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[b I had to work opening at the grocery store I work at. They seem to always put me on openings
  Little Sister / Kikido / 56d 13h 21m 26s
[K2D [i Whatcha mean? ]]
  RoyalPluto- / 56d 13h 28m 25s
Yawns and flops over into basket [b Fuck I hate opening. And it was pouring rain out too and it's fuckin cold
  Little Sister / Kikido / 56d 13h 35m 43s
[K2D Good morning. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 56d 19h 22m 0s
Chuckles [b It's all good, my fiance is about to be home from work anyways
  Akira / Kikido / 57d 9h 25m 1s
[i oof, I gotta eat. brb for a while and I might not be back for a long while so oof. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 57d 9h 25m 21s
[b It's a lot of fun but it can also be expensive] XD
  Akira / Kikido / 57d 9h 30m 15s
[i Ohhhhh, cosplaying is amazing.

I just never bother to make a costume for some reason, I should one of these days. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 57d 9h 30m 33s
[b Mainly art and games, but I also make cosplays]
  Akira / Kikido / 57d 9h 32m 55s
[i oof, I'm not really that way.

Somethings for me just can't get boring like ever.

What kind of hobbies do you have? ]
  RoyalBlood- / 57d 9h 33m 44s
[b I love games but I go through times where I'm not that interested. Then again I go through that phase on a lot of things really
  Akira / Kikido / 57d 9h 35m 6s
[i oof, I'm not much of a games player. I just never have the time for it. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 57d 9h 35m 37s
[b Ooops never mind, it's released for all on the 18th. Why the hell did I think it was on the 16th...
  Akira / Kikido / 57d 9h 37m 11s
[b Nice nice and yea] XD

[b Damn, PC seems to be getting a lot of late games lately. Soul Calibur VI doesn't come out till the 18th when it's available on X1 and PS4 tomorrow
  Akira / Kikido / 57d 9h 37m 53s
[i I'm drumming a little and at the same time trying to figure out some songs that I wanna cover with le band.

And talking to you, obviously lmao. ]
  RoyalBlood- / 57d 9h 39m 4s

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