Circus of the Damned

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The lights flash, the entertainers walk to the stage. This is the Circus, but not just any circus. People think this Circus has some freaks from another world. Well, every one of them is from another world.

Though they look, mostly human, everyone in the circus is from the world of demons. Some call it hell, they call it home.

Welcome, and do try not to break our rules

Circus Rules:
No stealing
No stowaways

Circus Members:
No stealing from your fellow Circus-men
Don't eat the audience
Make sure you are ready for a show

Roleplay Rules:
GM -
Cyber -
TS -
Cussing +
Romance +
Violence +

Audience Skeleton:

Circus Member Skeleton:
Circus Name:
Age: (100-999)
Special Physical Traits:

Circus Members:
Username: Lyus
Name: Lyus Blackrose
Circus Name: Cheshire Cat or Cheshy
Age: 800
Race: Black Blood Demon/Neko
Special Physical Traits: Cat ears and tail
Act/Ability: Teleportation

Circus Name:Black Rose
Age: 200
Race:demon vampire
Special Physical Traits:long black hair an red eyes
Act/Ability: can control the shadows and darkness and become them as well.

Circus Name: Death's Shadow
Age: 120
Special Physical Traits:Long light purple hair, lilac colored eyes.
Act/Ability: Can manipulate the shadows into weapons and can make them into wings. Uses her katana as way to create more shadows.

Fyra the Amazon
Username: Kotori
Name: Fyra
Circus Name: Amazing Amazon
Age: 126
Gender: female
Race: Amazonian
Special Physical Traits: Taller than a man and a torso stacked on top of eachother, with a thirst for blood, and stronger than an elephant, this foriegn beauty can crust your skull!
Act/Ability: Using her extreme strength to break, bend, and bust anything in her sight.

Username: AngelWhiteheart
Name: Gwendolyn
Circus Name: Purple Fury
Age: (400)
Race: Demon mage
Special Physical Traits: Long purple hair, chain whips
Act/Ability: Can lift, move and change all objects with her magic

Name:Kai Yuigocho
Circus Name:Joker
Age:25 but looks old
Race:Son of the Demon King
Special Physical Traits:Black Hair,Seems heartless
Act/Ability:Make objects appear out of the no where. Can create objects he desires if he thinks hard about it.

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Roleplay Responses

Gwen jumped, "I hate it when you do that" she smiled, staring up at him with her hands on her hips, "I need to talk to you about Yukilla" she said, her face turning serious, "The one with the was Grethan"
  Gwendolyn / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 342d 13h 32m 36s
"Looking for someone?" A voice said. A mouth appeared above one of the small booths around the circus. A devious smile formed.
  Lyus the Cheshire / Lyus / 7y 347d 20m 5s
Gwen nodded and then backed slowly out the door, closing it as quietly as possible. She sighed and stared around the grounds for any sign of the ellusive Lyus.
  Gwendolyn / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 347d 8h 32m 19s
Rose shifted her eyes and with a raspy voice said "yes i should be fine." she said and inhaled deeply and then returned to staeing at the ceiling breathing slowly
  Grellsgirl / 7y 349d 15h 8m 13s
Gwen's face grew worried, "Him...again, this is bad..." she said and walked over to the door, "I'm going to find Lyus and tell him, will you guys be okay?" she said with her hand on the doorknob.
  Gwendolyn / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 351d 10h 12m 58s
She shifted her eyes and thought for a moment then her eyes widdened 'yes I do' she said her voice filling the trailer 'it was that man who's been pokeing around"
  Grellsgirl / 7y 355d 5h 6m 45s
Gwen was standing well back, allowing Lyus space, "Did you see who it was Yukilla?" she asked quietly
  Gwendolyn / AngelWhiteheart / 7y 355d 10h 20m 17s
Sin's eyes widen a little,but she doesn't say anything. She was mostly silent and not around that muck, but when she is worried you cant miss her.
  Sin / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 355d 10h 43m 23s
Yukilla shifted her eyes to Sin and says in Sin's mind "it was garlic" she couldn't talk because Lyun was still looking over her
  Grellsgirl / 7y 355d 17h 17m 11s
Sin walks into the tent, her eyes taking in everything. When she sees Yukilla have a little stage fright she raises an eyebrow and walks over to her. "Okay...garlic or holy water?" she mutters. Sin wasn't a very social person so she was kinds stand offish a lot.
  Sin / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 355d 17h 27m 1s
ok you know what I'll post warnin may be short

Yukilla thanked Gwen in her mind and was trying to slow her breathig so she wouldn't hurt her herself whil Lyus was looking over her. She was always scared that the next show when people brought garlic to the shows that it would be the last show she ever did or she would be serverly injured and not be able to perform
  Grellsgirl / 7y 355d 18h 3m 43s
Been doing that.
No luck.
  Sin / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 355d 18h 25m 52s
Ok. But I don't know what to write. :(
  Sin / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 355d 18h 38m 0s
Yeah. I have no idea who's turn it is to post
  Sin / DarkSilverAngel / 7y 355d 18h 50m 39s
Yukilla did her performance after talkin to Gwen and Lyus and she is being taken to her trailer to be examine again because someone had garlic in the crowed
  Grellsgirl / 8y 3d 20h 9m 9s

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