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After the fire lord was defeated and Zuko placed on the throne, all seemed well for the world and for the Avatar. However, no one was expecting Azula to escape.
Even though balance has been restored, there are quite a few of the fire nation who shared the former fire lord's wishes for a complete fire nation and see Zuko as weak. With Azula as their leader, a band of fire nation rebels seek to restore their former glory. For a couple years after the escape, all was quiet. Azula spent her time gathering people and creating an army of her own. Eventually, villages in each nation were being attacked and occupied. The fight for the throne resumes. The avatar and his friends must return to action to preserve the peace they have created. Of course, they aren't the only heroes this time. New faces, both good and bad emerge in this conflict. What side will you be on?
Canons and OCs are welcome. please pm profiles.
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Username: aidochild
Name: Fiona Talis
Age: 16
Nation: Earth
Bender: fire bender from the former Earth Kingdom colonies
Alignment: good
Personality: She has a strong heart and always fights for what she believes in. Her fire is driven by passion and determination. She can sometimes be too serious for her own good, but she has lost too much happiness in life to remember what true happiness feels like.
Quick Bio: She has always been ashamed of her nation. Her parents were loyalists to firelord Ozai and hated Zuko when he took the throne. They joined Azula’s Fire Brigade the first chance they got and disowned Fiona when she refused to join them. They attacked her, but she escaped without harm. Unfortunately, many in the Earth Kingdom are still bitter towards firebenders so she hides her bending to live among the Earth people.

Username: CaughtonFire
Name: Nora Tomo
Age: 17
Nation: Fire
Bender: Yes, Fire
Alignment: Unsure
Personality: Strong willed, somewhat distant around those she doesn't trust. Constantly has her guard up. Doesn't always think before she acts. Can be friendly and trustworthy if she wants to be.
Quick Bio: In the past the Fire Nation had turned against her own family because they had aided a family from the Earth Kingdom. Their punishment... Death. Nora managed to escape, only thanks to her fire bending skills. Being that she is now on her own, she's on whatever side that pays more.

Name: Navarra Ash
Age: 17
Nation: Fire
Bender: Yes. Of Fire.
Alignment: Good
Personality:loving. Careing. Hot headed.
Quick Bio: Navarra's parents both died in the previous war. She grew up in an orphanage training and hoping what happend to her wouldn't happen to anyone els. Noes her chance.

Username: SororityFire
Name: Adena
Age: 15
Nation: Water
Bender: yes, water
Alignment: unsure
Personality:Sassy, rebellous, sneaky, smart, strong
Quick Bio: Adena was named Adena for a reason, the tribes elder/physic saw that Adena would be born but a fire would be burning within her there fore she was named Adena meaning fire, she lives with her mother in the Northern Water Tribe, looking for any chance to escape.

Name: Cat
Age: 16
Nation: fire
Bender: yes
Alignment: good
Personality:sweet kind but a little bit edgey
Quick Bio: loyal to her nation and her lord she moved up threw the ranks of the fire nation of nobel brith. She will do what ever to keep the nations safe

Username: TheDarkSouledDemon
Name: Fierce
Age: 17
Nation: Fire
Bender: yes, Fire
Alignment: unsure
Personality: She's quick to reply, not really much of a fighter. Some say she's like a princess, elegant but very powerful.
Quick Bio: I don't fill out bio's, it's like setting a character in stone and my ideas flow to me randomly.

Username: TheDarkSouledDemon
Name: Prince
Age: 15
Nation: water
Bender: yes, Water
Alignment: Bad
Personality: He's very short tempered but he is also mute, or at least he makes it seem that way. He relies on the sacred but deadly form of waterbending, known as bloodbending, so he's also a little...wack.
Quick Bio: I don't fill out bio's, it's like setting a character in stone and my ideas flow to me randomly.

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The silence of an otherwise pleasant morning would be broken by the crashing and crumbling booms of breaking rock; the Beifong Metalbending Academy seemed alive this morning with a rather vigorous early morning training session. The three students of the academy; Penga, Ho Tun, and "the Dark One" all stand against their Master. The group seems locked in a one sided earthbending battle as Toph Beifong herself stands against the group of them.

"Come on you sissies!" Her voice overpowers the crashing and rumbling of the stone around her, "If you don't land a hit on me in the next ten seconds, we're staying out here for the rest of the day!" Her threat seemed all the more menacing given the intense heat wave that had accompanied the start of the Summer season, but nevertheless her students seemed quite ineffective in battle. "You can't even consider metalbending until you've mastered earthbending, now you man up and land a hit on me or-!" Her works are cut short just as Ho Tun attempts a dive to the side; with a boulder being launched from his position, he was attempting to draw his teacher's attention so his secondary trail of rigged stone heading for her feet would go unnoticed. This tactic would work fine against any earthbender... Besides Toph...

