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In this world, demons, vampires, and other creatures don't exist. Only humans, animals, etc. One human, in particular, is fixated on demons and the like. He claims that they do exist, just not in this world, simply in the dark world, or as he calls it The Realm of Darkness. He always carries a book called the Grimoire, in which he says are spells to summon such creatures.


The Realm of Darkness is having its annual Battle Royale, a tournament that tests the strength, wisdom, and courage of all creatures in the world. Little do they know, there will be an unexpected interference.

Human skeleton:
Age: (16-29)
Small Bio: (optional)

Dark Realm creature skeleton:
Age: (500-?)
Small Bio: (optional)

Accepted Humans:

Username: Lyus
Name: Lyus Blackrose
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Strange to most, sarcastic, sweet when need be
Small Bio: Lyus believes demons and such do exist, and plans to summon one to prove his point. He will get more than he bargained for when he proves his friends wrong.

Username: StealingYourCandy
Name: Chalice Ravenello
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: She's sort of an outgoing girl, but most of the time she's laid back distant. As well, she's a strong lover of music.
Small Bio: Since she was a child, she saw Lyus as a protector, and someone she could look up to. Though as time passed and they grew up, she saw him change a bit. He was a strong believer in demons, and she believed him, of course, but thought he went a little too far. So, she spends her time trying to bring Lyus out more, get him some more friends and take his mind off the consuming rituals or whatever he called them. Sometimes she would feel useless, and fall into a sort of sadness, almost completely giving up on him after she felt she was sort of a burden. Though through all that, she always stuck by Lyus, who knew that would throw her into a situation of non comprehensible depth.

Accepted Dark Realm Creatures:

Username: Mimichan
Name: Mauciella *Dies Turbatio [[Latin for *day of confusion]]
Race: Succubus
Age: (738)
Gender: Female
Personality: Stubborn,Tempting,Mischievous and conniving. Despite her beautiful face and Aura she's obviously the one for troubles.
Small Bio: Mauciella was one of the succubi who was given to Persephone as a loyal servant.

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"Not bad, bad only in the hands who want it to be bad. I summoned her, therefore she listens to me. At least that's what the book says," He says to Chalice, then turns his attention back to the Succubus "The summoner is the master, the summoner decides the fate of the summon," he said "So, all I want is to be your friend, no killing, no destruction, nothing. Friends, can you comprehend that?" He asked. He put a hand on Chalice's shoulder "This is my best friend, Chalice,"
  Zekrom / Lyus / 8y 52d 1h 15m 2s

-Looking back at the door that he had locked behind her, she moved her gaze back at him, and the now up and speaking demon woman. This woman was a drop dead bombshell, of course, the bible had spoken of demons who used beauty to kill men and women alike-.

"Yes you finally have the proof you wanted now that's enough. I'm scared now Lyus, that you could've caused something bad".

-She disregarded the woman speaking, not out of wanting to be rude, but because her practice and religion frowned upon it. She just wanted Lyus and her to be kids again, when he was normal and actually acted like he wanted to be around her. Then she took a second glance at the woman, deciding to try and get herself out of the situation-.

"It was him, all him".
  Chalice / StealingYourCandy / 8y 52d 19h 35m 44s
Mauciella frowned with furrowed eyebrows, watching as the two humans began conversing tensely between one another. Especially, the aura of the younger female was obviously clear when she had walked out with a face of fright. It wasn't like the female demon was terrifying by appearance.

A creation like her was suppose to be deadly with appearance, in a lustful way.Mauciella's vibrant blue eyes glanced back over towards the dark haired male, as she spotted him place the book on his belt. Her eyebrows instantly rose in attention,along with her stance in a 5"5' height and a nice slim figure. Seeing it be that it was the boy who owned the book , she sighed before opening her heart shaped lips to speak again...This time with an understandable language among them all, "So, what's the need of assistance-why was I released?" her voice was delicate yet at the same time toned with the normal tone of a grown woman.
  /MAUCIELLA/ / Mimichan / 8y 52d 22h 19m 10s
"And you are staying," He said, shutting the door behind her when she walked back in "For many years everyone shunned me for believing in demons, but now, a succubus right here in my room!" He wanted to ask her so many questions but thought it rude. He grabbed his book and attached it to his belt. He looked the Succubus over. She wasn't like what he had heard of. From what he heard or read, they wore very skimpy things, maybe nothing at all, just something to cover what was needed to be covered. The pentagram stopped glowing now that the demon had been summoned. He looked at Chalice "Believe me now?" He asked.
  Zekrom / Lyus / 8y 53d 1h 48m 16s

-She just grinned and smirked, she had plenty of ideas in mind, first being the water park. Of course, she was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes already, she was fully prepared. As she started looking around the room, she continued to look at the glowing pentagram-.

"Lets just say, grab your swim trunks!"

-With that, she started tiding around the room, throwing dirty laundry into the laundry basket and what not. But as soon as she heard something behind her, she turned and screamed. Instantly, she moved behind Lyus. There was no other explanation, everything was locked down and nobody could have come in through the window without them hearing, his demon shit actually worked-.

