top, she wore a green shirt and a brown hoodie. Chei strapped on her belt, with a grappling hook attached to it and pulled her long bow out of her closet...AKA a carved out hole in a tree.

Chei pulled on a pair of gloves, covering a one of her many scars, all from zombie scratches. The zombie antidote had saved Chei's life many times. She was extremely thankful to have the liquid on hand. Chei went around her tree and put some armor on Bella. A long sheet of bronze covered her back, and a small helmet protected her sensitive head. On the back armor, there were 5 capsuls holding one cup of zombie antidote for emergencies. Once Bella was suited up, she went to go get Rocky, her bay Clydesdale, suited up for the mission.
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Sin wasn't really in the mood for sleeping, like every night. So, like many nights before she would sit on the small porch on her cabin. That's when the sun peeked over the horizon, filling the world slowly with light, but Sin's eyes still held the cold. Eveyone in the settlement was waking, but Sin had been up for hours. She wondered if they had pleasant dreams, her mind flashed by to a memory of her Mother telling her to have sweet dreams at night. That was the only good memory she had of her mother. She had died when Sin was six, no one had any idea of what though. Some strange sickness. Nothing like the infection, but it had the same symptoms, they said. High fever, intense sweating, coughing up blood. They though that she had somehow got bitten, even though they were inside the walls. It wasn't contagious, but all of the adults, at the time, wouldn't take any chances. They separated Sin from her and keep a close on her mother. Sin saw her die. The blood gurgling in her mouth, her eyes wide open and blank. Her body was pale and covered in sweat. Ever since that day, Sin changed. She used to be such a fun kid, always smiling. But now, a smirk is the only thing that anyone can muster out of her.

Sin stood and streched in the morning light. Her muscles ached from sitting so long, and she figured it was about time to check on China, her painted horse. She headed to the stables. As she entered the barn, China greeted her with a snort and a clomp of her hooves. Sin reached up and petted the horses snout and the mare calmed at her touch. Sin opened the gate and lead China out to get some water. She didn't bother saddling the mare, she liked riding bare-back anyways. She lead China to the trough and leaned against the fence, watching as the horse drank.
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The light of the sun's early morning ray's are dancing in a zig zagging formation and they linger down onto the satin burgandy silk sheets and the burgandy velvet comforter that is drapped over Andrea. The 22 year okd woman yawns with out stretched arms and then she lowers them to her sides as the girl swings her legs over the bed and onto the cold marble tiled floor. Curly red locks of waist lengthed hair are dangling down the shoulders and back ofAndrea. She is dressed in a summery blue evening gown. She heads for the bathroim and there she has her change of clothes for the day waiting for her. The girl showers quickly and changes into jeans, a navy blue plain T shirt & tennis shoes. Nothing fancy. She has everything for the mission packed and loaded on Rhyan her steed the elephant. Andrea quickly heads downstairs and out the front door, locking up her home. The girl makes her way over to Rhyan who is grunting at her for being late while he eats his grass of hunter green. " Yes darlin, I we are late."
  Mariah Mitchell. / QueenXyna / 8y 133d 14h 11m 23s
Blinking a few times to the morning light Aurora gave her shinning violet eyes a few moments to adjust to the sunlight that cascaded into her room, shinning on her pale slender face. As she sat up the sun shone on her pale covered body, like a peering gaze watching her as she stretched out her arms with a light yawn, her stiff bones loosening and cracking into place. Today's the day... she thought to herself with a slight discontented hum while throwing her legs over the side of the bed pushing herself up, resting her feet on the cold wooden floor of her room. Shivering slightly Aurora then dragged her feet as she prepared herself for what she could only imagine was going to be the longest of her life. The mission would be dangerous and she had to prepare herself mentally as well as physically, however she quickly shook the thought from her mind trusting in her loving fiancé that she would be safe. Tying a loose rough fabric in her hair to keep it out of the way of her face, her scars were clear to see, some small scrates and one large line of rippled paler skin that cascaded from her neck down into her shirt. She was no longer bothered about her scars, it was no secret that Aurora loved to throw herself into a fight much to the amazement of others.

While walking out through the back door of her makeshift kitchen she proceeded to pick up two apples, one in each hand quickly taking a bite from the one resting in her left palm while clumsily bumping into passersby muttering her sorries as she made her way to the stables. Stepping into the pen she threw the green apple to her horse, chuckling to herself as he caught the fruit and quickly devoured it. "If I didn't know any better I'd say apples were your favourite..." the horse huffed in response before shooting a cautious glance at the entrance of the stables behind the girl. Smirking slightly Aurora jumped to meet the playful tackle of her pet Jaguar, a strange reaction to a jaguar but Aurora truly cared for theses creatures. With a sad smile she pet the Jaguars head. "I wish I could keep you guys from the mission but we all know I'm useless without you huh...?" Smiling brighter with a light chuckle she hummed contently and closed her eyes. Nodding her head reassuringly she then laughed as the horse nudged her back. "okay okay."

Getting to her feet she saddled the horse and fed him the remainder of her apple before taking his reigns in one hand quickly, the jaguar dragging them both in tow towards the meeting point causing Aurora to smile brightly and giggle. Leading to the gates of the city, Aurora came to a stop with her Jaguar sitting by her left side and her horse standing to her right. With a light yawn she leant back against the wall waiting for the others to arrive.
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