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  81. [Allowed] AskTheStaff
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  100. [Allowed] Egoraptor
  101. [Allowed] KnightofFenrir
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[center [pic]]

Welcome (back?) to the newly-managed Awesome Random Chat.

Here, you get to chat about awesome stuff, nom on [s legs]cookies, and [i just about] anything that strikes your fancy.

[h3 Rules:]
Don't cyber.
Don't go completely out of your way to anger people.
Don't use images over 100MB in size.]
Anyone found breaking these rules will be blacklisted, and - if it's serious enough - logged for potential ban evidence.

[h3 Useful links:]
[ Community Help Thread]
[ ESV3 Formatting]
More coming later!

[h3 The Awesome Regulars!]
...what, you think I just people people on here just because they're rare?
... ... ... ...'cause I don't.

[b Kikido] - also "Kiki". Iconic lady of the chat.
[b Shiro] - seems to just come outta nowhere.
[b Glitch] - the shenanigans are real.
[b Lostax] - reminds people that [i yes,] there [i is] a screen between them.
[b Taskaru] - he doesn't care, so stop trying to impress him.
[b Shadowstorm] - familiar, almost nostalgic, yet foreign.
[b Ignis] - you want a burn, here's your sauce.
[b Pixel] - awfully big for a pixel.
[b PockyPanda] - not as sweet as the name implies.
[b K] - nope.

[i List is mostly incomplete, due to the newness of the new chat, but it'll also always be changing, so stay active, and you might make it on here !]
[h3 In memory of [ Militia7]. May we see them on ES again.]


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Roleplay Responses

Just going to do some testing down here dont mind me
  Atarashii Jinsei / EbonWings / 248d 19h 46m 54s
[i Aa, I'm so bored and I think I might go to bed soon but I dunno. ]
[i colio, I wish I could stream my music but I can't >:/ ]
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 14h 59m 40s
[b Ooo I am loving the design of that moth! Also, settin up a stream right now
  Little Sister / Kikido / 1y 5d 15h 1m 39s
[i I was just worried that you would make another one, sometimes I find you very funny though. ]
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 15h 19m 20s
But I didn't make any puns this time though...????
  Cantrella the Moth Queen / AskTheStaff / 1y 5d 15h 30m 48s
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 15h 32m 51s
Hmm, I wonder who could possibly be the cause of this
  Cantrella the Moth Queen / AskTheStaff / 1y 5d 15h 34m 49s
[i I think I'm dying lmao please help. I am being overloaded with moth puns. ]
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 15h 35m 35s
[b My friend did blue and omg it was fuckin amazing] XD [b Alright see ya later
  Little Sister / Kikido / 1y 5d 20h 57m 8s
[K2D I think it's gonna be blue next, I'm not sure. But my birthday is coming up close so I'm gonna say "FUCK ME UP!" to my hair stylist again.

Also, i gotta go for gym class, I'll be back later. ]
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 20h 58m 39s
[b Hey I think it works for ya. and nah I had a friend that would dye her hair almost weekly. It was pretty interesting
  Little Sister / Kikido / 1y 5d 21h 13s
[K2D It's lime green now, it's on my profile in a character profile that says Me (Picture)

I am the weirdest person, I changed twice like ughhh, I can't make up my mind. ]
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 21h 3m 37s
[b Aws, rip watermelon hair. Press F for respect.]
  Kikido / 1y 5d 21h 5m 8s
[K2D Rip watermelon hair guys, it's just lime green now. Somehow I dye my hair every few months and my hair is hella healthy despite bleaching it like 20 million times. ]
  RoyalNico- / 1y 5d 21h 9m 43s

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