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[b Well then, that is an interesting combo] Chuckles a bit [b Strangely isn't that surprising with musicians and drug lords gettin together in some way
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 12m 41s
[i True true. Even though I am not an artist, I do appreciate all kinds of art.

I am very good at drama, singing and all of the other fine arts shit though, my family is a long line of musicians and drug lords to be fairly honest. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 126d 23h 14m 22s
[b Ah, yea I get where you're goin. Eh nothing too wrong with it though. Strangely enough the world needs those kinds of art
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 16m 39s
[i Nahhhhh, shit worse than gore. I have that friend too, don't worry. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 126d 23h 17m 35s
[b Oh yea, I have too. I had a friend that was really into drawing gore so I'm pretty used to it. My stuff is pretty tame compared to some friends] XD

[b Ah that's lovely
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 19m 7s
[i Cat girl. There's actually nothing wrong with drawing that stuff, trust me.

I've seen too many artists draw way worse shit in my school.

My school is just shitty, so shitty that it has health code violations. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 126d 23h 19m 48s
[b A non-human? Strange thing to be called. Then again I used to be called a cat girl because I liked cats and drawing cat girls so much. They thought it was an insult
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 22m 30s
[i Yeah, that's all they do really and sometimes I can't stand it enough.

I have lots of problems with people really in general.

Most call me a non-human. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 126d 23h 26m 25s
[b Hey seems fair. They sound like they provoke you so you have all the right to fight back
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 28m 59s
[i Oh hunny, I get into fights constantly at school. Because people think they can just push me around, they are the ones that shove me into lockers and shit. Don't disrespect the foot and you won't get it lmao. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 126d 23h 29m 58s
[b Daum, good on you for winnin it. I haven't gotten into any fights in quite a few years
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 31m 35s
[i I understand that feeling, don't worry.

I've got a brace on my ankle today from a fight at school. I didn't start it but I sure fucking won it. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 126d 23h 54m 38s
[b Yea I did that. Along with cleaned it and put a band-aid on it. Band-aid's on my fingers annoy me cuz it just messes with what I do. I dunno it's weird to describe
  Akira / Kikido / 126d 23h 56m 47s
[i Ouch, apply pressure to it and eventually, the blood will cot up and it'll stop bleeding.

Wow, I don't even take health classes lmao. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 127d 9m 34s
[b Hey whatever helps

I just did a dumb and stabbed my sewin needle under my fingernail
  Kikido / 127d 10m 30s

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