Two brothers. One confilct.

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In the region of Unova, all kinds of Gijinka exist. However there are two, thought to be lost in History.

The Legend:
Two brothers, born in a small town, grew to become the strongest of all. Their names were Zekrom and Reshiram. However, whilst growing stronger, they grew apart. Hatred for each other sprouted and they wage an all out war on the other. The war destroyed Unova, and the two were cast into oblivion.

As it turns out, they were simply put to rest for centuries, on opposite ends of Unova. Zekrom was put to rest and buried in a coffin, in a mining site of Driftveil city. Reshiram was put to rest and buried in a coffin beneath Victory Road.

The group that awakens Zekrom consists of an Excadrill, Gurdurr, Krookodile, and Palpitoad. Palpitoad and Krookodile being female, the other two being male. Reshiram was awakened by two travelers.

Will the two brothers meet again? Or will they stay separate?

Reshiram: Fire/Dragon

Zekrom: Electric/Dragon

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