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One day, the evil Shadow Lord had his minions destroy the precious Belt of Deltora.
Today, a young hero called Leif and his friends Barda and Jamsine are on a quest to restore the Belt and save Deltora.

Skelly: Angel Whiteheart
Name: Lief
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Home town: Del
Gem: Topaz
Bio: He has blond hair, blue eyes and the spirit of a warrior, his home town of Del was over-run by the Shadow Lord many years ago but Leif still fights to keep the people free of his opression

Skelly: Raven Dragonheart
Name: Belle
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Home town: The Barrier Mountains
Gem: Lapis lazuli
Bio: Belle is Lief's twin. She was taken by grey guards at the age of 5. She has lived in The Barrier Mountains by herself since then. She has trained herself to fight. She was born with blond hair but the evil energy from the Mountains have turned her hair black.

Skelly: Birdwatcher
Name: Jasmine
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Home town: Forest of Silence
Gem: Diamond
Bio: Jasmine's parents were killed when she was 7 years old by the Gray Guards. She was raised by the forest, and grew up in the wild. While her temper is short and she is often very impatient, she has a sharp mind and a sharp tongue. Growing up in the forest has granted her the ability to talk to trees and animals. Jasmine is not accustomed to society and living among people, and she can be mistrustful of people, but that has saved her life many times.


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Belle ate the apple as Jasmine and the others talked. Looking over the forest girl she could see they were alike in alot of ways. A sigh escaped her lips before she looked over at Lief, she wondered if he even knew he had a twin. She looked down at the apple core in her hands before going over to the tree, buring the core under one of the roots of the tree. She pressed her hand against the tree and closed her eyes, mumbling under her breath thanks and for forgiviness for having to take the trees young. She opened her eyes and brushed her out of her eyes, looking up a Jasmine with pained eyes trying to let her understand what she had been through before getting up and walking back over to Lief and Barda. "I think we should rest for the night and start off in the morning. We've created enough of trouble for the forest today. The forest needs to be calm for what we are going to do tomorrow." she said looking at Lief and Barda before looking at Jasmine "That is if it's ok with you?" she asked.
  .: Belle :. / RavenDragonheart / 7y 86d 13h 2m 51s
Lief grimaced guiltily at Jasmine, “I am sorry for our disturbance and we thank you for your help…” he said quickly but then paused, earning him a glare from Jasmine, “…but I can’t tell you what we are looking for, it is a secret of the utmost importance” he kept her eye but she just continued to glare.

Nobody spoke for a while so Barda finally sighed, “We can’t tell you why but maybe you can tell us where?” he said to Jasmine, “We need to find the part of the Forests that holds the most evil…” he explained, “…because I’m guessing those spiders that trapped us and the ‘Wenn’ aren’t the worse things in here” he raised an eyebrow at Jasmine while Lief took another bite of the mysterious fruit; he had eaten it right down to the core and he wasn’t sure what to do with it…it seemed rude to throw it away, Jasmine saw him staring at it and walked over to him, she took the core and buried it at the base of the great tree it came from. She paused for a minute with her hands still placed on the newly disturbed earth and her face hidden by her long hair, she finally grunted and stood up with her hands on her hips, facing the trio, “Fine then, I will show you where you must go” she spoke quietly but her eyes were like daggers and she put much anger into the word must, “I will show you but I will not come with you, for it is a place where even the birds and animals of the Forest fear to venture…” her face was worried as she glanced at Filli and Kree, Lief was slightly worried himself but he hid it as he turned to Barda and Belle, “Sounds like the place” he said with a sideways glance at Jasmine, “Are you guys ready?” Lief asked, looking back and grasping the hilt of his sword, Barda nodded gravely and turned to Jasmine, “When can we leave?” he asked with a slight smile and gestured to the others.
  Lief / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 55d 7h 49m 10s
Jasmine's stance relaxed considerably once they reached the grove, and she casually kicked a stone a few feet across the grass. "So what are you all looking for?" she asked, a reluctant frown still heavy on her face. "I'm the only person who knows my way around this forest, so I guess you'll have to stick with me while you're here. Tell me what you need so you can get it and leave. The forest is not pleased with your presence." Lightly, she touched the trunk of one of the apple trees, falling silent for a moment.

"Even by doing this, you're causing far more trouble than you're worth," she murmured. "This tree who's apples you're eating... You realize that, for my request, she has sacrificed three of her dear children? Be grateful, city folk, for without the consent of this forest..." She danced around the back of the tree, facing the trio again.

