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two girls that have been friends for years are now friends with benifits...what will happen betweenh them


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My famous home made pizza it is baby" I say kissing her softly before getting up
  Koda / anicarose17 / 5y 245d 10h 59m 11s
"Um I don't know. How about pizza? Is that okay?" I finally muster a real smile for her.
  Mallory Wentz / naughtyrose / 5y 252d 14h 59m 45s
"What would you like to have for dinner baby girl" I asked brushing her hair back and smiled down at her
  Koda / anicarose17 / 5y 296d 16h 3m 50s
I smile very slighlty from behind my tears as koda wipes them away. "it's not your fault koda. i dont know whats going on with me." I kiss her back sweetly before doing my best to give her a real smile.
  Mallory Wentz / naughtyrose / 5y 314d 14h 53m 21s
I walk in and quickly get on the bed and pull her close kissing her forehead once before looking at her and wiping away her tears
"I'm sorry I made you cry I hate it when your upset Mal.....I want to see that pretty smile not a sad frown ok" I say holding her tight and kissing her lips softly
  Koda / anicarose17 / 5y 314d 15h 18m 25s
"yeah you can come in" i sniffle glad for koda to be back.
  Mallory Wentz / naughtyrose / 5y 314d 15h 22m 53s
I can't stand to be away from Mallory for long, so I get up and walk back inside and back to the bedroom knocking softly
"Mal you ok in there....can I come in"
  Koda / anicarose17 / 5y 314d 15h 38m 39s
I sit up putting my head between my knees. I feel like i'm going crazy. i wish i knew why. i wish koda would just come tell me every things okay.
  Mallory Wentz / naughtyrose / 5y 314d 15h 49m 56s
When i get no answer i remember she shuts her phone off when she gets home cuz her dad doesn't know about it since i bought it for her
  Koda / anicarose17 / 7y 91d 19h 15m 53s
I continue my toddler like tantrum till i am exhausted. I grab a pillow hugging it tightly as i curl up in a ball, tears still streaming down my face.
i dont understand why im acting like this whats wrong with me i think to myself
Koda is a great girl, she takes me on dates she drives me everywhere, she stood up for me when i was made fun of, god the list goes on and on so why am i acting like this.
  Mallory Wentz / Naughtyrose / 7y 92d 8h 25m 45s
I tried to stop the tears that were rolling down my face but I couldn't....it felt like my heart was breaking.."maybe it's time for a change" I thought to my self as I pulled my phone our my pocket and texted Kristina
" helpp"
  Koda / anicarose17 / 7y 98d 16h 13m 20s
Shit" i groan as koda shuts the door. i flop back onto her bed starring at her ceiling "what the hell is wrong with me!?!" i yell at myself. I roll over my head burred into the bed and i scream, i kick and hit the bed like i'm a little kid throwing a tantrum. I let tears roll down my face as i sob into the bed.
  Mallory Wentz / Naughtyrose / 7y 100d 10h 28m 20s
I sit up and look at her for a second before sighing 'this is not going how I wanted it too' i think before I reply " well I mean your quiet and you all ways get quite when.something is on your mind .....I..Just wanted to kno...never mind now I'll leave you be " I got up and walked out of my room heading towards the back porch my heart heavy in my chest ' what am I thinking I just messed everything up ' I think as I step outside shutting the door and wiping a stray tear from my face letting my head hang down
  Koda / anicarose17 / 7y 101d 6h 35m 17s
I clench my teeth at her words maybe if i dont answer we can just continue but when she kisses my neck this time its not the same. i sigh and push myself up into the sitting position. I bury my head between my knees. "damn it" i whisper "damn it!" i take my head out from between my knees "we couldn't possibly just have had a mind numbing make out session could we, take my mind off everything no you had to talk!"
  Mallory Wentz / Naughtyrose / 7y 101d 8h 46m 17s
I look at Mallory"what's on your mind love.....talk to me" I whisper softly still holding her close and kissing her neck
  Koda / anicarose17 / 7y 119d 7h 38m 47s

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