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Takato finds the portal to the digital world at Guilmon's old hiding shed. Remembering the promise he made to Guilmon when all the digimon were turned into their Baby forms, he goes to the digiworld. He searches for Guilmon and several days after he finds his friend. Guilmon had been staying with Terriermon and Renamon and were joined by Gaurdromon and MarineAngemon.

Soon Takato is joined by Henry and, Rika. . The five of them are reunited with their digimon and face new dangers in the digital world ad they venture to the human world.

They meet many digimon, some good and some bad. A new threat is within the digital world. Takato, Guilmon and others must find a way to stop this threat.

But when the threat is found can Takato and the others find the strength to destroy it?

Will the gang be able to return home or are they stuck in the digital world with their partners forever?

Takato & Guilmon - Taken
Henry & Terriermon - needed
Rika & Renamon - needed
Ryo & Cyberdramon - open
Ai, Mako & Impmon - open
Kazu & Gaurdromon - open
Kenta & MarineAngemon - open
Suzie & Lopmon - open
Kaito (Kai) & Howlmon - Taken


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youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmM2LRml8ug

Several days had passed since Takato had gone through the portal and to the Digital World. He knew his parents must be worried and searching everywhere after a day had gone by in the digital world, Henry and Riku might be too. He felt bad for not telling anyone but he knew that would try to stop him. No one was getting in the way of the promise he made to his friend, his partner. "Guilmon!!!" he cried out into the empty sand filled plains.

He didn't know yet but Henry and Rika would be coming after him. He kept pressing forward, not knowing he was being followed.
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