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I want to do a SerahxSnow RP.

Possibly a slightly AU one. I kind of have an idea for a plot, but we can discuss one when you join. :)

1. Cybering - PM or Timeskip ; it's up to you.
2. Photos - .. Use one of Snow Villiers. xD
3. Literacy - Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. No one-liners, they will be deleted immediately. Length isn't an issue, so don't worry about writers block. At least try for a paragraph though, please. I look for content more then length.
4. If you're leaving the RP either for good, or longer than a few hours, please let me know! ^_^
5. Twists and turns are always fun, remember that! ^_^

Serah Farron - Taken
Snow Villiers - Open

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If anyone's interested, that'd be totally amazing! ^_^
  Serah Farron / serahfarron / 10y 46d 6h 26m 39s

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