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[i Trust me darling, it will be alive and well soon! I am such a creative person. ]
[b Not much really happens here but it would be nice to see it come back alive again
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[i With love to give it leaves you breathless, but I don't want to leave you breathless... ]

Sorry, I wanted to book mark this chat lmao.
Chat's already dead, maybe Royal & I can bring it back alive.

[i What a dead chat... Is anyone here? ]
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I absolutely agree with getting that abominable post off this page. It is quite distasteful.
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I don't know if making a chat into a bookmark is a good idea completely, but on the other hand, if you're trying to bump posts off of main page without seeming janky, well, you're on the right track.
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Just posting here so I don't have to keep scrolling down and looking down at the trash post underneath this one.

This post totally isn't trash, I'm K.
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Holy fucking shit work you piece of shit. AH Why won't you fucking work You god damn cunt.
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Hello everyone. Happy Holidays and a welcoming new year to you all.
  Angel in waiting / winterrosetex / 2y 135d 13h 25m 49s
Congatulations on surviving another year you fools
  Dinivas / EbonWings / 2y 145d 3h 38m 58s
Azura wished she could speak. Things would be a lot easier for her if she could. Then again, perhaps that was part of her abilities, she couldn't speak since she had to write her spells. She wasn't sure, and there wasn't anyone she could ask, so she didn't dwell on it long.

She nodded to the reply, glad that she wasn't interrupting anything. Writing again, she showed the book to him once she was done.

[+blue Is there anything I can help with? I can help clean or something and I'll go back upstairs when it's time to open so I won't be in the way.]

Azura obviously wanted to help with something. She just couldn't be stuck in a room all day again. At least the room she was given was bigger than the last one. Still, she wanted to start paying back for the kindness she was receiving.
  Azura / Kikido / 2y 178d 6h 50m 8s
Dante saw the young woman come down there stairs. She couldn't be very old by her looks. The radio continued to play the next song on the track, and Liz leaned against the grand piano on the stage as the little girl wrote something down. Feeling a little left out she spoke up.

[+green "What, can she not speak?"] Dante was still waxing the counter as he read. Regarding Liz first and Azura second.

[+teal "She claims not to be able to, and if she can, she's going a long way not to."] Dante's sarcasm caused the woman to giggle at the thought of someone going to far to not speak. It was a little funny to Dante, but he didn't laugh often. His life was a little too down for that.

[+teal "And no, little one. You aren't interrupting anything. We show up a couple hours early to get everything in shape. We're a high class bar."] he continued running his rag up and down the bar, the sheen coming from it fully reflecting the dim lights which recessed into the ceiling.
  Dante Terra / Ignis / 2y 178d 7h 33m 55s
The place was wonderful now that she could see everything in the light. Everything shinned, so much that it almost hurt her eyes. It seemed he wanted to keep this place as clean as he could before people came in. Guess that wasn't a bad thing though, made a good impression on people.

Azura could hear the voices singing, looking over to the stage to see the woman from last night standing there. She was the one the female voice belonged to, and she sounded amazing. The way she was dressed made her look beautiful too, so neat and clean. She then realized that Dante was one of the two male voices singing. Her head tilted a bit as she continued to listen, loosing her train of thought as she did so.

The girl had heard singing before, but every time she did, she was always amazed by it. She waited until the end of the song before she would move, not wanting to startle the woman, or just cause an annoyance with her walking around. As she walked towards the bar, she wrote in her book again and held it up for Dante to read

[+blue I hope I'm not interrupting anything.]
  Azura / Kikido / 2y 179d 8h 55m 41s
Dante had the bar lit up, the chandeliers lit up above the black wooden tables and the booths that shared the sleek theme of black, polished wood. Dante woke up early every day to clean these tables, polish them. Their veneer shone in the dim light that permeated the bar. The chairs were the same, but with dark red leather seats, all of them cleaned to have a dull shine to them. The same applied for the booth seats, their chandeliers decidedly organic looking, like upside down trees with lights coming from the branch ends. The wood looked synthetic, but only because Dante was obsessed with perfection, and had polished them to a sheen.

Three voices harmonized from the bar, two deep baritones and a single alto, two male and one female.

[i [+gold "If you're blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits? Puttin' on the Ritz."]] looking at the situation, one could see an old battery operated radio with a CD slot sitting on top of a black piano, which rested on a stage, dug into the corner next to the bar. In front of the piano was the woman from last night, singing into a microphone which wasn't on.

Dante was behind the bar, singing along with her while he ran a rag up and down the bar, the bar getting its sheen back as he waxed it down.

[+gold [i "Different types of wear all day coat pants with stripes and cut away coats, perfect fits. Puttin' on the Ritz."]] they were dressed extremely formally. The woman wearing a white button up shirt and a black vest over that, she had pure black slacks leading down to a pair of black spats that were shined to perfection. Dante's outfit was largely the same, but instead of a vest, he had a swallow tailed coat on top, and had a pair of intricately designed leather boots on in place of the spats. They remained black, but faded to silver at the tips. Around the woman's neck was a black bow tie, and around Dante's was a thin red ribbon. Both had black belts with silver buckles, Dante's holding his gun holster under the coat. Their cuffs were well tailored, and had three buttons that held them in place. Dante's cream colored hair was tied back into a neat foxtail, while Liz's hair was in a 'No Nonsense' pixie cut.

[+gold [i "Dressed up like a million dollar trooper. Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper. [+green Super duper.]]] Dante acutely heard steps coming down the stairs. It wouldn't interrupt his rhythm.

[+gold [i Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks or umbrellas in their mitts. Puttin' on the Ritz."]]
  Dante Terra / Ignis / 2y 179d 8h 49m 45s
Azura watched him leave before she opened her book again. The pages were blank, but that was so she wouldn't fill up the whole thing. If one looked through it, they wouldn't even find what she had written to Dante just a few minutes ago. She didn't know where this book came from, she just woke with it in her hands one day. That was her earliest memory really.

Opening to a random blank page, she started to write a bit. A spell she knew, one of many. It was a harmless one, just added a sort of light to stay by her side while she slept. It was her own little alarm, just in case something were to happen. It had a soft glow to it, just bright enough for her to see everything in the room, but dark enough to where it wouldn't bother her. Crawling under the covers, she practically fell asleep the second her head rested on the pillow.

[center ~ ~ ~ ~ ~]

She felt something soft and warm against her cheek. Slowly, she stirred from her slumber, looking to see what it was that was trying to wake her. The soft light she had summoned glowed a bit above her before disappearing now that she was awake. Azura smiled and sat up in the bed, stretching before she pushed herself to stand. It had been a while since she was able to rest like that. It wasn't the whole night, as she had arrived well into then night, but she seemed to have gotten a good few hours of sleep. The sun was obviously up and a little past sunrise, but not to noon yet.

Her bare feet made a soft sound as she walked across the floor and towards the door. she looked around before moving into the hallway and headed back to where the bar was. She looked out to see if anyone was there though, not knowing the hours of this place and wanting to stay out of the way like he said she should.
  Azura / Kikido / 2y 179d 11h 23s

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