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Cold. Threatening. Heartless. Homicidal. Revengeful.

He' s always been all those things and more. He never had the care in the world of who died and who lived. He didn't even hesitate to kill a child. Until he received an assignment that he thought even the worlds dumbest human wouldn't hand over to him. Not if they had a soul and a brain. The most hard assignment he' s ever had been given. There were too many targets to kill.


To think somebody would allow him to babysit a girl he is itching to kill at the flick of his finger.

He is on a mission to protecting his boss' s seventeen year old daughter. She seems innocent and easy on the eyes at first until she opens her mouth and lets her insanity and stupidly brave thoughts slip out of her mouth. Facility didn' t exactly fear, only because she was trained on how to fight but not more than her father wanted her to know.

Facility dares him to attempt to kill her. Facility is a hard girl to protect because she goes all over the place and being tracked down from bunch of other assassins that is just jumping at the joy to shoot the pretty girl's head. Can he handle it or will he do as Facility been telling him to drop dead and die?


-Romance, action & thiller
-Professionally done photograph, no scene, goth, he can't look like a teenager
-Post at least once a day or two, I know you have a life and I am understanding.)
-No ditching, what so ever. Have writers block? We'll work it out together.
-at least 1500 charaters
-Be creative,
-Feel free to add ideas
-This RP is not centered around Facility, it's centered around both of them.
-Pm me your skelly

Things you should know about your character

-he' s not kind, friendly, or hesitates to kill people when he' s ordered to
-He can't kill her but will torture her if he can find a way for her father not to find out.
-between the age of 19-25
-Reason to why he got chosen to protect her is because he was the most successful out of the assassins her family owns.




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This is not come first, come serve. Pm if you want to join =D


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I guess it didn’t really hit her that she really was leaving where she grew up in. It was a terrible place but it was where it all happened. Of course, she’d never really betray her dad and never think about it again. She wasn’t just tied down to this life, it was her life. But she could always create something new. It only hit her that this really was happening when she was called by the fake name.

“Alright, Michael,” She smirked already bringing up a nickname and then sighed “As terrible as my home was. I’ll end up missing it.” Or at least what used to be of it. Let’s face it, everything that was there before was destroyed. There was not much to come back for except her dad. Even then, in the future he’ll be gone and she really won’t have her last important family member around. There had to be a time where she moves past it. They arrived at the airport and still it hit her more and more. She was finally leaving.

“Well only time can tell if it’s worth it,” She admits and then smiled “I’m just glad you get to go back. I never thought I’d be able to do this... I really never thought I would ever trust my bodyguard.” If someone told her this would be happening a long while ago, she’d probably commit them to a mental hospital for the completely insane. Something like this wasn’t possible. She expected bunch of snipers aiming at her because something like this wasn’t possible. Something had to go wrong because that’s how her life is like. Yet, she had that feeling where it wouldn’t.

“Yea, I’m ready,” She sighed “I seem to manage to make it alive to today. It’s a miracle.” She really did think it was a miracle. Because all this time she thought she was going to die before the age of eighteen. Another year of surviving the world and maybe this time, she won’t even have to try.

  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 228d 18h 29m 18s
Brogan was glad that it was finished and joined Facility at her car. He picked up a few momentoes and out them in the trunk. Well it was over, and long nightmare filled series of events that always seemed to pop up. Brogan was not sure if this would be the end of it all but at least there would be some peace before everything would hit the fan again.

Brogan drove to the airport and once he got their he took out a sheaf of papers and gave it to Facility, "Here you are Valery, your identification papers," Brogan said using her fake name, "You can call me your cousin Michael," Brogan said grabbing his own fake identification papers. He unloaded the car and alerted the airport of their reservations. He got into the airport and had to make numerous calls to his aquaintences of his altered planes and how they need no longer stay in thero assigned positions. It was tiring work but it was completed in time for the plane to announce that they were leaving.

