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Okay, so.. Yuj is one of my favorite characters that's not a main in Final Fantasy 13.

While most people tend to do SnowxHope yaoi, I was thinking more along the lines of SnowxYuj, since they're both kind of 'friends', and Yuj is closer to Snow's age, which makes him a non-pedophile if they get together. D:

I have some things in mind that I'd like to work into the plot, but other than that, we can discuss one when you ask to join.

As usual; rules..
1. Cybering - PM or TS. Whichever you're more comfortable with. I don't mind either. (:
2. Photos - Snow Villiers ; duh . xD
3. Literacy - Spelling and punctuation are a must. Length isn't an issue as long as it's not a one-liner. I look for content, not length.
4. Let me know if you're going to be away from the RP for longer than a day, please and thank you. :)
5. Snow is SEME. Yuj is UKE. ^_^

Snow Villiers - Open
Yuj - Taken

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Anyone? ^_^

I love this pairing, I don't know why. xD <3
  Yuj / serahfarron / 10y 46d 7h 7m 55s

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