Legend of Korra: Dark Uprising

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In the beginning, there were only two benders. One use the sacred and just element Light. The other used the chaotic and destructive force of Darkness. They waged endless war that created the oceans, land, fire, and wind. Years after the other humans came into existence, they vanished.

It's been thousands of years, and several Avatars have come and gone. Korra is an Avatar in training, under Tenzin, Aang and Katara's son. She is from the Southern Water Tribe, and is very rebellious against Tenzin.

One day Tenzin receives word that "The glorious Light has been found"
Tenzin explains to Korra about Light and Darkness, and the two benders. He says that they went into a state of hibernation, and now the Light bender has been found. Tenzin entrusts the safety of the temple and island to Korra while he goes to the site. Once there he sees every miner dead and a foul stench plagues the air. One miner managed to stay alive long enough to deliver a message to Tenzin.

"Foul darkness everywhere...we awoke the destructive Darkness...there was no Light," With that the miner died. Tenzin quickly headed back to the island to brief Korra of the situation and to further her training.

Korra: ~taken by Outlawz~
Mako: ~taken by Done~
Darkness: ~taken by Lyus~

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I like Korra too, and Tenzin, because he is Tenzin
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 8y 45d 19h 45m 24s
I like both series. I am really starting to love the second one though. Korra is my favorite character so far.
  Done / 8y 45d 19h 49m 43s
Yea, I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 8y 45d 19h 52m 34s
Yeah, well, it seems it has already been known for a while and is pretty popular which is pretty cool. Haha.
  Done / 8y 45d 19h 53m 2s
I think there are only 3 episodes
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 8y 45d 19h 54m 55s
Omg lol Yes you can be Mako
lol I like your username
Done lol
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 8y 45d 19h 59m 1s
Just need Tenzin
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 8y 49d 23h 7m 7s
  Outlawz / 8y 50d 22h 3m 16s
Yes you may :3
  Winged Lyus / Lyus / 8y 50d 23h 9m 47s
May I take up the role of Korra?
  Francis Bonnefoy / Outlawz / 8y 50d 23h 25m 0s

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