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*Deklin smiled lightly as he watched the boy began to dance, Seeing he so graceful on his feet was magical. He smiled softly and watched him closely, Not seeing how the male could get into a pose or positions like those, He was so flexible but made it look so easy at the same time.

After he watched the boy end his performance, Deklin smiled and clapped his hands softly, The noise echoing thew the room. He nodded and stood up, Bowing at then chuckling softly* "Very very good, You took my breath away" He said softly, His voice sounding so smooth and nice*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 363d 18h 48m 24s
Kail glanced back at the man before looking forward again. He couldn't understand why this man watching made any difference.
He took in a deep breath and started to dance. He was graceful, moving smoothly and beautifully. His mind fell into his dancing, and he forgot about the man for the time being. He was forcused on his form; on his movement.
He finished in a pose with chin up and arms stretched outward. He pulled out of the pose and looked over at the man, again aware of his presence. He wondered what the man was thinking. Most people thought it was a little odd for a boy to be so interested in ballet; Kail felt that those people were too close-minded to understand anything.
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 364d 19h 53m 30s
Deklin smiled lightly and nodded, Thinking it was so cute of the boy to be blushing like that, The thought made Deklin blush lightly, But it was highly invisible. He nodded again at what the male said and bit his lower lip looking at the boy get into his starting stance*

"Can't wait..." He said softly raising an eyebrow as he waited for the boy to start, He couldn't help but to look the boys body over, Seeing it was so slender and small. He smirked and blushed lightly again, He cleared his throat again and crossed his legs waiting*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 20h 58s
Kail's muscles tensed up again as the male moved closer and he could fee a warmth gathering on his cheeks; there was probably a small blush rising.
"Lies?" said Kail, preparing to back himself up, but finding he couldn't as the man placed a hand on his own. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack any minute now. The soft question from the other's lips made Kail's face redden.
"I... I guess I could dance one more time..." answered Kail as he watched the man retreat to the benches. He gulped a little as the man unbuttoned a little of his shirt.
He was probably looking like a deer in headlights at this moment.
"Y-yeah. It's a little hot in here." said Kail, voice shaking. He got back into his starting stance.
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 10y 20h 9m 53s
*Deklin watched as the boy stared at him, He smirked and raised an eye brow at what the male said, He got up and walked over to him, Leaning up against the glass mirror, Looking down at the male, Seeing he was much taller then him*

"Is it me or... Do I smell... Lie's in the air?" He said sniffing some, He smiled and leaned down, Putting his hand on the boys, Deklins hand much bigger then the others. He smiled at him* "I would like to watch you dance some more... Please?" He asked with puppy dog eyes and a chuckle at the end. He shrugged at the other comment made by the boy, He walked back over to the bench and sat down, Unbuttoning his shirt some. [Like in the picture. XD] "I come here to relax... And think" He said softly fanning himself with his hand. "It's pretty hot in here"
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 20h 20m 28s
The beautiful smooth voice made Kail shiver lightly, and his heart started to beat at an even faster pace than it already was. And that smile... there was something inviting about that smile... the curve of the lips... He turned his head a bit to look away from the man.
"I was just doing a quick practice. I was done anyways." lied Kail; he wished he wasn't such a bad liar. He just felt nervous with this man's eyes on him, even though he was very used to performing in front of people.
He walked over to one of the four walls to gather his things, before stopping and looking at the man again.
"What are you doing here?"
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 10y 20h 25m 58s
*Deklin felt a smile creep up and onto his lips as he was about to watch the boy put on another show for him to watch But was ended from the male spotting him standing right their in clear view.

He flinched as he heard the boy speak, His voice was so soft and sweet, Like a mist of heaven. He shook his head and kept leaning against the wall, His arms still crossed which made his muscles flex in the shirt

"Oh... No... Carry on" He said, Deklin's voice deep and smooth, Like velvet. He walked over to one of the benches attached to the wall in the room, He sat down and crossed his legs, Not wanting his pants to wrinkle he looked over at the male and nodded, A little smile appearing on his lips*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 20h 52m 6s
Kail finished off his dance with slight irritation curving his brow. His dancing had been beautiful, even flawless to one who did not have a trained eye when it came to dancers. But, to Kail, he still had a long way to go before his dancing was great. He could feel the small flaws in his posture and form.
He pulled out of his stance, letting his arms fall to his sides. It was late, but he would practice at least two or three more times.
"I'll keep going until I get it completely right." he told himself, determined now to get his form perfect. "Here I go!" He turned towards one of the mirrors and looked straight at it so he could see how his beginning form was... before his eyes locked on the reflection of a man behind him. He froze suddenly to see someone there.

Kail looked nervous, and he tried to get his body to relax enough to turn to the man. He managed to do so after a few moments passed.
"Can I help you?" he asked, looking over the man. He was dressed very nicely, too nicely for this part of New York, and he had a handsome face... gorgeous eyes too...
Kail was a little shocked by the thought coming to his mind and quickly pushed it back while waiting for a response from the man.
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 10y 20h 59m 29s
[OK, I'll do the night one. XDD Because I already thought of something.]

*Deklin sighed as he pulled a key from the back of his pocket, Opening the back door to the Dance studio. He put the key back in his back pocket and sighed heavily, Putting a hand on the back of his neck and rubbing it gently.

Deklin walked slowly in the dark of the Office in the Studio, trying not to trip on any thing that was strayed on the floor. He walked out of the little office and slowly into the one room that he called his Favorite, All of the mirrors, His eyes squinted as they adjusted to the light. He saw a boy... A boy dancing so... Gracefully, His body and posture... So beautiful. He crossed his arms and he leaned against the wall, Watching the boy carefully.*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 21h 16m 55s
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 10y 21h 28m 13s
[Yeah sure, But uh... Should I start where he walks into the Dance studio to think? X3]
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 21h 40m 21s
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 10y 21h 41m 56s
[Well the one I have looks like a total ladies man... XD So I'll keep this one. I KNOW, I saw that one on Google, It was so cute. X3 So who shall start?]
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 21h 43m 59s
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 10y 21h 46m 15s
OK, Thank you! :D

Hm... Well do you want me to get a different one... Asian one? XD
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 10y 21h 51m 55s

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