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[i Well, I vented as a story of me, like a small timeline part of me. It's not all of it but it was something. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 1d 15h 19m 48s
[b Oh that sounds wonderful. It's always good when you can vent in a creative way
  Kikido / 1d 17h 39m 28s
[i It's okay, I ended up venting into the creative minds forum, you should go look at it... ]
  RoyalBlood- / 1d 17h 47m 39s
[b Sorry I was busy all day yesterday so I couldn't be on. Then I passed the fuck out and went to bed at like 4 am
  Akira / Kikido / 2d 21h 54m 10s
[i I need serious help... Yet no one is on for me to talk to. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 3d 6h 49m 36s
[center [i Loneliness is my best friend as I just sit here in the closet of my room.
I feel my spirit is contained inside my brain, like the nickname I give to inspire.
Falling into a blackness that no one else knows as you drown in the suffocating unknown.
I'm broken but I am here to stay and stand, until Death makes me part ways.
My mistakes were way wore than most as they live through what they call "Their Epic Life."
I sit, bathed in the light of the laptop talk, the noises of the night filling my ears.
Please, lend an ear for a soul in pain and filled with sorrow, give aid to the wounded warrior you have left behind.
I'm lonely, used and abused with an infection that keeps me from that trench of light.
I want to destroy the world just to let it be reborn again, the evil be purged from the Shepard of God.
Unlucikly, I've been left behind again.
Goodbye and goodnight, nice to meet you. ]]
  RoyalBlood- / 3d 7h 26m 49s
[i Ehhhhh, we party like every night and day unless I'm in school. Which leads me to another theme to talk about,

School, why do we really need it anyways? ]
  RoyalBlood- / 4d 23h 17m 53s
[b Holy shit that's a lot of people for a fuckin band, still, fuckin amazing
  Akira / Kikido / 5d 11h 59m 38s
[i Eh, it's always fun and with seventeen members, yeah, 17. But anyways, we like have an orchestra pretty much with us. Twelve of the members play the stringed instruments like violin and stuff. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 5d 12h 41m 13s
[b Ooo nice that sounds like a lot of fun!] Tail sways
  Akira / Kikido / 5d 12h 47m 10s
[i Oof, I hate jobs. But currently, I have a job with a band and that's pretty fun. We tour all around Georgia a lot and we get a shit ton of money for right now. I'm the drummer and back-up vocals. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 5d 12h 56m 47s
[b Well that's good] ^^ [b Doin alright, fiance finally got a job after months of searchin and I'm currently lookin for a new job myself
  Akira / Kikido / 5d 13h 0s
[i Totally. But I mean life is actually pretty fine right now. How's it looking for you? ]
  RoyalBlood- / 5d 13h 37s
[b Damn that sux but yea I guess there's a bit of a silver linin so that's something at least
  Akira / Kikido / 5d 13h 2m 50s
[i I feel like I am a million years old though, I've seen a lot more pain and shit than most people will in fifty years. But the pay off was that I got wiser and got to see a lot more of the world. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 5d 13h 3m 24s

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