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[i I dunno anymore but it's kinda annoying 'cuz I can't see what's going on sometimes in the realtime chat and I'm just like a ]
[b Huh really? That's rather odd. When the site went under huge construction that mostly fixed the problem
  Kikido / 130d 23h 2m 42s
[i What makes this so bad for me is the fact that I can't look at the realtime chat. ]
  |тнε αρσтнεcαяү| / RoyalBlood- / 130d 23h 32m 14s
[i Shade-Throwers TM ]

[b My human is soooo stupid, like what the fuck? ]

[i At least I'm colorful. Who wants to be bohemiansexual with me? I just love humans ]
[b I mean if you can make it work more power to ya] XD
  Kikido / 131d 1h 37m 0s
[i Well, I mean same but like... I dunno. Characters so edgy that they throw shade at people. We should literally make that a thing. ]
[b Nah not that bad. Mainly cuz I have starved myself and Akira is one of my alter-ego's
  Kikido / 131d 1h 45m 47s
[i Are they like so bad that they starve themselves? And like don't sleep in like ten days but some how they are still alive? ]
[b Oh I've had edgy characters. Akira is one, of course] XD
  Akira / Kikido / 131d 2h 40m 45s
[K2D So everybody, I will make this a chat for random stuff soon again. I will put up several things if I am allowed to do so. But maybe before I should do that, I shall talk a bit in here to get it kinda started.

Anyone ever find that some characters are too edgy? ]
Chuckles [b He said thanks and he liked the cake so yeys
  Suigintou / Kikido / 131d 18h 53m 53s
[I Tell him happy birthday from me, a total stranger who cares for some reason. ]
[b Hey no rush and pardon the lateness. It's my fiance's birthday so I was getting him a present and makin a cake
  Suigintou / Kikido / 131d 22h 12m 46s
[i It will take me a few days, just keep an eye out darling. ]
[b Perfect, can't wait to see what creativity you bring here
  Suigintou / Kikido / 132d 33m 27s

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