"Well Valery, it has been a daring run...there have been many scares along the way," Brogan smiled, "I hope you think all of it was worth leaving and finding some peace for a time, it sure would feel good to see home again," Brogan went up to an attendeant and got the tickets ready, "Well, whenever you ready Valery, we will go," Despite all the rough times hey had together, Brogan felt like something was changing now that they were leaving, and the change felt like a tiding of better things to come.
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 228d 18h 48m 59s
“I’m sorry. I thought it was better off with I only knowing and not getting anyone else involved,” She shrugged. The more people involved, the more this situation got serious. Normally, the person attempting to kill her would die but she didn’t see how that would solve anything. It would be an endless cycle of getting back at each other, just like Natalie. As for forgiving, she didn’t forgive him. She never forgave people who backstabbed her unless it was very minor. This was on the grand scale. She dully looked over at Drake, already looking as if he regretted.

“Don’t try to damage him too much. He’s just doing what Natalie wants,” She suggested but what came up next was violent but it was much better than what her dad would do. Facility decided to look away from it. She didn’t like it but it was either this, or he’d come right back for more. Chasing after her life never ended well for both sides. It destroyed their life and gives her more terrible memories. She bit her bottom lip and then looked over at Drake and could see the pain. Although, she’s seen others tortured before and it was nothing new.

“The sad thing is that Natalie deserves it more than him,” She sighed, lifting herself off the bed. Brogan looked like he wanted to get back at Drake more than she did. Having people try to kill her was a normal thing and at least he didn’t harm anyone else but her-unlike the others who attempted to kill her. Then she thought if Natalie was actually close to Drake. That was if. If she was then, how did she like it when the person she likes was injured? That’s why others went for her instead of her dad. Because it’s more tormenting when a person you love is in danger than yourself.

“Well, as long as I got a lot of cash on me. I’m good,” She admitted because she can always buy new things. She pulled out one of her other phones and dialed up Natalie’s phone number and dropped it on the ground. Then she left the room, grabbed a few stuff and head toward outside, to another car. She missed her old car. Everything here, was going to be left behind-well as much as she could separate it without feeling the need to know what's occurring around.
  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 228d 19h 12m 38s
Brogan was shocked at this revelation. Facility had now told him the whole thing, he felt felt slightly betrayed that she didn't trust himenough to tell him her suspicions but then again its not as if he was always teeling her the truth, "Still you should have told me sooner," Brogan muttered but he let it go. He never had plans to kill Drake but the torture? That was a diffrent hing entirely. He wanted to pull his arms at weird angles to see how bendable every bone in his limbs were but he wouldn't so something like that in front of Facility and since he was calming down he thought that it wouldn't be the ethical thing to do.

Brogan glared at Drake, "You know what the punishment is for even an attempt at murder in my books is? The penalty of death but I do believe that Facility is lenient enough to forgive you so I will give you this advice," Brogan leaned closer and whispered into his ear, "You better forget everything that happened here and forget about trying to Harm Facility, allright?" Brogan glanced at Facility, "Oh yes! A punishment is in order indeed," Brogan grabbed Drake by the hair and forced him to the ground, "Your very athletic aren't you? Yes you are...too bad thats in the past right? Espicially when I do this!"

Brogan whipped out his knife and cut his hamstrings with surgical percession, "How do you feel about being a cripple eh? Won't be able to run won't be able to swim," to prevent him from bleeding to death Brogan heated his blade over a cigarette lighter he took out of his pocket. He then placed the flat edge of the blade on the wounds burning them shut. His cries in agony were so bad that Brogan took off his sock and stuffed it down his mouth, "Remember Drake, its best to forget these things, espicially if you want to live!" Brogan said theatrically with an evil grin, then he hit Drake's temple as hard as he could with the but of his pistol knocking him out cold.

"There we go Facility, his legs in exchange for your life, an uneven trade but I'm done killing just because I can," Brogan said with a sigh. He took out the sock form Drake's mouth, "If Natalie finds him in time and gets him to a hospital, she may be able to make it so that he can still walk, albiet with a limp," Brogan turned to Facility, "Now that he is taken care of I suggest we leave before Natalie thinks of any revenge scheme, take what you want, I will be in the car. If anything else comes up make sure to notify me,"
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 228d 19h 43m 36s
For a second, she actually thought he’d actually go to the car. That had worried her. As much as she thought she could take down Drake, he held a gun and she didn’t. That gave a large disadvantage. Ten seconds later, she actually breathed out and tried to relax more that he did notice and she wasn’t going to got shot, after she almost died in the car crash. Facility practically jumped at the sound of the gun shooting at Drakes hand. Drake screamed and Facility felt that trigger old memories that irritated her. But the odd thing is that she couldn’t remember her old memories by detail at the moment. She would eventually but for now, good riddance.

