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Everyone likes to dream. Everyone has a goal in their life that they want to see accomplished.

Some take proactive action for this dream whilst some others waste away and keep on dreaming.

This is a about a story of dreamers who become proactive, and defy law and order to do so. To stretch their wings and welcome the world.

This is a story about pirates, treasure and Dreams.

In the know:

Yes, this is set in the world of One piece. But to avoid all confusion it is set in a timeless age. There is going to be the one piece treasure, but Luffy and all the canon characters don't exist.

You are most welcome to use devil fruits. But I'm going to be picky and ask that you make your own devil fruit up.

I'm going to limit this roleplay at a crew of six. Just so no one gets lost. If we can fit people in on the way, then so be it.

This roleplay will start after I get one person to join. I kind of want to stick to actually recruiting people into a crew before hand.

Everyone will start with Zero bounties.

At least a paragraph is needed.

Do not be scared to make your characters over the top and interesting.

If you get confused by the race option: There are the options of; Human, Fish man, mer-man, giant.

Abilities and powers differ. Abilities is the characters natural skills without the aid of a devil fruit.

Crew positions will be allocated later.


Character Name:

The Crew so far:


Username: Myfunlittleprojects
Character Name: Futag - Guther
Race: Goblin - Human
Age: 21
Abilities: Futag is a adept swordsman. He uses two long daggers as his weapon of choice and is more proficient with both of them rather than one. He is also a cunning thief and adept pick pocketer.
Power[s]: Futag ate the Gob- Gob fruit. A rare mythological Zoan devil fruit. It gave him the power to turn into a half human - half Goblin form or full Goblin form. Whilst in his Goblin form he has increased agility due to his small size and powerful legs. Sharpened fangs that he can bite with and a small horn that he can prod enemies with. He also has razor sharp claws and nails.


Name: Kara Lane.
Age: 17.
Race: Human.
Hair: Dirty Blonde to the tips of her shoulders & parted in the middle.
Eyes: Baby blues. Occupation: Cook- Thief-Prankster. Tattoo's: A heart with arrows through it on her upper left arm.
Devil Fruit: Apples-the sinful fruit.
The girl cooks a mean pot of stew or whatever the crew's heart's desires, or whatever she can come up with. She loves to pull pranks and she is a pretty good pick pocketer and her favorite things is her silver daggers and her fruit.


username: wolfprince666
Name: Tenebris Mors
Age: 20
Race: Dragon - Human.
Abilities: A hand to hand combat specialist. He happens to be a doctor as well. He can use any weapon that is handed to him then any master can teach to him.
Power[s]: Tenebris ate the Drake-Drake fruit. A rare mythological Zone fruit as well. It gave him the abilities that of a true dragon. That means that he is able to fly, breath fire, but not normal red fire but pure black fire instead. He became more deadly with his hand to hand combat as well. His eyes became more acute as well as his hearing.

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