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I'm searching for Sephiroth/Squall. Wanna join?


Xx This will be between Cloud and either Sepiroth and or Squall. This will also be a more of a casual type. We will use our charactors,as if they went to highschool and such. xX

Xx Cloud is a seventeen year old teenager. He has recently lost his family to a car accident. It has been about two years since he attended his school. All of his friends worry and ask for unexpected help from the bully that used to pick on Cloud. Sepiroth/Squall agrees to do so,but says,I will help. But if the blonde dosen't even bother to talk to me,he might end up hurt.Still, the friends agree.xX


Xx Atleast a 200-400 charactor post. That isn't alot!!!xX

Xx Mature scenes- Email/ Timeskip xX

Xx Follow Regular ES rules xX

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Cloud pulled away moments later, he forgotten to have breathed from his nose.
  [C]loud / PrincelyShadows / 7y 260d 2h 37m 7s
His silver eyes widen before closing. He pulls Cloud closer, relishing the taste of him.
  Sephiroth / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 260d 2h 43m 30s
Cloud just starred towards the wall, for a moment. About a minute had passed before Cloud had sat up and pulled Sephiroth down,kissing his lips gently.
  [C]loud / PrincelyShadows / 7y 260d 3h 2m 46s
He stands up and looks around, trying to think of a topic to talk about. This isn't like Sephiroth, usually he always has something to say.
  Sephiroth / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 265d 13h 29m 31s
[Yeah, I've just been busy.]

Cloud yawned once more,resting his chin in the palms of his handsa,not sure what to say at this moment.
  [C]loud / PrincelyShadows / 7y 267d 3h 12m 34s
We still rping?
  Sephiroth / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 268d 21h 10m 10s
Sephiroth sighs and runs a hand through his hair,not certain what to say or do. His silver eyes fill with many emotions as he gazes at the sky.
  Sephiroth / Una_Corazon_Musica / 7y 274d 3h 46m 12s
Cloud blushed as well,looking the oppisite direction.“I've always felt that way..”He said in responce,a heavier blush laying on his cheeks.
  [C]loud / PrincelyShadows / 7y 274d 12h 9m 25s
Sephiroth looks away, his cheeks turning light pink. "I like you." He murmurs. His hair hides his face, and he sighs quietly. 'Why did I tell him that?' He asks himself.
  Sephiroth / Una_Corazon_Musica / 7y 274d 12h 16m 38s
Cloud's eyes widend only smally. He began a small blush.“How do you really feel?”He asked,hoping for the same answer Cloud had thought.
  [C]loud / PrincelyShadows / 7y 274d 19h 17m 50s
The silver haired man looks at him, his eyes warm and gentle. "To be honest, I'm not really sure." He says in a gentle voice,"I guess it was because I was trying to hide how I felt."
  Sephiroth / Una_Corazon_Musica / 7y 275d 11h 11m 28s
Opening his eyes,Cloud looked at Sephiroth with a needing expression. The blonde then sat upwards,streching his arms.“Sephiroth... Why did you always bully me..?”He questioned lightly.
  [C]loud / PrincelyShadows / 7y 275d 21h 28m 5s
He looks at their entertwined hands and his eyes fill with many emotions. He sighs and shakes his head. "You are one strange boy." he murmurs softly. In truth he didn't mind being close with Cloud, he just didn't know how to act.
  Sephiroth / Una_Corazon_Musica / 7y 282d 2h 32m 19s
The blonde unconsciencely placed a hand onto Sephiroths. A furrowed expression overcame as he had done so.
  ::Cloud:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 285d 22m 47s
Sephiroth sits next to him and strokes his hair, his silver eyes full of kindness and worry for the young blonde. He sighs, unaccustomed to caring for anything or anyone.
  Sephiroth / Una_Corazon_Musica / 7y 285d 5h 40m 6s

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