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[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘It’s him, officers! He stole it! I saw him! He stole from me! Arrest him!’] Hyeon-Jun observed the woman hollering heated accusations at an innocent man with two much burlier men quick at her heels; observed further, silent and at peace, as the officers then apprehended the same man without question and pulled him away to pat him down, twirling her engagement ring in between his index and thumb--a clean bust.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘Hyeon-Jun, your mother didn’t teach you to steal, did she? What would your uncle think? What would your sister think? What would [i God] think?’] his father’s voice echoed in his thoughts, distracting him from his task--fingers ceasing mid-action--but as always, his illusioned reprimand had come a moment too late. He’d already gotten it . He spared a quick glance at the item of the hour itself, appraising it with the trained eye of a seasoned thief, running his thumb across the surface of the diamond he’d spent the last twenty minutes tailing a stranger for. It was expensive, certainly, just itching to be stolen, and considering how easily it’d slipped off the woman’s ring finger, it also seemed to be nothing more [i than] that. He’d put it to better use.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘What do you mean ‘he doesn’t have it’!? Of course he has it! I felt it--I saw him take it! You’re just not looking in the right place! Just--do--strip him! Strip him of his clothes and check again! It has to be there! I couldn’t have just dropped it!’] she cried, stomping her heeled boots against the ground, reminding him of the children that’d once frequented his father’s shop, just as condescending, and just as gratingly petulant. Hyeon-Jun pursed his lips, slipped the ring into his back pocket, and went on his way. ]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 Two days later, he traded the ring and purchased a one-way ticket to Atris.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘Are you sure you’ll be okay?’] his mother asked, palms pressed flat against both his cheeks and expression one of (misplaced) worry. His sister gave their mother a sideways glance. [i ‘Okay? C’mon, mom--knowin’ him, he’ll settle down wit’ a sugar mami-’]]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [b “Or a daddy,”] Hyeon-Jun added.]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘Or a [i daddy]--and be set fer life. You really think it’s [i him] you should be worryin’ ‘bout? He’ll rob every damn person in that cesspool and [i still] come back as one o’ those distinguished soldier-men. I’ll finally have somethin’ ta brag ‘bout.’]]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [b “All for my big sis. I’ll even bring you back a few gals, have you take your pick if your mouth herpes loosens up by the time I’m back.”] That earned him a painful pinch, but the laugh that followed betrayed its nature.]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘I don’t need yer sloppy seconds, ugly. ‘Sides, who’s the one that made me make out wit’ that ugly rat in the first place?’]]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [b “Oh yeah? Couldn’t hear yer ass complainin’ when you were suckin’ face wit’ the munchkin. All that [i slurpin’], Hye-Jin, you li’l [i weasel]--”]]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘An’ who’s the one who stole all his shit while he was busy jammin’ his tongue down my throat!--’]]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘Hye-Jin, Hyeon-Jun, that’s enough, we’re in a public place. Hyeon-Jun, lose the accent. Your uncle taught you proper-speak,’] his mother admonished, worry quickly replaced by exasperation in the face of her kids’ antics. [i ‘You didn’t spend five years in the barracks to still be speakin’ street.’]]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 He gave her a kiss on the forehead, a tight hug, then stepped back, luggage in hand.]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [b “‘course, mom. I’ll be good.”] He wouldn’t be good, most likely, but she already knew that, if the tiny smile flickering on her lips was anything to go by. He wouldn’t be good, but what truly mattered was that he’d at least [i try.]]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 He said his final goodbyes--a wave to his mother, a gracious middle finger for his sister--and turned on his heel, heading to the entrance to the train. He boarded, found his seat, and settled in with an exhale. Finally. [i Finally,] he was one step closer. It was about time.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 The train ride was, all things considered, relatively peaceful. Passengers conversed amongst themselves, young and old, but Hyeon-Jun kept to his lonesome, choosing to spend his time recalling childhood stories in the privacy of his booth--mostly memories of his father prior to his incarceration , but there were some of his mother and sister too, and he found quiet sanctuary in fond reminiscence, especially considering he’d likely not get an opportunity to see them again. ]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 The hours ticked by in muted recollection, and it wasn’t long before the train came to an abrupt halt, the whistle signaling their arrival. Hyeon-Jun stood, gathered his things, and disembarked.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 Atris was, in one short word, [i something]--like nothing Hyeon-Jun’d ever seen. The capitol itself wasn’t what caught the brunt of his attention, however. A single structure stood out above all the rest, cluing him in on where he was to go from this point on. He’d never attended school, never gotten an education--not of the [i standard] sort, at least--but if their curriculum was even [i half] as showy as the building itself, he’d have his work cut out for him. He just hoped it’d be worth it in the long run.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i ‘Please make your way to the theater hall. Leave your belongings in the hall before you enter. They will be collected and brought to your rooms that have already been assigned.’]]
[font "Tahoma" [size14 [i “Theater hall.”] [i Really?] He regarded the sign, [i dis]regarded his incredulity, and made his way inside. Right away, the door opened to conversation that, albeit subdued in nature, carried like an echo in the spacely hall, so Hyeon-Jun hung back by the entrance, torso leaned against the wall with arms folded across his chest. Apparently, now, they were to wait.]]
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Full Name
* Age:
* Gender:
* Date of Birth:
* Ethnicity:
* Occupation:
* Hair color/style:
* Eye color:
* Accent :
* Height:
* Weight:
* Tattoos:
* Piercings:
* Birthmarks:
* Disfigurements:
* Scars:
Personality Overview:
* Fears:
* Childhood:                                          
* Adolesence:
* Adulthood:
Fashion Sense
* How do they usually dress?
* What do they wear to sleep?
*  Do they wear jewelry?
* Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change?
* How would they look as the opposite sex?
* What do they smell like? Why ?
* Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance ?
* Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period.
* Favorites, habits, likes and dislikes:
* What are some of your character’s hobbies? What do they do with their time?
* Favorite color:
*  Books or Favorite music artists:
* Movies or TV shows:
* authors:
* Favourite Actors/actresses:
* Political stance? Are they active in politics or do they not care?
* What are some of their pet peeves?
* What sort of gifts do they like?
* What is their favorite time of day?
* Favorite weather? Season?
* Where do they like to spend their time?
* Favorite food? Favorite drink? Hot drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol?
* Favorite animal?
* Do they have any pets? Do they want any?
* What relaxes them?
* Do they have any bad habits?
* What are some things that they don’t like?
* What are they allergic to?
Resources and abilities:
* Where did they learn their abilities?
* If they have an income, where does it come from?
* Do they have a job? Do they like it? How do they feel about their co-workers?
* Why do they have their resources? How long have they had them, and how have they served the character over time?
* Where does your character live? Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it? How do they handle intruders ? Describe the space.
* What are some of your character’s more notable merits and flaws ? How did they develop? How has this helped or hindered them in the past?
* How are they with technology?
* Are they specially qualified in any particular field? Would they be considered at the top of the field?
* Have they ever been publically acknowledged for anything?
* Is there anything they’ve deliberately sought to improve at?
* Do they speak more than one language?
Relationships and history:
* What is their family history like? How does it affect them? How do they feel about their family? How does their family feel about them?
* What were they like as a child? What was their favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates?
* What did they want to be when they grew up?
* Describe their best and worst memories from childhood.
* Where did they grow up? How did they view it as a child, and did that change as they matured? How do they feel about the place now?
* Do they, or have they in the past, had a mentor? What was their relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then?
* What sort of education have they had? Do they want more?
* Who was their idol growing up? Who was the first person they fantasized about?
* Who is their closest friend, and why? What do they like to do with this person?
* Do they have any rivals? Who and why?
* Have they ever been betrayed? By who, and how did it affect them?
Sex and Romance:
* What is their sexual orientation? Do they ever question it?
* When did they lose their virginity? Who to? Where? What was it like?
* What is their favorite sexual fantasy?
* Do they have any particular fetishes or kinks?
* What’s the strangest thing they’ve ever done in bed?
* Is there anything in particular that they won’t do?
* What are they attracted to in a partner?
* If applicable: who is their current partner, and what attracted the character to them? How did they meet? How long have they been together? What kind of a relationship is it? Do they have any plans for the future?
* What would be their perfect date?
* Describe one of the character’s past relationships and what was significant about it.
* Have they ever hurt someone they loved?
* Do they fall in love easily?
* What are their dreams? What do they want to do someday?
* Are there places they want to go? Where and why?
* If these don’t apply already: do they want to get married? Have kids?
* Would they ever consider adopting a child? Why or why not?
* Do they have any prominent sensory associations?
* Who do they want to meet?
* What about them is heroic?
* What would the character be like in their old age?
* Describe one plots you would like to do.
* Stuck in a waiting room. Which magazine do they pick up?
* What is one thing in their past they’re ashamed of? One thing they’re proud of?
* Describe one fight they’ve had in the past .
* What is one thing they feel strongly about?
* One trait they admire?
* What disturbs them?
* Do the ends justify the means in their eyes?
* Are they a leader or a follower? Why?
* What do they feel responsible for?
* Do they believe that a person can redeem themselves from mistakes of the past?
* What scares them?
* How do they feel about death? Have they been significantly affected by it?
* Do they value faith over reason or vice versa?
* Do they believe in an afterlife?
* Do they have any habits that reflect their beliefs?
* Do they respect the beliefs of others?
* Would they be more likely to act for the good of one or the good of many?
* Are they manipulative?
* Choose a holiday and come up with a potential scenario involving your character and that holiday.
* Is the character religious? What are their views, and why or why not?
* How would they like to die?
* Choose a person, historical or fictional, and write about a meeting between them and your character.
  Character Sheet / gmiho / 339d 6h 4m 20s
[center [pic]]

Jin never thought of himself as anything extraordinary; a regular kid a little too curious for his own good, or the good of others, but ordinary in every sense. He liked hanging around his grandfather, liked visiting his grandmother’s grave but most of all he liked making trouble where it wasn’t due, like all kids his age at the time. He broke things and hid them, he picked on the lame kids at school, he littered and spit on the ground, one time he even set fire to the living room curtains – a regular childhood if there ever was one, which is why he never liked to believe himself to be special; not when he’d brewed a perfect batch of coffee after reading the instructions online a single time, not when he glued together a previously broken vase to a t, and certainly not when he dismantled his grandfather’s antique wristwatch only to put it back together in a record thirty minutes. His parents persisted in saying he was intelligent, too intelligent, he insisted it was craft; handiness, he simply had a knack for doing certain actions. Both sides persevered for a long time, but sooner than naught Jin’s mother and father decided on a certain course that led Jin to where he was today; Lyon’s Academy for the Gifted, because that’s what he was. Gifted, and he’d come to terms with it – at least in the two years he’d spent here.

His summer passed as all his past vacations home had; uneventfully, save for a few mishaps, dare he say accidents. He helped out with his grandfather’s shop, waited on customers in his mother’s humble café and last but not least; denied all his father’s urges to terminate his schooling to pursue a career in business, much like his father had. His position – if he should so much as wish it – was guaranteed, he was aware of that even as he raised his hand in a flat out no for the thousandth time that season. [b “Gimme a break, abeoji, please, I’ve got classes to attend. I don’t have time for [i business],”] he argued, zipping his third suitcase of the day; moving back into the dorms was always a bigger hassle than he liked to believe. [i “Don’t be stubborn, I’m presenting you with a great opportunity, when will you see that, stupid son!”] His father’s English, although donning a thick accent, was perfect. In his line of business it was a nothing less than policy. [b “I know,”] Jin’s, on the other hand, was void of an accent, prim and proper like his appearance; unlike his attitude. [b “But I’m not interested. I don’t like politics, never have, never will. Stocks don’t make my heart beat, neither do three hour long briefings on a two percent differences in income rate,”] he grinded irritably, hauling his luggage through the front door to the taxi car. Whenever they argued about Jin’s career choices, it was always English, lest his mother overhear, currently standing by the doorway with a grim expression. Jin suspected she understood a lot more than she led on. She didn’t like it when they fought; his father would convince her saying it [i wasn’t like that], but she knew better. She also knew, being the intelligent woman that she was, better than to worry. [+red “Your father might seem harsh, but he means well.”] Jin liked to think so too.

