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Annie has been in love with him since she laid her eyes on him . They began to date and he'd give her everything that she wanted. Annie' s best friend, Mikayla was always the third wheel, and kept on encouraging her that he was no good but Annie ignored her words. Annie doesn't know that her boyfriend is a criminal, stalked her to fill his need to kill her. He breaks into her apartment, killing her roommate, but Annie isn't there. Mikayla arrives in time at her apartment to see him be the one to kill Annie's roommate.

The criminal and Mikayla are now in a race to find who will find her first. Mikayla swears that she'll protect Annie no matter what, even if he were to find her first. The tension grow between each other, but they don't notice that they have a love and hate relationship going on.

Annie was saved at the last minute by young detective . She's now under his protection but it doesn't mean that they're safe from her so called boyfriend. Eventually they fall for each other. Mikayla and the detective used to be together but ever since he discovered Mikayla's illegal fights, they broke apart. The young detective, believes Mikayla is helping the criminal. Question is... Who will die first?

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Name: Ali Knix

Age: Twenty-two

Short Bio: Ali use to be really outgoing- That's how she meant her best friend. But after a hard relationship with someone who-will-not-be-named, she turned away from the party scene and back to her old high school ways of drawing, reading, and an addiction to reverse harem foreign dramas. Then she meant him by chance and it was love at first sight. He seemed to be the perfect guy; interested in art, well read, and even willing to watch her program addiction into late hours of the night. But was he the one for her?

Best friend

Name: Mikayla Rose

Age: 21

Short bio: Mikayla has grown up with her best friend. The two girls instantly bonded. Mikayla would do anything to protect her best friend. To her friends she was protective, kind, responsible and smart but to others, she was their worst nightmare. Mikayla as a teenager never really stepped out of line, or so that's what others thought. She had some dirty secrets that she'd rather not reveal. The things that she's done she's ashamed of but it wasn't entirely her fault. There's a reason she is able to use guns and fight like no other girl can.


Name: Hunter Allan McCoy

Age: 24

Short bio: From the beginning, Hunter was always something of a ladies' man. He would have girls falling at his feet just to be with him. For a while, it was for laughs and giggles, but then Hunter found something even more entertaining. On a drunken night, he got into an argument with his girlfriend that ended in her death, but instead of being mournful and remorseful, he was only intrigued and curious. He loved how someone could act a certain way in a relationship, and yet show their true colors when they were only an inch from death. Hunter wanted more. So, he moved from one location to another to be committed in a relationship at one moment then murdering his victims the next. And no one would be the wiser.

Young Detective

Name: Donovan Néál

Age: 23

Short bio: Donovan grew up as that little kid with a toy gun and handcuffs who would run around the neighborhood, arresting people for not taking out their rubbish or other kids for spitting. As a result, Dono was beat up alot as a kid but did didn't make him waver? Oh no, see his father was a Police Officer and the pride he instilled in young Dono was the driving force behind his life choices. He was always clean and clear cut through his teenage years. No drugs, no alchohol, no cigarettes. In fact, he was a regular Jock in Highschool. Big, Strong and not to bad to look at, he was set for a career in sports. The only problem he had was his attraction to the slightly 'wilder' girls around him. Donovan wanted to follow in his father's footsteps straight out of school and joined the Police force, rising to prominense as an aspiring detective. Since then he's been working on cold cases. On his recent case, he's been searching for a serial killer of women. After a recent breakthrough, his cold case just got alittle hotter...


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Her muscles became tight and fury of hatred was running through his veins for him. It was the hatred that she felt for the killers that messed with people she was once close to. They got what they deserved and she planned to use this hatred as a weapon. Hatred was the weapon of a person who wants revenge after all. The nervousness was already fading within a minute, already gathering up what was real and happening. She knew what would happen if she had a slow reaction as she did a long time ago. No need to make the same mistakes twice.

Already it was made out that Hunter was underestimating her. Mikayla doubted he’s faced anyone that could fight back. She’s tasted blood before and she wasn’t going to bother to hide it.

“Take the place of someone who is already dead?” She muttered and narrowed her silver eyes “How about you take her place instead? Do the world a favour.” The further his words got the more irritated she was.

“You talk as if you know me,” She concluded “Or that you can even kill me like you killed the rest. It won’t happen, not unless I drag you down with me.” With the questions she asked, she didn’t receive an answer. She assumed that he really had no idea of where Ali was. That could give her a big advantage. As her best friend, it would be easier for her to track Ali down. As he paused she noticed the terrible silence. The silence of the rain and the silence of Ali. She deserved pay back. She cautioned herself as he took a step forward. Her finger was ready to touch that black trigger without a thought. She was aware of what he was doing; he was trying to push her. Pushing her was a bad idea.

“Hunter,” She sang and then smirked “I rarely miss. You may shoot me first but I’ll shoot second.” She then picked up his movement and found him somehow getting into her cell-phone and tossing over the fire escape. She watched her phone slip away and now it was probably broken. Anger was about to burst out of her. That was her favourite phone. She loved that phone!

