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A house has just been put up for sale in a city called Haven. In two short days, the house was sold. The man that bought it moved in with a girl, not much younger than he, and a pet bat. It was strange, they simply just bought the house and moved in. No one saw any moving vans or anything.

Their secret: The three are from the Heavenly Realm. The man and girl are angels, the man having a single black wing, and the girl having 4 white wings. They have hidden their wings. The bat can speak but won't, to keep from any rising suspicion.

Will anyone find out? Or will they live normal lives?

Skeleton for neighbors:
Living with:

Lyus: Taken
Star: Taken
Via: Taken

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I know :(
  Sephiroth Kh2 / Lyus / 8y 18d 1h 6m 32s
No one's joining... T.T
  Starlight / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 18d 7h 3m 25s

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