"You would be dead right now."
  Jasmine / Birdwatcher / 8y 68d 16h 21m 13s
Belle catched the apple and took a bite of her apple. She felt her limbs go light again. She smiled "Thank you" she said to the girl that saved them "I'm Belle" she said looking around the part of the forest they were in. She looked over a Lief "Should we continue?"
  Belle / RavenDragonheart / 8y 74d 19h 13m 22s
Barda scowled at the circling black bird and then at the girl, “We cannot leave…not yet” he said, “There is something very important we must do first”, Lief looked from Barda to Jasmine and nodded, Jasmine just frowned and stared them down, “We need to find…something” Lief finally said when he saw that Jasmine was not giving up, Jasmine sighed, “Fine then…follow me” she said exasperated and began to lead them through the forest…

They had been walking only a few minutes but Lief’s legs felt like lead and his arms grew heavy, he thought it was strange but didn’t say anything and kept walking but the feeling grew stronger and it became hard to keep moving, “I feel…strange” he finally said, Barda turned to him and his eyes were tired and Lief recognised that the same thing must be happening to him, “The antidote is wearing off…we must hurry!” said Jasmine from up ahead and she sped up, Lief, Barda and Belle tried to keep up as best as they could but they soon fell behind.

Jasmine’s black bird flew ahead slowly, keeping an eye on them as he led the way. Eventually they came to a tree, much larger than those around it, Jasmine sat on one of the branches with three apple-like fruits in her hand and she tossed one to each of them. Lief bit into the fruit eagerly, he hadn’t eaten anything since they had left Del, not only was it delicious but a warm sensation flowed through him and Lief felt the feeling come back into his limbs…
  Lief / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 76d 2h 30m 19s
The girl beckoned the three travelers into the forest, flipping into the tree branches. "Keep up with me from the ground!" she called. "I'll explain everything later, when we're not in danger of being eaten alive, m'kay?" Kree and Filli joined her in the trees.

Once they'd run far enough, she stopped, swinging down to meet the trio. She stepped back a pace, looking over her new guests with a wary eye. The girl had short, dark hair, with slightly ripped attire and a sword slung across her back. Her hands were worn and calloused, the hands of a fighter, and she had numerous faint battle scars all over her body. This girl was like her, a survivor above all else.

The taller man had an air of pride and strength, his powerful stance natural and at ease. The broadsword hanging from his back fit his form well, the scuffed leather sheath accentuating the worn but experienced lines creasing his face. He was a warrior, a knight with the spirit and dignity of one.

Finally, her eyes fell upon the young boy. He had short blond hair and bright green eyes, his youthful face alive with curiosity. There was fire behind those eyes, something that told her that he had a hot temper but a good soul. Maybe that was why the forest had told her to help these people.

"My name's Jasmine," she said finally, her voice carrying a soft lilt. "I live in this forest. You should leave as soon as possible. There are countless other monsters in here like the Wenn, just waiting for some fresh prey to pounce on. And next time, you might not be so lucky as to get those patient spiders. Next time, you might not be so lucky as to have me save you."

She whistled, calling Kree down and murmuring softly in his ear. "He can lead you safely out of the forest," she said, after he cawed loudly in affirmation. "And I don't care why you're here; you're causing trouble for the forest and it's inhabitants."
  Birdwatcher / 8y 78d 13h 34m 36s
Belle cut herself down and looks over around the clearing rubs her arms to get feeling into them "What is this Wenn?" she asked feeling like something was watching them. She heard a noise coming towards them from the distance, she looked over at Jasmine and saw that by the look on her face she heard it to "Looks like we have to run"
  Belle / RavenDragonheart / 8y 78d 13h 51m 51s
Lief reluctantly drank the potion and it dribbled down his chin because he couldn’t move his lips, it tasted awful and burned his throat, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand but then stopped and then stared at it, “I can move!” he cried happily and began cutting himself from the web…

Barda took the potion too, he coughed and spluttered but he got it down eventually, “God awful taste though!” he said to Lief as the feeling came back into his limbs and he also began to cut himself loose…

Lief finally came free from the web and dropped to the ground, his legs felt like jelly but at least he could move them, he bent with his hands on his knees and looked up at the wild girl, “Thank you!” he said with a weak grin, she didn’t smile but just nodded and moved to help Barda who was having trouble releasing his feet, Lief frowned and went to assist her.

After struggling for a few moments, the web collapsed and Barda fell face first to the forest floor, “Ow…” he groaned and pushed himself to his knees, “Oops, sorry Barda!” Lief said with a smirk, he helped Barda to his feet and then turned to the girl that had freed them, “Hi, I’m Lief…” he said and held out his hand, the girl didn’t take it she just stared at him but Lief undeterred continued talking, “What’s your name…and what’s a Wenn?” he asked, suddenly remembering.
  Lief / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 79d 2h 15m 59s
She stared at the cloak. His mother, huh? She'd never had the luxury of having one. She only remembered her mother's voice, and the lullaby she used to rock her to sleep with. Unconciously, she found herself humming the nostalgic melody. The trees around her seemed to sway contently, and she touched one of their vast trunks.

