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Yuup. Haven't roleplayed in forever, and i'm getting that twitch. That twitch of dyeing to write, but that little rodent up in my brain isn't wanting to run. xD So you can help me plot up something! I'm sure it'll be fun. ;)

Now, I want you to pm me so I know you read everything, and i'll go over the rules, length of the posts, and all of that hoopla once we decide a plot. I'll be awaiting for a pm!

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As soon as Lance was not looking, she gagged, looking at her hands, which had a small amount of Pokeblood on them. He looked at her and she instantly changed to a serious and calm look and nodded, listening to what he said. She followed after him, watching him the whole time. 'Why would anyone want to do this? It's cruel!' She paused behind him, watching what he was doing. Something didn't seem right about this. Like something big was about to happen and she could feel it.

She was deep in thought when he spoke her name and she instantly stood upright, alert. Doing as she was instructed, she released two of her three Pokemon: Milotic and Glaceon. "Please go find some Slowpoke. Tell them to not be afraid to follow you." She rubbed the head of Glaceon who smiled and took off and rubbed the neck of Milotic, who cried out lovingly and 'floated' away.

Vulpix popped out on his own accord and mewed, and Aleigh picked him up and held him. Vulpix had always been with her since she was a child. She looked over at Lance with a smile, her eyes closed as she did and pet the Vulpix in her arms.
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"Good." He spoke, letting out a cough somewhat amazed that she did this. "Normally new meat don't have the guts to do that." He spoke, pushing himself off of the wall, slipping off his blood stained gloves, and placing his things back up on the self. "You came a little late, and those where the last two Slowpoke. I'm heading out to catch more. Feel free to come, just don't get in my way." Lance spoke with a grunt, placing the pokemon back in their poke-balls, putting them all in one pile. He then opened the door some, looking out for someone. "Apollo! Make sure no slowpoke escape. I'll be back in a bit." He called out. "Alright." Was his reply.

Lance nodded, opening the door more, grabbing his hat from the hallway, as well as a decent amount of empty Poke-balls, and headed out the door without looking back to see if this new girl was following behind. After getting fully outside from their hide-out, Lance took out one of his poke-balls releasing his Jolteon. "Go scope out the forest a few miles up. Lure some Slowpoke up here if you can." The green haired male spoke, crouching down, with a hand on the Jolteons head as it nodded, and ran off towards where he was told to go. "Alright, Aleigh. I saw you had a few pokemon of your own. Send out one of them to do a quick scope for slowpoke." He spoke, stuffing his hands in his pockets, with a blunt look on his face.
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She couldn't help but glare at his ignorance of their pain. She was tempted to just go and grab every Slowpoke and carry them out of this damned place, but she had to play the part.

Her hand trembled slightly as she held the scissors, and she looked into the Slowpoke's eyes. "Please forgive me," she spoke to it in the Poke language and the Slowpoke seemed to calm down. It reluctantly held still. "This will hurt. It will grow back. I am doing this for all the Pokemon. I have to save you guys."

She closed her eyes and snipped the tail off of the Slowpoke, who cried out in pain, and then was quite. She picked up the tail and looked over at Lance, grateful that he did not understand the Pokemon language.

"Here is your tail." She tossed it into the pile and spun the scissors on her fingers and catching them by the handles perfectly.
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Lance looked up at her with a yawn, as he stood up. He was a bit taller than the girl, which was a good thing. Stretching his arms up in the air, the male rubbed the back of his head in thought. "Well, Since it is your first day. I might as well let you try tail duty." He spoke, walking over to a shelf that had been placed on the door.

Grabbing over sized scissors and a pair of gloves, Lance handed the girl them. Then walking over to the Poke-balls, he released a slowpoke, as well as one more for him. "Alright, all you really have to do is handle them to where they won't lash around, and make you get a crooked cut. I sit on their back, which makes it easier. Apollo already placed a line where you cut. Then you just cut." He spoke, doing as he just said to the slowpoke he got out for him. Snipping off it's tail like he had been doing this for years. Their cries of pain never bothered him. Pain to Lance was just a figment of his imagination. Nothing to serious to be over reacting about.

He then tossed the tail over to the pile, looked at the girl with an arched brow, and crossed his arms. "You scared or something?" He spoke, leaning up against the wall, playing with his scissors, waiting for this girl to do as she was told.
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Aleigh was unsure about this from the beginning. Even though she knew it had to happen, she sucked it up. She rather be doing beauty contests, but this is what she had to take instead. She of course was in disguise. The only reason why she was even doing this was because she had a talent to understand what pokemon said due to the fact she lived with pokemon, literally, her whole life until recently when a nice family had taken her in and made her a contest winner.

She stood silently, her deep tri-hued purple eyes flashed at the scene in front of her. She trembled at what the slowpokes all cried out and closed her eyes, nodding at Lace. She walked over and stodd near him, her eyes narrowed slightly, trying to block out the Slowpoke's cries.

"What would you like for me to do?" She cringed as she watched him snip off the tail of the Slowpoke. She tried hard not to gag, remaining composed and with a serious face.

Her Pokeballs were attached to her dress. A total of three of them to be precise.
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"Bring me that damn slowpoke, lazy ass!" Spatted out a green haired male from down the hall. "Why don't you come and get it?!" Yelled back a blue haired male, sitting on the ground glaring down the hall at the pissed off 19 year old. "I don't think anyone wants off balance slowpokes wandering everywhere, now do they?" He growled back, holding back a slowpoke with his foot in the door way. "Geez. Alright, Take it!" Called the other male, tossing a few poke-balls down the hall to the boy named Lance. "Now was that so hard?" He spoke with a eyebrow twitch.

Grabbing the poke-balls, Lance went back in the room back to his work. They were cutting off Slowpoke tails for money, speaking that these tails are a food for some people, and most loved the taste of them. So these guys were making a good fortune with this. Of course, they wouldn't be expecting what was about to happen. While lance was in the middle of holding the Pokemon down, and cutting off its tail, the door opened some with two girls. One was a member of Team Rocket, and the other he had never seen in his life.

Looking up to the girls, while sitting on the slowpokes back, he arched a brow. "Can I help you?" He spoke, spinning his scissors on his finger with an arched brow. "Lance, This is Aleigh Night. She is a new member to Team Rocket. She'll be helping you with the slowpoke tails for now." The girl spoke, and swiftly walked off. "Wait..Kagura! Damn it." He muttered afterwards with a sigh, looking at this blue haired girl with boredom. "Get in here if you're looking for some work. If not, just sit and watch what you'll be doing soon." He spoke, pointing to a slowpoke that was sitting there in terror. Looking back this the one he was working on, Lance snipped it's tail right off without a care. Letting out a grunt in annoyance as he tossed the tail to the pile that had been growing by the day.
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