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Shinryu was down in the living room watching T.V. He had woken up before Zalum so he decided to go down into the living room and see what was on TV.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 289d 10h 8m 35s
Zalum awoke late that night and looked around for the clock. It had been already 10:00 pm. He sat up yawning.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 289d 19h 3m 28s
He stayed there relaxing some. He soon fell asleep also.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 289d 19h 9m 35s
Zalum grabbed Shinryu's arm and pulled him down ontop of him.“I want you to stay by my side when I sleep.” He mumbled,his eyes closeing once more.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 289d 19h 18m 17s
"I guess I should let you get some more sleep... And go to the movies later," he said with a shrug.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 289d 19h 21m 15s
Zalum opend his eyes slighty and yawned.“Huh..?” He blinked.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 289d 19h 25m 11s
He lightly chuckled when he saw the male sleeping in bed. He went over and gently shook Zalum awake. "Wake up sleepy head," he said.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 290d 4h 51m 1s
Zalum had fallen asleep on the bed as Shinryu showerd. He hadn't slept that night before.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 290d 5h 7m 17s
He got up and went to the bathroom. "I'll be ready in a few minutes," he said. He took a shower, changed, and came out of the bathroom. He stretched. "I'm ready," he said.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 290d 5h 11m 30s
Zalum nodded,standing up.“Sounds good ta me.” He nodded.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 290d 5h 15m 29s
"Movie it is then," he said with a chuckle.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 290d 5h 16m 56s
“Well,it's up to you to decide.” He nodded.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 290d 5h 22m 59s
"I don't know... Maybe a movie?" He asks.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 290d 5h 25m 20s
“I see. Hmm.. What do you want to do today?” He asked,streching his arms out.
  ::PrincelyShadows:: / PrincelyShadows / 7y 290d 5h 30m 24s
"No, its not, I'm happy for the day off... I rarely get them," he said.
  Shinryu / raykon / 7y 290d 5h 31m 40s

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