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Kail Robinson is a talented dancer and a dance teacher in a very small dance studio in New York. He's always been hardworking and dedicated, as well as frugal. He's never tried to be in a relationship, isn't even sure on how to love since he has been alone for a majority of his life.
One night, Kail decided to get some more practice in late at night in the dance studio. He had no idea that someone used this studio late at night as a get away spot to think about things until the night he met him.
_______ was a wealthy business man of a company that he would soon inherit from his father, yet he wasn't always happy to be in such high standings. He found anyway he could to clear his mind of any thoughts of his work: clubbing, going out with many women, and hiding himself away in a mirrored dance studio so he could think in solitude. Then he saw the graceful creature that was Kail.
Both were confused by seeing the other there, but they were more confused by the reaction they felt in them when they laid eyes on each other.
After that night, they began to run into each other during the day as well.
How close would they grow to each other, and would they be just what was needed in the other's world?

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Kail couldn't stand seeing that sad face and those sad eyes for much longer. He lost himself when a tear strayed from the man's eye and slid down his cheek. Kail turned his body towards him and lifted his hands to gently hold his the man's face. It was a little prickly... but nice to the touch.
"Hey. You shouldn't look like that. You should be smiling like you were before. I'm not going to just leave you when you're like this."
Kail finally noticed his spontaneous action. His face flushed and his heart raced.
"Uh... I-I'm sorry. Th-this is, uh, awkward..." He slowly let his hands drop from their position on the man's face and he gave a nervous laugh. "I don't know what's come over me."
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 354d 10h 3m 25s
*Deklin nodded and bit his lower lip, Looking down, Rubbing his nose and eyes trying to hold back the tears that wanted to come out like a hurricane. Deklin was a big and tough man, He shouldn't be crying at this age! But When he ever thought about his mum, It was instant that he would get this way in a second. He sighed softly and sniffled, Looking over at the boy and smiling softly, Trying to anyways.* "You can go if you want, I'll be just fine..." He said, He voice kinda shaky and hurt. He looked at the middle of the dance floor, Picturing his mum and little kids twirling in circles together, Her laugh and smile appearing on her face, Deklin could not help but blink one tar out as he smiled softly at the image. The tear ran down his smooth but stubbly cheek.*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 355d 23h 37m 32s
Kail kept his gaze down as he felt a blush linger on his cheeks. "Don't mention it." he said softly before setting his stuff beside him and gathering his legs to his chest. His heart was pounding as he sat so close to the man; it was hard to keep himself calm at this present time. He really hoped though that the other could not hear all the racket his heart was making. "I don't mind staying here a little longer."
Normally, it would seem like him to just go. He never hung around anywhere for someone like this...
"If you want me to leave at any time, just tell me, okay?"
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 356d 14h 4m 44s
*Deklin sighed softly, Looking down as he started to mess around with his nice pants, He sighed softly again and chuckled at what the boy said, He shook his head and his hand still looking down* "No... It's Fi-.." His voice trailed off as he felt the male sit next to him

He blushed softly and looked up and over at Kail. He bit his lower lip lightly, Seeing how close they where together, Being able to feel the other body heat against his. He sighed softly again and looking down again, Biting his lip and nodded* "T-Thanks..." He said, Deklin's voice shaky and sad.*
  Deklin Mortlock / cowxcheese / 9y 356d 14h 15m 36s
Kail heard the pain in his voice; it was no longer so strong and so clear as it had been before. Kail felt a bit of guilt tingling in the pit of stomach. He hadn't thought about the consequences of asking questions, and he never thought about if he sounded cold or not when asking. Now, he just didn't want to hear that sad tone in that gorgeous voice of Deklin's.
"It won't hurt to stay here." said Kail quickly before crossing the room and sitting next to Deklin, back against the mirror. "Besides, I shouldn't just leave you unsupervised here." Why was he making up such excuses to stay here with this guy?
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 356d 14h 25m 26s
*Deklin looked in one of the Mirrors that was showing both Deklin and Kail in the one, He smiled softly, But the smile seemed so sad and in pain, HE watched as the boy did not leave.

Deklin chuckled softly and looked down putting his hand threw his hair, He sighed softly and looked up at the boy and smiled that same smile he did a few seconds ago and shrugged* "It's your choice..." HE said softly, His voice also sounding like it was in so much pain, Deklin was a grown man! And he wanted to cry his eyes out at the moment*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 357d 9h 27m 19s
Kail was going to leave, but how could he leave with Deklin in such a depression? The man did, however, come here to think and that probably meant that he wanted to be alone, so Kail couldn't just stay here. But, to let someone be alone while they were sad would be- Why was he worrying so much about it!? He hardly knew the guy, and he definitely didn't know enough to get involved with his life!
he thought as he inwardly struggled, while his outward appearance remained unmoved.
"Um... Should I go now and leave you to yourself?"
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 357d 9h 31m 10s
*Deklin shook his head and hands, He wiped his eyes away and sniffled, He looked up and smiled, A little embarrassed that the male had to see him do that. He faked smiled lightly, He looked around at the mirrors, Seeing his eyes where a littl read, He rubbed them and looked at the male and nodded with a soft smile.

