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The year is 2010, a world wide quake has shaken Earth to her core. Now there's a tear in reality. Fictional characters from books, comics, movies, games, ect. are entering the real world. Some are the 'heros' others are the 'villains'.
Is planet Earth ready for something like this?


Romance is allowed
No cybering! Time skip if needed.
Violence is fine by me
No killing without consent
No instant kills
No God Modding or character control
You may be up to two characters


From reality
Do you know about the tear in reality?:
How did you discover the tear?:
Other: (optional)
From fiction
Were are you from?:
Are you coping well in the real world?:
Other: (optional)

Characters from reality:

Characters from fiction:

Name: Kurt Wagner; Nightcrawler
Sex: Male
Were are you from?: X2: X-men United
Are you coping well in the real world?: He could be doing worse, but he could also be doing better...
Name: Namine
Sex: Female
Were are you from?: Kingdom Hearts 2
Are you coping well in the real world?: Fairly well, she's kind of liking it, though she knows soon things will probably go back to normal and she'll be back to her normal world.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Kurt crawled to the roof's edge, gazing down at the streets. The were so similar to some of the places he had visted while in the circus. Still, it didn't sit right with him. He couldn't remember teleporting out of the clearing...there was no way he could have. Even if he tried he would have ended up in a wall or something.
His tail wrapped itself around his torso. It didn't make sense...things like this... The barb on the end of his tail clutched the roseary that hung from his belt, his yellow gaze turning to the sky.
  Nightcrawler / DarkBlood / 10y 55d 17h 24m 22s
Namine smiled as she walked down the street, the sun warming her forever pale skin. She wondered why she hadn't been to this world before. It was so different from her own. Destiny Islands and Twilight town were similar, but at the same time they were so different. Hollow Bastion was also kind of like this world, but again it still so different.
Since she looked relatively normal, she found it easy to fit in and get to know this world. She went into a small resteraunt and ordered some food to experiment. She had found some money before coming here, quite on chance too, but she was hungry and decided to spend it. Her food got there and she ate a chicken ceasar salad, enjoying it's taste with every bite.
When she finished she opened her drawing pad and began to draw the resteraunt. Her drawings were unique though. They could add, remove or alter people's memories. She had used this gift to give Sora back his. Roxas was effected by it too, but that couldn't have been helped. She paused on her drawing for a moment wondering where Roxas was. She hadn't seen him in this world yet. She didn't even know if he came here at all. She frowned slightly before shrugging it off. If he was here they would run into each other, if he wasn't then she knew he could protect himself. He did have the Keyblades afterall. She smiled, continuing her drawing.
  _Namine_ / mailynn / 10y 55d 17h 48m 51s
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  Nightcrawler / DarkBlood / 10y 55d 17h 59m 3s
The end of his tail twitched, tightening its hold on the tree branch. Kurt was listening in on the other mutants talking about what he guessed to be a common enemy, perhaps the same one that had urned him into a tool.
He shut his eyes, not wanting to remember. The bark on the tree changed in texture, beoming smoother...colder. The voices below muted, giving way to the sound of traffic. Kurt's yellow eyes flew open. He was in the forest clearing no longer. He was hanging from a lamp post in...the suburbs?
Without hesitation, he teleported onto the roof of the first building he saw. No one had seen him...right?
  Nightcrawler / DarkBlood / 10y 56d 1h 24m 37s

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