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[b [#104BC2 "Come on sis, where the hell are you?"]]

Lost Angel had been tracking this guy for a while now. Helping her twin out, yet she was no where to be seen. Just great. Finding out she had family wasn't all it was cracked up to be it seemed. Her sister was a stubborn one, and that was putting it lightly. While she could work with people, it was obvious why her boss had her work alone most of the time.

[b [#104BC2 "If she doesn't show up soon I'll just take care of it and collect the money for myself."]] She muttered, pulling her hood over her head and walking out of the alleyway.

She stayed a good distance behind the man, who didn't look out of the ordinary at all. But she knew that wasn't true. It was always the ones that looked too ordinary. This guy wasn't on the good side of Hoshiko's boss, and he wanted him brought alive. Lost had no idea why Hoshiko wanted her help, but it seemed it would be because she was too lazy to do the job herself. Didn't matter to her though, more money in the end.

Tacking him took no time, and with no help. Now it was just a waiting game to get him either alone or with little witnesses that they wouldn't bother to report it. Didn't take long, the idiot walking into a part of town that people only went to if they really needed to. Smiling, she rushed a bit past him and turned around.

[b [#104BC2 "Yo! Your boss is angry with you."]] Lost then punched him in the face, knocking him out instantly. An easy job it seemed.

After turning him over to the boss, she had some more money. A job well done she figured. Her phone rang then, looking at it, she sighed and answered.

[b [#104BC2 "You're not getting the money. I got it myself."]]

[b "Lost, find Sai."]

[b [#104BC2 "You know he only shows himself when he wants to be found."]] Lost Angel replied, leaning against the wall of the building, spotting a cute guy in the distance.

[b "Find him Lost, I mean it. I saw the woman again, I know I did."]

Now Hoshiko had her attention. [b [#104BC2 "Wait, the one that you said was chasing you and kicked your ass?"]]

[b "Yes...just find Sai and let him know."]

[b [#104BC2 "Why can't you?"]]

The phone cut off then. Lost looked at it, a bit confused. Lost hadn't seen the woman before, but Hoshiko had told her about it. But why now all of the sudden? And why had the phone cut off?

[b [#104BC2 "This better not be a joke..."]]
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