"Yeah, It would be nice to see you again too." He said softly, His voice still a little shaken up from the sad moment, He cleared his throat lightly and leaned against a mirror, Sliding down it and putting a hand on his head. He sighed softly and looked at the Mirror across from him, Smiling lightly*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 357d 10h 12m 40s
Kail's eyes slowly drifted back towards the man as he answered Kail's question. He saw Deklin's eyes dampen and Kail wondered what had happened that made that moment so sad. He had the sudden urge to know more about this man... and to get him to put his cheery composure back on. For now, all he could force hismelf to say was-
"I-I'm sorry for pestering you about it... It really is no business of mine to know why you come around here. You have the right to do so."
He looked down for a moment then looked back up at Deklin. "It'll be nice to see you around again?"
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 357d 10h 18m 29s
*Deklin smiled softly and looked down, Putting a hand on the back of his neck and rubbed it softly, He looked over at the boy and chuckled at what he had to say. He smirked and looked back down.

"I dress nice...? Really?... WOW I never noticed." He said looking down at his clothes, Laughing sarcastically. He sighed softly and nodded, Biting his lower lip and nodded again* "Yeah... It's quiet... And is like home to me... I use to come here when I was little with my mum, She use to teach dancing... I would always come and sit and watch, So Peaceful." He said, He felt sad, He could feel his eyes fill up with some tears as he kept looking down*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 357d 10h 30m 26s
Kail's blushed deepened and he looked away from Deklin to hide it. "You really think so?" he asked before laughing nervously. "I wish I had that same optimism..." He looked back up at Deklin as a sudden question from several moments ago returned to his mind.
"Why exactly do you come here to think? By the way you dress and look, it seems like you can find better places to spend your time than a little dance studio like this. I mena, it's a special place for me, but why is it a special place for you?"
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 357d 10h 34m 41s
*Deklin Smirked as he heard the boy laugh, He bit his lower lip and leaned against the wall, He sighed softly at what the boy said and shook his head* "Your the best of the best..." He said softly looking at the male and smiling softly.

As the boy touched his hand he smiled softly nodding and squeezing the boys hand lightly, Not enough to hurt him. He slowly pulled his hand away and bit his lower lip softly again and looked at the boy, His eyes going up and down the boys skinny body, He chuckled softly and gazed at the boy* "I don't think anyone could be as good as you... Trust me." He said softly looking down and smiling Softly, He chuckled lightly again*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 357d 11h 27m 56s
Kail finally had to turn around and look at Delkin as the man started spinning around the floor, looking very ridiculous. Kail couldn't keep a small smile of amusement from rising on his face as he watched.
"It does take years of practice." said Kail before his smile faded. "But... there are others out there better than I am. It's going to take a lot more practicing to be up there with the best of them." He would give anything to be there with the best of them.
The wink and just the smile on Deklin's face made him blush. His soft eyes looked down at the hand and he slowly reached out to shake it. Deklin's hand was large and warm. As he wrapped his fingers around his hand to shake, he felt his heart pound again. "I-It's nice to meet you too."
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 357d 11h 42m 25s
*Deklin frowned at the statement the boy said, He shook his head and chuckled lightly looking down and slouching over some. Not a very proper thing to do for a male his age, He smiled lightly and watched the boy carefully as he got his things read.

Deklin nodded and stood up spinning in some circles in the middle of the room filled with mirrors, Laughing lightly as he did so, Trying to do what the young male did* "I'm not as good as you... I don't think any one could be." He said softly looking over and him and winking. He nodded some. "I'm Deklin... Deklin Mortlock. Nice to meet you Kail." He said holding out his hand to shake the others.*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 358d 20h 1m 11s
Kail couldn't even look at the man as he complimented him. His voice was so smooth, it was making Kail feel light-headed. He tried to look anywhere but at him, which was kind of hard to do in a room of mirrors.
"I don't think it was really that amazing." he said, walking over to his bag again. "There were so many flaws... I still have a lot of work to do before it's anything good." He started to gather his things, mainly to give himself something to do so he didn't have to look at that handsome face and be swept away any further.
"By the way, I'm Kail Robinson. What's your name?"
  Kail Robinson / AidoChild / 9y 360d 9h 16m 5s

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