Lyon’s Academy for the Gifted was nothing if not flashy. It was bigger than necessary, thickly decorated in every way imaginable and screamed [i special]. It also screamed ridiculous amounts money, usually followed by ridiculous amounts of [i trouble]. Jin liked that side of being a student of Lyon’s; you were basically a magnet for trouble, in or out of school. He followed his luggage to the front desk where the two separated, the belongings already on their way to his previously arranged dorm room while he stuck behind at the reception, smiling politely at the lady on desk. [b “Seung Jin Moon.”] The woman nodded, pulling out his file shortly. [b “Heard I’d be assigned a roommate this year ‘round?”] Another curt nod; most of the staff, excluding the headmaster and student councilor, tended to be extremely antisocial, even unresponsive, their fear rooted from the single fact that they were mostly comprised of regular humans who didn’t know the lengths the students’ powers could go. It made them all the easier to tease. [b “You think you could walk me to my room? I’ve never been on that side.”] He noticed the color leave her face, helpless to his antics. [b “Maybe I should [i make] you come with me?”] Then he spotted her; that one [+red redhead] he saw around the campus a few times. Apparently she didn’t speak. [b “Nevermind, I’ll ask her.”] The woman visibly deflated, releasing the held breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. [b “Hey, you,”] The redhead stopped immediately, sensing it was aimed at her. [b “Do you know where these dorms are?”] He pulled out a hand drawn map, courtesy of Jin’s student file. [b “Mind taking me?”]She couldn’t refuse; that’d just be [i rude].
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[center [pic]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 Jin hated crowds. It was a fact, and something he’d rarely contradict over, let alone work against. It’d all started back in his fifteenth year, a few months after he’d initially picked up on his ability. Jin had been a little famous in his last school, if for nothing, then for the fact that he’d successfully set fire to the professor’s already balding head during one especially experimental chemistry class. If you’re that famous, you have to be prepared for people to start following you around, like they had Jin – but he’d rehearsed his attitude for that especially. A little fame wasn’t something he couldn’t handle—what he couldn’t handle, though, was the expectations people had started pegging on to his shoulders. What would be the next big thing? Whose day would he ruin next? How long would his next suspension be? Needless to say, [i that]’d been a little too much to handle; so Jin’d cut it all off.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 It was busy, like it always is by the end of any holiday. Jin walked calmly, glancing sideways every few seconds to make sure he was still following his temporary guide. [b “Morgan Annabelle Steppe, I know,”] he said in a beat. [b “A lot of people here talk too much, so one tends to remember someone who does just the opposite.”] Jin didn’t actually know her, but he’d heard of her, sure. Morgan, the girl who didn’t speak – a year younger than him, a school year above. If his situation hadn’t been an outcome of circumstances outside his control, he might’ve even felt envious. [b “If I’d enrolled sooner, we’d be classmates,”] he hummed, flashing a pearly grin. [b “but I was busy being a delinquent,”] he admitted light-heartedly. Sure, he’d gone to school – hell, he’d probably never missed a day in his life, aside from the suspensions, but his records were far from stellar, as one would expect from a ‘hoodlum’. The first few years, he’d played his negligence off on ‘not knowing the language’. The school had blindly believed him, at least initially, until they caught on to his stealthily crafted lie; the fact that he had absolutely zero problems with grasping the language [a side-effect of his perfectionism, definitely] and was actually just a little shit of a kid who hated studying. Or any kind of work that required more than fifteen percent of his attention span. That’s probably when the stunts had started, when he’d turned from being a lazy ass into a juvenile.]]

[font "Tahoma" [size14 [b “Hey,”] he began after they’d reached his room. [b “Is it really true that you can’t talk?”] After a moment, he realized how rude that must’ve sounded, not retracting his statement either way. [b “Or is it that you don’t want to?”] Because he sure as hell felt like he'd sometimes prefer tearing his vocal chords out than having to suffer through one of his father's examinations. Like his mother insisted, he [i meant] well, put that intent was more often than not wrongly placed. On Jin, he meant. His keys present in his hand, he turned the lock, pushing the doors open with the other. [b “Oh wow.”] Warm and welcoming – try stale and moldy. [b “You said you used to room near here. Did anyone die here or something?”] God, he’d probably have to clean up.. well, at least his mother’s quick thinking had come in handy, with all the cleaning supplies she’d packed. What was he saying again?]]
  theory of a madman / -Sakura- / 3y 185d 19h 33m 36s
I instinctively jerk my hand back, fingers flexing in distress. I’ll admit I’m the one who initiated the contact – it was a reflexive instinct – but why does he have to touch [i me]? I’m hardly the most courteous person on this side of Indiana, hell, my mother never raised me to be awfully amiable, but even I know a finger two about where you shouldn’t put [i yours]. [+red “Wait, so it’s not an heirloom? That’s--”] I don’t attempt to finish my thought, my mind goes blank with an aggressive pressure, one I’d probably never get used to and I know on impulse it’s this man’s doing. Feet hooked to the flooring’s surface – aged linoleum screaming in protest – I attempt to ply myself out of his guerrilla hold and get a semblance of sense coursing my mind, but to no avail. Flashes of memory blink somberly right before my eyes, coarsely reminding that at one point my life used to be no better than that of a child living in the slums of the earth’s core. It’s not a place I choose to delve, not [i freely] at least – eyes distinctly narrowed, I briefly examine the other; it’s he who’s doing this, intrusively reading over my life as if it’s some cheap five page short story. Suddenly, my mentioning a certain deceased grandmother doesn’t seem quite as rude. As rude as I should’ve been, considering his snooty attitude. He might as well have seen me naked, at least that would’ve given him some semblance of a thrill [s or so I slyly hope].

In a final heave of frustration – because I am [i not] ready to have this man witness my pathetic attempt at a first date – I wrench away from his hold the very instant he lets go, landing me sprawled across the bed none too graciously. Different types of irritation cross my features in a linear consecutive row, a perfect illustration of how angry I am. How dare this [s hot mess] of a man scroll through my personal file so aloofly? [+red “Ain’t you a folksy fellow.”] I grate bitterly, formal etiquette bypassed by attitude, pushing off the bed all too aggressively. [+red “You don’t want to answer my questions,”] because I know the reason for his aversion to my inquiries is simply due to the amount of hassle he’d have to go through to explain the only two damn things I want to know. [+red “But I would’ve answered yours; you really think it’s necessary for you to go strolling along [i my] memory lane? You couldn’t go alone either, you had to bring me along, too?”] My chest is heaving, cheeks flushed and heated – he’s absurd. [+red “You’re absurd.”] I mimic frenzied but fuzzy speculation, hands gesturing at my front. Less map, more key, not solely either? [+red “You haven’t been making a lick of sense ever since you barged in here.”] He didn’t so much barge as he did break in, I correct. I could have him arrested for that – [i I] should arrest him. [+red “I don’t have a choice, you say. There’s no choice to make, because you haven’t given me anything remotely resembling this ‘choice’. What don’t I have a choice in?”] He can’t say. [i Of course] he can’t say, I internally fume. This is third grade all over again – everyone was learning about the birds and the bees, eager to spread their knowledge and start picking jokes at adults, while I still struggled with the reason why I had smaller hands than the boy seated next to me. Nobody ever told me, and the bud of the joke had ended up being none other than me. I hate being out of loop. [+red “When you start speaking proper English,”] and not an outdated dictionary version not even my grandfather held as his mother tongue. [+red “Then we can [i talk].”]

As if brought forth by my barrage of anger.. of ignorance, a flurry of emotion reenters, coursing through my throat down to the very tips of my toes. Jaw clenched shut, I stumble back onto the bed, fingers interloping to shake off the buzz tingling the surface of my skin. It’s a distant memory, almost forgotten, but the image is as clear as the any of the framed pictures nailed to my bedroom wall. I’m stood in a dull room, beige wallpaper on the verge of peeling off; that’s the last detail I notice, practically blinded by the woman seated in front of me, pearly whites pointed my direction. She’s a beautiful woman, an abundance more beautiful than my mother – I feel no guilt in admitting that – a single hand outstretched to rest at the top of my head whist the other laid upon her protruding stomach. Her smile is charming, dazzling even, words coated in an alluring scent of floral assembly, dripping syrupy sweetness. I speak, a child’s voice, filled with an innocence I no longer possessed; is it a girl or a boy? The woman, Lily, I recognize, wags her finger roguishly appealing to the troublemaker in my little self. It’s a secret, she sings, head lolling from side to side, listening to a ballad my untrained youthful ears couldn’t catch. It’s much like watching a scene unroll in a theater, I decree. I’m an outsider, but simultaneously I’m a part of the exchange; I feel everything the actor feels. Lily’s charisma, my own hinted frustration, the seemingly inseparable bond of worlds that couldn’t be farther apart.

[right “Everything you love will be taken from you Miss Moore.”]

Lips straightened in an undecipherable line, I nod my head. I don’t particularly believe his words, but I’m still shaken by the recollection of a woman I wasn’t aware I ever had the pleasure of knowing, apart from the four letters spelling her name. Lily, it feels closer to me now. [+red “I need a glass of water.”] I don’t, but any excuse is appropriate to escape the thickness of this atmosphere. I’ll have to air out my bedroom later on – it’ll be impossible to sleep otherwise. He follows me outside, for reasons I can’t fathom, though I don’t particularly mind his company in the kitchen; a room not sullied by grief and remembrance. Being the tall woman I am, it takes little effort to attain a tall glass, intricately decorated in childlike lettering. [+red “It was a gift,”] I respond to no question, proceeding to tap it halfway to the top. The water trickling down has an almost soothing influence on my composure, dulling nerves I didn’t realize I’d strung to their very limits, effectively harmonizing my tantalizing tempter along with the pressure accumulated in the form of a lump stuck in my throat. I gulp down the last bit of water in a single breath, slamming the glass against the counter in significance. [+red “Sorry for throwing a tantrum.”] That’s exactly what it was, if not more. [+red “I don’t usually make a big deal out of everything.”] I’m hoping he’ll forgive me – he damn well better, actually. [+red “Let’s talk. I won’t yell at you anymore.”] I speak too soon, for that’s exactly what I end up doing; I unthinkingly duck for cover behind the kitchen counter as the four joint windows separating the terrace and my apartment all synchronously combust into bits and pieces, shards of glass scattering across the tiles, letting two blurred shapes lung across the lounge room both aiming at [i me]. I curse, profusely, and even when I’m fighting to shove two [i ridiculously] cumbersome bodies off of mine, the only notion cruising through my consciousness end up being,

[right Those windows were damn expensive, shit.]
  bloodlust / -Sakura- / 3y 289d 14h 5m 41s
Hey hey [i hey], excuse you – I frown. Who? I can’t hear anything apart from a whisper, and I’m too far away to listen in. It’s something confidential, I’ll bet. It would explain why they’re being so abstruse.. I could’ve waited outside. No, I [i should’ve] waited outside – I can’t help but feel like I’m intruding on something intimate, akin to the undisclosed conversations I’d overhear too many a time during my childhood, disclosing secrets that’d been but riddles to me at the time. I picked a wrong time to come. My view on Bernaide is obscured by the stranger’s broad back, and while I can’t object to the view – I’m a human as any other – it’s uninviting, as if he doesn’t want me here. [i That makes two of us], I regard bitterly, but gracefully keep my mouth shut. Bernaide’s thin form is enticing in its melancholy – bed-ridden, eye-to-eye with curtained demise. The professional adult in me, adeptly trained, assesses his dissipating consciousness while the child in me, the one who still loves the grandfather that would visit her whenever her father neglected her, wanted to hold his fleeting form and cry like I had all those years ago. Because I was just as bad as my old man; neglectful and bitter with the see-saw of rights and wrongs in my life. [i I will come to you tomorrow,] his words are fleeting and soon he’s gone, disappearing through the door which only serves to magnify his cryptic persona. [i Make your peace, while you can.]

