House of the Rosewood Family

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Take my white rose
White rose, red
Love everlasting
Even when dead

Kiss my white rose
White rose, red
In which love flows
In what is said

Cry on my white rose
White rose, red
Always there to be with you
And comfort you when sad

Love my white rose
White rose, red
So I may forever be with you
Loving you with the symbol
White rose...
White rose stained blood red

Every rose has a thorn, every family has a secret.
In this family everyone of us is a rose, beautiful and unique.
We all have are secrets, here they may stay.
For in the Rosewood House, every petal is a different shade.
Make yourself at home, claim a room of your own, welcome to our family, may the thorns protect you and may the petals conceal you.~ from the lovely Huntres Kathy.

How happy house that we live in

The lake

The Living room

the kitchen


Master bedroom


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  Hokio / Hokio / 5y 211d 21m 31s
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 12d 14h 57m 26s
hah i own hokio :P lol *dances*
  Andy6 / 6y 15d 22h 23m 45s
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 15d 22h 28m 46s
yeah i do :P lol
  Andy6 / 6y 15d 22h 53m 16s
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 15d 22h 55m 22s
i do. cause i own you :P lol
  Andy6 / 6y 15d 22h 57m 32s
I guess xD half the people doesnt even have it one there anymore
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 15d 23h 2m 29s
ahh after i poofed ???
  Andy6 / 6y 15d 23h 7m 15s
Heh this place kinda died a while ago
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 15d 23h 10m 54s
hi my bitches.
  Andy6 / 6y 15d 23h 14m 18s
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 51d 18h 14m 46s
rest up
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 85d 9h 21m 18s
Mm, so tired
  포털Lemons / LettuceWedge / 6y 85d 9h 22m 50s
  Hokio / Hokio / 6y 85d 9h 45m 41s

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