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lost in a forest many fear to go into is a tree, in this tree is a gate, in this gate is a man chained with sword's stabbed into him and blood soaked his rode, a single lock hangs down from his neck with a simple smbyol, the smbyol for unlock. and on the seal is the picture of a pair of lips on metal.

will you be the one to unlock the seal?

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Kyle felt something in his chest, a burning that jolted back to life, his arms and legs breaking the chains that bond him and pulling the swords from his tattered body
Kyle was in pain, his bloody body felt like it would break and he would die, but somewhere in this place he could smell her, the scent had to be her's, it was the only scent.
Running at almost full speed he found her pretty fast, his eye's not quite back to normal he saw chain like items around her arm, but what they were he had no idea. Jumping at her he clawed and cut the rope like monsters in half he grabbed her and landed on the other side of the pond, holding her weakly he said.
"a-are you ill?"
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 165d 6h 3m 34s
Looking at her feet as the last ounce of her oxygen filled her body, the young female started to hear the groan of the forest coming towards her as if some unknown force was telling her to either move or look around . She didn't want to her body stiffened as adrenaline her body became visible in her shaky hands. Something was going to eat her perhaps or just squash her! She screamed not know what to do then ran along the edges of the forest, for some odd reason everything reacted to her as if trying to keep her in the forest. She wanted to scream even louder as she got caught in some creepers before she could hop in a pond, they were like chains strangling at her wrist and ankles. Was it true what the folks said in the village that something really did go on in this forest at these times.

  Ronmaru::. / Crucifix / 8y 172d 4h 17m 55s
The silent world he lived in suddenly broke, His eyes opened and the world he had long ago lost touch with now stood before him, his sight returned to him and with this he knew. The time had come his 'master' had come the one who would clear his name of this sin. His body slowly woke up to his call and he felt the pain of eons of sleep, His body was sore and bloody he wanted to scream in pain, but his voice was still lost to him. He looked around slowly, his fox eyes scanning for the man who shall save him, the person who would unchain him and make him whole again, but for that to happen he had to get them to break the seal, and only they would know how. Until then he was still stuck in the tree, the opening to the tree wide open to the world. Kyle tried to move, and with that the chains shaked and rattled. The sound blaired to life and nearly the whole woods were alive with sound.
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 172d 4h 29m 54s
As the wind seem to heave against her bare shoulders the young female looked up then removed the wooden bar from the door's post. As the door hinged open the wind smacked her in the face and pulled along her hair. It was wild almost like a spreading fire, she couldn't help but to gasp as she saw small plants being ripped from the Earth. Se closed the shrine door tightly behind her as the wind continued it beatings and hurried down the gravel little path towards the woods. Her sandles were buckles tight to her feet as she seem to lose her footing and her loose clothing made her feel like a paper bag in all the chaos. She hurried up the forest path wanting to be free from the winds embrace and plunged herself deeper into it's depths. The forest was almost soundless, as if a spell enchanted all to hush. It was eerie but atleast the wind wasn't bashing against her head as she slumped against a particular tree to catch her breath. Now you must understand that this female was abit of a wuss or cry baby, she couldn't hand things that went "bump" in the night o her awareness was on full alert as she tried to figure out the path put of the woods.

  Ronmaru::. / Crucifix / 8y 172d 4h 36m 39s
Kyle moved his head up, or he did so in his mind, he had long ago lost his body's movement and his link to the real world, day after day he would watch as once every while a man or woman would pass, and not see him sealed in the tree, punished for his crime, a crime he had never done,

Kyle blinked in his mind and watched as the fog deepened and knew, the river would flood today, and when it did the pain would come back as he was locked under the water.
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 172d 4h 49m 23s
The constant rolling of the sea stopped no man of his hunger for treasure. The constant howl of the wing cost no man the loss of his hearing. The constant wording of my heart never sought out the love I was searching for.

Sitting up slowly from a months worth of cleaning in all a weekend a female of shortened height and a robe of silk black hair stood up from her shrine's wooden floors where a broom lie. She must have drifted off to sleep as the wind started to pick up outside and the animals nearby took for shelter. It was mid spring and the flowers that crescent the lands seem to be born once more again. But today it was opposite, the sight outside was grey and the tees looked grim from her view point. She got a sudden chill up her spine for a bad omen then sat once more on the wooden floors. It was inevitable that rain would fill the ponds and lakes around where she stayed making it almost impossible to get home unless she took the forest path. The young female sighed and sat against the door as the wind knocked constantly. There was no way out of this one , as she were little the folks of the village say mysterious creatures roamed during these times and gates that lead to other worlds open. She cringed hoping it was just children stories and sat there.

  Ronmaru::. / Crucifix / 8y 172d 4h 59m 54s
Lost in his sea of sorrow and pain, the chains dug deep into his skin and the swords that once drew blood now just held his body, he would be like this forever? would you ever find a way out? would he find the one to set him free and let him roam free huntting and living as the fox of life had.

He was alone and the fog seem to make him invisable to the world and thus forver lost.
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 172d 5h 14m 2s
Oh yes and take your time. I'm working on a profile anyway :P
  Ronmaru::. / Crucifix / 8y 172d 5h 22m 20s
:P want me to start then?
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 172d 5h 25m 59s
Nope. Not at all Adam 0-0
  Ronmaru::. / Crucifix / 8y 172d 5h 27m 32s
what do you it bad?
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 172d 5h 29m 8s
Alright 0-0
  Ronmaru::. / Crucifix / 8y 172d 5h 33m 31s
  Kitsunitta ( kyle) / clash-of-flames / 8y 172d 5h 37m 11s

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