“That was my favourite phone you jerk!” She growled. Her eye twitched and felt the urge to grab for it but she wasn’t stupid enough to chase after it after she was there. She placed the gun over his temple when he had come close. He was right about her may getting in trouble with the cops if she did this. She didn’t think she’d walk into a crime scene and probably had her finger prints around. If she killed Hunter, they’d assume her with all the evidence. She never cared if she committed a crime but did care of being caught. It would help no one if she ended up in prison for the rest of her life, and just maybe get a death sentence if they discovered the other bodies she killed.

“You’re having a lot of fun doing this don’t you?” She muttered “And what makes you think that I’ll allow you to tail me on finding her?” Mikayla’s always saw Hunter as a cocky bastard, always showing he cared so much for Ali and that he truly did want her. It was a show. It was an obvious show that he made so perfect that it appeared fake to her. She was about to click the trigger and watched him move toward the front door. She swore under her breath that she couldn’t shoot him at a place like this. Even so, she’d get injured too. She rushed toward the fire escape, and eventually found her phone. It was soaked, but somehow managed to still work. The large drops of rain poured over her hair. She made a quick message.

Ali, hide well or Hunter will find you. No joke. Lisa is dead. Sorry. Tell me where you are, so I can find you.

Mikayla wasn’t too sure if the text sent but she hoped. She ran back inside the apartment, and start making her way downstairs of the apartment. She knew what she had to do. The first thing she’ll do is look through the video feed of the apartment that had a recording of the parking lot. Ali should have made it here by now. She just hoped that Hunter didn’t have the same idea. He probably doesn’t even think she was ever here, that or he already knew. She walked passed a couple of people and hid her gun into her jacket pocket. At the front lobby she was sure there was an office and a man usually stayed there and he’d have the video feed. She doubted he would freely let her see it. She probably has to threaten him and then escape as fast as she can. It wouldn’t be good if anyone caught her.

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She was shaking. Why? Why couldn’t she stop the tremors that ran through her body? It almost hurt to feel them, her skin running cold. Was she going to be sick? No, no she wouldn’t do that. She had to get control of herself, had to find something to ground herself back to earth. But what could pull her back into her newly found calm shell that she called life?

Something warm fell onto her shoulder, startling Ali from her thoughts, her eyes flickering in confusion to the male figure tugging her along towards an unfamiliar car. She felt herself be pulled into the musty - obviously male owned – vehicle, the door closing firmly beside her. What was going on? Who- Donovan.

That’s right. Donovan came looking for me. Turning to look at her best friend’s super freaking tall ex, Ali gave him a once over. He’s looking good considering how hard their break-up had been. Mikayla practically screamed that he was way too into his work. Then again, I guess you should be fit if you’re going to be chasing down criminals. Turning away, Ali’s left hand raised and brushed through her damp hair. How long had she been in the rain? Hell, how long had Donovan been knocking on her window?

Glancing back at him, she began to feel guilty about his white dress shirt. It was rather drenched, his skin barely visible due to the wet cotton. Look away fool! Hunter would be heartbroken if he saw what you’re doing! Shaking her head slightly, she flicked her gaze away from Donovan to look out the window. Obviously whatever he had to say to her he planned to do it somewhere else. She was just thankful he had washed away her fears that something had happened to Mikayla. But then again, hadn’t he said he wanted to talk to her about Hunter?

Why would he possibly want to talk about Hunter? She was curious. After all, to her knowledge Hunter had never done anything criminal. Oh Mikayla use to say that he probably had some shady background and that’s why he put up with Ali’s personality- Because he wanted to stay hidden from whatever might be hunting him from his past.

Ali use to laugh at Mikayla’s ramblings, that was until she started talking directly to Hunter. That’s when Ali put her size 6 and ½ inch foot down. Mikayala could bitch to Ali about who she was with, but she had no right to bitch at who she was with. It just wasn’t right. Besides, Ali didn’t bitch when Mikayla decided to date Donovan even though she knew that was a failure waiting to happen.

Thinking back on it, I wasn’t surprised when she came home telling me it was over between him and her. No, Ali had known that wouldn’t work. Donovan was too much the Boy Scout while her friend was one wild lady. Ali had been that way to once- She had been wild and flirtatious. That was until her ex-boyfriend nearly fractured her skull, leaving her in the coat room of some club. She had thought things were going great between them.

But you have Hunter now. He’s a great guy! He treats you with respect and always shows you kindness. There was only that one time he seemed to be losing his temper, back right before Mikayla and Donovan broke up. Something to do with you not shutting up about some murder case because Mikayla had snooped through what was keeping Donovan’s attention at the time. But that had been the only time Hunter had got upset. After that, Ali didn’t talk about things like police and murder. After all, Hunter had never once talked about his family to her. For all she knew, someone he loved could have been murdered.

Ali blinked, her jade green eyes coming back to focus on the now and wrenching away from the past. As she did so, she found herself sitting on one side of Donovan’s desk as he stared at her. Was his stare always that deep? It almost felt like he was trying to gaze into her very being. Did he think he could simply read the information he wanted by looking at her that way?

And had Donovan’s eyes always been so blue? Ali couldn’t remember. Get a hold of yourself, girl. You’re just stressed and hypersensitive. It’s normal to react this way when your adrenaline is pumping along with your heart. Focus on what Donovan wants from you. He asked about Hunter. Take a deep breath and tell him about the guy.