"Do you like that?" she asked softly. The forest nodded in response. The girl shook her head back and forth, like a dog trying to shake water off its coat. Something about that boy made her feel like he was important, like he was different from all the other city folk. He was meant for something greater, and even the forest was telling her to assist him. Fine. She'd help him.

The girl returned to the nest, cloak in one hand, dagger in the other. "The forest told me to help you," she said, drawing a vial from around her neck. "Here, each of you drink a sip of this. It'll cure your paralysis." When trio gave her suspicious glares, she threw her hands up in the air. "Just drink it!" she exclaimed, exasperated. "Why would I poison people who are already doomed? And why would I waste poison on you? Now hurry up! The Wenn might return any minute!"
  Jasmine / Birdwatcher / 8y 79d 9h 57m 45s
Belle woke slowly and opened her eyes. She looked around the clearing quickly and realised they were on a web. She heard Lief yell out something and looked over adn him. She slowly got out a "Lief..." she sighed and looked around trying to figure out how they had been paralysed. She looked over at Barda and saw he was awake At least we are all ok she thought trying to push what she guessed was like a drug away from her.
  Belle / RavenDragonheart / 8y 80d 6h 32m 54s
Lief's ears were ringing, his eyes flickered open and were met with those of a raven haired girl with dark green eyes, the girls hands were at his neck, she was trying to remove his cloak but Lief couldn’t feel a thing, he tried to struggle but his body wouldn’t respond, the only thing Lief could move was his eyes and they darted about wildly, he was stuck in a large spider-like web with Barda and Belle, who were still unconscious, on either side of him.

The girl was finally able to undo his cloak and she began to walk away, Lief panicked and tried to speak but nothing came out, “I have been paralysed!” he realised, he fixed his eyes on her retreating back and struggled to speak, “No…please…don’t take my cloak…my mother made it” he managed to say, the girl with the black hair paused and smirked but then leapt out of the clearing, “No, wait, come back!” Lief yelled but there was no answer except the sounds of his companions waking up beside him…

  Lief / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 80d 6h 27m 33s
A loud scree notified the girl of Kree's arrival, and she stood up from the crook of the tree she'd been sitting in. "What's up, Kree?" she asked, offering her shoulder for him to land on. "Did they get caught by the Wenn?" The crow cawed affirmatively. "Then let's go, shall we?" She leapt from tree to tree, her knowledge of the forest and her natural agility allowing her to perform risky stunts as shortcuts to the nest.

She perched in a tall tree above the Wenns' territory, looking down over the dark alcove. Filli and Kree joined her soon after, and the trio waited until the giant monsters all left before making their way down to the forest floor. As Kree had told her, there were three humans trapped in the webs. One was a grown man, while the other two were younger, one female, one male. They looked around her age, but she mercilessly sifted through their belongings. Tough luck, she thought, because I'm the one who was going to survive.

The girl was just about to take off the boy's cloak when he awoke from his poison induced slumber. She shrugged to herself, and continued to untie the cloak.
  Jasmine / Birdwatcher / 8y 80d 11h 35m 49s
Belle kept her hands over her ears and looked down at the boys. She lowered herself onto her knees and closed her eyes. She started to get the noise out of her head by humming a song she remember her mother sang to her. She opened her eyes and saw someone jumping down from the tree before she passed out.
  Belle / RavenDragonheart / 8y 80d 12h 20m 26s
Lief spun in a tight circle as he tried to watch all the red eyes that surrounded them, as the tension rose and the eyes did nothing but circle them endlessly Lief gained a growing sense of foreboding, “They are waiting for the right moment to strike!” he thought wildly, “I won’t give them the chance!” he yelled and ran at the eyes, “No Lief!” Barda yelled behind him but it was too late, Lief had brought his sword down but he only struck air, the eyes began to vibrate and a high-pitched wail started, it grew louder and louder until the sound was so unbearable that the trio had to clamp their hands over their ears, Lief cried out in pain as the wail grew louder, it became too much and he sank to knees and then fell down in a dead faint.

Barda saw Lief fall and tried to run towards him…to help him, “LIEF!” he cried but the sound overcame him too and he fell to the ground with a resounding thud…
  Lief / AngelWhiteheart / 8y 80d 13h 19m 51s
Kree circled overhead the Wenn's nest, watching the humans who had come from the city. He cawed uneasily, wanting with all his heart to fly away from the danger zone. An adult Wenn could easily shoot a web up in the air and snag him.

There were three humans, and they'd walked straight into the monsters' territory. Kree croaked scornfully. He would never had made that mistake. That was why humans were so stupid. They could never sense danger, no matter how close it was so them. The girl was probably the only exception, but she wasn't a real human; she was a child of the forest, just like him or Filli or any animal in the forest.

He squawked fearfully when he saw movement in the pitch black shadows where the Wenn resided, their eyes glinting red in the dimming sun. Those stupid humans were about to become another meal. He was sure glad he was a crow...
  Jasmine / Birdwatcher / 8y 80d 16h 2m 1s

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