Taking a seat, I tuck the sleeves of my coat in, reaching out to clasp one of Bernaide’s hands in mine. They’re cold; so, so cold. [+red “I guess I should’ve visited sooner.”] I hum airily, drawing in all the details of my passing relative’s face; the intricate lines of his forehead, the wrinkles under his eyes, they’re almost beautiful. [+red “You’ve been a shitty grandfather,”] I squeeze his hand, massaging the back of his palm with my thumb. [+red “You should’ve been more forceful with me, you know how stubborn I am.”] I lean forward. [+red “I bet you spent your entire life getting manhandled by all sorts of women.”] The laughter that escapes my lips is rich with emotion, sonant and most importantly; sincere. [+red “I wanted to join the army, you know, be useful. Help..however I could.”] I was a child in that manner; somewhere deep down, I strived to be like gramps, the hero, the hotshot. [+red “But I couldn’t leave mom, you know how she is. She needs someone to depend on,”] [i because dad isn’t here], the words hung heavy above Bernaide’s bedding. [+red “So I became a person who could help people in a different way. My job’s really exciting – every day’s a thrill. Boss is a great man; a little perverted.. he’s like you in that way, but he’s always guiding us. Jace, he’s my partner, I think you’d like him. He’s got a heart of gold, but he’s as gullible as a twelve year old boy. I tease him a lot, so I guess I’m guilty too?”] I chuckle, distantly recalling I left poor Jace waiting. [+red “It’s a funny story, actually; this other day --”]

I spoke for a long time. I spoke of my job, family he’d left behind, my friends, my laughable love life and the fact that I couldn’t find a decent man for the life of me – even when I felt his life dissipate right before my eyes, felt his facial features go rigid, I continued to speak, finding comfort in the humbleness I wasn’t accustomed to. I didn’t cry. In a way, I felt undeserving of the act – I didn’t have the right to cry for a man who I’d chased out, abandoned even. I twisted my hand out of his grip, setting it over his chest in an imitation of eternal rest. [+red “You were the only weirdo who called me Fraulein.”] I left when I smelled death. It lingered disgustingly, trailing my steps, following me down to the ground floor where I informed the nurse of my grandfather’s passing, after which she’d grown a impromptu empathic kindness, patting me on the back tenderly. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I joined Jace outside, the same Jace who I’d left standing an entire hour before, following him back to his vehicle. He never said anything, he never asked.

[right I wouldn’t have answered.]

Tomorrow was a day spent in expected routine, despite my mother’s wishes of my participation in preparation for Bernaide’s entombment – the only way I’d taken part was to convince her out of her fixation on cremation; I’d always found it to be an embarrassing method of paying your respects. I was busy, too busy to engage in something as depressing as that. I would attend the burial, but as far as choice of wood for Bernaide’s coffin went, or which color need be tied to the casket’s shackles; I didn’t care. [i “Your move, Moore.”] Jace twirled a lock of sandy blond around his fingers, anticipating my next step. Unlike Jace, who sat comfortably in one of those toasty office armchairs, I opted to stand. It helped me visualize whichever ploy I was sure to implement into my play. Chess was a hobby, one I’d discovered when boss had asked me for a game a good two years back and I’d been too flustered to admit I’d never played a game in my life – so I’d crammed the rules during the lunch break, played, [i lost] and come to love it all the same. Only now, instead of boss, who tended to busy himself with work, Jace and I collaborated. I’d won the last session, he’d won the one before, but I was intent on one-upping him this time around too. [+red “I didn’t know this was a timed game, Jackals.”] I sneered, reaching over to crown a pawn, earning the edge I needed to wipe the office floor with Jace’s side of the board. [i “Don’t forget we’re scheduled for an investigation tomorrow. Wear something presentable.”] Presentable, he says, as if my choice of clothing was ever anything but..well, at the workplace. In fact, today’s pick of business casual in the style of fitted leather pants and dark red button up complimented my figure as immaculately as always. [+red “Your move, Jackals.”]

Stepping across the doorway to my apartment door, I finally see fit to let my hair loose out its confines of messy up do, rolling the fabric-covered elastic hair tie up to my wrist. I felt through my coat pockets for the house keys. Dangling the various accessories gifted by friends attached to the base, I turned the main key counter-clockwise, pushing the door open. Immediately I turned to lock it, tossing my coat nearby right after. I padded through the roomy apartment, heels clacking vocally against the wooden flooring in search of something to chew on while I organized tomorrow’s array of questions prepared for the provocation needed to force their suspect into an admittance of guilt.. or at least a hint of a lead. I grabbed an apple, running it through the tap water briskly, popping the seasoned fruit into my mouth to take the first bite. It was sour with just that added pinch of tanginess, which I adored. The doors to my bedroom stood ajar, though I distinctly remember closing them this morning, leaving me with a full view and almost earning a piece of apple stuck in my windpipe. I coughed, hitting at my chest to distract from the frame laid upon my bed. [i He’s in my bed.] Oh god, oh god. How the hell did he get in? [i He’s in my [b bed].] Did he break in? When? Could I have left a door unlocked in a morning rush? [i No], I assure myself, I’d never do something so careless. For one, I’m too meticulous. His words from yesterday, the words I’d pushed to the far back of my peripheral, came rushing back, smacking me across the face in blatant performance. [i I will come to you tomorrow.]

I refused to panic. [i It’s all good, Moore, if he’s a serial killer, you can take him.] I hardly doubted that, dragging my eyes across the firmness of his body. I was pretty sure I could get a good to the groin in, though. That’s right, no need to panic. Bernaide trusted this man. I didn’t – there were plenty of things I felt for this man, trust not being one of them – but gramps had. That at least accounted to something. I took a large, greedy bite out of the apple, butchered under my steel hand. I sauntered over, absolutely calm – as calm as I’d been yesterday eve – crossing my legs when I sat, feeling the leather tighten around my knees. I swallowed, savoring the bittersweet juices rolling down my throat as long as possible, avoiding eye contact. There he was, mr. tall dark and handsome, splayed over my bed sheets and the very idea of it, his body resting against the fainted imprints of my body.. it was all, so, so.. [+red “Kinky.”] I sang, wanting to die the next second. Ignore that, I tell myself; that was nothing. [+red “What ties do you have to my grandfather?”] I’d let him escape my inquiries, but not today. Today I felt rather perseverant.
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I vaguely remember my grandfather.. well, I say vaguely, though truth be told I’m simply encouraging myself. He’s the reason I have to bring a paper bag each time I go to hang my laundry – it’s partially my fault for choosing a condo so high up, but he’s no less to blame. In my younger years, I’d been a naïve, ignorant little girl with a pretty little face who trusted everyone and anyone’s words. Grandfather was one among the many, yet I still remember his deceit, his double-crossing. I’d been young, weak in body – not the brightest crayon in the box – but I’d trusted him to catch me. He’d told me he would, after all. He didn’t. I swung, let go, soared the skies for an entirety of five seconds before falling flat on my face and breaking my right arm. I’d cried for days, of course – cried for my stupidity, my gullibility, my numb arm, but mostly I’d cried for my lousy excuse of a grandfather. I’m twenty six now. A twenty six year old woman – grown ass woman – who doesn’t feel comfortable in her own home on the sixteenth floor.

[i “Moore!”] It’s late evening on a chilly workday. [+red “Gimme a sec, got a text.”] I murmur absentmindedly, attention focused solely on the black and white pixels of my screen. [i Your grandfather..] Instantly I’m on alert. Why? [i Why?] It’s not every day I receive a text from mom, so of course I’m happy; I’m thrilled, but grandfather? Tossing any initial prejudices aside, scanning the rest. [i Your grandfather is sick. He doesn’t have much longer. Visit him, stupid girl.] My lips form a straight line and for the briefest moment, I’m tempted to throw my cellular against the office walls. [+red “Mom wants me to visit gramps,”] I call him that, but there’s no affection in my voice. [+red “Doesn’t she know I’m busy?”] Jace, my partner and five years my elder looks at me skeptically. [i “Honestly Moore, you can be the biggest baby sometime.”] Of course he doesn’t understand my reluctance, to him it’s the ramblings of an oversized toddler but to me it’s betrayal by someone who should’ve damn well caught me, no matter how stupid I’d been at the time. I had to wear that suffocating cast for two months, I’m allowed to feel as bitter and childish as I please.

[right I dial mom’s number two hours later.] [i goddamn.]

Apparently, he’s been hospitalized, and despite our [s one-sided] differences, I feel bad for him. Nobody deserves to spend their days being driven crazy by the smell of sanitizer and delusional old ladies who didn’t know which bed was theirs. [s Maybe it’s just me.] [+red “I hope he isn’t planning on passing on some sort of message.”] I can’t remember him. Not much, at the very least. I know how he looked like in his younger days, how he made it a habit of staring at women a moment too long – I was dim, but I knew those eyes – and I know he loved to smoke. Beyond that, we might as well be meeting for the first time. [+red “Jace,”] I coo fondly, pursing my lips. [+red “Mind giving me a ride?”] He tries to look away, but I catch his eyes wandering, steel heart fluttering, hands tightening at his sides. [i Hook line and sinker.]

It’s a state hospital, incidentally the same one I’d been admitted to when I’d broken my arm, air littered with sickness, halls with candy wrappers. [i “Do you know which department he’s in?”] I have no idea, so I shrug. I didn’t bother asking. [+red “Ï can ask at the reception.”] Jace sighs, but complies, used to my antics. It’s after visiting hours, so when I approach the counter the woman is all too eager to send me off. ‘I’m sorry, visiting hours are-’ Now here’s where one of the many perks of being a state official comes in – I flash my badge, inclining my head. [+red “We just got off work.”] I begin, gesturing towards the clock. Eleven AM sharp. [+red “I’m just here to talk with my grandfather, I won’t be long.”] I really won’t. There’s nothing to talk about, but I’m a little hesitant to tell the woman I’m here only because my mother had forced me to come and I’m kind of scared of her. [+red “His name’s Bernaide-”] This time it’s her who interrupts me, standing from her seat all too sharply. ‘Follow me, miss.’ A brief glance Jace’s direction, he point at the entrance, signaling he’ll be waiting for me outside but to not take too long. I scoff internally; I hear you loud and clear.

The stench of cleaning material is a heavy grey cloud in the skies that are the low hospital ceilings, distant sounds of coughing, gagging, imminent death.. I’m used to seeing death, but not like [i this]. ‘It’s here,’ the nurse informs me, knocking against the stainless white door. She turns to leave, ‘He’s alone, but he’s probably not sleeping yet.’ With that thought, she retreats to the ground floor. I have no idea where I am and suddenly I feel very giddy. What do I say to him? Long time no see? I’m still kind of mad at you, but it’s sad seeing you strapped to a bed so let’s chat? I open the door slowly, discreetly, noting an exchange of words inside the room. Weird, the nurse said he was alone. I don’t dwell on it too long, rather tucking it at the back of my mind, instead opting to step into the room as unnoticeably as I can manage. Oddly enough, it’s not Bernaide who catches my attention, but rather the man stood by his bed, talking in low, steady tones. He’s handsome, dressed impeccably, clean shaven with a subtle hint of stubble. Bernaide in turn appears worn out, [i sucked dry], much like I’d imagined him to be.

I shake the feeling of appearing like a third wheel while I observe the two men – obviously friends, though I don’t know what Bernaide would be doing with a man almost three times younger – leaning against the far wall. It’s not until silence befalls the room that I notice the two staring at me. Sentences circulate my thoughts ranging from warm to curt and stony, but this time my mouth is faster. [+red “The nurse said you didn’t have any visitors. Who’s this?”] [i Of all the things].. it dawns on me that he might not even recognize me, so I take a reflexive step back, bumping the walls. [+red “Visiting hours are over.”] Like I’m the one to talk.
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[right [pic]][right Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.]

