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Donny smiled and smacked Damiens ass harder.
"Then you will punished." said Donny in his sexy voice.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 95d 15h 14m 4s
The redhead gripped onto Donny as he was smacked. Moaning slightly,he nodded.“very bad.” He then said.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 95d 22h 26m 29s
"Then you'll be spanked, like all bad boys." said Donny in a suductive tone.
"Have you been bad?" Donny asked, smacking Damien on the ass.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 95d 15h 45m 24s
Damien pressed his chest agaisnt Donny's as he felt his ass sqeazed once again. Blinking he nodded.“And if I've been bad?” He smiled playfully at the other.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 96d 4h 38m 14s
"Well they make you look very sexy." said Donny in a loving tone. Still runing his fingers across Damiens chest, Donny looked at him and smiled,
"You know, I like bad boys. Have you been bad?" asked Donny, firmly grabing Damien's ass.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 96d 14h 37m 5s
Hearing the question,Damien just shrugged.“Just my early childhood..” The redhead closed his eyes once more,returning the kiss that Donny set onto Damien.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 97d 12h 10m 3s
Donny took Damiens shirt the rest of the way off, showing scars that looked painful.
"What happened?" asked Donny, tracing the scars with his fingers. He looked into Damiens eyes and kissed him again.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 97d 12h 15m 37s
Damien held closer to Donny,before his shirt began to be pryed off. Once his chest was bare,the redhead blushed slightly,the began to play at the buckle of his belt.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 97d 17h 15m 42s
It was getting hotter in garage, and Donny knew it. He began undressing, starting with his shirt and then his pants. He leaned aginst Damien, feeling the warmth spread from his body. He kissed Damien again, letting their tounges collide in a romantic bliss of ecstasy. Donny moaned louder, groping Damien once again. Donny stoped to catch his breath and begun taking off Damiens shirt.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 97d 20h 51m 44s
Damien blushed more as he slid his tongue more agaisnt the other. Feeling Donny's cold hand,he moaned slightly more,and jumped a bit. He then wrapped his arms around Donny's shoulders tightly,trying to keep his own balance.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 98d 12h 2m 0s
As there toungs touched, Donny's heart raced inside his chest. His eyes now closed, moaning with pleasure. He grabed Damien's ass tighter, sliping his hand down the back of Damien's pants.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 98d 12h 12m 41s
Damien gave a deep blush and moaned slightly as his ass was grouped.He,then pulled from the kiss to finally breathe. Once he did so,he closed his eyes,and kissed Donny once more,now slipping his tongue deeply into the kiss.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 98d 12h 44m 14s
Donny unzipped Damien's jacket and pushed it of his shoulders, he then pulled Damien closer. Squeezing aginst each other Donny grabed hold of Damien's ass, and moaned a little louder.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 98d 12h 50m 55s
Damien continued to return the kiss,gradually deepening it. Releasing a soft moan,he felt his jacket's sleeves fall to his shoulders as it was unzipped. He then reached up and tugged at Donny's hair gently.
  ::Damien:: / PrincelyShadows / 8y 98d 17h 26m 1s
Donny leaned into Damiens kiss, moaning slightly. He ran his fingers through Damiens hair and kissed deeper. Donny then begun to unzip Damiens jacket. Letting whatever happens, Happen.
  Donny / OmenGeraud / 8y 98d 21h 43m 45s

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