Facility watched the situation further and then it reached to Drake’s having a gun to his head. Oddly, she felt slightly guilty. Drake was just an armature as far as she knew. It felt like she was bullying some kid that pulled one some excellent prank of playing with her car. Brogan started asking questions and there was no point in hiding it anymore. She never planned out that this would happen. She thought she could get rid of Drake before anyone noticed it and she can still call it an accident. Oh well... Things never go as planned.

Her eyes popped at Brogan’s threats, and Drake’s looking extremely terrified “Hey, no need. I’ll tell you what’s going on.” Better than having another one killed, no matter if he did try to kill her. That’s what good people do right? Not go kill the person that almost kill them if isn’t self defense? It was an odd thing because in her dad’s world-anyone who got near betraying got killed. It sounded fair.

“Like I told you before, I was heading my way to my mom’s grave, but after that I might have gone even farther...” She muttered and then continued on “I went really fast and I was going to slow down but for some reason the breaks didn’t work. My car is checked all the time, so there would be no faulty break. I knew someone messed with it. So, when we came back here I decided to look like I didn’t get injured. I asked around and Drake gave me the right reaction to see me alive. I wanted to solve this on my own; no one involved and not get Drake killed in the process if my dad finds out.” She finished off. She had no idea what to do with Drake now though. He’d try again wouldn’t he? Most likely...but not if she was leaving somewhere very far.

“Well, there’s got to be some kind of consequence to this Drake. I just don’t know what yet. I can’t let you go completely free almost killing me.” She admits and turns to Brogan “What do you think I should do before we leave?” She liked the thought of leaving.
  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 228d 20h 36m 6s

Brogan listened carefully the rustling stopped and he heard a distinct male voice mutter something then he heard Facility's answer. What she said was a complete contradiction of what she had said earlier, he didn't get why she talked about going to the pool when she was going to leave on a plane fairly soon. All the pices fit together, she gave him this responce intentionally, she purposefully gave him an answer that Brogan knew to be a farce, "Allright then, I will wait in the car," Brogan said ina frustrated voice, "But don't dink around too much!"

Brogan cocked his pistol, counted to ten and then rushed at the door. He kicked it open and saw Drake suddenly look at him. Brogan saw that he was too far away to get Drake's gun away from him, so he in a split second he shot Drake in the hand making him drop his gun. Though Brogan acted on instinct his mind buzzed with numerous questions. Drake wouldn't stay down for long and so Brogan ran up and kicked him in the chest. He took out some cords and bound his hands and feet behind his back. He pressed the muzzle of his gun to Drake's forehead and asked, "What's going on here?"

He glanced at Facility and then back at Drake, "I'm going to count to ten then I start shooting off toes, then fingers, and if I'm not satisfied by the answers I will blow your skull to the otherside of the room...understand?" Brogan said glaring at Drake, "Though if you can shed any light on this I would be obliged," Brogan said looking at Facility again.
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 229d 19h 14m 27s
All the nonsense about he wasn’t the one who did kept on coming out. That he was ‘framed .’ As if she hadn’t heard that one before. Anyone who was linked to Natalie had some bad in them. She managed to get loose of his grip and try to not make a face that now her scraped arm hurt even more. She fell back and sat into her bed and made deep eye contact.
“Natalie won’t cover for you if I asked who did it,” She forewarned.
“Fae, you take Nat too seriously,” He decided.
“Not if she made you almost kill me,” She rolled her eyes.
“You look perfectly fine to me,” He scoffed. She then rolled up her sleeves and shows that part and then added “I have a head injury, cuts, and I might have broken a rib.” He kept silent for a while until then he cracked a smirk “And you’re still alive.”
“A car accident is at the bottom of the list of what I’ve survived before,” She mentioned “Why do you want me dead?”
“I don’t. Many other people do. Let’s face it fae, nobody wants someone like your dad all over again. Get rid of you, and there’s no one who can continue what he’s doing,” He explained.
“Well, you’ll be happy to now, I’m leaving,”
“That’s not enough,”
“Why not?”
“Get up,”
“Uh... Too tired,” She frowned and he got closer. She didn’t expect anything from him because as far as she remembered, he wasn’t that strong. Then he rose up a gun and aimed at her. She kissed her teeth at the gun. After having it so many times pointed at her, it didn’t scare her as much as it did the first time. However, she knew he was being serious about it. Then she could hear Brogan saying she wasn’t telling him something. She wasn’t and now she knew, she should have. Lesson learned...

