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This world is like any other. It has cities, towns, roads, etc. It even has gangs. In one city, Limbo, two gangs are also fighting for power.

The Red Guard: A group of sadistic killers, bent on destroying its opponents. Their symbol is simple; a red chess piece tattoo, depicting their role in the gang.
King - Leader
Queen - Right hand man/woman
Bishop - Magicks
Rook - Defense
Knight - Strength
Pawn - Underlings, as the leader calls them: Red Knights. In fact the pawn's shirt has a symbol of a card from a deck of cards; i.e. 3 clubs, 4 diamonds, 5 hearts, 6 spades, etc.
The leader is the most sadistic. His identity to the city outside the gangs is a popular singer. The other gangs leader knows who he is, and he gives clues to the other gangs leader; i.e. to meet him somewhere, or go to his lair.

Silent Souls - The opposing gang to The Red Guard. They work as Waiters and Waitresses at The Cafe. Underneath The Cafe is their base.
Hacker: Person whom locates, maps, and identifies, and hacks of course.
Hitman: Person whom fights 1x1, distracts, controls weapons
Spy: Person Whom infiltrates, invades, and claims territory
Honey-pot: Woman whom distracts, lures men with lust away from target
Leader: Self-explanatory
Planner: Person who develops tactics, works mainly with the hacker.

City Locations:
Looking Glass Line - A railway system going through the city.
Limbo Corporations - A well known company that specializes in medicine for the insane. It ships its products to Limbo Asylum.
Limbo Asylum - This was where the leader of The Red Guard once stayed. It was to treat his sadistic views and murderous personality.
The Red Guard Lair - This is the infamous Red Guard home. The leader is obsessed with the story, and adaptations of the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and has modeled his lair after the Red Queen's Castle.
The Cafe - A hang out for young adults, and a place where people can just talk.
The Silent Souls Base - Located beneath The Cafe, it is the Base of Operations for The Silent Souls. They hide themselves as Waiters and Waitresses.
Central City University - The school that also served as a torture room before remodeling. Silent Souls met up while investigating the chambers. They occasionally are seen in the library.
Stage - A stage set up in the park. This is where the leader of The Red Guard plays music, most of which are messages to The Silent Souls leader, or the gang itself.

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"Who's that?" Lilith asked

"Lil, come on. Don't waste your breath on them," Cynthia said. Lilith looked at her.

"Ok," Lilith walked with her sister, getting away from the two.
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 43d 20h 42m 45s
Thane just smiled, and waved kindly. He looked at his PDA. "Voice recorders...both of them." He said. Zak blinked. "Where's sen...?? and Ana?"
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 43d 22h 5m 3s
"Come on, we'd better get home! Lyus will be mad if he finds out we left!" Lilith said, pulling Cynthia's arm. Cynthia shook her sister off and looked at the two guys. She flipped them off then turned and started off with Lilith.
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 43d 22h 8m 14s
Zak went wide eyed. "Th..." Thane put his hand on Zak's shoulder. "What is it?" He asked. "What do you see?"
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 43d 22h 18m 51s
"Why don't you watch where you are going!" Cynthia yelled at the man that almost ran into her. Cynthia had anger issues, especially with guys, besides the guys back home. Lilith and Cynthia are orphans, and Lyus and Arcane found them on the streets and took them in. Rune was like a big brother to the sisters.

Before that, Cynthia was always being abused, physically and mentally. She hated men, and she hated Lyus and Arcane when she met them.


Cynthia and Lilith stood in an alley in the more rundown part of the city. Lilith was sitting on a trash can and Cynthia was leaning against the wall. Lyus and Arcane were taking a detour through the Alley, before the Red Guard was established. Lyus stopped and looked at the sisters. He walked up to Cynthia "Tell me, why are you in an alley?" He asked.

"What do you care?" Cynthia asked in response.

"Come on, we're going to miss it," Arcane said.

"Hm...we won't miss it. Now, tell me girl, why are you in an alley? Why not come with us?"

"Uh oh," Lilith said, seeing her sister getting angry.

"WHAT'S IT TO YOU?!?" Cynthia said, punching Lyus in the face. Lyus fell back against the other wall. Arcane stepped between the two, lightning surging through his hands.

"Stop!! Lyus let's go. There's no point in wasting our time here," Arcane said. Lyus stood up, wiping the blood off his face. It didnt seem like anything was wrong with him.

"When you change your mind, come find me near the Asylum," Lyus said as he and Arcane walked off.

That night Cynthia and Lilith went to the Asylum. Lyus was waiting for them.

"I know of your past, and I can offer you a retreat from that, from the abuse. I can offer you a sanctuary," Lyus said.

"How?" Cynthia asked.

"Join me, to take over this city. Show everyone the truth! These people prefer the hot stinking breath, and unyielding attention of an unfeeling, unreasoning hell raiser. I want to release them from that,"

"We should do it!! I mean, he is the only guy to ever offer us a place to live, and be nice!" Lilith said.

"Hm fine, I guess we accept, and my sis is right," Cynthia said.

"Excellent," Lyus said.
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 43d 22h 22m 22s
Zak and Thane were roaming around, when Zak did somewhat of a ninja move to avoid a blonde girl. "Hey...you two look familiar." he growled. Thane pulled out his PDA. "Hm..."
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 43d 23h 26m 7s

Lilith and Cynthia had woken up in the middle of the night and decided to take a stroll around the city. Lilith looked at the armored female "So why don't you take off your helmet, or armor?" She asked

"I don't know..I guess I could. I don't know where I'd put it," Cynthia replied

"Didn't Lyus make the armor where it would shrink itself in size?"

"Oh right!" Cynthia said. Cynthia looked for a button on her armor. When she found it, she pressed it. The armor began to remove itself from her body. It became small, and she put it in her pocket. The armor revealed long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a blue tank top, that showed her cleavage. She wore black jeans, and had red eyes like Lilith, because they were sisters.

"Better!" Lilith said giggling.
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 44d 1h 15m 18s
"Bleh." She grumbled and walked in the room, falling asleep.
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 45d 3h 38m 39s
"You must, a good rest is good for the body. Please rest,"
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 45d 3h 50m 24s
She blinked. "But I don't wanna!" she whined.
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 45d 18h 39m 35s
"Please, rest, it has probably been a long day for you," Arcane said, stopping at her room.
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 45d 19h 13m 34s
Ana blinked, staring at her arms as they waved. "That's kinda cool."
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 45d 19h 35m 57s
"An experiment really. We uncovered a book that had a spell. The spell allowed the caster to control tentacles to their whim. Lyus want to use this, because in Alice Madness Returns, the Red Queen has control over them, and this is the Red Queen's castle," Arcane explained.
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 45d 19h 39m 18s
Ana followed, and once the door closed, she made wavy movements with her arms. "The tentacle thingies!" she said.
  Silent Souls / TheDarkSouledDemon / 8y 45d 19h 43m 55s
"With what hm? There are a lot of things he is planning, and doing. What exactly do you wish to know?" Arcane asked, walking out of the room "Come, come, let the girl sleep,"
  Red Guard / Lyus / 8y 45d 20h 40m 41s

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