-Scared, she knew that Lyus would throw his arms open for whatever this seemingly normal girl was. Chalice wasent a believer, but she wasent closed minded and stupid either. Instantly Chalice grabbed her coat and backed away, heading towards the door-.

"Is this what you wanted Lyus, you're on your own now, have fun with your demonic rituals".

-With that, she sprinted out the door, scared. She was raised catholic and she could almost feel the unholy atmosphere in there. Lyus didn't need her and she didn't need this, then she reached into her coat and checked for her phone. It was still in his room, and with that, she ran back up and through the door-.

"Forgot my phone.."

-I'm horrible at dramatic exits, she thought to herself-.
  Chalice / StealingYourCandy / 8y 53d 17h 35m 24s
Mauciella didn't even bother to move from then, she simply stayed still. As if she was some old shimmer out drunk on the side of the street-though that was extremely the opposite of her appearance ,in all angles. The blonde decided to slowly sit up with a huff and in that same minute a large red light emitted from high above again. Mauciella growled under her breath and dusted off her dress. Was this all a joke or was some poor soul really tampering with the book and happened to stumble upon her release?

The succubus rose to her heels again, but different this time- A force was pulling her like a strong wind. With a swift blow, the blue eyed demon was swept off her feet and thrown through the channeling pentagram. The vibrant glow nearly blinded her and before she knew it,a cold wooden plank-like floor was beneath her. She felt actual air and temperatures -even heard voices....

Mauceilla suddenly opened her eyes and found herself lying down, she pressed her hands against the floor to sit up with her legs brought to her side. Though with seconds to adjust she began seeing the things around her- most clearly the two mortal humans before her.

"....*Quid Infernum!?!" her eyes widened in shock with a minor phrase of Latin . She was completely was oblivious to the fact that they were speaking English.

[Translation: *What the hell!?!]
  /MAUCIELLA/ / Mimichan / 8y 53d 17h 46m 23s
"Can you knock before barging into my room? What if I was naked? What would you have done?" He asked, sitting up "The pentagram is glowing, so something worked right?" He asked, mostly directed towards himself. He grabbed the book and sat it on his night stand, the got out of the bed "Where are we going this time?" He asked, stretching. He looked at the pentagram again, then at her. He looked her over, not being able to tell from her body language her next location to snap him out of his 'obsession' as others called it.
  Zekrom / Lyus / 8y 53d 18h 30m 59s

-She was already in Lyus' house by that time, using the spare key she had received before. Everything about Chalice was simple, she was a music prodigy, she had good friends, kept good grades and such. Then there was Lyus, poor Lyus whom she had befriended and, happily took on the strangeness that came with him-.

-Bursting through his door, she casually looked own at him on his bed, his strange ritual book that had creeped her out was beside him there was a fucking pentagram on the floor. She could've thrown up, or screamed, fainted, but she kept her cool-.

"Come on Lyus! You know we're friends, and that i care about you, but this is just getting scary. You're freaking me out and taking this way too far, this is some bad aura shit here, now come on, get ready we're leaving, it's time you got a dose of the real world".

-She hated to sound bossy, she really did, but she dident have a choice, she cared about him too much to let him drift into, whatever he was trying to accomplish. Enough was enough, and she wanted her best friend and protector back-.
  Chalice / StealingYourCandy / 8y 53d 19h 5m 57s
"See, I don't understand. What does it takes for a demon to get out of here once in a while!!" A blonde female had sat with her knees hugged to her chest, in the abyss of complete darkness. Her voice had echoed in silence ,seeing that nothing could be heard from other creatures. Although, she wasn't the only creature who resided-or more like was trapped in the Grimoire. The female demon had brought a hand through the thick,blonde locks in her head with a light and aggravated sigh.

"When wi---" Suddenly a sharp sound similar to the crack of thunder had interrupted her thoughts. A red light began to shine over the many mountainous piles of skeleton and bones that surrounded Mauciella... A sly grin began to form at the corner of her lips and she quickly stood to her feet.Suddenly with a small whisper of a spell she quickly shot up at the large pentagram lit high above.

However, it began shaking and becoming gradually smaller in size.
"No.... Damn it! NO!!!" her voice yelled high as she was pin point close in jumping through the channel and out of this dumb book.

Her body suddenly began to fall right back down into the enumerable parts of bones at the bottom of the pit. With a loud crash, she stayed lying against the decayed body parts...

  /MAUCIELLA/ / Mimichan / 8y 53d 19h 43m 25s
Lyus sat in his room reading his book "I want a Succubus, where is the spell for that?" He asked himself, flipping through pages. He finds what he is looking for, and places the book on his bed. He draws a pentagram on his floor in red sharpie. He sits on his bed, and begins to read the spell:

Ianua aperta mihi ex hoc mundo ad
Ad regni Tenebrae
Ego vocant tibi

The pentagram began to glow as he spoke the words. His room began to shake. Then nothing. The pentagram was still glowing but no Succubus. He closed his book.
"They were right, I guess demons don't exist," With that said, and an escaped sigh, he lay in bed and went to sleep. Little did he know, the spell had worked, but the gateway wasn't open yet, and a succubus had not been chosen.

  Zekrom / Lyus / 8y 53d 21h 30m 55s

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