“My bodyguard is out there,” She reminded.
“Keep quiet,” He warned, and pressed the gun to her temple, leaning against her “Now, give a proper reply or I’ll kill you now.” You’ll kill me either way - She thought to herself.

“Yea, turns out I didn’t hit the break because I was depressed. And it’s just me. I was just getting ready to go out for a swim,” She hinted tiny little clues and spoke calmly. First statement was untrue. The second hinted it was Drake. But he probably wouldn’t get it until he came through the door. Drake glanced back at the door in worry. He was an armature. He had his chance to escape...
  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 229d 19h 37m 4s
Brogan heard a snatch of conversation he didn't like, she told someone to go away before the situation got worse, did he hear that correctly? She then called out that she would be a few minutes. He didn't hear anything bad happening on the other side of the door and wondered if he had imagined it. Brogan listened closly but could hear nothing else, "Well, allright then," Brogan said pensivly and then he heard some shuffling around.

Brogan was trained to be suspicious of everything and he noticed that he was treating his instincts with contempt lately. Everything about this whole car wreck screamed of something more but he just couldn't figure out what he was overlooking. He waited a little longer and he thought he heard a second voice. This was too much, Facility must know something that Brogan doesn't, she must have remembered something that she didn't want known, or figured something out and came to the same conclusion but Brogan wasn't about to just break in and start accusing people.

"Facility? I just came back to ask you a question," Brogan said carefully, trying to make it sound as if he wasn't there the entire time, "Are there some things you aren't telling me? and also is there someone else in there with you? I think I can hear another voice," He waited for a reply, things were deffinantly more complicated if his hunch were true.
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 229d 20h 1m 46s
She had to force herself not to give some another excuse for him not to check it out. She just let it go and hoped that nothing showed up. She then moved up to her room and wore long sleeves, plus covering whatever bruises on her with makeup. She looked like nothing had hit her. She smiled to herself and then stepped out of her room and walked around the hallways where more of the workers were around. None of them did anything out of the ordinary. Maybe it was just a faulty brake but she had her cars checked frequently. She continued down the hallways, entered the room where most of her maids were and they stared at her surprised of her visited, but not a single guilty face.

“Has anyone seen somebody near my car a day ago?” Facility asked. They kept silent but two of them exchanged looks as if they knew something. She narrowed her eyes at them and instantly they opened their mouths. They always assumed she was just as bad as her dad and would instantly answer to her.
“That girl, Natalie was near there,” One explained. Well that’s no surprise.
“Just Natalie?” She arched.
“Oh and the pool boy,” The other says. Facility shut her eyes and felt the anger rushing up. Natalie was connected to Drake somehow.
“Let me guess... They’re together,” Facility spoke and one nodded.

“Yea, Natalie told the pool boy to go into your car right before she left but he wouldn’t,” The first one spoke. And Natalie strikes even harder. She shouldn’t get back at Natalie for this because it’ll lead worse but how can she let Natalie get away with that? Facility quickly got someone to call the pool boy aka. Drake. She then met him face to face in the hallway. He stared at her for the longest time. She dragged him into her room, closed the door.
“I heard you were in a–“ Drake began.
“Nice try,” She smirked “No one but I and my bodyguard knows that. So, what did Natalie do? Sleep with you, pay you? I don’t die so easily. And trying to seduce me back at the pool is not going to give you want you want.” Then he began to deny it and she started to yell. She was already in hell from her headache, this mad her worse.
“Facility I wouldn’t do that. I like you!” He exclaimed, grabbing her hands.

“Funny! Last time I checked. You don’t try to kill the person you like ass hole. You’re fired. Leave and I better never see you again or I’ll go straight to my dad and you know badly that gets,” She spoke through her teeth and started to storm toward the door. He tugged her back with really strong strength. She winced in pain. Then she heard Brogan behind the door.

“Drake, last chance. Go away before it gets worse,” She sang but he wouldn’t let her go, and his this fiery rage him that looked like he actually did want to kill her. For what exactly?

