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Back Then:

Long ago, there was a royal family, a special family. They were the protectors of earth. It had been decided when the earth was made that one member from their family would be chosen to protect the earth and it would continue that way for generations. The chosen member would be given an element when he or she was born, they would either posses earth, fire, water, or air. Some times someone would posses the rarest element of spirit. This royal member was given the duty to protect the earth from anything that dared to disturb the peace and harmony that the family worked hard to keep.

Generations passed and there was peace on earth, evil had kept away for years now, not daring to reveal itself, in fear of what would happen. However there was a prophecy, one that could stopped the royal family and allow the darkness to wreck havoc on earth. There was to be a child, a princess, who possessed all elements, spirit, fire, water, air and earth. She would be the one to seal the darkness away for good. Now, children of the darkness were not thrilled about this which made them all come together and agree that they had to kill the child immediately, whether she was in the womb or not, she would die.

When the time came, the darkness attacked with all their might. Luckily, The child had already been delivered and out of desperation, her mother handed her off to her loyal servant Alexander. He promised the Queen that he would do everything in his power to keep the princess safe, even if it meant his life. The people of the castle were able to hold off the darkness long enough for Alexander to escape with the child and took her deep within the woods. After the kingdom was destroyed, the darkness was furious to find that the young princess had disappeared but that didn't stopped them, they continued to look for her as the world became separated and kingdoms formed as humans began to fight over the earth.


In a small town in England, there is a rumor that the woods are haunted and that if you go into them, the evil witch will get you and slowly kill you. Those very woods have been off limits for years now since there was too many people disappearing.

Deep within the woods lives a girl and her guardian. She is the princess of the earth, the one to posses all of the elements and the girl that the darkness are looking for. She has lived with her guardian for years now, he raised her and told her what she must do and what happened after she was born. He taught her how to fight and how to master her powers. She lived within the woods, Xander continued to tell her that times were different and that the world was not ready for her yet. The world had changed and had forgotten about her family, they no longer believed in the one true royal family, they only believed in their current King. The people of earth have forgotten about magic that is used for good, they only believe in the evil that it brings.

Now, your character lives with his family on a farm and helps keep up with it. They are a poor family, making just enough money to get by, but they have to do a lot more work then other families just to stay afloat. One morning, Insert your characters name here woke up to find his younger sister was not in her bed. He searches around the farm, becoming more and more anxious as he cannot find her anywhere. His parents are asleep and it is unusual for her to have run off like that. He searches the town, coming up empty until the only place left is the woods, which is forbidden.

Insert your characters name here is just a bit conflicted before he makes up his mind to run into the woods in search for his sister. He hears a scream and he immediately runs towards it, knowing for sure that it is his younger sister. When he reaches her, he finds that she is being attacked by a monster, he tries to help, but he is no match for the beast.

Okay, so we are going to start from there. I know some of that was out of place, but I am very distracted at the moment, so deal with it.


-Literacy is a must, I will expect to see punctuation, good spelling, and capitalization!

-I want decent post, that means no one-liners, not just a paragraph, I want to see well detailed post and I will be putting a limit on of 1500 and that is the minimum which I think is pretty reasonable.

-Please do not start this role play and then ditch me, I will not be happy and I will not accept you into any of my future role plays.

-I am very picky with pictures, this will be real photography and it is set in old England, so nothing scene or emo. I will tell you if I like the picture you have chosen or not, if you need help, I am more then willing to do so.

-I have a life, I am a full time college student and I work, so please do not be alarmed if I do not post everyday, I will expect you to post up to every other day and I will do my best to do the same. Please notify me if you will be gone longer then that.

-You are to come up with your own plot twists throughout this role play, I am usually the only one to come up with the twists and I will not allow that this time.

-This is my idea, do not take it! I will be annoying as hell if I find out if you have taken it!

-Well, if you have made it this far, I congratulate you. I know I am demanding, but I don't want this to die.

Here is what you do now, you are to send me a PM, fill out the skelly, send me a picture of the character you want to use, a sample post showing me your strengths and put the color purple as the title. DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS TO THE THREAD UNTIL I SAY SO!





Short family bio:

Interesting facts about your character:



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Roleplay Responses

Lux looked up at Xander, his face concealed so no one could see his markings. He hated them, although he told her that her mother told him that they were a gift, he didn't think so. And the face he gave her made those markings even more frightening. He was not pleased that she had helped two humans, that she had risked her life to go up against Vera when he didn't think she was completely ready for it, but he needed to stop babying her, she was the princess and protector of the earth after all, how could he be so stubborn to not see that she needed to deal with things her way?

She heard the muffled thanks from the human boy and she turned around and looked at the two. She heard Xander do the same and before she could tell them it was nothing, Xander spoke. "Fools, you are not to return to this place, next time you won't be so lucky!" He growled at them. Lux looked at Xander and glared as he straightened up and the moonlight reflected his markings clearly. If Lux hadn't been with him since she was a baby, then she probably would have been afraid as well. "Enough, Xander, I'm tired." Lux said immediately as she saw the look on the two human's faces.

Xander quickly nodded his head and turned to leave and she gave the two a parting nod and followed Xander back to their home. She wished that she could have asked the human's somethings but with Xander, that was impossible. She drowned out Xander as he told her that she had interfered in a dangerous situation and that she had gotten off lucky this time as well because Vera was bad to the bone and she wasn't just anyone to deal with, which she already knew. She ignored him as she crawled into her bed. She closed her eyes as she fell asleep, she was really exhausted from the fight.

