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Ok so now Im dedicating my time to fining a male C2
  C2 / PerfectInsanity / 7y 250d 22h 13m 31s
Holly crap Lelouch is hot as a chick. wait that is not what I came here to do.

Hello everyone check out my book. Its Angel or Demon. Look for it in the open role play section and to get to know the characters look at the thread description. I make entries periodically. pm me if you want me to give you updates on when I post and if you read my book please give feedback.
  Kevin (Divinus) / Shizuo2Izaya / 7y 251d 1h 40m 33s

  Izabella Vi Britannia / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 251d 1h 53m 28s
I don't care how dead this place is, I saw Code Geass.
  C2 / PerfectInsanity / 7y 251d 3h 36m 52s
Isabella: It looks familiar...Was it Nunnally's?
  .::Isabella Vi Britannia::. / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 322d 7h 44m 1s
Rolo: -smiles- Lelouch gave it to me.
  ::Call:: / Sebby / 7y 322d 17h 24m 32s
Isabella: That locket?
  .::Isabella Vi Britannia::. / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 323d 23h 36m 58s
Rolo:-stares at phone-
  ::Call:: / Sebby / 7y 324d 1h 56m 3s
Isabella: No problem~
  .::Isabella Vi Britannia::. / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 324d 1h 59m 13s
Rolo:-smiles- Thank you.
  ::Call:: / Sebby / 7y 324d 2h 3m 18s
Isabella: nods I'm sure of it.
  .::Isabella Vi Britannia::. / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 324d 2h 4m 28s
Rolo:-wipes eyes,looking upwards- Really?
  ::Call:: / Sebby / 7y 324d 2h 8m 36s
Isabella: Knowing him, he'll recover quickly. smiles softly towards Rolo
  .::Isabella Vi Britannia::. / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 324d 2h 10m 17s
Rolo: I really am worried Isabella...-stares downward-
  ::Call:: / Sebby / 7y 324d 2h 12m 50s
Isabella: Lelouch...I haven't heard that name in a long time...I hope he's okay.

Me: ;D
  .::Isabella Vi Britannia::. / Ferrara-Italy / 7y 324d 2h 14m 58s

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