“Yea, I’ll be out there in a couple of minutes!” She called out to Brogan, hoping he didn’t hear anything that was going on behind the room.
  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 229d 20h 25m 48s
Brogan looked at her curiously, he didn't understand why he shouldn't go and check it out, Facility seemed to be acting very cagey but that was probably due to the crash itself, "Well, I may not HAVE to but I will go check just in case, one can never be too careful,"

When Facility left Brogan went o his room ro get a new line launcher and a samll spade just in case he found any delicate evidence. Brogan also thought it was odd that Facility would suggest that she would get her father to investigate but Brogan just shrugged it off, he may not be a docter but he knew that trauma usually kept up for a period of time, hopefully she would be more coherent later on.

Brogan got into the car and drove back to the site of the crash. It was quite interesting, he founf numerous fottprints but couldn't tell if it was one person or many but based on the consistent shoe size he guessed it was only one person. Other then that he could not find a single trace of eveidence that could lead to what had happened. Brogan came not knowing exactly what he though he would find but there was so little to go off on that the whole venture seemed pointless.

Brogan got back in the car and drove back to the house thinking about the little evidence he had, he would just hjave to conclude that one of the breaks were faulty, he didn't like this conclusion but it was the only one he could come to. When he entered the house again he called the piolet saying that they would continue as scheduled. He went upstairs to Facility's room and knocked, "Well, I could find nothing so I guess it was just a faulty break...though if you remember anything make sure to tell me. Well since that is out of the way are you ready to go to the airport?"
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 229d 20h 48m 58s
At first she was hesitate to get into a car after the breaks not working on hers. She was now afraid that they screwed up her other cars too. Out of all the cars why did they mess with that one she decided to take? She had many of them of course. Someone that knew her well enough set the trap, and someone who was aware she was going to leave that day or maybe the day after.

She felt slightly guilty for him not knowing what was going on. There was no need to investigate because she was sure that there wasn’t just a fault in her car. They meant for her to get in some kind of accident, which meant they were going to look for a body. Chances were, they were going to check where her car crashed.

“Don’t have a choice do we?’ She sighed and instantly sparked up a refusal “No, you don’t have to back to the crash site. Chances are that there isn’t going to be any more evidence that I didn’t either hit the breaks or the breaks broke.” She didn’t think that she was able to convince with just this. She didn’t want to tell the full truth though. Not yet. Give her thirty minutes to walk around her house and find a good reaction and maybe she can point out who did it.

“I’m going to go up in my room, clean up and then eat. You can do whatever you want and if you’re still worried about this car accident. I’ll go talk to my dad about it and he’ll figure out if it was nothing or not,” She lied through her teeth. Telling her dad, would end up bad. She didn’t know why but she just wanted to test things out for a couple of minutes. She then opened the car door, ready to go in that house but use a secret pathway up to her room first. She didn’t want to be seen injured anywhere. If she appeared perfectly healthy, the more reaction she’d get from the person who did it.

~going to sleep~
  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 230d 18h 59m 58s
Brogan nodded, "Right, go ahead and jump in the car I'll drive us back home," He got into his car as soon as Facility got inside and started driving off. He listened to her statement and realised that she was being hesitant, which was a symptom of a person hiding something, however when she described what she was doing on that road Brogan was inclined to believe her, it made sense and he could detect no intent to lie to him, there wa still the possibility that she was concealing something but Brogan dismissed this piece of thought as trivial.

But hearing her reason for visiting her mother's grave was something Brogan well understood, "Ya, I know what you mean about visiting people's graves," he remembered all the friends and family he had back in the day, he had visited every grave at least once. Brogan smiled at the thought of Facility feeling bad for Jack, Jack was tough old medic who had seen terrible stuff during world war II the man could handel just about anything that came his way.

"Just to let you know, I'm post poning your trip out of here for a little bit until I can figure out what went wrong with your car, though based on the little evidence and next to no knowledge of the crash I don't think it will take long," He pulled up to Facility's drive way and parked, "I'm going to quick grab some things and go back out to the crash site," Brogan said as he left the car.
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 230d 19h 17m 4s
And so, everyone else woke up. She just stared blankly, wondering what to do next. She wished she did sleep way more. Sleeping late was her thing and now that was gone. Out of all the change she’s been having, she wished sleeping wasn’t one of them.