[i “Shizu-san!”] In the midst of arranging a selection of English novels, Shizuka peered over the math textbook anchored in her grip, scanning the rows ahead. Kiyoshi-san – the manager – regarded her with interest. [i “Mind making a small trip?”] he inquired fondly, palms clasped together in anticipation, fingers interlaced. Dusting invisible lint off her jeans, she shook her head. [#31C2C4 “I’m almost done here,”] she clarified, pressing one remaining book in its designated gap. [i “And that?”] He pointed, drawing his attention to the chunky reading material she held contrary to the thicker yet smaller one from two days ago – always a different book. It was routine; he would ask despite knowing, she would explain just as eagerly – a steady rhythm they’d picked up in her month of employment. [#31C2C4 “Curious,”] she explained, shutting the book with an audible thwack – that was enough of that. [#31C2C4 “Math isn’t my field of study, but I still like it.”] Before he could intercept, something witty she assumed, the confession continued. [#31C2C4 “It’s not so much a pursuit of knowledge as it is appreciation. I like how it has rules that you have to follow, or you won’t get any results – what I study is broad, vague, philosophical, something that asks many questions that you can’t really answer. Math has simplicity while maintaining its value.”] Her passion was literature, which didn’t mean she wouldn’t relish in anything but.

Kiyoshi-san chuckled, amusement marring his features. [#31C2C4 “What did you need, manager?”] Suddenly remembering what he’d come here for, he snapped his fingers. Shizuka sighed through her nose; he was a wonderful man, wouldn’t hurt a fly, but so easily distracted it was a little bit pitiful. [i “Right! I wanted to ask you if you could go pick up come coffee. It’s break time in fifteen.”] He glanced at his wristwatch to make sure, nodding in his chin. Shizuka straightened, ironing out the creases of her tee. [#31C2C4 “Just let me put this back.”] She waved the textbook in the air some, turning on her heel shortly.

Shizuka’s mother was a gymnast, father a doctor, both considerably tall individuals so it was no surprise to Shizuka that she’d inherited the gene. Most women her age couldn’t hold a candle to her, she took pride in her statuesque build.. yet she couldn’t reach the top most shelf. She craned her neck, arched her spine inwards, fighting to push advanced geometry 101 in its casings. Just..a little..more.. she lost her footing, body threatening to fall back on top of the bookshelf to her back and release a catastrophe of fallen furniture. When she’d already said her prayers and goodbyes to this job, a hand came to rest on top of hers, stabilizing her footing. [#31C2C4 “Sumimasen deshita--”] She retracted her hand awkwardly, working to disguise her embarrassment. Worst of all was, she [i recognized this person.] [i “A tragedy, wouldn’t you say?”]

[#31C2C4 “Shuu..sempai?”] His eyes widened, indicating she was spot on – he still didn’t recognize her, though. An apologetic cough, followed by a dip of the head. [#31C2C4 “Excuse me—I’m Shizuka Rei. If you remember, we went to private school together?”] He’d been the eldest, she the youngest in their class, where the unnatural suffix[considering their close age] originated from. Ahh, he hummed, yes, little Shizuka-chan. [i Little is right], she mused internally. She hadn’t always been the beanstalk she was now. [#31C2C4 “That’s right-- it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”] Kiyoshi emerged from behind one of the shelves, tapping at his wristwatch with his index and middle finger. [i “Ten minutes, Shizu-san,”] he hurried, itching for a cup of coffee asap. She untied the back of her pinafore, folding it neatly over one of the chairs meant for guests to read in. [#31C2C4 “I’ve got to run to the café for a bit – you know the one down the street?”] A curt nod. [#31C2C4 “I’m in charge of drinks today. Would you like to accompany me? You still like coffee, yes?”] He agreed, reasoning he could go for a cup. Shizuka eased into a smile, sliding a few bills off the counter into her hand to examine.. just barely enough, she affirmed. [#31C2C4 “How’ve you been, sempai? I haven’t seen you..”] Since she’d confessed to him during the graduation ceremony – she shoved the thought aside, choosing not to delve. She’d been young and foolish, something she wasn’t anymore. [#31C2C4 “In years,”] The weather was sunny, the air damp – perfect conditions for catching up with an old classmate over a cup of coffee.
  [un]breakable / -Sakura- / 3y 294d 50m 42s
[font “Tahoma” [size14 [+red “Se-sempai, um..”] a freshman called Seigi muttered uneasily, shifting from one foot to another. The sophomore known as Fujimoto Sakura, additionally the captain of the kendo club, turned her torso, focusing chilling grey eyes on the younger student. [#57646D “Seigi?”] Evaluating gaze instantly turned to puzzlement upon realizing who he was. [#57646D “First years don’t have training until seventh period..what’s up?”]]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 [+red “It’’s regarding that,”] he began quietly. [+red “Some of the first years were curious to see if we could have our schedules switched?”]]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 Grey eyes narrowed as Sakura crossed both arms across her chest. [#57646D “Why? Don’t tell me it’s too late for you – I know you’re freshmen, but we’re not in grade school anymore, Seigi, you can call your mother,”] she mused dubiously, having heard the very excuse so many times. Why didn’t anyone enjoy training in later hours? ]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 Seigi fumbled with his hands, on defense. [+red “It’s not like that, sempai!”] he blurted unusually loudly, gaining the little bit of interest on Sakura’s side needed to engage her in a conversation. [+red “It’’s,”] he sounded so troubled, she was almost tempted to put a comforting hand around his neck – instead she settled with listening intently. [+red “It’s the sempai-tachi from the judo club..”]]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 If Sakura looked relatively peeved up until now, she was absolutely angry now. She could already see where this was going. [#57646D “And what with them?”] she asked venomously, threateningly, all but forcing the answer out of Seigi’s mouth.]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 [+red “T-th-th-they feel as if first years shouldn’t be allowed to choose when they get access to the gym! So-so they told us to ask you to change training time..”] he bit his bottom lip, as if regretting his words. [+red “They have Mochida, sempai! They told us they’d ‘keep him company’ until we solved this-”]]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 Seigi was interrupted..well, he halted himself, after Sakura stormed past him. He looked taken aback for a full five seconds, ultimately twirling on his heel to storm right after his kendo leader. Sakura scoffed, aghast. She was well introduced to the judo club captain – a sophomore like her called Morisaki, who attended the same class as her. She sneered; that’d make this whole experience a lot easier on her end. He was a man who hated to lose, hated to cope, basically hated anything that didn’t involve him being first in line. Usually, Sakura would’ve commended such persistence, but as soon as he steered that attitude towards [i her] students, he was going to have a problem. With her. He should know better than to try and manipulate her freshmen. [+red “Sempai!”] Seigi called out from behind, running to catch up to his upperclassman. [+red “What are you planning on doing?”] he tightened both hands at his sides; he already knew what she was going to do, that’s why he’d come to her despite being told he wasn’t allowed to squeal. She’d solve this, that he was certain of. What he didn’t know, however, was how far she would go to make sure Morisaki never planned anything like this again.]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 Sakura stormed into her classroom, taking the whole class by storm. Her analytical gaze zeroed in on one Morisaki, captain of the judo club, who was busy chatting away with two girls from the neighboring class. Homeroom hadn’t started yet – Sakura noticed – which meant she could solve this without involvement from a teacher. [#57646D “Morisaki,”] she began calmly, arms resting at her sides. The brunet in question glanced up, recognizing the voice instantly. [+brown “Fujimoto? What’s up?”] he asked, confused..or he was, until his eyes picked up on Seigi’s frame hidden behind the taller female. [+brown “So he squealed,”] he noted, promising pain to the other with silent glances. ]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 Fujimoto stepped forward, drawing in Morisaki’s facial lines. Being captain of the judo club, he did have certain perks. He was goodlooking, had a nice face, and a wide reputation. Unluckily for him, Sakura’s was wider.]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 [#57646D “I hear you’ve been treating my freshmen with care. Mochida especially.”] Morisaki didn’t stand, despite Sakura’s appearance by his desk. She wouldn’t start something in class, definitely. [+brown “What of it? Mochida ‘s a cute kid, wouldn’t anyone treat him nicely?”] he feigned innocence, gracing Sakura with one of his branded lady killer smirks. Too bad those didn’t work on her. Sakura leaned in, away from wandering eyes, lips stopping just by Morisaki’s ear. [#57646D “Cut the bullshit, shitty Morisaki. If you bother my students again, we’re going to have some problems.”] she whispered, tucking a stray lock of hair behind his ear. [#57646d “You really need to cut your hair, it’s a weakness.”] she smiled, flashing pearly whites before straightening up to gesture for Seigi to take his leave. [#57646d “Sessions are seventh period, Seigi, no worries.”]]]

[font “Tahoma” [size14 Seigi grinned, and again she was tempted to embrace him for being too cute, bowing down in respect before proceeding to storm down the hall, eager to tell his friends the good news.]]
  busted! / -Sakura- / 3y 303d 5h 35m 49s
Jin never thought of himself as anything extraordinary; a regular kid a little too curious for his own good, or the good of others, but ordinary in every sense. He liked hanging around his grandfather, liked visiting his grandmother’s grave but most of all he liked making trouble where it wasn’t due, like all kids his age at the time. He broke things and hid them, he picked on the lame kids at school, he littered and spit on the ground, one time he even set fire to the living room curtains – a regular childhood if there ever was one, which is why he never liked to believe himself to be special; not when he’d brewed a perfect batch of coffee after reading the instructions online a single time, not when he glued together a previously broken vase to a t, and certainly not when he dismantled his grandfather’s antique wristwatch only to put it back together in a record thirty minutes. His parents persisted in saying he was intelligent, too intelligent, he insisted it was craft; handiness, he simply had a knack for doing certain actions. Both sides persevered for a long time, but sooner than naught Jin’s mother and father decided on a certain course that led Jin to where he was today; Lyon’s Academy for the Gifted, because that’s what he was. Gifted, and he’d come to terms with it – at least in the two years he’d spent here.

His summer passed as all his past vacations home had; uneventfully, save for a few mishaps, dare he say accidents. He helped out with his grandfather’s shop, waited on customers in his mother’s humble café and last but not least; denied all his father’s urges to terminate his schooling to pursue a career in business, much like his father had. His position – if he should so much as wish it – was guaranteed, he was aware of that even as he raised his hand in a flat out no for the thousandth time that season. [b “Gimme a break, abeoji, please, I’ve got classes to attend. I don’t have time for [i business],”] he argued, zipping his third suitcase of the day; moving back into the dorms was always a bigger hassle than he liked to believe. [i “Don’t be stubborn, I’m presenting you with a great opportunity, when will you see that, stupid son!”] His father’s English, although donning a thick accent, was perfect. In his line of business it was a nothing less than policy. [b “I know,”] Jin’s, on the other hand, was void of an accent, prim and proper like his appearance; unlike his attitude. [b “But I’m not interested. I don’t like politics, never have, never will. Stocks don’t make my heart beat, neither do three hour long briefings on a two percent differences in income rate,”] he grinded irritably, hauling his luggage through the front door to the taxi car. Whenever they argued about Jin’s career choices, it was always English, lest his mother overhear, currently standing by the doorway with a grim expression. Jin suspected she understood a lot more than she led on. She didn’t like it when they fought; his father would convince her saying it [i wasn’t like that], but she knew better. She also knew, being the intelligent woman that she was, better than to worry. [+red “Your father might seem harsh, but he means well.”] Jin liked to think so too.

Lyon’s Academy for the Gifted was nothing if not flashy. It was bigger than necessary, thickly decorated in every way imaginable and screamed [i special]. It also screamed ridiculous amounts money, usually followed by ridiculous amounts of [i trouble]. Jin liked that side of being a student of Lyon’s; you were basically a magnet for trouble, in or out of school. He followed his luggage to the front desk where the two separated, the belongings already on their way to his previously arranged dorm room while he stuck behind at the reception, smiling politely at the lady on desk. [b “Seung Jin Moon.”] The woman nodded, pulling out his file shortly. [b “Heard I’d be assigned a roommate this year ‘round?”] Another curt nod; most of the staff, excluding the headmaster and student councilor, tended to be extremely antisocial, even unresponsive, their fear rooted from the single fact that they were mostly comprised of regular humans who didn’t know the lengths the students’ powers could go. It made them all the easier to tease. [b “You think you could walk me to my room? I’ve never been on that side.”] He noticed the color leave her face, helpless to his antics. [b “Maybe I should [i make] you come with me?”] Then he spotted her; that one [+red redhead] he saw around the campus a few times. Apparently she didn’t speak. [b “Nevermind, I’ll ask her.”] The woman visibly deflated, releasing the held breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. [b “Hey, you,”] The redhead stopped immediately, sensing it was aimed at her. [b “Do you know where these dorms are?”] He pulled out a hand drawn map, courtesy of Jin’s student file. [b “Mind taking me?”]She couldn’t refuse; that’d just be [i rude].
  half blood / -Sakura- / 3y 314d 13h 22m 21s
Tnsff 5

The Disciplinary Committee's office, Akane noted, was a lot less conservative than she'd initially imagined.