"Nice try!" She slides across the ground on one foot, stomping the other to meet Ho Tun's ground attack just as her hands collide with the flying boulder- crumbling it into pieces with ease. At the same time, as her foot slides against the stone of the practice field, a pillar of stone erupts to meet the falling Ho Tun's stomach and send him flying into the air. "Alright! Take five." Toph then announces, her attention drawn to the vibrations of an approaching messenger who the students have yet to notice.

"Miss Beifong?" The Messenger hesitantly calls to the young blind girl, "I have a message for your from Avatar Aang...!"

The two now stood in the open entryway of the Beifong Metalbending Academy; they engage in a short fit of conversation before the Messenger proceeds to read his notes aloud,
"Toph, my dearest friend and Earthbending master, I regret that my duties as the Avatar have prevented me from delivering this message in person, but I have a request that I think only you can assist with..." He pauses for a moment to let the girl acknowledge the first half of the letter, "If news reached you faster than my message, then you are aware of the former-Firelord Azula's escape from imprisonment. She now leads a band of rebel benders across the Earth Kingdoms... I understand that you school and students have grown important to you, but both Zuko and I are locked within the Fire Nation Colonies while the peace movement we have attempted settles... I request, humbly, that you assist the Earth Kingdom, in any way you can, track down Azula and bring her to justice. Your dear friend and student, Avatar Aang..." The Messenger drifts to silence after, attempting to signify the end of the letter to the blind girl.

"Twinkle-toes has gotten himself into one heck of a mess... Alright, sissies, line up!" She turns her attention back to her students, who now stood behind her in silence, "Toph's gonna go lay down the law the good old Team Avatar way-- shouldn't be gone for more than a few days, in the mean time I want you three to keep up your earthbending practice just as I've showed you 'cause we are finishing this exercise when I get back!"

The three reply with varying cheers of enthusiasm, but nevertheless, they give a proper goodbye to their mentor. With the Messenger on his way and her students back inside the Academy, Toph turns her attention to the open road;
"Alright Azula, there may only be one of me, but Team Avatar is coming to save the day!" With her battle cry came the charge: the rock and dirt below her shift and push each foot forward and within seconds she is almost gliding across the landscape. It was a means to cover vast distances that she had used before, which meant that it would not be long before she would come to the aid of the Earth King; her first destination: Ba Sing Se.
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"And stay out! You thief!" The shopkeeper yelled as Nora stumbled into the street. "Eh, who needs food anyway." Nora grumbled, and dusted herself off. She began walking through the streets of the busy city, careful to not bump into any one. She could go see Zuko, but it had become so difficult to spend time with the new Fire Lord, that Nora didn't have the heart to try. "So much for having friends." She thought to herself as she weaved through the crowd. There had to be a way she could make some money, but it wasn't easy. She wasn't much of a street performer, and fire bending was nothing amazing here. "Ah, Ma, why did I have to be such a bum?" She glanced up to the crystal blue sky, thinking of her family. She missed them terribly. Ever since they had been killed... She shook the thought away. "No. No negative thoughts" The female scolded herself, and continued to walk. A rather rich looking fellow passed her, and she noticed that their coin bag was in plain view. Without much thought, she turned and walked behind them before passing them, and expertly snatching the coin bag. She slid it into her pocket and changed direction. No one would ever know that she had taken it.
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Fiona walked through the market of the small Earth kingdom town with her basket cradled under her arm. She stopped by a fruit vendor and admired the wares curiously before picking out a couple of ripe moon peaches. They were pricier at the moment, being out of season now, but they were well worth it. She felt she deserved a sweet treat... especially after all that was happening.
The thought only made her frown as she paid the vendor and went on her way. The Fire Brigade, let by the former fire nation princess, was causing trouble not just for the Avatar, but for everyone else. They went through small towns in both Earth and Fire, burning then disappearing. They called for a turn of the throne; their princess in her rightful place. Honestly, it made Fiona sick. Fiona felt even sicker by the fact that her parents were a part of that.
As they passed through her mind, she cringed and immediately glanced down at her legs. They were covered with tight pants but also wrapped underneath. Under all that covering were a pattern of burns, most knee down. Her parents were the kind of people that took no for an answer... She tried to push memories of them away, but they kept fighting back. She wondered if they would come to finish the job... she wondered if this little town would be next. It would seem so, being that she had just settled in and the Brigade was getting closer and closer, pushing the armies back. She wondered if the Avatar would stop it by then... or if she would have to take matters into her own hands. Her fire bending was a bit rusty from not using it as often as she used to; she tried to keep a low profile around these particularly country lands that were affected greatly by the Fire Nation War. They were still warming up to the idea of Fire Nation as friends. And, on top of that, she had mixed feelings about her bending because of that same war. But... if she had to use fire to protect this place and to stop Azula and her parents... she would use it.
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