“I don’t n really know what to tell you, Donovan. Hunter’s a really sweet guy. He’s always there when I need him and always seems to know when I’m falling into myself.” Looking away from Donovan’s eyes because his stare was making her uncomfortable, Ali thought about Hunter.

“He likes just about everything I like. I told him about how I use to be a real wild child- Well you remember. He said that was all in the past now, anything I did, it just didn’t matter to him because he loved me for who I am now.” Ali smiled, her face brightening up at the memory. He had been so sweet, cuddling with her on her couch and drinking coffee. Truthfully, Ali hated coffee and preferred tea, but Hunter seemed to have enjoyed the coffee the first morning he came to her apartment. After that she started making it for him and even drinking it with him. A weird stalker thing to do, yeah, Mikayla had thought so, but Ali had wanted a happy Hunter.

“Anyways, I don’t know much about his past. He forgave me of mine so I let his go. What’s this about anyway? Why are you so interested in my boyfriend, Donovan? Did Mikayla put you up to this so I would break things off with him?”

No she was getting angry, her mind turning into a rather snarling mess. How could Mikayla do this to her? Ali knew her best friend despised Hunter, but to have Donovan do a background check and drag her down to the station just to freak her out? That was taking it too far.

Doing what she always did when she got angry, Ali bit down on her bottom lip, her jade green eyes flaring to a more poison green as she glared at Donovan from across his desk. How the hell had he let Mikayla talk him in to doing something so stupid? The Donovan she remembered had been the definition of a good ole boy, number one rule follower and Boy Scout.
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For quite some time, with the resounding bang of the gunshot still crisp in his ears, Hunter stared at the corpse of Ali's roommate. He had never spared her a second glance whenever he came to see his girlfriend, but of course it would only be now that she was dead that he would actually take the time to fully process all of her features. The girl - did he even know her name? - had been a blonde one with a few curves here and there. Her skin had gone pale and her chops were drained of color as the blood leaked out, but he recalled the girl to be tan with lips the hue of a very light pink. As for her blue eyes, well they must have been electrifying at one point, at least before the light was snuffed out all too soon. Overall she really wasn't that bad of a looker. She was probably beautiful at one point. Hunter might have even taken the time to have had a little fun with her, but it would have ended up the with the same sticky ending once all was said and done.

Slowly, Hunter came back down to Earth once he heard the sounds of ascending footsteps. 'Right,' he thought. 'Clean up time.' If he wanted to make a clean getaway and still seek out Ali, he had to make sure that no one found out about his mishap with her roommate. There was a mental checklist in his mind already as he looked around the room. The first thing to go had to be prints. Anyone could be easily followed or identified if they were careless enough to leave fingerprints all over the place. He'd have to wipe down the window, the fire escape, and maybe even his own gun. Perhaps he could put the girl's prints on it instead, make it look like a suicide, keep the cops off for some time while they chased their own tails. The next thing to disappear might have to be the body. Hunter couldn't have the neighbors snooping around after a few days only to find it. It might just cause more ruckus than he wanted. Perhaps instead of a suicide there could be a freak accident - a fire perhaps. Just as he was about to put all this into action Hunter realized that he had forgotten one crucial item on his list as Mikayla came barging into the room. Witnesses.

The accusations came first. Mikayla, the annoyance that she was, began to point out the obvious by stating that Hunter killed the girl. Someone ought to have changed her name to Sherlock and given her the grand prize. The only reason he didn't voice the quip that rested on the tip of his tongue was due to the fact that she had a gun of her own pointed directly at him. Her hands were shaky and she sounded as though she might have been slightly hysterical, but she held a deadly weapon nonetheless. He was standing on thin ice now, one had to tread carefully.

With a sort of humoring smile, Hunter sidestepped away from the bed containing the dead girl and made a grand gesture towards it with gun still in hand. "I killed her, yes, but if you would like to take her place feel free." Oh, how Hunter reveled in the thought of Mikayla's unfortunate death. She was always hounding him about Ali day in and day out. It was true that she had every right to be protective of her friend, especially considering the type of person it seemed Hunter had turned out to be, but there was a very fine line between protective and just a plain nuisance. She always kept a watchful eye. This could range from interrupting conversations, to sending threatening text messages, to simple confrontations. A sharp pain in his side is what the "best friend" was. Nothing would please Hunter more than to be rid of her. "Of course, I wouldn't expect you to do such a thing, to lay down your life so easily. No you're much to stubborn for that. And dear, sweet Ali needs your help now doesn't she? ...Doesn't she?"

Now done with the accusations, Mikayla moved on to the questioning. So many questions. At least there weren't any average run-of-the-mill questions such as, "Who are you?", "Why are you doing this?", etc. Everyone always thought that Hunter was just like every other bad guy in every other movie. There had to be a back story. There had to be some awful experience that drove him to desperation. There had to be a motive. Was it so difficult to believe he was just one guy having a good time? It was a psychotic, sadistic, demented way to have fun but to each his own.