She sat facing Hibari's desk, accompanied by her twin, an unconscious Ryuu and the two dark hairs; Akasuki and Kyon. Reborn was stood off by the side, feet propped firmly on Tsunayoshi Sawada's shoulder.

"So," Reborn started, his attempt at unamusement broken by the in-view smirk. "How about you start by telling us who you are?"

Fast rewind to fifteen minutes ago.


Tsuna jogged over, doubling over to rest both hands against his knees, working to tone the wheezing of his breath down. He hated to imagine how out of shape he'd been before all of this had started if he still had trouble keeping up with his demonic tutor's erratic antics.

"Why did you run!? You didn't even give me an explina- Hiee!! Hibari-san?!" The brunet spluttered, staring back at the prefect's glare.

"Little animal, shut up, or I will bite you to death." The skylark warned testily. Albeit he'd moved on from the derogatory 'herbivore', Tsuna still had ways to go; he was aware of that.

"He's way cute, Akane."

"I know, right? It's my only weakness."

Tsuna perked up, breaking the stare off between Hibari and himself to focus his attention on the exchange of a petite brunette and taller redhead.

He blinked. What an odd hair color.. He was aware of Kyoko-chan being a redhead, but while her hair bordered more on orange, this one had a naturally red pigment.

Was it dyed?

"It's my natural hair color." Akane smirked, bringing an end to Tsuna's silent inquiry.

Tsuna found himself blushing profusely under the attentive gaze of the five teenagers before him. Somehow, it seemed he was the center of attention?

Now that he though about it, all five of these were faces he didn't recognize, and he'd been silently proud of his ability to remember each student's face and name, similarly to Hibari. These students however, he didn't recognize.

"Hibari," Reborn started, eying each of the unknown teenagers attentively. "Who are these people?"

"Intruders," Hibari's gaze zeroed in on Akane. "And thieves. Aggressive thieves."

"It broke on it's own!" Akane countered.

"It didn't break on it's own." Kyon bit back, still upset.

"It was definitely Aka-nee who broke it." Aoi chirped helpfully, less so to her sister.

"To be fair, he did attack." Akasuki mentioned, index finger thrust accusingly in the air.

"To be fairer, we were trespassing." Ryuu added in a laugh.

"Crowding herbivores," Hibari's barely contained hiss interrupted, bringing everyone's attention back to the matter at hand.

"I wasn't the one who stopped walking, skylark." Akane grated, eyes narrowed.

"That was me, when I noticed this one," Akasuki pointed Reborn's way. "Following us."

"I've been meaning to ask, kid, how did you figure it out? I was careful to be as evasive as necessary." The baby hitman questioned, fedora tilted to mask his eyes.

"Water senses each and every tremor." The smaller brunette sang, adding, "Plus, basically everyone noticed you tailing us."

Akane motioned towards one of her gleaming cat-like irises. "That dark suit and huge ass fedora is mighty noticeable, baby."

"Are you sure you're the number one hitman?" Ryuu added cheerfully, silencing the entire group instantly.

The atmosphere darkened.

"Ryuu.." Akane started, fist plummeting up straight into the blond's nose, effectively knocking him out. "You're a fucking retard."

Ryuu's body fell limply against the wall face first, sliding down to the ground ever dramatically.

"We need to cut Ryuu's Internet priveleges." Kyon said, exasperated, kneeling down to holler Ryuu to his feet. One of the convenient quirks of the clueless blond; he could stand even when unconscious.

"We tried that! He just ended up staying at your place and mooching off of you!" Akane seemed just as irritated, running a hand through her flaming locks. "Maybe I should burn his hands to a crisp..maybe then he'll learn..torture's always an effective strategy.."

Aoi left her sister to her sinister muttering, seeing the faults to Ryuu's words. He'd blown their cover. How were they supposed to slide out of trouble now? After busting out a piece of information as crucial as that, she hardly doubted they'd be able to pass for normal students anymore.

"We're not enemies! I think." Akasuki defended instantly, bringing both hands up in a peaceful manner, highlighting none of them meant any harm.

"We're not enemies." Akane reinforced with a sigh, moving on from her previously dark place. There'd be enough time to teach Ryuu a lesson about not spilling vital information that could prove lethal to their lives, later. For now, they had to focus on not bringing Reborn's wrath down upon them.

"We're.." She thought intently on this, shoving any parallel world ideas out the window. There was no way they could bargain with something as dangerous as that, granting the truth wasn't far off. Suddenly, an idea sprang into mind.

"We're exchange students from Tokyo!" She was surprised at how good she was getting at blatantly lying in other peoples' faces.

"Check the records, the documents are there." She continued, hoping the Urahara imitator would come through. She had a sinking feeling he was tapped into these little escapades of theirs.

Reborn seemed to think about this for a long while, before finally ending with, "That still doesn't explain how you could possibly know of my identity."

"Baby, I was on my way to interrogate these intruders, the little animal and yourself are free to come, as long as you don't cause a commotion." Hibari offered unusually kindly, Akane assuming it had something to do with the prefect's respect for Reborn's abilities.

"We'll do just that." Reborn nodded, glancing back at his student. "Get a move-on, dame-Tsuna."

Tsuna sighed, following after the group unwillingly. He was supposed to be in charge of class duties today..

Fast forward to the present again.

Akane sweat dropped. She'd hoped her excuse would be reason enough. Who were they? It definitely had everything to do with baka-Ryuu spilling Reborn's identity.

She turned towards Kyon, searching his face for clues. "He wants to know who we are." She deadpanned, evaluating Kyon's expression carefully.

"We are exchange students for Nami-koukou.." Kyon trailed off, catching Reborn's suspicion. "We're distant relatives of.." That was no good either. Goddammit Ryuu! What the hell were they supposed to do now!

"How about just telling them the truth?" Aoi offered, and for the first time in a long time, she found both Kyon and her twin staring at her in utter disbelief, as if they couldn't believe she'd just proposed something like that.

"You can't be serious, Aoi."

"I thought you knew better, rabbit."

"That's right, Aoi-chan, we were warned. Do you want to end up like baka-Ryuu?" Akasuki chuckled.

Although Aoi hardly doubted the latter, she knew about the prior. They'd been warned, she was aware. But all this evasiveness was so tiring! They still hadn't had a decent night's rest ever since this whole thing started, so maybe she was feeling a little irritable? She glanced her sister's way, who in turn just shook her head casually, so with a shrug, Aoi relaxed in her seat. It looked like they'd be in here for a while.

"Herbivores, do I look like I have all day? Stop wasting time." Hibari growled, redefining the dictionary definition of 'annoyed', if you could even call that borderline blood thirst as such.

"We need a place to stay." The aggressive redheaded thief blurted suddenly, catching everyone off guard. "We don't have any accommodation.." Or money, she reminded herself solemnly. "And we really need a place to sleep during our stay. We were told to talk to the student council president about accommodating us?"

Lie after lie, Aka-nee, you could be a pro, Aoi thought with an internal chuckle.

Hibari could remember the aggressive thief calling his name just before she'd broken his weapon - Hibari had to take a few calming breaths to prevent himself from biting the redhead to death - eyes narrowed at the female's explanation.

"Why do you know my name, thief? Or of the baby's identity."

"Because you're both famous in the underground." Akane bit back, glaring at the prefect. She was not a thief. "Hibari Kyoya, son of the Hibari family. Grandfather is a part of the Chinese triads, while your mother is a highly skilled assassin. Reborn, number one hitman known to the Italian mafia, namely one of the most powerful and influential families in the world." She spared a side glance at Tsuna, catching his dread.

"We're not connected to the mafia, the yakuza, nor the underground." Kyon jumped in, catching the hint. So they would bargain? It was troublesome, but he liked the sound of it. "We work independently. Think of us as the Varia."

The remaining three kept their mouths shut, seeing as they were only informed of vague details, the two enthusiasts being the only two capable of bargaining with information.

"We're not here to cause trouble. We're here to keep an eye on Decimo." There was a sharp intake of breath from the tenth himself. Tsuna sagged; what had he gotten himself into this time around? "Observe, involvement if deemed necessary."

The duo lined information without missing a beat, inserting certain details that should've otherwise been known to no one but the Decimo, his tutor and the guardians here and there to ensure interest. They needed the bait.

Hibari observed them evenly, soaking up all the information much like the dry sponge he was. "Accommodation will be provided by myself." Mainly because he wanted to keep an eye on the five. If what they'd said was true, they needed to be under constant watch.

He gave the group a once over. "As will your uniforms." He added. Their information checked out, they were indeed transferees from Tokyo. But what individual group moved in Tokyo, not to mention one armed with an abundance of information about him and his acquaintances? They definitely needed to be monitored, and what better way than from the comfort of his home?

"Great," Kyon mouthed to the redhead, quirking an eyebrow upwards. They had this in the bag.

"Great," Akane mimicked, coming to a stand. Aoi followed, as did Akasuki and Kyon. Spitfire splayed her hand, popping a few bones in the process, ultimately bringing it alarmingly across the unconscious blond's face, sending him stumbling a few feet of distance, straight into the side wall.

"I'm just waking him up." She assured the aghast Tsuna.

Ryuu's eyes blinked open, instantly aware of his surroundings. Kyon sighed; if only he was as attentive regularly.

"What happened?" He slapped the grogginess away, heaving his body to a firm stand. If nothing, Ryuu was a brick wall.

"We handled it, with no help from you, muscle for brains." Akane gripped at her sword, letting her hand fall loosely at her side. "Next time keep your damn mouth shut. You almost blew our cover." He had, to smithereens, but they'd coped.

"Well! Since we're not legally required to attend school for the day, we're free to go, ne?" Akasuki chimed cheerfully, prying open the window behind Hibari's desk.

"This is the second floor! Reborn!? Tell them!" Tsuna shouted, watching the smallest brunette hop through the window with much elegance, the previously unconscious blond following suit with less poise.

"They could've used the doors.." Kyon muttered in exasperation, but moved to replicate, jumping the distance over Hibari's desk to land on the window sill. Aoi in turn walked the distance calmly, but climbed the edge nonetheless.

"Come on, Aka-nee, remember Ryuu still owes us those scoops?" Scoops of ice cream, she meant.

"Then," the redhead nodded in appreciation. "See you after school, Tsu- Decimo, baby..skylark." She loathed the thought of being indebted to the prefect. Hibari was a lot more likable when she wasn't speaking to him.

Tsuna bleached, ultimately being sent off by an angry Disciplinary Committee Head, threatened to be bitten to death if he didn't leave Hibari's office at once. Tsuna didn't need to be told twice.

Hibari watched the empty window sill. He was tempted to go after them. Then again.. he was scheduled for a nap. The latter won his internal poll.

Six hours and the remnants of a catnap-slash-borderline coma at his heels, Hibari Kyoya elegantly made his way to the front gates, singling out the petite brown haired herbivore standing in her own lonesome company.

Where were the remainders?

"Herbivore." She perked up at the sight of him, gracing him with a cheery smile which strangely made him feel uncomfortable in his own skin; skin he'd made sure was groomed to perfection. "Where are the remaining herbivores?"

"Hmm," she pondered for a moment. "Let's see. Ryuu got separated from us a while back and since we can't depend on him to find his own way back, Kyon went to look for him. Aoi went to the town library, her sister's supposed to pick her up since none of us know our way around the town as well as she and Kyon do, and he's otherwise engaged. Akane herself went to scope out the town, she should be here soon. I was sent to inform you of this, even got the map and everything."