“You should be waking up before me,” She sighed and admitted “Well, I still feel like crap but I can deal with it.” Besides, she hated anything that related to drugs.
“Yea we should be going...” She agreed to it quickly. She wanted to go to catch the culprit and then–
She stopped the thought from continuing. What was on her mind was taping the person into a car and have they seen how it felt like. This would result to probably death. What happened to death not being the only answer? She threw the thought away. If her dad found out, he’d do so much worse to the person that almost got her killed. Then Brogan asked her about remembering what last night. Should she tell him or kept it a secret for a while?

“Um...” She unsurely began “Sort of... I wanted to go my mom’s grave, talk to her, even though she’s not there. Tell her what I regret and wish it was me and not her... You know the usual when you think of a dead person who died for you.” Emotions like that could never be get ridden of-or at least she didn’t think so. So far, she’s still not ever everything that happens and still is happening.

She then heard Jacks’ warning about not tarring the house down. She almost did that to her own house... God, she’ll never forget that. She’ll never cook again. That’s the only danger they were in here-herself. She bit her lip embarrassed of the thought. Well, that’s what she had chefs and maids and stuff. So that she doesn’t try to do things that end up burning down the whole place.

"I feel bad for Jack. We're always getting injured and we're always taking over his place," She frowned.
  Facility / Lexxiia / 6y 230d 20h 2m 36s
Brogan woke up to Jack tramping down the stairs, "morning," he muttered but turned to look at Facility, Hope you feel better then yesterday, if you suffer from any bodily complaints please tell me and I shall give you some medications" with a nod he went into the dining room where the sounds of him cleaning up could be heard.

Brogan glanced over at Facility as he stood up and stretched out the kinks in his back, "Well we ought to think about going back to your house, when you feel up to it of cource," Brogan realised that today was the day they were supposed to leave the country but after current events Brogan doubted it, he still wanted to figure out what exactly went wrong with Facility's car, "Do you remember anything further from last night by the way?" Brogan said calmly. He quickly called the airport saying that there would be a slight delay. He did not know how 'slight' the delay would be but it was obviously going to be a while before they thought of leaving. Not only were they far from the house but it also depended on what Facility could remember from the crash, Brogan would like to get that problem solved before they thought about leaving.

Jack left the dining room and seeing their solem faces said, "well I'll be out for a bit, don't destroy the hous ewhen I'm gone," he looked stern as he said, Really don't destroy the house, I know what kind of adventures you two have been up to," he then gave a smile and left.
  Brogan O'Donnal / sanctusune / 6y 230d 20h 27m 44s
After hours of sleep, she woke up and stared at the ceiling for a good twenty minutes. She felt half alive and half dead. She then licked her dry lips and helped her slept up and noticed the change of where she was last time. Didn’t she fall into the ground or something? She sighed and noticed the silence of others were asleep. Well, at least that gave her silence of just Facility time.

She slouched and tried to force herself to remember what was going on. She didn’t have to force it this time. She could easily remember. She was heading toward her mom’s grave because she was really upset. Then she noticed the breaks wouldn’t work halfway and jumped out. If it weren’t for her jumping out, she could have been trapped within the car and drown in the water. Once more, almost end up dying. Nothing new in her life. She then ends up staring at Brogan, sleeping. What in the world made him decide not just to leave completely? Letting someone drag you down is a dumb idea. She doesn’t plan to let her dad drag her down with him for all of her life. Someway, she’ll separate from it and in a way that it won’t feel wrong. She began to space out again into her own thoughts until her stomach start to ache. She felt like dropping by some fast food restaurant and ordering the whole menu. That or go to a buffet.

What was she going to do about the insider that messed with the car? The first finger she wanted to point as was Natalie. Natalie had a reason to and why else would she be in her home other than attempt to shred her apart? Of course, Natalie would never have the guts to go that far. Maybe it was best to keep this a secret for a while. Act as if it never happened and check around if anyone was suspicious around her home. Whoever gave the best reaction that she was alive was the one. Besides, car crash? That was pretty indirect. It didn’t seem personal.

“If only I wasn’t depressed enough that I wouldn’t even go there,” She muttered to herself. She didn’t head for her mom’s grave in the first place. This wouldn’t have happened. She began to notice waking up before others was starting to become a habit. She'd rather have it the other way around. She was getting bored just sitting around here but couldn't really move much either.
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