Hunter looked to the windows as the pitter-patter of rain filled the night. Distracted, for a moment, he almost missed the threat that Mikayla dared to deliver to him. "Oh, you'll shoot me, will you? Tsk, tsk. A lot could go wrong there, you know." Head cocked and a smile still playing at his lips, the man took a step towards her. As usual, he'd push the envelope until it popped. Just to see what might happen. "You might miss, hit a civilian. Bam, another innocent dead, this time at your hands. You might hit yourself. Bam, there goes Ali's chance at being able to be graced with your so called protection. You might hit me. Bam, your in some serious trouble with the justice system. And who's to say at I may not hit you first with my gun here?" He shrugged, now only inches away from his rival, practically waving the gun in her face. As he was doing so, he caught the fact that her entire back was illuminated. Cell phone.

In a swift motion, Hunter spun around behind her, snatched up her phone, and chucked it out the fire escape window. "Well, seeing as you're such a sly dog, why don't you go out in the rain and fetch. Go on girl, go get it. After that you can try sniffing out Ali for me. Oh, and do pass on the message that I love her and I'll be coming for her. Real soon." With a wink, he stuffed his firearm into the front of his pants and trotted out the front door. He would have loved to stay and chat, but the truth of it was that he had such a busy schedule. People to kill and whatnot.
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She was just on her way up the third floor, of where Ali lived. Mikayla believed that it really was just her paranoia talking. She had very good reason to see a therapist or something after all the things she’s been doing and still stuck on her mind. She regretted that she did those things to others but not regretted that it was them she harmed. She starts walking down the apartment, calming her nerves. All was swell, until a lard gunshot echoed in her ear. Her legs caught on faster than her mind could. She practically sprinted to Ali’s door, utterly pale.

The first thing she did was put her hand into her boots and pull out a small handheld gun in case of emergencies. She held it firmly and arrived at the door in fear and fury.

“Ali!? Ali!” Mikayla yelled in panic. She attempted to turn the door knob. It was locked. Then she took a quick step back and kicked at the right place and the door lock snapped, having the door instantly open. She didn’t know what she was heading to. Hell, the killer probably had killed her best friend and still be in the room. Why would a killer kill her best friend? Was it the people that still wanted to go after her that found Mikayla had close connections?

Mikayla then moved over into the bedroom and the first thing that caught her eye was Hunter. Hunter holding a gun. Of all the things Mikayla thought he was, he didn’t think he was a murder. That said something considering she lived in a world where she believed there was people out to kill her at every corner. Mikayla’s eyes dragged onto the bed and she felt relieved for a second that it wasn’t Ali, but turned pale when she realized it was Lisa. The white pillow, soaked in crimson red, with Lisa popped wide eyes open not expecting what Hunter did.

“You killed her,” Mikayla stated slowly, then turned to him narrowing her eyes and raising her gun “Bastard you killed her! I knew you were dangerous but hell, even I didn’t even think you’re a killer! If you think I'm going to just let you walk away with this, you can forget about it.” Mikayla noticed that she was becoming too emotional and knew that always end up bad. When she got emotional, someone will get shot, and that isn’t always the other person in front of her gun.

She tried to process the situation quickly. There would be no reason Hunter would kill Ali’s roommate unless they had history and Mikayla doubted that knowing Lisa. She then remembered a couple of murders long ago while she was dating...

“You’re after Ali aren’t you?” She asked and sniped “Where is she? What did you do to her?” Mikayla suspected that Ali would be already up here and felt completely worried. But why kill Lisa? She doubted that Hunter himself, just like she didn’t know he was a killer, he probably didn't know her history about her sweet revenge.

“You don’t know where she is either, do you?” She smirked "Put the gun down or I'll shoot." Mikayla was ready to rush out of here and find where Ali was. She used her free hand to go into her pocket of her cellphone, put it behind her back and dialed Ali's phone number, just to see if she would pick up and if she was safe. If she was safe than her conversation with him could give Ali an explanation to what's going on.

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'Ali? She looks... different than I remember...' Donovan found himself distracted. It was the first time he'd seen Ali in months. His mental image of her was oddly different. This was the first time he had actually taken a moment to look at the woman he was blindly trying to save. Donovan quickly snapped back to the moment and again, tapped his knuckles off the window. He needed to get her to safety so he could find Hunter.

Donovan took a step back as Ali finally stirred. For whatever reason, her eyes brightened alittle. She lowered her window and poked her head out. When she looked up at him, her eyes darkened again and the smile froze breifly before it quickly fell from her lips. 'Nice to see you too.' Donovan was good at reading the little things. They helped him to determine what a person was feeling or if they were lying to him, not that her smile disappearing wasn't obvious enough. Its one of the things that made him a great detective, he could see peoples tells. A glance, a raised eyebrow or even a slight tighten of the lips. It told him more than enough about what someone was saying, bullshit or otherwise. In this case he didn't need to see her tells to know she didn't want to see him. Regardless. "Ali I need you to get out of the car and come with me. You may be in danger." His voice was clear and calm. He wasn't trying to alarm her, that would only make this more difficult. Mikayla was always telling Donovan how stubborn Ali could be.


