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  Torio / saiya0subaki / 8y 92d 6h 10m 51s
  ::2:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 92d 6h 57m 14s
okay post whenever you want in the other thread and I'll post here soon^^
  Torio / saiya0subaki / 8y 95d 7h 11m 11s
  ::2:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 95d 10h 20m 35s
found one
  Torio / saiya0subaki / 8y 96d 9h 35m 58s
  ::2:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 97d 7h 52m 45s
ahhhh! it looks like i have to go now, but i'll be back soon! if you want to start you can, or when i come back i can start! sorry!
  Mizu / saiya0subaki / 8y 97d 7h 54m 26s
Okay, sounds good^^
  Mizu / saiya0subaki / 8y 97d 7h 59m 44s
The 2nd one.
  ::2:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 97d 8h 2m 22s
which one?
  Mizu / saiya0subaki / 8y 97d 8h 14m 1s
I like it :3
  ::2:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 97d 8h 23m 28s
Okay, so what would you like to do for this one? like do you want to be the one with the girl who i try to get? or visa versa and then in our attempts to get her we fall for eachother? or we could do it like the girl is both our best friend and we fell for her and as we compete we fall for eachother....something like that?
  Mizu / saiya0subaki / 8y 97d 8h 25m 17s

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