As if on cue, the redhead rounded the corner, weapon slung loosely at her side, the person herself looking with a lot grimmer than last he'd seen of her.

She noticed them, raised a hand above her head in greeting, approaching the duo casually. "You'd think," she started after coming into earshot. "That people would be a lot more tolerant of redheads weilding weapons. Is it mandatory for all Japanese to be dark haired?"

"Did you get into a tussle?" Akasuki hummed questioningly.

A curt nod. "First corner I rounded. 'What you got there, lil missie? Mind turning it over?', they'd asked. Do I look like a delinquent?"

"So much so that I'm tempted go apprehend you in this moment whilst I look at you, herbivore."

Akasuki released a sound vaguely resembling a snort, while Akane in turn frowned, noticing the intricately lined mockery. "Don't be cheeky."
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Diabolik Lovers

"We were separated?" Aoi announced, an arm looped around her sister's elbow, who was still injured.

"I guess we were..I never get used to it. We should ask him to stop randomly shunting us." Akane confirmed, pressing a hand against the damp patch of fabric painfully sticking to her left hip. Luckily for them, their standard uniform wasn't grey like Akasuki's and Kyon's, black being the preferred alternative.

"Aka-nee.. I really don't like the look of that wound. If only Ryuu was with us.." She mumbled worriedly, regarding Ryuu's increasingly handy ability of healing wounds. With how often they tended to get wounded was becoming their most relied on power.

"I'm fine, honestly." She wasn't fine, she could never get used to this ugly stinging dullness. Pain was horrible, regardless of how well she liked to think she handled it. "I just..I just have to rest."

Five minutes, she repeated the mantra internally. She just had to take a five minute breather.

"Alright, five minutes." Aoi repeated, a little deflatedly; she'd been hoping her sister would own up to her injury and finally take the rest she deserved. The rest they all deserved. "Let's go in here." She instructed, guiding her wounded twin inside an olden mansion.

In passing, she observed the antic structure, admiring the detailed external decor. Renaissance? She nodded thoughtfully, going to open the front entrance in haste. This rain was bound to trouble the infection prone Akane.

"There's a couch in that room over there." Akane informed, pointing to her right. At closer inspection, there did indeed end up being a couch situated at the center of the room.

Akane let out a thankful breath, resting her head on the exquisite carving running along the length of the dual couch. Aoi took a refined seat next to her sister, taking another round look of the place they'd intruded. As she suspected, this was no half chase mansion.

"I almost feel bad. This room must cost more than our entire house." Akane cracked a smile, taking the initiative of examining the room as a whole. She stood, sucking up the sharp sensation of pain coursing through her torso. "It's fine, the bleeding's stopped." With a breath of reassurance, she managed another smile, taking a step right into another pair of arms.

Pupils immediately dilated, her gaze shot up to face the hungry red eyes of an equally messy reddish-brown head. She recognised him momentarily. Sakamaki Ayato. "Shit! No! Shit!" She cursed, eliciting a brief flick of surprise on the other's face. "It's fucking vampires!"

"Hiyaa!!?" She heard a collective set of crashes, followed by a set of feet rushing over to her side, prying her away from the troublemaker triplet. "Aka-nee?!! It''s..he licked me!! Then he..they!!" Aoi spoke alarmingly, hugging her body the same way she would if she'd gotten assaulted in the Tokyo subway.

Akane tore her eyes away from her sister for the briefest moment to outwardly snarl at the remaining two of the triplets; Kanato and Laito Sakamaki. "I'll kill you, vampire scum." She flattened, all semblance of sense of her injury gone. They had actually dared to touch her sister, so now they needed to die.

"Vampire scum? Speak for yourself, human trash." Ayato bit back, taking a step forward.

"Aka-nee, it's fine, I'm fine, it's- " Aoi tried, pulling at her sister's sleeve. Her eyes traveled the length of the burning hair reaching her lower back, the tips lit in intent. One finger twirled around a lock of weak curls, her hair reached just passed her shoulders. She'd always been a bit jealous of her twin's lengthy mane.

"What a joke, coming from the likes of you, shitty bloodsucker." Akane retorted just as venomously, squeezing Aoi's hand.

"Akane nee-san!" Aoi raised her voice, and instantly Akane's attention was fully hers. She searched her face, curious to the reason of her using the full term, instead of the regular abbreviation.

"Your wound's reopened." Aoi whispered cautiously, glancing thoughtfully at the injury.

Akane looked confused for an entire three seconds, before uttering, "So it has," tearing off the black blazer to reveal an ugly looking patch of red traveling from her waist to below her skirt. "Damn." She laughed, tossing the blazer over her shoulder.

She observed the audience of bloodsuckers, the triplets now accompanied by another three equally as beautiful men. She tapped her chin in thought for a few moments. "We're your guests. Heinz sent us. Neither of us is a sacrificial bride. You're to treat us with respect, is what he said." She announced suddenly, and with a brief chuckle added, "He said to kill you if you tried anything."

She was being vague, just like the anime had been. It was fair trade.

"Ahh, now that you mention it.." Sakamaki Shuu spoke up from his relaxed position on the couch they'd previously been inhabiting. "There was such a call..I think." He motioned with a flick of his wrist, to which his twin, Reiji, simply cringed.

"So it would seem," he started, his hues passing the location of her injury and drawing it out. "That you're validated. Though I would appreciate it if you stopped bleeding all over the rug."

"I would appreciate that too." Akane shot sarcastically, catching herself in the moment just in time. "Right." She coughed on point, gesturing around the mansion. "Do you have a first aid kit somewhere around here?"

The youngest sibling, Subaru, spoke up finally, motioning subtly. "This way." Akane glanced at Aoi, who seemed as eager to follow as Akane was eager to have her there as support, but Laito intercepted, grabbing hold of the brunette's waist and hollering her up the grandiose stairs in one swooping motion.

"If you do anything," Akane warned in a murmur, following Subaru outside the room and into a nearby bathroom. While he maneuvered the above sink cabinet open, she peeled off the white undershirt to just above her stomach, revealing the nasty gash.

"Damn." She breathed, seething through the pain of air invading her shredded skin.

"How did you get that." Subaru asked without the question mark, barking it out as an order rather than anything else as he handed her the compact red box.

"A stab wound. It was my own sword, otherwise I'd have bled out by now." She answered in a beat, popping the container open and examining the inside. "Disinfectant?" He handed her the larger bottle, she nodded a silent thank you.

"If you're not going to help out, you're free to leave." She muttered, concentrated on the task in front of her. He seemed to contemplate the prior, but ultimately stood and left without a word. For the better, she thought. Now she didn't have to try and pretend it didn't hurt as badly as it did, though she doubted he didn't hear her scream when the disinfected cotton fabric made contact with her wound.

It hurt like fucking hell, she should know.

Twenty excruciating minutes later, Akane reemerged from the bathroom, face dripping with sweat. Ayato stood leaning against the wall, examining her deeply. "Tell your brother he was a great help." She muttered in passing, failing to complain when the other walked into step alongside her.

"What do you know, human trash?" She ignored the last bit.

"I know next to everything about everything." She said simply, tuning the corner.

"The other one doesn't know anything." He began.

"She was spared the juicy details, yeah." Akane countered flatly, coming to a stop in front of a door she guessed could be nothing other than an entrance to the heroine's bedroom. They'd done this before, just, replaced the main character. It spared them the trouble of blending in, at least.

The entered the room to find Aoi splayed over the bed in a relaxed manner, with no preying vampire hovering over her. Akane smiled in silent victory, pulling her shirt up once more to display her professional stitching and bandaging skills. After a while, you learned to have a knack at these things. Aoi nodded, satisfied at the large white cotton bandage wrapped tightly around her sister's body.

"As gratitude for ore-sama's hospitality- " He was interrupted by the loud thud of a door being slammed in his face by one disgusted red head.

"Pesky mosquitoes, wa-h." She spoke into her pillow, taking in the fragrance of fresh flowers. She needed a bath. But first of all, there was that five minute breather. Her eyes fluttered over the frame of Aoi laying next to her, and soon enough exhaustion raked her body into sleep.
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I heard you were looking for me?

I'm flattered but

I don't exactly swing that way. Plus, none of you are really my type. "Always causing trouble for me, don't they get tired ?" He was certain most of them hadn't the slightest idea of what he was talking about but it was always entertaining seeing the moment in which faces switched from confident to utterly terrified. Them? Who were them? I wasn't even speaking to them but I could still see the fear written on their faces as I glided across the wooden floor and over to the woman who'd plagued my thoughts recently; quite literally at that. "And you." He knelt down, examining her facial features. "A little privacy please? Can't a man barge into a hotel without being watched? And just when I was so sure all of my stalkers were gone." That reminds me- I turned my head, addressing the one who looked least terrified out of the little group of nightwalkers. "I had to break through the barricade, hope you don't mind." None of them spoke. He got up, returning to his beginning position of guarding the door, well, doorframe. "Why am I the only one talking? I thought you were looking for me? I'm a busy man you know." This time the one at the front spoke. 'You killed one of our men' He simply shrugged, regarding it as a 'matter of fact' issue. He hadn't gone out with the intention to kill him of course, he never did. He'd sought him out..or better yet let himself be located so he could ask the man some questions. How he'd managed to interpret that as Vlad threatening him, he'd never know. Granted he did torch the place- all in an act of self defense, mind you.
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The not so Fantastic Five 5
"Okay, this is seriously getting ridiculous."

"Did you hear that ?" A male, roughly the age of fifteen, blinked up from his cereal. "Hear what ?" He answered absentmindedly, reverting his attention back to his breakfast. "I heard a crash near your school. Go see what it is. And get ready; you have class duties this morning." The order was so clear - let's not even question how on the world he had managed to hear something that large of a distance away - but he still couldn't bring himself to stand. It was early as it is and he was still tired from yesterday. Wasn't he allowed a day off ? Hell..a morning off ? His thoughts were suddenly disrupted by a sharp kick connecting to the back of his head causing him to slam face-first into the cereal. "Get to it." He murmured a complaint but ultimately got up, droplets of milk falling from his chin onto the hardwood floor. "You're a slave driver." He said finally, trudging up the stairs towards the bathroom to wash off the smell of cornflakes. "No." Was all he got for a response but when the doors closed behind him, the voice of a baby broke through once again.

"I'm a home tutor."


"Haaaaaaaah-" Akane..
"Ha." What..
"Haha-" Are..
"Hahahahahah-" You..
"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!" The redhead yelled out in strained frustration, smacking the scabbard of her katana against the concrete ground. "Again?! This happened again!?" Cracking the tip of her sword against the ground again and again, she released her annoyance in an irritated huff. "Haah..haah..this is retarded." After the sudden outburst of anger, she sat on the floor, nesting the sword in her lap. Kyon was sitting next to her and Ryuu, Aoi and Akasuki were leaning on the wall. The frustration was evident, only Akane was the first to express it. Suddenly just teleporting from a place you'd more or less gotten used to..once it was exciting, twice..fine, but the third time around it had become really damn annoying. "This is really getting old." Kyon concurred, propping his elbows on top of his knees and resting his chin on his palms. "Really. Fucking. Old." He repeated, this time with a higher percentage rate of poison in his voice. Akane had reacted just as he had wanted to. That's what she did after all; she was the group's voice. Like the element she held. He chuckled silently at this thought, earning a puzzled look from Aoi and Ryuu. Kyon was weird. They were all weird. Nicely put.

"Remember how we did this last time ? There should be a clue nearby as to where we are and usually one of us knows where exactly. So, start looking." Akasuki jumped in after minutes,of silence, climbing up on the wall and taking a seat. "Should we split up ?" Proposed the blonde pretty boy, dusting off the lint from his sweats. They had teleported but the after-effects of their previous trip still remained. Although something he had matter what time they were currently in, whenever they teleported it somehow magically became morning again. Kind of like an endless cycle, don't you think ?