In a second, Donovan was sitting flat on his ass. Ali had swung open the car door which hit him on the chest, putting him off balance. He was actually shocked that he didn't atleast stop the door. He was quicker than that... or atleast he thought he had been. He slowly got to his feet, straightening his suit again. The rain was still getting heavier and at that moment in time, it was a light shower. Ali threw a volley of questions at him over Mikayla. She finally stopped as a sharp pop distracted her. Donovan seized the opportunity. "Mikayla is fine, I'm here to take you to the department. I need you to come with me, alright." Not a second went by before another barrage of questions hit him. By the sound of her voice and the time between sentances, she was on the brink of hyperventilating. She was still raving about Mikayla which meant she hadn't heard a word he had said. Donovan once again found himself distracted. She was prettier than he remembered and also... smaller. Then again Donovan was no small man, 6'4 and broad, sloping shoulders made most normal people seem small. He focused again just in time to catch her mention Hunter and how she hadn't heard from him. 'Thank God.' Part of him was relieved as maybe he left, maybe he actually felt something for her and was gonna leave her alone. The other part of him was disappointed. She couldn't lead him to Hunter. So close, yet so far.

Donovan removed his blazer, placing it over Ali like an umbrella as the rain began to down pour. It revealed his crisp, white shirt and shoulder holster, complete with Colt 45. Ali at the time had stumbled back against her car and was visibly shaking. "Ali. Mikayla is fine and yes, this is about Hunter but not like you think. He's fine too." Donovan spoke reassuringly and warmly, like a big brother to his little sister. Though his voice was warm, his thoughts weren't. Despite him saying Hunter was alright, he wished he was lying dead in a ditch somewhere. If thoughts could kill."I'll explain it all to you later Ali. For now, I need you come with me back to the Department." His tone changed slightly, becoming a bit more assertive. He had asked her maybe, what? Four, Five times now?