When Lux awoke, Xander was no where to be found. She felt much better then she had and she stretched as she looked out the little window. From what she could tell, it was midday. She got up and walked out into the woods. She was about to go to the river to wash her face when the earth changed. She frowned and she looked around the woods as she listened. She then realized that someone was entering the woods and she took off running again, and anything that entered the woods was more then likely a threat. When she reached almost the edge of the woods, she stopped and looked around.

Lux blinked in astonishment as she saw the boy from earlier. She came out and looked at him. "What are you doing here? Do you understand how dangerous it is to be in here?" She asked as she looked at him.
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A woman, tall and clad in black, loomed over him. Her straight hair was fine as it blew in the soft breeze that he could not feel. She reached down to stroke his cheek with sincerity, almost feeling like sympathy. He tried to swallow as she reached behind her to pull out a dagger. The light shined off the steel as she raised it above him. The boy's heart began to race as he watched her lips part into a ravage scream as she thrust the weapon into his chest.
~ ~

Joseph awoke with a start, his heart beating faster then he could take in air. That mysterious woman returned, haunting his dreams as if it were a game. Playing with his affections till she murdered him. He raised his hands to massage his face. How he managed to have such twisted thoughts was beyond him. Normality was his life. Always was and always will be.

With that comforting thought, the blonde looked beside him, expecting to see his sleeping little sister. To his dismay, there was an empty spot with the sheets slightly crumpled. "Lilly?" he called as he moved off the bed to make towards the door. Lilly?" He peeked into the hall before slipping on a white collared shirt. He ventured down the dark hallway to the kitchen, his searching fruitless.

The young man was about to look elsewhere until he heard a whisper in the form of a hiss. "Joseph," it called, genderless to his ears. "Help me, Joseph." Though it didn't sound like his six year old sister, he knew it was her. Where the voice came from didn't matter to him.

"Where are you?" he said aloud into the darkness of the home.

"The forest!" it cried, "The forest is where I will sleep, Joseph."

The man dashed out of the old house and looked back in forth in the proper direction of the forest. When he spotted the tree tops, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him across the field of the farm with determination. He didn't pause for breath till he reached the edge of the forbidden woods. "Lilly!"

A scream answered his plea and he sprinted to the sound. Joseph found Lilly on the ground before the feet of a feisty haired woman. He recognized what she was the moment he saw her. The marking below her eye gave her away as a witch. He ran forth, spreading his arms in an effort to protect the young girl. He did not reveal his fear as she lifted him off his feet and slammed him into the ground. The blonde gasped as he felt himself lifted again and was sent violently into a nearby tree. Joseph winced again, figuring it was the last moments of his existence that was until a voice called out.

Joseph felt himself crumple to the ground as a young girl fell from the trees to challenge the witch. His blue eyes watched with amazement as the new challenger called up the elements to do her bidding, fighting down the threat quickly and efficiently. It was a sight to behold.

He felt his sister help him to his feet as another figure joined them under the presence of the moonlight. This man was wearing a dark cloak to conceal his features. When it seemed that he wouldn't be a threat, Joseph cleared his throat and said gratefully, "Thank you... for saving out lives."
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Lux awoke from her favorite river, hearing the sound of screaming. That didn't happen a lot within the woods, people on the outside feared the woods, for a reason she wasn't sure but they were smart enough not to go in all the time, it saved their lives. They didn't know how dangerous it was for them to wander out into the woods, what lurked in the darkness, it was easier to stay in groups where they had more protection, the darkness wouldn't be that daring yet, not when they were looking for her. She would fight for the people, even though Xander, her guardian, told her to forget about the people for now and protect herself until she could rid the world of the lurking darkness, that was something she couldn't do.

Lux took off running through the woods, her bare feet barely hitting the ground as she ran to where the screaming was coming from. She stopped to see her current enemy attacking two people, most likely from the nearby village, what on earth were they doing traveling through the woods, they should know the dangers of doing that. She looked around, she knew that Xander would be mad, but she had to protect these people, even if it put her in danger, this stupid job of hers had cost her her family and she couldn't let another fall to Vera's wrath. She climbed the tree and looked down, the boy was taking a beating trying to protect the little girl with him.

She looked down as Vera taunted her prey, and just passed her, she could see Xander hiding in the shadows, Lux would pay hell for this later. "Why do you meddle with people who can't fight back, Vera? Why not pick on someone with more experience?" Lux shouted down at the witch, moving out of the shadows. "I don't know who you think you are, but this is my planet and I won't let you have it." She said as she jumped down from the tree and moved herself in front of the boy and girl. "Well, it is about time the little princess showed herself!" Vera taunted and created a spell.

Lux called up the elements of the earth as she concentrated very hard. She wanted to stay far away from fire because she had not mastered that yet, so far with practicing had been a disaster because she always lost control too soon and she couldn't risk that with two innocent people around. She made the ground around Vera go unsteady as she then called water up to blast her out of the area. Once she was done, she felt her strength weaken, she hadn't realized how much power she had used until after she had used it. She felt a hand clasp around her arm and pull her upright and when she looked up, it was Xander, his hood to his cloak pulled up so the people couldn't see his face, which was covered with the ancient markings.

She knew she was in trouble by the look he gave her but she was happy that she could help and save someone for a change of losing them.
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