Tossing aside their jackets, the three girls remained sleeveless while Ryuu and Kyon stood in long sleeves. Kyon was more or less composed but Ryuu was evidently suffering. In that thick, winter hoodie, who wouldn't ? Tch, this is why the teleporting didn't suit him. The weather had adjusted well to their clothes back with Dante so he had been nothing short of comfortable but here it was already nearing complete sunrise and it was hot and unbearable. Sensing his discomfort, Akatsuki suggested he lose the already drenched hoodie but Aoi and Akane interjected; they knew all too well what happened when he did that. Their school had a joined PE for each class between girls and guys and let's just say; things never remained silent.

They passed the school gate, completely undermining the small sign that stood at the side; Namimori High. Students had already piled up in the front courtyard and were patiently awaiting for the bell. "Hey," Came Akane, seemingly confused. "How come there's school ? Wasn't it summer back at Dante's ?" Dante..? "How do you think he's faring with the zombies all by himself ?" They all laughed. He'd be fine..probably. "But seriously, we've come to the most obvious place and I don't think I recognize this place." Ryuu followed up to Akane between huffs. Man it was hot out. "AARGH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" He tore the hoodie from himself, flinging it to the side angrily. The twins fell silent. It was only a matter of time now. Only a matter of time before -

"You're not Namimori students."

Namimori ? NAMIMORI ?! all made sense now. It all clicked into place - the odd recognition of this place but not being able to put it together. It fell together perfectly. Akane's neck shot to the front to come face to face with a particularly angry looking dark-haired male. He was carrying something..the red-head's eyes widened. "Students without a uniform are unauthorised personnel." His eyes drifted from each of the teens, falling on the first one in line; Akatsuki. "No gothic lolitas." Wait- but she wasn't- Next came Aoi. "No casual clothes above the knees." But that didn't even make sen- Akane. "Dyed hair isn't allowed." He glanced downwards to the sheathed katana at her side. "Neither is carrying weapons." But her hair color was natu- Kyon. "..wrong uniform." And lastly Ryuu. The male took a considerable amount of time to outwardly glare at the blonde, before ultimately; "No littering." Ryuu's eyes fell on the hoodie he had discarded only minutes ago..seriously ? "Putting all this are to be bitten to death." Now she recognized him. Akane broke out in a grin but before she could say anything, she felt the air shift and a hand fly right towards her neck. Haha!

The back of her sword connected with his wrist, making him release his grip on the weapon before she swiped one of them and pulled Kyon with her to the side. He seemed to get the hint because he went right along.
"This is so cool!"
"Do you know how much these must be worth!?"
"They're a collectible!"
"Let me touch them too!"
"Where do they disconnect! Where are the chains!"
"Let's get the other one!"
Both heads turned slowly to a positively enraged Hibari Kyoya. "I think we're in trouble." Akane said, slowly rising to her feet from her previously crouched position. In one hand her sheathed katana and in the half of Hibari's weapon. "I think you're right." Kyon agreed, following her example. "Should we make a run for it ?" The female proposed once more, carefully examining Hibari's face for any hint of initiation of a fight. He took a step forward. "I think we should." Kyon agreed, dishing his hands out of his pockets and setting them by his side. "You think they'll be fine ?" And by they, she meant the remaining three of the group who didn't look all that surprised. They had caught on, more or less. "I think they'll be fine." He assured both her and himself. She nodded, convinced. "When I give the signal." She put a hand up. Moments passed. Moments in mind-wretching silence. Hibari was ready to tear both of their necks apart in the next two seconds, when-


And then they bolted.

-Back to the home tutor and cereal face-

"REBORN!" The brunette yelled in exasperation, chasing after the small but surprisingly agile baby gliding across the wall. "I just heard someone yell." The one known as Reborn announced, in a way excusing his heightened running. "Nobody tells that early." He strengthened his cause, jumping from the wall and towards the courtyard. Out of the corner of his eye, although vaguely, he could almost swear he saw five people make a leap over the wall. Hibari caught his eye instantly and he made his way towards the teen, the brunette trailing after. The skylark looked to be out of his mind with rage though Reborn could hand it to him; he hid it exceptionally well. "Trespassers.." Hibari said through almost gritted teeth. To be honest, it wasn't so much about the trespassing bit now..that red-head had kidnapped his tonfa and just one armed hand simply wouldn't do. "I'm going after them." He said briskly, making way over the wall similarly as those five had. He would catch them. He was intent on it now. It had become personal.

-And back to the trespassing, law-breaking thieves-

"Hahahaha, he must be pissed off!" Akane exclaimed through a wide-spread grin, still tightly holding on to the tonfa she had swiped under the skylark's nose. "You won't be as happy when he's off to kill you." Kyon added, jumping a bush and sliding down the back courtyard meadow to reach the small pond alongside the other four. "Now, now." Aoi finished the conversation, crouching down to duck a hand into the chilly pond. "That's right. We'll deal with it when we deal with it." Akane agreed with her sister's notion, doing the same to cool off. Ryuu was right to lose his shirt. It was pretty hot out. Wait..she had almost forgotten-
"Hey, hey, aren't those the ones who picked a fight with Hibari-san ?"
"You're right! They're in so much trouble!"
"But aren't they really good-looking when you look at them ? Especially the tall one!"
"Haha, that's so true! Look at that blonde! Look at his torso! Oh my Goddddd!!"
"Really ? I like the one with the glasses better! Look at that uninterested stare!"
"Aren't you forgetting the girls! Look at the one with the sword! She's got some curves, damn!"
"And look at the one next to her! Doesn't she look like an ojou-sama ? Her white dress is gorgeous!"
"I'm diggin' the gothic lolita; look at that chest!"
"What school are they from ? Should we ask them ?"
"Only the megane seems to be wearing an uniform. Can you be sure they're all from the same school ?"
"Oh they've gotta be! Look at how chummy they are with each other!"
"You're right! They must be close friends! Hey! Someone ask where they're from!"
Listening in on the conversations behind their backs, the five could barely contain their laughter. They always had to make a big fiasco where ever they came. Well, it was a part of them. Probably. A fiasco ? A crowd ? Akane and Kyon looked at each other simultaneously, coming to the same conclusion instantly. There was someone in Namimori who didn't like crowds. Someone in who separated crowds..someone who was more or less after their heads right now.


They twirled, the skylark barely a few feet away. They hadn't noticed him over the chitter-chatter! Shit! They were at a disadvantage! Akane turned to glare at the crowd with uttermost displeasure, earning a few hushed 'they're in trouble~' from the onlookers. "Fucking retards." She spat, searching for a quick way out of this predicament. If they had heard him coming, they could've managed, but now..they were in a pickle. "What's so scary about this guy anyway ?" Ryuu said, eyeing the male opposite of him. "He looks positively cuddly, nee~?" Akatsuki chimed in, giggling at the tiniest notion of a twitch in the male's eyes. Hibari's eyes narrowed substantially - right now the primary goal was to get his weapon back. As if reading his expression, the red-head drew back slowly, gripping at the tonfa tighter. "You know," She started almost hesitantly, "My sister doesn't like violence. She's completely against it. Usually I'd be all for fighting the infamous Hibari Kyoya but see..I'd be in trouble then. Who keeps you in line, Kyoya ?" She never was one for keeping to last names. "That's such bullshit Akane." Ryuu jumped in with a laugh. They had drawn all the attention they could in this situation, so it was next to stupid to remain reserved. "You implying you're scared of your sister ?" He outwardly burst out in an uncontained laughter, earning a punch to the back from Kyon's side. The idiot was just drawing unneeded attention to them. Didn't he know how to keep his damn mouth shut ? "I'm sure you're up to queue." She slowed. Not good. Not good at all. She could see it; the ticking patience of one Hibari Kyoya.

"Stealing is a federal offence."

Stealing..? Stealing !? Akane's face went red with fury. Wrath was a ferocious beast and most of the time it preyed on the equally ferocious. The only reason the girl hadn't snapped and bitten his head off by now was because she was being kept in line - she had promised to keep out of trouble..but nah, this was inexcusable. She stepped forward, tearing away from her sister's hold. "I am not a thief!" She blurted out, almost childishly, pivoting towards the dark-haired male. "Nor am I a trespasser!" She repeated in a similar notion, stabbing her sheathed katana in to the semi dried up dirt. "And I thought you said weapons weren't allowed." Back at the four, the two other-scholars were nothing short of surprised. They probably demanded an explanation, eh ? "Aka-nee's been accused of stealing on numerous occasions because of her appearance." In other words because she looked like a yankee delinquent. "It's kind of funny actually.", "It's not funny! You don't know how difficult it is to sit there while they search your bags. And you." She redirected her gaze at Hibari again, yellow eyes still burning. "You're no better than me. You're more violent than me and you can't negotiate and your sense of discipline is nothing short of twisted! Where's your bird ? Did you step on it ?" To any other individual this would've sounded like nothing more than nonsense but in Hibari's case, he knew exactly what she was talking about. "That you'd go accuse me, plucked skylark!" sNAP.

Hibari stared. They all stared.
"Did she break it ?" Akatsuki spoke up.
"I think she broke it." Aoi confirmed.
"..she broke it ?" Kyon questioned, more himself than anyone else.
"Hahaha, she broke it!" Ryuu exclaimed in a hearty laugh.
"I broke it." Almost dejected, Akane assured them.
"How could you break it!" Came Kyon again, this time clearly distressed.
"I..I don't know! My hand slipped!" She tried, searching for the words in her head; all fury gone from her face, replaced by confusion and a slight tinge of horror.
"Your hand doesn't just slip through metal! IT WAS A COLLECTIBLE." Kyon cried, his hands sprawled in front of himself desperately. You could say that Akane had a violent disposition, sure, but it never went across these boundaries. She knew this!
"But this is strange. Aka-nee is stronger than the average teenager, but she isn't exactly strong enough to break through metal. Something is..strange." Aoi inquired, examining the two pieces of metal in Kyon's sorrowful hands.
"It must be that! You know, that! Kii-chan said we'd experience some above-average changed."
Kii-chan..? Maji de ?
"But strength ? Isn't that more Ryuu's forte ? Not that I don't appreciate the boost. I have been feeling unusually sturdy since the time I passed out, now that you mention it. So that's why that panda's punch didn't hurt..all that much." Akane added, standing up and dusting her jeans off. So she was extraordinarily strong now. Cool.
"That's completely unfair! She's already got Kuragar! She doesn't need the skill to skewer someone with it!" Ryuu protested, obviously not okay with the fact. What he wasn't aware of at the time was the fact that he'd be receiving something much much cooler.
"Ryuu please! I'm sure she could've done that before. Just like you can decapitate a zombie with one damn hand!" Akatsuki intercepted, squatting next to Kyon to examine the remains. Ryuu was being ridiculous.


He was repeating himself. He was /repeating himself/. Why ? He
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Unlikely Odds KHR!

Unlikely Odds - Chapter Two
"America's a whole different world you see."

That morning, Natsuko awoke with the biggest headache she'd had in a long while.

Or it was a puny headache and she just had no endurance - considering she seldom got them, meaning she hadn't dealt with the pain for an extended period of time.

Aside from the whole 'no friends, no life' shebang, Natsuko was, all things considered, a very happy child. She never had any problems health-wise and to be honest, she took pride in her stubbornly sturdy disposition.

She did well academically, above average to be precise and was established to have an unusually high IQ , so she never spent nights suffering whilst planning her future.

She knew exactly what she wanted to do in her life and in a literal sense; it was practically void of any stress.

The only times she ever remembered getting such headaches; was when she had a hunch someone was hiding something from her. In her sixteen years of inhabiting the planet, she noted three times. Three times that a headache ever bothered paying her a visit.

First, was when her mother and father had deliberately lied to her concerning the existence of one Santa Clause - but thankfully she cracked that code relatively soon, never truly believing such a fat man could fit in the chimney.

The second time, was when her father had made an excuse of an overseas business transfer, saying 'it wouldn't take long'. Safe to say, her mother had aided her in revealing his true intentions.

And the third..when her mother told her shoujo manga were based on real-life happenings. She, however, didn't dare pry deeper. She was intent on fulfilling her dream of finding two close friends and ultimately a boyfriend.