The rain soaked through the white shirt, causing it to stick to Donovan's body. His hair began falling in large, clumped strands aswell. The longer she took deciding, the wetter he was getting. Using only one hand to hold the blazer above her head now, he placed his free hand lightly on her shoulder. He then gently directed her to his car, hurrying her decision. Once she was in the passenger seat, he rushed around and flung his blazer into the backseat after swinging the door open wildly, clambouring in. When your wearing a silk suit and a white shirt, rain is your enemy. Before he even reached for the key, he turned and looked at Ali. She was exhausted looking but oddly alert right now. Why wouldn't she be though? Best Friends Ex shows up and tells you to come with him to the Police Station. You wouldn't exactly sleep on the journey. He finally turned the key and the car roared to life once again. Before he touched the wheel he decided to turn on the heater, conscious of the fact that it was getting colder . This time in a less urgent situation, he eased his foot onto the accelerator and pulled out of the street onto the main road. It would take them about 20 minutes this time.

~~~~~ 20 Minutes Later ~~~~~

A speechless, awkward journey saw them pull into the police garage. Donovan parked the car in his usual spot, near the elevator and gestured for Ali to get out. His shirt had dried somewhat now so he didn't bother to put his blazer back on or even to lift it from the car. Donovan led Ali into the elevator and all the way to his office, through multiple levels of the precinct. When the two were in his office, he closed the door lightly and turned to face her. "Please have a seat." Donovan now spoke smoothly. This news was not going to be taken well. He removed his shoulder holster and placed it on his desk before sitting down. "Ali. I need you to take a deep breath and tell me everything you know about your boyfriend, Hunter. His full name, age, job, everything. Even little details like what annoys him or what he likes." His voice was still smooth and clear. Donovan had always had an incredibly masculine voice. In Highschool, girls loved it. Not mainly because of its masculinity but more so because of its warmth. He could be insulting you and you would still feel as though he liked you, if only a little. A beneficial trait in many ways. It made him a man who could charm a beggar out of his last coin. After he finished speaking, he leant in on the table and crossed his arms. Occasionally he would catch Ali's eyes in his as he stared at her. He wasn't intentionally trying to do so, still it was something he was picking up on. His reason for staring in the first place was job orientated. He was focusing on reading her. He had every reason to suspect she would naively help her boyfriend by lying about some details.
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Rapid tapping caused Ali’s jade-green eyes to flicker open. There was a pounding in her head and the urge to curl up and push the world away was riding her hard. Where am I? Soft worn warm leather sat beneath her fingers, and the smell of vanilla air freshener filled her nostrils along with the scent of an open bag of Cheetos.

That’s right. I just got off work and had headed home…
Lifting her head from the steering wheel, Ali just knew she would have red marks on her face. She really hadn’t meant to fall asleep in the damn car, but getting the energy to get out and go up to her apartment just to listen to her best friend nag at her in an hour over her boyfriend wasn’t her cup of tea so to speak. Oh hell, Mikayla is going to kill me when she finds out I missed her visit due to falling asleep right outside the freaking place. She’s probably already ranted my poor roommate to death.

Then there came the sound again, that constant rat-a-tat-tat. Squinting her eyes so that any possible bright light didn’t give her an instant migraine, Ali lifted her face to the windows looking around. Who or what would be driving me into madness already? Honestly the world has got to have it out for me. After all, Hunter hasn’t tried to contact me in what feels like two days.

Turning her head so that her dark chocolate brown hair slid over her shoulders in little waves, Ali tried to make out the figure bending over her door window in what seemed to be an urgent matter. Exited suddenly, hoping it was Hunter having come to see her and finding her asleep in her car, Ali rolled her window down and leaned out of the car. A smile spreading across her lips, Ali raised her face up, her eyes looking up from under her dark lashes to peer at who she had thought had been Hunter- Only to find herself looking at Donovan Neal, Mikayla’s ex-boyfriend.

Smile frozen on her face, Ali’s first thoughts were that something had happened to Mikayla, and that was why her detective ex-boyfriend had been beating his knuckles on her window in an attempt to wake her up. Not thinking that Donovan was right outside her door, Ali threw the thing open knocking him flat on his ass, her mind racing for fear of her best friend. “What happened to her, Donovan? Is Mikayla alright? Is she in the hospital? Is she missing?”

Rambling over and over again different questions about Mikayla’s well-being, Ali suddenly went silent, a loud sound like a quick pop kind of catching her off guard in the middle of her crazed interrogation. Shaking her head to bring her back to herself, Ali turned to stare at Donovan. She hadn’t been hearing a word he said; too worried about Mikayla to even notice that he had possibly been saying something important.

“What’s going on Donovan? Why are you banging on my window, nearly giving me a migraine? Is there something wrong with Mikayla?” Ali braced herself in case something terrible had happened to her best friend just as another idea slid into her mind. “Oh my god its Hunter isn’t it? That’s why I haven’t really heard from him. Something terrible has happened to him!”

Taking a deep breath, Ali stumbled backwards against her car, her body trembling. Hunter had been so good to her. And after her last boyfriend… What would she do if something happened to him? Mikayla was strong, Ali knew, but Hunter was a softy.

Sorry if this is a little choppy. I'm trying to work with where you guys are. =] Hope this is alright.
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'Sickening! Cold Cases!? Peoples lives thrown in a file by some half-wit detective not even worth enough to direct traffic. Then after a couple of years of collecting dust, they land on my desk. Donovan ran his fingers through his lengthy,blonde hair as he let a stressful sigh, force its way past his lips. Working himself up over nothing more than frustration at himself. 8 Months. 8 God-Forsaken months of his life he'd spent staring at the same three files and no matter how many leads he'd chased, nothing. Times like these he wished his Dad was around to say his usual little motto. 'Keep running up that hill, who knows? Might be another one for ya' on the other side!' Dono's dear old dad was truely a man of integrity and one for looking on the bright side of things. Nothing bright about this though.

Katie Mulberry. Jessica Satin. Rebecca Ross. Three victims of murder. Common factor? All three had a boyfriend they'd met a few months prior to the murders. The same three boys never showed up for questioning. Not enough to link them together? No but Donovan... well, he just knew it was all the one guy. A gut feeling. Questions remained at the front of his mind, where was this guy? How was he getting away so easy? Who was next?

Donovan rolled back from his desk, flattening over his American style, silk suit. He cupped his face, rubbing the corners of his sleep deprived eyes with his index fingers. When he was working on a difficult case, he became a work-a-holic of sorts. Possibly a driving reason behind his last break-up. One of the reasons atleast. Sleepless nights, working late and stress. In truth it was actually he, who broke up the last relationship with an otherwise understanding woman. If he had been more of an understanding person then maybe it wouldn't have been as harsh a break-up as it was. Hindsight's 20-20. Donovan moved his hands down, sliding them into his trouser pockets as he leaned back in the chair, his eyes darting from file to file before they landed on a picture on his desk. An old photograph, professionally taken of Dono & Mikayla. He never brought himself around to get rid of it.

Donovan's thoughts wandered from the case. Instead, he was reminscing over his memories with Mikayla. Smart, responsible and kind in many ways. She always had a slightly more, agressive side to her though. More than he knew at first, if truth be told. She had more than one dark little secret and in a way that was what attracted him to her. What split them up wasn't those secrets. What split them up was the lies she told to hide it. Dono knew. Not at first, but he found out. Illegal fights, beating given out and even revenge attacks among other things. He was a detective, what was she expecting!? They did live together for a short while too. Yes, Donovan may have went through her things but he was a snoop!? Before they even began dating he had her record checked. He had no idea why but he was attracted to those kind of women. Mikayla included. She wasn't all bad though. She was smart, responsible, loyal and protective. Especially to her best friend, Annie. Now there was a wild one. More a spontaneous and fun kind of wild though, not the 'You do not wanna' fuck with this' kind that Mikayla proved to be. She was the sort of girl to dive in head first, which is what made her and Mikayla a perfect duo.

As it came to memory. She had just got some new, mysterious boyfriend prior to his break-up who Mikayla didn't trust at all. Dono never met him but generally Mikayla was a good judge of character. If she felt he was shady, he was probably shady. He sniggered alittle, letting a pearly white smile flash across his lips. He remembered sitting with Mikayla on the sofa, arms wrapped around her like a some kind of cuddly, restraint. She was flicking through photographs on her phone, explaining each one to him. Trips with Annie to the beach, clothes shopping with Annie and in one case, Mikayla teaching Martial Arts. One popped up of Annie and her new boyfriend, Allan or Hunter or something like that. Mikayla enjoyed ridiculing him, picking at faults in his appearence though there were few. About an average height guy, brown, messy hair, atheletic build, strong jaw and a prominent nose...

'Wait...No, it couldn't be... could it?' Donovan sat forward with urgency, reaching his hands up to the desk and the file of Rebecca Ross. A neighbor gave a detailed description of her boyfriend. There was even an artist's rendering. He flicked from divider to divider till he found the statement and picture.'Average height, brown, messy hair, atheletic build, strong jaw and a... prominent nose.' If this guy was the killer, he'd been right under Donovan's nose the whole time. How could he have not checked him, he checked everyone around him. If he had only thought then he could have solved this sooner. He couldn't have saved those girls but atleast he could have stopped him from... "Annie!"

Donovan almost flipped his desk over as he stood up, grabbing his gun and shoulder holster, tightening it to his back and shoulder. Donovan was a big guy, 6'4 exactly but that meant nothing when someone was pointing a gun at him and as memory served, Rebecca Ross was the last victim and she was shot. This guy was clearly evolving into a better killer as he went and now carried a firearm. Fight fire with fire as they say. Dono darted out of his office, buttoning up his blazer to conceal the weapon as he made his way to the elevator. Briefly the thought crossed his mind as too, how exactly he was going to find Annie? Thankfully somewhere in his head, sprung a street name and number.

A minute rolled by in the elevator as it went from floor to floor. Eventually he hit the car park. He walked with urgency to his car, jogging at the last. A black Dodge Charger with two small, blue and red lights infront of the steering wheel on the driver's side. He prioritized what he needed to do, find Annie, then her boyfriend.

Donovan swung open the driver door and slipped in, slamming it shut in one fluid motion. He put the key in the ignitiion after fishing it from his breast pocket but before he turned the key, he fiddled around some more for his phone. Mikayla needed to know, maybe she could get in contact with Annie tell her to go somewhere safe. "Damn it!" In his rush, he had left his phone on the desk in his office. No time now though. With a roar of life, the car gripped the road and took off. Up the ramp, across the street and straight down the road. He vaguely knew where he was headed from trips with Mikayla to see Annie. Pedal to the floor, he could make it there in ten minutes.