The only three times and this time around, her head was pulsating irritably, convincing her she'd stumbled upon a biggie. Especially after Tsuna had persisted that it was 'no big deal' after she had asked him about it. Reborn on his end had stayed silent, which to her just /screamed/ suspicious. She /would/ get to the bottom of this.

"Nacchan! You're late!"

She stumbled out of bed, banging her head on the nightstand in the process. Late ? She was late ? Why hadn't her mother bothered to tell her! She didn't have an alarm or a phone, regarding the fact that she never had anything to be late /to/.

She'd have to buy it sometime soon.

Racing down the stairs in nothing but sweats and a sleeveless tee, she found /both/ her parents sitting at the dining table. "Papa!" A wide grin decorating her gentle features, she flung her arms around the man's neck. "It's rare to see you home in the morning. Did something happen ?"

An impulsive question.

Her father shook his head, swallowing the piece of toast in his mouth. "I rearranged my shift since I wanted to sleep in. Can't a boss do that ?" He laughed, taking sips of orange juice.

"Eh ? No ?" Slightly taken aback, she trotted over to the fridge, rumbling through it's inside and not seeing anything appropriate for a quick breakfast, she took an orange from the counter top, peeking it,open and plopping a piece in her mouth.

"Papa's supposed to be responsible as the boss. Don't tell me you asked Aiko-san to cover your shift again." He cowered, gracing his daughter with a sheepish half grin. "Papa!" Considering his looks and charisma, it wasn't even surprising. Her father had any and every woman he met in the grasp of his palm. Except her mother. He had to try extremely hard to win her over and even now she overtook complete control above her husband. Just like a little puppet.

Natsuko chuckled lightly, earning a tap on her shoulder from her mother and a point at the wall clock. This felt extremely ominous..sparing a glance at the wall, all air left her lungs. 7:46 and counting.


She breathed, the last piece of orange travelling to her stomach in a choke.

"Forty seven now. Get going." Nonononono, she definitely couldn't develop a tardiness problem! Definitely not! Why did she oversleep! HAAAAH -

Lunging into the bathroom, she quickly searched for her toothbrush and toothpaste, jabbing it into her mouth before she hopped into the shower. At least she could multitask.

Three minutes passed and Natsuko emerged from the bathroom in a huff, towel falling in the process. Tearing through her wardrobe, she searched for the uniform, only minutes later remembering she had ironed and folded it over her chair.

Slipping into the uniform, she found it fit her body structure perfectly. Though the skirt was a bit short..not that she minded. The high school girl spirit! Grabbing her bag, she took two stairs at the time, making the last five in a lunge forward. "Nacchan, your lunch!" Her mother called from the kitchen. "I have it mama!" She called back, dropping back to the kitchen to pick up her bentou from the counter. Fufu, she had learned how to cook all for this purpose! The high school girl spirit! Skipping into her shoes, she fumbled with her house key, her mother informing her that she'd lock the door and that she should get going and hurry up. "Ittekimasu!" The high school girl spirit!

"TSUNAAA - ", "JUUDAIMEEE!" The two individuals took a moment to examine each other. Natsuko's eyes lit up; wasn't this guy really good looking ? Silver hair, grey eyes, a defined jaw line and that body! Wow!

"Oi, who the hell are you. What're you doing in front of the Tenth's house." Taken aback by his hoarse voice, Natsuko put a finger to her throat. "Smoking isn't good for you, mister cranky pants." He looked almost insulted.

"That's what I keep telling him!" Tsuna emerged from his house with a smile, greeting the two of them with a casual 'good morning'. "OHAYOU GOZAIMASU, JUUDAIME! WONDERFUL WEATHER WE'RE HAVING!" The, enthusiastic although thankfully good looking male cheered, saluting Tsuna as he approached them. "Natsuko, this is Gokudera Hayato, my classmate. Gokudera-kun, this is my neighbour Otonashi Natsuko. She just moved here and she'll be attending Nami from now on." He gestured to the both of them, signalling for a greeting between future classmates. Natsuko smiled. Gokudera scowled. "Hayato, ne ? You can call me Natsuko. Let's get along!"

With narrowed eyes, Gokudera moved right passed her, starting down the street. "Don't be so familiar with me, stupid girl." He then directed the most childlike smile to Tsuna, jumping in step with him. Let's go, Tenth, you wouldn't want to be late!" ?

Familiar..weren't they friends already ?

..was she misunderstanding something ?

All throughout the way to school Natsuko had kept quiet while Gokudera asked Tsuna various questions varying from how he spent his summer vacation to whether he'd finished his homework and had his breakfast properly. It didn't connect; why had Gokudera reacted the way he did ? She'd made sure to appear welcoming and polite, all things she'd learned from reading shoujo manga. Any average guy would've reciprocated and perhaps even inserted a funny follow up. And yet Gokudera had acted that badly. She knew she'd run into trouble somewhere along the line, but this soon ? On her first day ? Really ?

"Natsuko ? Moshimoshi~" Tsuna tapped her shoulder, attempting to drag her out of her deep thoughts.

"Oi, stupid girl! The Tenth is speaking to you!" Gokudera growled from behind, hands in pockets, head firmly directed to the road.

"AH!" Slamming a fist to the back of her palm, Natsuko twirled on her heel, pointing directly at Gokudera. "I got it! You're a bad boy aren't you!"

He stared at her. "Haa!?"

She grinned, poking him straight in the chest. "I figured it out! You're a bad boy! You act coldly to everyone because of one reason or another, it's mostly due to a tormented past I think. You show affection to one person, the one that manages to open your heart; I'm guessing that's Tsuna, and shun everyone away because you 'don't need anyone'. Just like that unlikable Hibari Kyoya, though he's a completely different case. You're both my type though! But you're probably the kind of boyfriend that'd be a violent brute and would never be straight about things concerning romance until the heroine does something for another guy and when you get jealous you say something along the lines of "I'm so irritated I want to kiss you." Ahahaha, that's so lame Hayato! I still like you though

- I'm sorry, did you say anything Tsuna ?"

"..we're here.."
"Oh, is that so ? Let's go then! Hayato ? Oi~ Earth to Hayato~"
"I think you finished him off.."
"Eh ? But I didn't hit him ?"
"I don't think it's that kind of pain.."
"Oh! I'm not a stupid girl anymore! We're bonding! You already think of me as a woman, yadda Hayato-kun~, I'm still young for that~"
"Buddha won't help you Gokudera-kun."

All throughout first period, Tsuna had spent his time showing Natsuko the works and building her through different procedures of a regular schooling system that differed from homeschooling. Gokudera, much his dismay, had to remain in class. After a while, Natsuko started not appreciating his snide and more often than not downright mean remarks, and as a result requested that Tsuna guide her around, on his own. To which, of course, Tsuna had no objections. He actually enjoyed the girl's company. She had a lot of similarities to Haru, yet from what he understood, they were like two opposite poles of a magnet.

"I've more or less got the ropes tied." Natsuko chimed, explaining her acquired knowledge in notes, which, as she put it 'each had a special spot in her brain'. "So you don't forget things?" Tsuna asked, genuinely curious. "Ever since I was five, yup." She said in such an 'as a matter of fact' tone that he almost would've let it go, if it didn't intrigue him so much.

"But isn't that really amazing?" He inquired, keeping up with Natsuko's fluttering steps as they paced through the second floor hallways. "They told me I was some sort of genius or something. An eidetic memory I think? It works out for me since I'm really not all that strong. I don't have a weak physique or anything..I've just focused most of my life to studying." Now that he took a better look at her, Natsuko, albeit beautiful in her own natural way, was rather fragile looking. She looked as if she would break if you pushed her with too much force. She said she didn't have a weak physique, and he believed her, but her appearance really told otherwise.

"I've never been really good at either sports or studying myself so I can sort of relate." He admitted somewhat jokingly. Sports weren't much of a problem this time around to be frank, though he was still dead last when it came go academic accomplishments. "Hey hey! Don't get me wrong." He stopped after noticing she'd lagged behind. "Eh?" He was at a loss. What was there to get wrong? Natsuko laughed. "I'm not saying I'm an invalid or something- I've just got the strength of a dried up leaf." The words left her mouth so easily, he was almost led to believe it was a good thing.

"'re really weak?" He asserted reproachfully.

"That's right!" No hesitation whatsoever.

He could definitely relate to her now.

Around the time of second period, they were back in their respective classes and regretfully, the new found understanding the two had for each other was cut short. Natsuko had come to terms with the fact that she might not end up falling into Tsuna and Gokudera's class and as such she'd had no quarrels with the student council about being put in the same class as her first, not to mention one and only friend- as you may have expected out of a shoujo heroine. Instead, she opted making new friends, which proved to be an easier task than she'd initially expected.

"Class, I'd like you to meet Otonashi Natsuko-san. She's recently gotten back to Japan and is having trouble adjusting to the curriculum." She wanted to jump in with an 'it's okay, I've already had everything explained to me' but basic observation told her that not doing that was probably the right way to go. The remainder of the class carried on in generalized silence, whispers escaping here and there but otherwise it passed peacefully. Hm..maybe she was wrong? Maybe not all Japanese schools did that cliche procedure of-

The bell rang.

How do you spell your name?
Have you been to America?
Are you really good at English?
Your Japanese is really good! How come you came back?
Hey hey, is that your natural hair?
What are your three sizes?
Your body is really slender! Do you do any sports?
Can I get your number?

Or maybe she was right.

By the end of the day, she'd become on rather friendly girls with two girls her age. One was a really, really tall dark-haired girl with the complexion of an angel, named Shizuku and the other was a petite blonde who looked like one of those teru teru bouzu dolls you hung up to prevent rain, who's name was Yuu. They were both really cute girls that fit right into her category of two substantial close friends, preferably female.

Now let me explain that. The theory was; any girl who wanted any chances in love ever had to have two close friends, one taller and dark haired and the other shorter and either blonde or with specifically short dark hair. The taller one was generally the quieter, more sophisticated one with experience in love and the shorter was fluttery with a boyfriend or overly cheerful with a significantly developed imagination. Natsuko had struck the good luck line with both of her friends having boyfriends, so, theoretically speaking, she was next, right?

"So Nacchan, you've spent a lot of time in America?" Yuu asked, putting Natsuko's nickname to good use. Shizuku had stuck to her first name, explaining that it was beautiful enough on it's own. Shizuku was really charming too, so she didn't mind at all. "Mm! Six years." Learning English turned out to be an easy task, though her memory did come in handy. It had a lot of phrases that took well over three years to remember but the language in itself was much simpler than Japanese. Plus, the alphabet, y'know? Yuu leaned in. "How do the boys look like?" A couple of the surrounding girls giggled, just as curious as Yuu. Natsuko thought about it- she'd been homeschooled, and she'd technically never spoken to any boys other than her father and her home tutors but that didn't mean she never took a peek. "Super cute, yeah?"


The whole room went quiet.

Hibari Kyoya stood, blocking the entrance, directing his intense gaze straight at Natsuko.

"Uh.." She was at a loss. "Is it because of the railing?" The one she'd technically broken yesterday.

"The president has asked me to fetch you."

"The president?"

"Move." Natsuko stumbled out of her seat almost instinctively, trotting over to the male who didn't even bother waiting for her.

She looked back, mouthing an 'I'm sorry' to her friends which in turn got her an 'You have to tell us all about it' from both Shizuku and Yuu. She could've almost sworn she'd seen a couple of dirty looks from some of the other girls.

All throughout that awkward walk through the hallways, people whispered, pointed fingers and although she was lagging a good seven feet behind, they'd instantly linked her to Hibari. She thought, but nothing came to. She remembered saying she'd pay for the railing, even offering to fix it herself, so it couldn't have been that. Was the roof off limits? "Hey!" She called out, choosing to ignore the rustle and murmur of the crowd, falling into step with the skylark.

"Why did the president call for me? Did I do something?"

She got no response, which she translated as 'how the hell should I know, I was only asked to come get you'.

"Why did you come get me then?"

"I owe the president some favors."
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