~~~~~ 15 Minutes Later ~~~~~

'Damn traffic...' Donovan pulled onto the street, parking a distance from a set of apartments. He hoped he wasn't too late. He quietly got out, closing the door gently. Less noise and attention could give him the edge. Dono walked along the pavement in a cautious, step-by-step motion, placing his right hand on the inside of his Blazer, letting it rest on the handle of his Colt. He had no idea what to expect when he went in. With a quick glance around, he grapped the door to go in but found himself forced to pause. With a glance back, he stared straight through the window of Annie's car. Annie was leaning forward, head against the steering wheel. For a moment his heart skipped a beat. Lifeless looking but breathing.

Donovan made his way across, bending over to tap at the window. He knocked his knuckles off the glass and loudly announced the words "Annie! Annie I need you to get out of the car and come with me. Your in danger." He spoke in a smooth, certain and clear voice. Cold droplets of rain began to drizzle down after he finished, steadily getting heavier.
  Donovan Néál / Impact / 8y 24d 8h 39m 50s
The night was quiet, the only real sound was that of a pencil scribbling furiously on paper. On a street bench, aided by the light of one of the dimly flickering lamps sat Hunter McCoy, rocking back and forth as he sketched into a small notepad. With a final flourish and a swipe of the hand, it was revealed that he had been sketching the face of a girl. Her eyes were downcast as if saddened, but her small toothy grin said otherwise. Her messy strands of hair flowed down just past the nape of her neck, hiding the spaghetti straps of a tang top. Twas the look of a girl of innocence as much as guilt. At the thought, Hunter smirked slightly and wrote her name just under the drawing. Annie Belrose.

Hunter adjusted himself on the bench to pull a pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket. He stuck one in his mouth, lighting the end quickly with a spare match. He exhaled a cloud of smoke through his nose then admired his drawing for a moment. The man scoffed slightly and took the butt of the smoking device and buried it into the forehead of the girl on the paper. It caught a bit of a flame, but he quickly put it out, leaving a large black mark over his drawing of Annie. If one were to flip through the previous pages of the little black book there would be similar pictures. Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls all showed some sort of blemish. Katie Mulberry was ripped in half. Jessica Satin had the slit of a knife on her cheek. Rebecca Ross had a bullet hole in her shoulder. Hunter always enjoyed keeping reminders of previous relationships. Satisfied, he snapped the notebook shut and stood with a stretch. He felt that it was time to get a move on. With gun notebook tucked safely away, he began the trek to his girlfriend's apartment.

Upon rounding a corner, he saw that her car was there, meaning that she was as well. Sneaking behind the building, Hunter took to the fire escape, scaling up it as quietly as he could. He reached the third floor and slid open the window. The young man couldn't prevent the squeaking that the old glass caused, but it wasn't really loud enough to wake anyone. He stretched inside, letting his eyes adjust to the dark before looking around. It was pretty simplistic and minimal, but Hunter wasn't there to critique the interior design of the place. No he just wanted to break up with his girlfriend, unfortunately for her, he was usually brutal.

Hunter tip-toed over to the only bed that held the only other living soul in the room. Slowly, he pulled his revolver out from under his shirt then removed the covers from the sleeping figure. However, the drowsy eyes that looked up at him were not the drowsy eyes of the girl he had been dating for the past weeks. No, instead, it was her roommate.

"Where's Annie?" he growled.
"Oh, hey...Hunter. I dunno where, um, where she is. You didn't come here with her?" said the girl drowsily.
"I came here for her. And I get stuck with your ass instead? This is ridiculous."
"Hey man, chill out. I'm sure she'll come round."
"Yes, well, I haven't the time nor the patience, so I suppose you'll have to do."

And before the poor girl could argue against it, there was a gunshot and her previously white pillow was quickly turning a dark crimson color instead. Hunter slowly ran a shaky hand through his messy hair with a sigh. Things weren't at all going according to plan, unfortunately. But he swore to himself that he would have Annie. He would.
  Hunter Allan McCoy / Fushen / 8y 32d 23h 34m 44s
"Stupid work, and stupid short skirt." Annie cursed the tiny piece of clothing at her legs. She reached to the hem of it and pushed it down, trying to cover any more of her legs. She had been called in last minute to come in and work the night shift. She frowned, she should be sleeping, dreaming about whatever it is that starving college students dreamt about. She sighed and wished she was out of here, but she needed the money. That and it was implied if she didn't come she would have no job at all.

So she did what any girl would do, suck it up and go to work. Besides it was a known fact that the world wouldn't be able to survive without Annie. She grinned at her own arrogance and then kept walking around. Anyone that was in the old classical diner was taken care of and Annie's section was empty. Occasionally she would have to go and refill someone's drink, or bring them something but it was a slow night. She moved behind the counter and smiled at Rich, he was their chef.

"Hey Annie baby."

"Hey Rich." Rich was an older man, and was currently Annie's Father Figure, seeing as her own was an idiot.

"Busy night huh?" Rich said sarcastically getting a smile from Annie who nodded. She counted the money she had from her tips and made at least a hundred. She smiled to herself.

"Well I'm out see ya' later Rich." Annie grabbed her purse from where she left it and exited the diner. She pulled out her phone and saw a few texts from Mikayla. "I just got off work. Going home, see you there." Annie was always very grammatical with her texting. She couldn't figure out why Mikalya would text like that. She pulled out her car keys after putting her phone away and wondered what the other girl thought was going to happen?

She drove through the streets, she was a little spacy while doing so but she was tired and just wanted to get home. She sighed as she turned down another street and found herself soon parking. She rested her head against the wheel and tried to muster the energy to get up and go inside.
  :Annie: / HoneybeeX / 8y 33d 2h 48m 17s
A mood played around her mind. Her muscles felt tense all day. The air felt sharp, as if spears of ice were touching her bare arms. She hugged her arms as she walked down the stairs of the studio she worked at. She walked down the dark streets with lights that flickered each time she passed different street lights. It would have freaked anyone out but she knew the street well enough to know that it always does this. Mikayla pulled out her pony tail as her russet brown hair fell over her shoulders.

Mikayla finally finished dealing with obnoxious people, especially the guys that thought a girl teaching martial arts went that they could beat her. Boy, where they wrong. She stretched out her arms in the air and let out a quiet yawn. She could hear footsteps behind her but continued to ignore. It could have been anyone and even if it were anyone that didn’t have the right mind, she felt completely comfortable enough to protect herself.

She slipped her hand into her jean pocket and pulled out her I-phone. She looked into her messages and saw that she didn’t really get any. She went into her sent box and remembered how she sent Hunter hate mail to keep away. So far, he wasn’t keeping away at all. It annoyed her and it seemed that he didn't care at all. Mikayla tried her best to pull out an act that she didn’t mind Hunter as much, when Annie was around though. She sent a text to Annie.

Finally done work... Wat R U up 2? Please don’t tell me UR with him. BTW I have a bad feeling today. Be careful.
– Mikayla.

She put back her cell-phone and confidently walked down further the street. The lights became brighter and it started to become more crowded. She crossed the road and stared ahead to notice the police station. That was definitely something she had to avoid-but she had to go that way or take the long way around and she felt in no mood to take the extra mile to arrive at her own small place. Mikayla originally planned to live with her best friend but there were reasons to why she decided not to. She held some stuff in her room that could get her trouble. Technically, everything she had been for her own protection from the people she got revenge from, but Annie didn’t know anything about that and it was better off if she didn’t. Mikayla lowered her head as she walked past the police station. She hoped that a certain someone wasn’t around and didn’t see her. She started too sped up and didn’t stop until she arrived at her apartment.

She quickly made it into the shower, and then made something for herself to eat. The whole place felt utterly empty. Mikayla just felt the need to go over her best friend’s apartment and maybe just talk or go somewhere. Besides, with her bad feeling lingering around, she wanted to make sure nothing would happen. Mikayla was always superstitious. She changed into different clothes, short jeans, boots, a tank top and a leather jacket on top and the necessary things that she always carried around. She stepped out of her apartment and felt an uneasy feeling in her stomach. She rushed out of her apartment and went into her banged up jet black car. She hit the gas pretty hard. She usually past the speed limit whenever there wasn’t cameras. She parked her car near Annie’s apartment and came out. She then texted again.

‘I’m worried for some reason. I’m coming over.

Mikayla sighed and took the first step inside the building of her friend’s apartment. It might have been those days Mikayla felt randomly paranoid.

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